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honestly i’m gonna cry for missing so much of @inukag-week but atleast i have something for day 5!! not really sure if you’d really call it an au, i’m just redesigning the characters for fun~


I’m honestly super proud of myself for improving so much on my makeup skills. It seems like such a small achievement but makeup is a huge passion of mine and it’s awesome to see how much I can progress when I really put some time and love into it. I told myself at the beginning of 2k17 that I was going to dedicate my year to growth and embracing myself and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

Cheers to me for flourishing like a flower ✨


I wish I could say that I was done making jokes about the bromanceromance there guys share, but I am not. Yeah, sorry.
These were really fun to make, tho.

Original scenes from Scrubs.

tagged by my fav lonce hoe @kibeth-the-walker to list 10 songs that resonate with me

1. i wanna get better- the bleachers
2. heaven- troye sivan
3. tomorrow- bts
4. primadonna- marina and the diamonds
5. the last- agust d
6. girls like girls- hayley kiyoko
7. take on me- a-ha
8. r.i.p. to my youth- the neighbourhood
9. loving someone- the 1975
10. the quiet- troye sivan

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Back To The Street Where We Began

Prompt: Requested by Anonymous. “Can you write a Frank Iero imagine where you dated him in high school but the two of you had to move away because of college and stuff but a few years later you meet him in a tattoo shop where he is working on and you get your first tattoo with him, after that he asks you out? Thanks”

Word Count: 908

Pairing: Frank x Reader

His hands are cold just like your own and you sigh sadly, feeling your heart cracking. This’ll be the last time you see him and it honestly brings tears to your eyes and it seems like he can’t help it either. He drops one of your hands and cups your cheek, doing his best to smile at you, always the one who has to make light of any situation. You take a shuddering breath and he pulls you into his embrace, holding you tight despite the fact that you’re parents are watching from the car.

“Don’t cry,” he mumbles, voice wet with emotion. “We’ll see each other again.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

He kisses you before you walk away, soft and desperate, both of you knowing this is the last kiss you’ll share. And that’s how you broke up with your high school boyfriend a few years earlier, you moved and both of you knew long distance wouldn’t work at your age. Your heart was shattered and although you tried to keep in touch eventually you stopped talking and Frank became a memory you would never let go of. That is until you walk into a tattoo shop and see him leaned over a sketchbook.

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The Signs as Songs in Pitch Perfect 2

Aries: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Taurus: Promises

Gemini: Timber

Cancer: Wrecking Ball

Leo: The Thong Song

Virgo: Who Run the World

Libra: Cups

Scorpio: Flashlight

Sagittarius: Before He Cheats

Capricorn: Lollipop

Aquarius: Crazy Youngsters

Pisces: My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark

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Teh angst! Omg part 3 please anytime you can

Here you go Anon~ Part 3 of the Kuroo x Reader x Bokuto Angst!

Part 1
Part 2


 "Hey Bokuto?“ you look up to him while sitting in his lap and watching a movie, noticing that he takes his eyes off the screen to give you his attention.


 "I’ve just been thinking lately.. I feel bad that you ended your friendship with Kuroo because of me. I know that you two were really good friends and I’m just sorry that he had to be an asshole about breaking up with me like that because now you guys don’t talk..“

 His features change and he looks at you with serious eyes. “No one that treats you like that is going to be in my life. That included Kuroo. I know we weren’t together at the time but I still had feelings for you and seeing that Kuroo just throwing his own feelings away for you- it frustrated me! I hated seeing how easily he gave you up when I was willing to do anything I had to have you!” You could tell that he was getting a bit heated over this conversation.

 Turning around in his lap, you cup his cheeks in both of your hands. “But look. Now I literally am in your arms.”

 When he realized that his arms were wrapped around your torso his face lit up like normal. “And I’m not going to let you leave them~”

 You laugh and give him a small kiss. “Well you’re going  to have to since you’ll be late to your first practice as a college student with your new team. Plus I think it might be a little hard playing volleyball with me in your arms.” you chuckle softly. 

 "It would be worth it though.“ he gives you another peck on the lips and you move off his lap. The two of you get up and go to your room. He grabs his practice uniform and you start to change out of your pajamas.

 "I think I’m going to go get some groceries. We’re running low on food. Anything that you want?” you ask him, running your fingers through slightly knotted hair to get some of the tangles out.

 "Meat!“ his response is almost immediate and you can pretty much see the stars in his eyes.

 "Well that’s a no brainer, but do you want anything else? Maybe for lunch or after practice?”

 Bokuto took full advantage of you asking that and began to spew out foods that you knew you would you would forget as soon as you walked out of the door. “Bokuto!” you cut him off with a laugh, “We are college kids on a budget I cannot get everything you want, so just pick a few.”

 "Awwwww..“ you could tell that he’s frowning but you couldn’t see because he was pulling his shirt over his head.. “But you’re still going to get the meat.. right?”

