my tattoo


307 scarred me. But I made sure that this scar is visible and shows me that it was all real.

This is a reminder for everything I gained in the last year. This is for the feeling in my stomach when Clarke and Lexa kissed. This is for the strength it gave me and the fun I had in the fandom. This is for every good thought I had, every friend I made, everything I learned about myself.

I won’t forget. Reshop, Heda. Ai gonplei nou ste odon.

saved this Lambo drawing since the first time i saw it…it made me laugh so hard and after Lexa died I always went back to it for some chuckles.

i waited to get it to make sure I wasn’t doing it just because I was angry and sad with her death. the pic is from the day I got it. But it’s already healing.

w wasn’t sure if I was going to get this one or the one where Lexa’s high that Lambo did for 4/20. decided on this one ‘cause that’s when i fell in love with Lambo’s drawings.

was going to show it to adc at Brazil Con, but she’s not coming anymore :(

There once was a time in 2012 when I first listened to Starlight and instantly fell in love with the whole song- the lyrics, the beat of the song, the meaning, EVERYTHING about the song. Starlight is not only my favorite Taylor song but it’s my favorite song period. The lyrics that struck me were “dream impossible dreams”. They remind me to always keep going and most importantly to never give up and keep dreaming. Taylor has made such a big impact on my life the last few years and I love her so much for it. Her music, specifically Starlight, has helped me out of my darkest moments. Thank you, Taylor for everything. And I’ll always be dreaming impossible dreams.