my tea is everywhere

me, gesturing with my mug and sloshing tea everywhere: see, the important thing to consider is that books are magic, this is a fundamental truth of the matter

person whose house i have broken into in order to lecture them from the nearest armchair: interesting, can u elaborate

me, pensively sipping tea in an intellectual manner: yeah, see, ok, so you open a book, and there’s, a story there? characters? plot? and then you feel stuff? you see.

2.14.2017 // Late night studying for my ancient world history midterm

My desk is normally super organized, but sometimes, late night studying just doesn’t lend itself to a super organized and tidy workspace. Note the venti Starbucks cup, my own mug of tea, tons of paper everywhere, and several different colour pens.

Louder Than Words - Tate X Reader


Request:  Hi, can you please write something with the reader just moving into the murder house alone. But they have big mental issues (paranoid schizophrenic) and tate falls in love but he never shows himself.


Moving into a house alone was never something I thought I’d be capable of doing. Growing up and living as a Paranoid Schizophrenic I always thought that things were there that weren’t. In particular I always thought people were in my home that weren’t, and for that reason the thought of living alone always terrified me. The thought of seeing shadows dancing in every corner and having no one there to tell me the room was empty or to just make sure I didn’t totally lose it scared me to the very core yet still, the day came when I decided it was time to conquer that lifelong fear.

If I’m completely honest, moving into the Los Angeles Murder House may not have been one of my finest decisions, but I had my reasons for choosing such an odd place to reside. In my own weird train of thought, I decided that living in a supposedly haunted house would mean that I would be able to justify anything I saw that wasn’t real without having someone by my side to justify it for me.

Moving in everything was completely fine. The movers did most of the work with getting the stuff into the house but as soon as they left I found myself sitting in the lonely abyss that was my new house.

I began unpacking as soon as I was left to my own devices and by midnight I had unpacked most of the lower house and set up everything in a few of the rooms. Deciding that was enough for the first day I eagerly walk up the stairs, more than ready to get some much needed rest.


Seeing that someone else was moving into the house I was less than enthusiastic.  The idea of having just another person unknowingly sign their death certificate by signing their lease had come to be an event that unnerved me down to the very core.

Most of the other ghosts assumed I was one of the spirits who enjoyed the new residents because they were easy kills. Honestly, that used to be true, but ever since Violet I’ve been trying to clean up my act to keep her happy but it just wasn’t working.

As soon as I saw her though, everything I thought I knew changed. It felt like I was human again when Y/N first walked through the door to look at the house. She immediately fell in love with the place and I immediately fell in love with her.

Everything in her sparked a different person within me and I hoped more than anything that she would decide to stay, and to my delighted surprise she did. Within a week the movers were just out of reach, unpacking box after box as she assisted them.

That night I did something I shouldn’t have, as she lay asleep in her new room I found myself standing in the doorway watching her as she lay asleep.

“Leave her alone Tate,” a familiar voice rings out behind me and I turn to see Violet standing just a few feet behind me. I take a step towards her but she steps the same space back, “She doesn’t deserve to get caught up in this mess.”

“I don’t want to hurt her Violet,” I say and she stands there as if she doesn’t believe the words that I know are true, “She’s just so beautiful I had to see her at least once.”

“Just take my advice Tate, don’t get her tangled in this houses issues.” She says disappearing right in front of me and I’m left alone to my own thoughts until a shift from the bed in front of me snaps me out of my thoughts. As soon as she starts to stir I run from the room as fast as possible to my old room, which now lay empty besides a few boxes containing items to turn the area into a study. Not caring of the surroundings I lay down of the floor and slowly rock back and forth until my eyes become weary and I drift off to sleep.


A few weeks pass since my moving into the house and besides a few events everything was going just fine. Things become a lot easier to handle when I meet the maid for the previous owners and hire her to work at the house, purely because then I can justify any unexplainable sounds as her cleaning the house.

About four weeks in however, things start to get strange. Everyday almost I see shadows out of the corner of my eye. Human looking figures lurking behind every door way some not even trying to hide their presence and showing up smack bang in the middle of a room.

Other things start to gain my attention too. The sounds of rocks hitting the floor at odd points in the day, thumps from the attic when I know Moira is downstairs, sounds of movement as soon as I open a door, as if someone is always hiding just out of sight. But the worst feeling was the one that I was being watched by someone who just simply wasn’t there.

The feeling of a presence haunted my very being from the night I moved in and I felt as if wherever I went within the grounds, I was never really alone. And on top of all that, the reason I knew I was well and truly losing it, was when I started seeing Moira walking through the hallways on days she had off.

Come one day I found myself seated on the island bench adjacent Moira who was busy making a cup of tea. Once she had finished pouring the hot beverage she placed one cup in front of me and one in front of herself as we began talking but halfway through the conversation I became distracted. My mind finding more important things than a conversation over tea to think about when my eyes flickered upward and found the reflection of a man blonde and tall in stature, looking only slightly younger than myself and standing directly behind me.

My head quickly turned around, desperate to see if I was imagining it or not and as I expected I found nothing but an empty space behind me. But as I turned back to the conversation I felt a hand brush against my shoulder and I dropped my tea, spilling it everywhere on the counter as a result.

“Oh gosh! Let me clean that up for you,” Moira shrieks as she hurries to wipe up the mess that is only spreading with every passing second, “Are you alright dear? You seem skittish.”

“I think I’m going crazy Moira,” I say as tears fill my eyes and she rushes to my side, “I keep seeing… things.”

“That’s not unusual dear, house with such a history is bound to make you feel like the previous residents haven’t left,” she says and I shake my head, “You’re not the first owner to say these things.”

