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Dear most high school choir teachers

Just because they can hit the note doesn’t mean they should
For the love of Jesus make the altos sing louder
If you have a transboy let him wear a suit even if he’s a soprano
If you have a transgirl let her wear a dress even if she’s a bass
Just because they’re not professionals it doesn’t give you the right to let them suck
If a section or person can’t get it right don’t pray they will help them

When you realize you have become the equivalent of a historical shit-poster for the Collective.

  • Ancient Rome, teaching Latin: The third conjugation is evil. It's evil and it hates us.
  • North Italy to South Italy: Just like you!

my aunt who used to be a french lit teacher read my thesis and while she’s not well-versed in queer literature in general she understood everything and found it very interesting and said it was “real academic work” :’> i’m so happy

  • me before my lesson: i have put in so much work and improved so much this week!! i even worked with a metronome and i was so rock solid!! i am super prepared and i'm going to sound great!! my teacher will be so proud!!!!
  • me after my lesson: i have... miscalculated........

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Summary: Failing a test and being forced to retake it, is never fun. Unless you have a little distraction to help.

Pairings: Pietro x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Studying (*cringes*)

A/N: I honestly love this idea sm. This has changed so many times before it finally got to this. It started off so completely different that I can’t help but wonder how it became this.

Word Count: 868


I hopped up and the counter and smiled sweetly down at Tony.

He sighed looking up at me with the ghost of a smirk on his face, “What’d you do?”

I batted my lashes innocently, “Me? Nothing. A better question is what I didn’t do.”

Tony watched me warily, “Y/N… Did you forget to study?”

I huffed, playing with the hem of my shirt, “No…”


“Fine I forgot!”

Tony sighed running his hand through his hair, “Y/N… What’d you get on the test?”

I hopped down from the counter and begin walking around his lab faking interest in random objects, “Oh what’s this?”


I sighed turning back around to face him, “I didn’t fail… But let’s just say I didn’t pass.”

Tony sighed,swiveling his chair around so he was fully facing me, “What did you get on the test?”

“Y/N… What did you get on this test?!”

“I - er - may have gotten a 50?”



“You got a 50 on this exam?! Is there any way for you to retake it?”

“Yes… my teacher came to talk to me-”

“Great. So you’re retaking the test. And the only thing you are allowed to do until then is study.”


“No buts. Now go upstairs and study I’m going to call your teacher and schedule the soonest day for you to retake this.”

I let out a small groan. “Tony! That’s not fair.”

He huffed, crossing his arms over his chest, “What’s not fair is the fact that you didn’t study the first time around and I’m still helping you out here. Now go study.”

I sighed making my way over to the door, “Fine,  fine.”

“I’m going to come check up on you! And you better be studying!”

I rolled my eyes as I left the room. I was Tony’s ‘niece’. My parents were his best friends and I always considered him an uncle. After they died, I moved in with some relatives trying to find the right fit. Tony, finally, took me under his wing and let me live in the tower with him. And, all the other avengers. To say I got into trouble was an understatement. I was basically always in trouble. It didn’t matter where I was or what I was doing, I had done something wrong. This is definitely a something I got from Tony. We’d, sometimes, both get into trouble together.

I made my way over to the kitchen where my way school bag was resting and set to work. About ten minutes I felt a breeze blow past me and then Pietro was sitting on the counter in front of me.

“Hello printessa.”

Pietro and I had been secretly dating for the past two months. The real reason why I failed? This man right here.

I looked up and smiled, “Hey Speedy. What’s up?”

His smirk faltered when he looked down at my notes, and books, “What’s all this?”

I sighed, “Studying. Honestly the worst.”

Pietro smiled, “Then why don’t we go have some fun? You can rest your mind for a little while.”

I gave him a sad smile, running my fingers through my hair, “I can’t. Tony is going to come check up on me any minute now.”

Pietro smirked, jumping down from his seat on the counter, to lean lazily against it, “Then why don’t we have some fun in here?”

I chuckled, standing up so I was, closer, to Pietro’s level, “What kind of ‘fun’ did you have in mind?”

Pietro grinned wickedly before crashing his lips to mine. He placed his hands on my hips, silently telling me to jump, and then he sat me down on the counter, standing between my legs, still kissing me.

I raked my fingers through his hair and gave it a little tug causing him to release a small moan. I took the chance and slipped my tongue into his mouth, as the fight for dominance began.


I pushed Pietro away and looked over at Tony.

“It’s not what it looks like!”

Tony huffed crossing his arms over his chest, “It looks like you and speedy were just making out on my kitchen counter while you were suppose to be studying.”

