my teacher shouts

The Signs™ as things my math teacher has said
  • Shout out to Mr. Janosek my home slice
  • Aries: Now you're choking me, now you're not
  • Taurus: Look at this biscuit head
  • Gemini: You have to have a college degree to throw things in here (this was a high school freshman geometry class)
  • Cancer: You guys did baller on the quiz
  • Leo: When you guys disagree with me it's really hard to listen to you
  • Libra: Mason is a liquid
  • Virgo: I can do the shapes
  • Scorpio: [spoken in an exaggerated midwestern cowboy accent] tangent
  • Sagittarius: I can't count
  • Capricorn: I was in the women's band that year
  • Aquarius: What's a GIF I only know Jpegs
  • Pisces: It's a one way roast street
Signs as things my friends did/said

Aries: “You gotta suck dick the classy way”

Taurus: “Is it cheesier than a Cheez It?”

Gemini: “You’re a piece of bitch”

Cancer: *puts chapstick in belly rolls* *thrusts at teacher* *chapstick flies across room* * everyone laughs*

Leo: “I am not as innocent as you think I am”

Virgo: “I’M ON MY MAN PERIOD” *shouts* *teacher replies* “there are pads in the office”

Libra: “We got a text from the human, but I can’t read”

Scorpio: “I wanna take his hat” *looks at guy in white shirt* “I wanna run and switch the hat with mine and keep running”

Sagittarius: *while making sims* “Lets call it Fabio Sama Binladin” *goes to store later and finds coke saying Fabiola*

Capricorn: *in french class* “But Madame, it’s crAAAzzYYYY CrAAAAaCCCKkK” *teacher responds* “That doesn’t make it better”

Aquarius: Me: “What are you today?” Friend: “A disappointment”

Pisces: “If they break your heart I will shove my foot up their vagina….” “Without lube”

The Baby Project (Luke Hemmings Fanfiction) |ONE|

Rating: None
Request: No
Pairing: Luke & Y/N
A/N: this is the first fanfic I on I have wore and I can’t write fiction so don’t judge me 😂😂 if you have any requests, let me know 💕

“Class quieten down!” My health teacher shouted over the tip of us. “Now I know by your excitement you have seen the topic we are doing now and I have stuck in the board the person you will be working with. It is not up for an argument.”

Luke fucking Hemmings. Out of all the people I could of been paired up to do the baby project with it had to be the biggest fuckboy around. Luke Hemmings was the kind of boy that all the girls wanted, the boys wanted to be him and he was your parents worst nightmare. I guess you could say I am an exception as I don’t want Luke in anyway shape or form. I would rather poke my eyes with hot iron rods than look after a robot baby with him.

“Hey princess, you don’t need to look so excited to work with me.” She said sarcastically.

“Is it that obvious” I fire back. He just smirks at me and reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pen.

“Better get on with this then” he says and glances over at me. “What should we call. it?”

“How about Lily?” He shrugs his shoulders and writes the name down. Over the next hour we have come up with a schedule, name and gathered the supplies that we needed. I am taking care of the robot thing tonight and Luke is taking care of her tomorrow night and we will alternate like that. I don’t know how on earth I am going pass this class, especially since this is the class that I am failing.

Out other subject teachers already know that we have the babies so we are allowed to take care of them in class as long as out other grades don’t start dropping. So when the baby started crying during History I spent 15 minutes trying to get her to stop crying. That was until Luke shouted from over the other end of the room “Check her diaper smartass!” I glare at him and start smirking at him when the teacher instructs him to get out of the classroom. It wasn’t until I realised that Luke was right when I held my laugh in.

When I finally got home, I took my shoes off and took the baby into the kitchen so I can get something to eat. I put the baby in the chair and went to go and have a look in the fridge, when I turned back around my brother was stood staring at the baby and then at my belly. “Are you fucking kidding me, you didn’t even show!” My brother started shouting at me.

“It’s fake you idiot, I’m doing the baby project!” I shouted back at him.

“When I did the baby project I used a bag of sugar and drew a face on it, since when did they invest in robots?” He asked.

“I don’t know, a couple of years after you left?”

“Anyway I am going back to college in a couple of weeks, wanna hang out tonight or something? I can take you to the movies?”

“What about the baby?”

“Tell mum and dad to look after it, they have already had 2 kids.” I nodded and went to find my parent. After I had explained to them what was going on and they agreed to take care of her, I got ready to go to the movies. I didn’t really put in a lot of effort because we would probably go to McDonald’s afterwards.

When we arrived at the movies there wasn’t that many people there so we bought tickets to go and see the new Hunger Games. I have been wanting to see this since I finished reading the book at the end of last year and it came out last week. We walk into the theatre and go to the back. There are only 2 other people in here and they are making out so we just started throwing popcorn at each other. It wasn’t until I saw the couple leave that I realised who it was.