 "Yes Kou, I’m going to get the meat. Don’t worry, okay?“ you say with a smile and when you say that, his head pops out and he’s grinning like a child.

 "Yaaay~” he pulls you in and hugs you tightly to himself. “You’re the best~” he praises, leaning from side to side, keeping you in his embrace.

 "Oh I know I know~“ your eyes look up to meet his and your chin rests on his chest. Bokuto leans down and gives you a kiss. Before it could get to heated-and you know it would- you pull away. "I’ll walk with you part way to school, the store is on the way there.”

 "Okaa~y!“ the two of you walk to the front door and Bokuto grabs his volleyball bag and your hand, leading you out the door.

 "So are you excited about your practice today?” making small conversation, you make your way towards his school.

 "Yeah, but I wish that Akaashi was here already. I don’t wanna get use to having a different setter!“ Koutarou whines a bit and throws his head back, probably frustrated that he doesn’t have his best friend on his team at the moment.

 "Oh, yeah I understand. But he’ll be here next year and maybe he’ll be a regular with you!” you try to cheer him up by telling him he’ll see him soon.
 "I knooooow but a year is a long time..“

 "It is. And you know what? We’ve been together for almost a year, so that’s a long time.”

 "You’re right!“ he gasps and grips your hand tighter and repeats with sincerity , "And you know what? We’re going to be together for a lot longer.”

 That little sentence makes your heart flutter and you can feel yourself getting flushed. “I can promise you that."  Without even looking at him, you know that he’s wearing a grin from ear to ear.

 "I just happen to know that you’re really good at keeping your promises too. Like you promise to get meat at the store?”

 A laugh bubbles up and you can’t help but let it out. “Yes, Bokuto. We do this literally every time I go grocery shopping.” you shake your head and smile down at the ground and back up to him.

 "Well I just have to make sure so you won’t forget!“

 "I’d basically be committing a crime if I didn’t get you your favorite food when I go to the store!” you’re laughing and he’s laughing his boisterous and happy laugh right along with you. But soon you realize you passed the market a few minutes ago. “Kou I missed the store..”

 "That’s too bad, guess you’ll just have to walk with me to school!“ he beams and just continues to drag you to his practice.

 "Kou come ooon! I gotta go, I mean if you want to eat tonight and don’t want to starve, then I suggest letting me go and get it all-especially the meat.” you have to threaten him, and you know when it comes to food and meat, he means business.

 Finally he sighs and stops. “Okay..” he’s reluctant to agree, but he lets go of your hand. “I’ll just be on my way then…” slowly and dramatically he starts walking away as slowly as he can. “All alone… With no one beside me… My hand is just so lonely and cold now that I don’t have anyone to hold it.”

 You roll your eyes, looking amused at his antics to guilt trip you into coming with him. “How about after I’m done I’ll stop by your practice and we can walk home together?”

 As soon as you suggest it, he lights up. “Okay! I’ll be waiting for you then!” hurrying over he gives you a kiss, before turning and being on his way and you were too.

 You hoped that this would be a quick trip and you would get what you need without any distractions or anything holding you up so you could watch Bokuto.

 ”(Y/N)?“ a voice behind you speaks cautiously and you detect a hit of enthusiasm, yet you don’t really understand why he would be excited to see you with how you left off.

 Your shoulders rise and drop with your heavy sigh, turning around. “Hello, Kuroo.”

 "Hey, how have you been? It’s been a while since I’ve seen you.“ he walks towards you and leans on your shopping cart.

 "I’ve been perfect. Yeah there’s a reason we haven’t seen each other.” the tone in your voice was very indifferent, not acknowledging him much and grabbing some of your favorite snacks off the shelf.

 "I see you’re still addicted to those.“ he pointed out, snickering.

 "Surprised you even remember I liked them in the first place. I thought you would have forgotten about everything by now considering how quickly you dropped me.” grabbing the cart, you pull it away from him and he stands.

 "Look… I made a mistake; I know I did and I can’t apologize enough for it-“

 "Kuroo. Your mistake is the best thing that’s ever happened to me because I’m happy now. I’m genuinely happy right now and I couldn’t thank you enough for your mistake.”

 Kuroo didn’t really know what to say, and he just stared. “My tattoo is still there, ‘ya know…”

 "So you’re trying to tell me that the tattoo that I watched fade away came back even though you haven’t seen me in over a year? Yeah I’m not buying it.“

 When he turned his head to the side you saw it; the tattoo was clear as day. It infuriated you to think that after he broke up with you in front of everyone by saying that he didn’t care for you anymore but now after not seeing you it suddenly reappeared.

 "Can I just see? I want to make sure that your tattoo is gone. Just to make sure you don’t have feelings for me anymore.” how he spoke sounded so confident, like he thought it would be there.

 "My words aren’t enough?“

 Without saying anything, the taller male takes one long stride to you  and he moves your hair out of the way, knowing it was behind your ear as well. "Your words aren’t truthful.”