I shrugged innocently, “Then maybe it’s exactly what it looks like?”

Tony glared at the two of us, “How long has this been going on?”

“About two months?”

“You didn’t see that coming?”

I swatted Pietro in the arm and shot him a look, not helping.

Tony looked over at me, “You studying now.”

He moved his steely gaze over to Pietro, “You? Start doing what you do best. Run. And you better hope that I don’t catch you or-”

Pietro smirked, “Stalling are we?”

Then he ran off in the other direction leaving a blur of blue and silver in his wake.

Tony let out a frustrated huff and ran in the direction Pietro went in calling over his shoulder, “YOU BETTER BE STUDY WHEN I GET BACK!”

I chuckled, hopping off the counter and moving over to where all my books were. Pietro was totally dead. That is, if Tony can actually catch him.

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Hello Kimbap noona!! I really enjoyed reading your Seventeen students au so can I request Seventeen as school teachers?? Thank you (><)

S.Coups: Physical Education teacher. Seungcheol’s the type of gym teacher that joins in on the sports/games. Everyone is always fighting for him to be on their team because having him is an automatic win. He really does encourage health and exercise, always telling his students to eat well and at least go out for sports every now and then.

Jeonghan: Arts teacher. Jeonghan is a masterpiece himself and he knows it. He taught theory for the first few classes before giving up and just letting his students submit drawings and random art projects he probably made up on the spot. Everyone loves him though because he’s sarcastic and funny, and sassy when he wants to be. When they had to draw portraits of people, half his students drew him and he bragged about it in the teacher’s lounge for a whole week.

Joshua: English teacher. Jisoo is the dreamy English teacher every girl at school knows about. He’s so kind and soft-spoken, and he does his best to explain clearly so that his students can learn. He makes them read good books, and gives cool assignments. He doesn’t yell, but instead makes a very disappointed look, which makes his students feel bad and not want to redo their mistake.

Jun: Foreign Languages teacher. Junhui can speak in so many languages; it amazes his students and co-workers. His students always ask him to say things in the other languages he knows. He throws shade in Chinese, sasses others in Japanese, and compliments people in English. When someone says something inappropriate in a language he taught them, he rolls his eyes so far back only the whites of his eyes can be seen. He makes puns in different languages and laughs by himself.

Hoshi: Theater teacher. Soonyoung is the really passionate theater teacher everyone loves because his plays are always so good. The auditorium’s always filled with students on performance days. He’s really into dancing, so most of his plays are musicals. He makes the dances himself and his students constantly tell him that he should just become a choreographer. His students call him Hoshi because he’s a star onstage.

Wonwoo: Literature teacher. All the students know Wonwoo as that teacher who’s always seen with a book in his hands. He reads while walking down the school hallways, impressively dodging everything or anyone getting thrown in his way. He’s very passionate when teaching that students who don’t even like Literature are interested. He’s very calm and never loses his temper. He probably quotes from the many books he’s read and gives one bonus point to any student who knows where it’s from.

Woozi: Math teacher. Jihoon is a strict teacher, but he does this because he really does want his students to work and understand what they’re learning. He explains very clearly and he’s ready to answer any questions his students have. He’s not afraid to scold anyone who disrespects him. He’s the type of teacher who really wants his students to pass.

DK: Humanities teacher. Seokmin mostly teaches about ethics and happiness. He’s so positive, always telling his students to stay happy and that all bad things will eventually pass. His students always beg him to sing for them because on top of being a funny and kind teacher, he’s also talented in singing. When he hears Seungkwan singing from his Music class, Seokmin joins in and the whole school witnesses their duet.

Mingyu: Home Economics teacher. Mingyu is the handsome teacher every girl at school has a crush on. He’s kind, helpful and he can cook well too! His female students laugh at all his terrible jokes just so they can see him smile. He teaches cooking, sewing, childcare and cleaning. As a final assignment, he makes the students cook him something just so he can eat.

The8: Science teacher. Minghao is the sweet and adorable Science teacher. He’s very knowledgeable about the subject, so he’s always open for questions. He’s patient and wouldn’t mind repeating something over and over if his students didn’t understand. He sasses people under his breath in Chinese. He unfortunately makes periodic table puns, and his students either laugh or groan.

Seungkwan: Music teacher. Seungkwan is the loud and hilarious Music teacher who can be heard singing from the other side of the school. He sings duets with Seokmin when he hears him singing form his Humanities class. He likes starting class off with a song, so he and his students always sing while he plays on the keyboard. He makes class fun, and he isn’t afraid to sass any student who is rude or isn’t doing their work. Let’s be real, he probably gives bonus points to students from Jeju.

