my tattoo ya


honestly i’m gonna cry for missing so much of @inukag-week but atleast i have something for day 5!! not really sure if you’d really call it an au, i’m just redesigning the characters for fun~


I’m honestly super proud of myself for improving so much on my makeup skills. It seems like such a small achievement but makeup is a huge passion of mine and it’s awesome to see how much I can progress when I really put some time and love into it. I told myself at the beginning of 2k17 that I was going to dedicate my year to growth and embracing myself and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

Cheers to me for flourishing like a flower ✨

hey !! i’m back from my day out with my girlfriend !! i got to meet my tattoo artist and he’s real intimating but like that ‘gentle giant’ type so he was really nice and everything and i got my tattoo set up for october 3rd so literally the tuesday after next and i am so pumped. we also went to a halloween store together and it was hella fun and i guess one of my old friend’s from high school ‘got me a job’ at his dominio’s pizza place soooo we’ll see if he comes through or not with it but hey it was a pretty good day. lowkey though thinking of going to bed ‘cause fuck me up man i’m tired so.