“But you don’t understand Moira!” I snap a little bit too angrily before taking a deep breath and continuing, “I have paranoid schizophrenia and I thought I was getting better but now I think I’m well and truly losing it.”

“Hang in child, this house is a miraculous place,” she says and I stare at her in confusion, “If you need help it will show you the way.”

As soon as she says that I feel the spot where her arm rest against mine turn cold as my head darts to the place where she was standing only to find no one in her place. Convinced I’m going crazy manage to stand up and wonder aimlessly through my constant sobs down the hallway, tripping as many times as possible on the way to my room.

Once I reach the room that has lost it’s veil of safety for me I quickly rummage through my nightstand until I find sleeping pills and take two, desperate for some release and as my mind becomes hazy, my tears dry and I eventually go to sleep.


Tears stream down my face as I watch her take the pills. She’s unstable, there’s no doubting that, but pills were how Violet died and I couldn’t stand to watch another person fall victim to the same vices.

Slowly I creep away from her room careful not to make any prominent sounds until I get far enough away that my footsteps won’t be detected.

“Why are you so sad my child?” Nora asks as I find my way down to the basement, desperate to talk to her, the one person I trust, “I thought you fell in love?”

“I did but… she’s sick, I can’t tell her I’m here,” I say as tears form in my eyes, “Or else she’ll go away.”

“Love is broken for me child,” Nora starts before grabbing my face in both hands and making me look in her eyes, “But if it is true love you feel, then remember it will always find a way. Convenient or not but you must give it time, trust your heart.”


Waking from my medicine induced sleep I feel worse than ever before. My head felt as though it had been hit by an express train and every limb of my body yearned for pain relief.

Trying not to notice the aching too much I trudged downstairs eager for a warm beverage of some variety. But when I went to the kitchen I found it to be devoid of Moira so I set into making my own drink of tea when all of a sudden it began. The banging, seeming to be coming from every room in the house all at once but yet ceasing to exist from nowhere at the same time.

Desperate to deafen the noise I abandoned making my tea and instead reached under the counter, grabbing the first bottle of alcohol my hands landed on and draining the entire bottle in one go. Through my drunken haze I find my way to the kitchen booth and slump down, waiting for the lack of sobriety to numb the noises all around me, show me that they were merely figures of my imagination, but the sounds only intensified.

They seemed to be coming from everywhere, I could hear them in the same room as me but all from the other end of the house and I sat there waiting for them to stop until I couldn’t take it anymore. Somehow managing to stumble up the stairs I find my way to my bedroom and once again find myself rummaging through the night drawer, stopping when my fingers wrap around the tiny bottle of sleeping pills.

Without hesitation I pop the cap and swallow every single pill in the bottle. Finally feeling an effect taking place I lay back on my bed and allow the darkness that now surrounds my vision to take over.


The first thing I do is make sure Moira takes care of the body, then I sit on the edge of the bed, waiting for her to awake. Knowing that she’ll finally understand, but she’ll also most likely lose it due to the fact that she is no longer alive.

As soon as everything is taken care of I find myself being drawn closer and closer to her, knowing that the barrier of living and dead no longer separated us.

Finally giving into my wishes I peel back the covers and climb into the bed next to her, wrapping an arm around her waist protectively as she begins to stir.

“Who are you?” she asks sleepily, she sounds more curious than frightened and I take this as a good sign. When I don’t immediately answer she turns her head my way but fear of her seeing me after all this time takes over as I press my lips to hers briefly in an attempt to distract her from my features which to my delight, seems to work.

“It’s okay,” I whisper and her head finds her pillow once more, “Just go back to sleep, I’ve got you.”

With that promise in her head she drifts off, not even fully aware of her situation but in that moment I don’t care about the circumstances as I wrap my arm a little tighter around her waist and allow myself to fall asleep.

  • *Reactions to the news it's apparently common to stroke each others asses in Austria*
  • Christian: "If Helmut Marco does that to me I think he's going to have a problem
  • Toto: Helmut does it to Niki. And Niki does it to Helmut."
  • Claire: "No one does it to me. I'm quite upset."
  • The BBC F1 awards- I am in stitches.

five things meme

I got tagged by the lovely @noscorpsaladerive

5 things you’ll find in my bag:

  1. My student of art card
  2. Like three different kinds of chapstick
  3. My Navigo
  4. Wallet
  5. Peony hand creme

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  1. like 16 different types of tea
  2. Hand fans
  3. clothes and papers everywhere
  4. my woodblock carving knives
  5. So Many books

5 things I’ve always wanted to do in life:

  1. Cosplay at a convention
  2. Hold a baby goat or a lamb
  3. Go on a Disney cruise
  4. Have a role in a musical or play that’s a love interest
  5. Go to a masquerade

5 things that make me happy:

  1. Arthurian legend
  2. My friends
  3. My family
  4. Barnyard animals
  5. Baking

5 things I’m currently into:

  1. Literally all of Kimya Dawson’s music
  2. Call the Midwife
  3. Crafting
  4. Stardew Valley
  5. Sleeping, generally

5 things on my to do list:

  1. Pack for Italy/home
  2. Study for finals
  3. Talk to student immigration
  4. Clean my apartment
  5. Laundry

5 things people may not know about me:

  1. I was named after Emily Bronte
  2. I studied circus arts for a few years
  3. I can weave chainmail
  4. I went swimming in the Persian Gulf
  5. I went to the same school F. Scott Fitzgerald went to

I’ll tag @goodgodsalieri @the-right-hand-of-light @la-princesse-incongrue