Vernon: History teacher. Hansol is a really relaxed teacher. You can hand in your work a day late and he’d still accept it because he’d feel too bad if he doesn’t. He’s really good at memorizing, as expected from a History teacher because of all the dates; he already knew all the names of his students after one role-call. He makes up raps about History dates to help his students study better.

Dino: Teaching assistant. He’s not exactly a teacher (yet), but he’s always accompanying the other teachers in their classes. All the students love him because he always pulls a Michael Jackson move out of nowhere or hums to one of his songs. He’s really reliable despite only being an assistant, and the students always tell him he’s going to be a great teacher one day.

hello my love!! i’m so happy you liked my high school/students au ^^ thank you for your request!!

Hate At First Sight (But Then Love). (Daryl Dixon)

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I had never been the type of person to judge someone based on the first impression they gave me, but Daryl Dixon was different. When we first met he had been working on the old motorcycle my brother, Aaron gave him that had been sitting in the garage collecting dust. I attempted to start a conversation with one of our new neighbors, but Daryl had made it very clear he was not interested in becoming friends with anyone in Alexandria.

“Hi,” I had greeted Daryl when I spotted him changing the tires on the bike. “You must be Daryl, I’m Y/N, Aaron’s sister.” Daryl merely glanced at me.

“Mm.” he hummed nonchalantly as he returned his attention to the bike.

“Aaron told me that you’ll be assisting him on his recruiting trips. Are you looking forward to it?” I asked conversationally. Daryl put down the wrench in his hand and grabbed a dirty rag to clean the oil off his hands with. He looked at me and simply nodded. “You’re not much of a talker, are you? Aaron said you were quiet, but I didn’t think -”

“Do you usually talk to strangers like this?” he asked suddenly and I looked at him in confusion.

“Excuse me?”

“Do you always go up to people you’ve never met and talk to them like the world is normal?”

“I-I was just trying to start a -”

“Yeah, I know what you were trying to do, but I haven’t got all day to chat. I don’t mean to be rude, but I’ve got things to do.” And with that, Daryl turned back to the motorcycle and it seemed as if I had never even been here.

That night during dinner with Aaron and Eric I had told them about Daryl’s rudeness and how incredibly shocked I was to find that some people could still manage to be jerks when the world was ending and when the living should stick together and be friends.

“Daryl and his people aren’t small talkers, Y/N,” Aaron had chuckled. “I did tell you what they did to me, right?”

“I still didn’t expect him to be so…so arrogant. As if I didn’t have things to do as well. The nerve, honestly.” I said indignantly as I sipped my water. Aaron and Eric shared a smile that I put off, because all I could think about was how rude Daryl had been and what I could do to teach him a lesson.

Over the next few weeks, I had avoided Daryl and kept my distance from him, and when he was near me while I was speaking to someone else I acted as if I couldn’t even see him, turning my charm on for the person in front of me and hoping Daryl would hear what a delight I was to speak to. It seemed to work at times because I would occasionally catch Daryl looking at me, whether I was alone or not, so I decided to kill him with kindness.

Whenever we crossed paths I would greet him politely and with a smile, just as I would with anyone else. At first Daryl would just glance at me, but afterwards he started curling the corner of his lips into a sort of smile and sending me a curt nod. It was working, but I didn’t count on the chance that I would feel nice when Daryl acknowledged me. It was as if knowing that he knew I was around made me feel special in an odd way, but I liked being known to him.

“Hey, Daryl,” I said on instinct when I saw the tall man heading in my direction on the sidewalk. I smiled at him and Daryl offered me a soft smile in return, nodding slightly as we got closer.

“Y/N,” he said. We walked past each other, and once we did I felt an emptiness grow in my chest. Quickly, I turned around and called out to Daryl.

“Do you want to have dinner with me tonight?” I heard myself ask and I felt myself blush furiously as Daryl turned to look at me. A hesitant look on his face. “With me and Aaron and Eric.” I added quickly, my face growing hotter each second Daryl kept his eyes on me. “We’re having spaghetti.” Why couldn’t I stop talking?

“Okay.” Daryl said, and then he was on his way again. A weight fell off my shoulders when he left and I hurried home to give Aaron and Eric a heads up for tonight.

“I thought you hated him?” Aaron questioned with an amused smile on his face as he took another plate down from the cupboards.

“I-well-It’s complicated.” I mumbled softly, staring at my shoes.

“Y/N has a crush.” Eric said in a sing song voice. Aaron chuckled while I glared at my brother’s partner.

“What are you? Nine?” I cringed as Eric broke into a chorus of ‘Daryl and Y/N sitting in a tree’ and hurried upstairs to my room to change.

Daryl came by that night, he had showered, and he greeted me with a twinkle in his eye. “Hey,” he said gruffly.

“Hey, come in, we’re just setting the table.” I stepped aside to let Daryl in and chuckled as his old boots trailed dirt into the house.

“Uh, should I take these off?” he asked, blushing. I had never seen Daryl blush before, but it was a sight that warmed my heart.

“No, it’s okay. Eric likes to clean.” I lead him into the kitchen and Aaron and Eric smiled at Daryl when he entered.

“Have a seat, the food’s ready.” Aaron gestured to the chair at the end of the table and I felt myself practically lunge for the seat next to him. Eric snorted and passed it off as a sneeze as he handed out the plates Aaron was serving.

Dinner could not have been better, I had expected it to be awkward, but Aaron, Eric, and Daryl were making a smooth conversation and my brother could not have talked me up any better. I reminded myself to thank him after dinner for his magnificant words about me.

“Y/N was actually the first of my parents’ children to graduate with a college degree. She was going to be a science teacher.” Aaron said. Daryl nodded and looked at me.

“Why a science teacher?”

“I like science and I liked the idea of teaching it to kids. Kids love science at a young age, they get so excited over it.” I said with an undeniable yearning in my voice.

“I think you would’ve been a great teacher.” Eric said. “She’s so kind, the kids would’ve loved her.” Eric also deserved some praise after dinner.

After we finished eating, Aaron and Eric insisted that they would take care of cleaning up and that I should walk Daryl to the door, which I wasn’t going to argue with.

“Thank you for joinig us.” I said as Daryl and I stepped out onto the porch. I softly closed the door behind me and crossed my arms over my chest to shield me from the chilly wind.

“I enjoyed it.” Daryl murmured, standing in front of me on the first step so we were now at a somewhat even height. “I enjoyed spending time with you.” he said in an even softer voice.

“I did too.” I smiled at Daryl, blushing slightly.

Daryl then leaned forward and he pressed a light kiss on my cheek, increasing the heat on my face. He smelled like warm leather and a misty forest and he radiated warmth and secureness, I felt safe around him. He pulled back and moved a strand of my hair behind my ear.

“Goodnight, Y/N.” he said.

“Goodnight, Daryl.” I watched him walk off into the brisk night while I touched the spot on my cheek he had kissed, smiling like an idiot before going back inside where Aaron and Eric bombarded me with questions I couldn’t answer because I was still in a trance over a simple kiss Daryl Dixon had given me.

Requested: Reader is Aaron’s younger sister and she uses her charm to hit Daryl where it hurts but they end up falling for each other. I wasn’t quite sure as to why the Reader was trying to ‘hit Daryl where it hurts’, so I kind of made up a hate-at-first-sight type of theme. I had fun writing this one though. Hope you like it! Thanks for requesting! xx

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For the sleepover, What's your absolute favourite subject in school and why? 😊💖

thanks aoife!! i’ve always loved to read and write so i excelled in my english classes when i was younger and the fact that i was doing so well added to my love of the subject! still to this day i love my english classes and i think it’s just because i love making connections to texts and relating to how they relate today and connecting meaning and rhetoric to establish meaning idk i just!! love it!! also my ap language teacher is really great this year so having a great teacher this year has like revived my love for it!!

sleepover saturday, ask me anything!!

Circles [Jaebum]

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I decided to make another Jaebum story. A school drama fanfic of some sort. I do not know if i’ll make this a series, if I get enough positive feedback from it, I’ll think about it! ^_^

Circles [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

Why are all the girls just staring at him? I sighed at the various groups of girls standing behind the classroom window just to be able to take a peep at Jaebum. I glanced at him and then at the girls and back at him. What was he all about?

“What? Am I too handsome for your eyes?” He teased me as I shoved him to retaliate from his words.

“No, I’m just trying to understand why those girls are freaking out over you. You literally… have nothing I could even point out,” I scoffed, “You should one day pick a lucky girl to sit by you, instead of me.”

“But you are my lucky girl,” He grinned widely and I could hear the faint screams from the windows.

“You are so cheesy,” I pretended to gag.

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I would also like to dedicate this next song to Mr. Robert Plant. He’s here tonight. And my reasons are because he’s my favourite singer and I have always tried to listen to him and to learn from him, never to be him, but to be as much like him in my voice as I could for when I first started to sing. So, Robert, I thank you for that. You have been my great teacher for many, many years, so this is for you. It’s called Landslide.
—  Stevie Nicks, Birmingham, UK - July 7th, 2015.