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self care is eating an entire tube of Pillsbury Original Crescent Roll™ dough raw while driving in the pouring rain with your windows down

i hadnt drawn these 3 together so i had to change that !!

Like a wild flower; she spent her days, allowing herself to grow, not many knew of her struggle, but eventually all, knew of her light.

— ​Nikki Rowe (via kvtes)

Introducing The Hero of Ferelden, Warden-Commander Elizavetha Cousland. (and Queen of Ferelden depending on my play, ;} )

She received her scar on her lip as a ‘gift’ from Fergus while they were training. It only made her more determined in her training to better her brother and those of the castle warriors.

Her loyalty is absolute and she do anything and everything to help her friends and family. She romanced Alistair because of the corny love at first sight.

Her dress is inspired for the Halamshiral ball that I imagine she gets invited to. Representing the Wardens and Ferelden all in one go.

I was so so so lucky that @cocotingo added to me to her commission list!! When I wanted things changed to match my vision they were more than accommodating to do it for me! The warden emblem, the lip scar, HER DRESS AND HER HAIR!!! Like everything is 10000000000000% perfect.I sent some dresses and said to pick or design something they liked. I could not be happier.

Thank you once again! :D

Please don’t tag as your own Warden or use for your character! That’s not cool. :<

reasons why seungkwan is a sweetheart
  • even if he’s part of the maknae line, you can see how much 17 members rely on him, always checking his reactions, and expect him to lead everything (and are usually lost if he’s not there)
  • if no one is saying anything during an interview, even if he’s not the MC he either leads the members or starts talking even if it’s nonsense to save the situation
  • he always tries his best to give good advices, and more than anything: always encourage people a lot
  • he’s able to get along with everyone, even new staff really quickly
  • he likes to make a lot of jokes, but he’s always careful of people’s reaction: if it looks like he said/did something that would make other unconfortable or hurt them he apologizes right away and try to make them feel better by saying nice things about them or gives them a hug
  • he just gives tons of hug to people who are pouting even a bit, or just tons of hugs in general
  • he’s just extremely polite and respectful: like on One Fine Day, when they were given something to eat after picking bossam in Cheongsando, he was the first one to go to other workers to feed them
  • after Mingyu used one the bossam to stop a fire, he apologized right away with a 90° bow to workers who gave them bossam
  • he’s careful of everyone like he tries to make everyone shine, and he keeps telling fun stories about members who don’t talk much
  • he protects his members of any situation where they could be embarrassed: when people ask Jihoon’s height, when Jeonghan accidently spat on the floor (and he moved quickly to hide it with his foot), or when Hoshi was asked if he changed the choregraphy this week too but he didn’t so Seungkwan immediately explained how Hoshi had so much work that it was impossible for him to do so
  • he’s careful of other members likes and dislikes, like when a member suggested to cook curry in a cooking program, he immediately said « no we have a member who doesn’t like curry » before Woozi even said that he disliked it
  • he’s extremely observant and can tell when seungcheol is lying, when woozi is embarassed and acting like he’s not, or really pretty much anything about the members
  • he’s interrested in foreign members’ culture a lot, like  he kept saying to Minghao how he wanted to try chinese food, until Minghao had enough and took him and Jun  to a chinese restaurant
  • and he’s always talking in english, and even try to communicate with foreign fans by using it
  • he didn’t show much of his japanese yet, but it seems pretty good since he’s one the of member who says the longest sentences in japanese
  • he’s very affectionate with everyone really and even more to fans: he greets them with the biggest smile on his face, hands waving really high in the sky, and he  just looks so happy and excited
  • when he leaves he either greets the fans the same way, or looks really extremely sadden to leave
  • he always tries his hardest to communicate with fans, no matter if they are foreigners or not, he has no problem trying to use their language, and start asking them questions about where they are from even if the situation doesn’t really permit them to talk
  • so whenever he’s in a situation where he can’t really talk (like when he was doing Sukira for exemple) he writes on a notebook things he wants to ask to fans (« are you excited for the comeback? », or after asking to a foreigner where she’s from: « NY? » to make sure), saying thank you to fans « thank you for congratulating me for my graduation♡  », talking about his feelings « i’m going to sing later, i’m so nervous », « i missed you »
  • he’s also one of the member who communicate the most withs fans on SNS
  • because of Pledis’ rules he sometimes has to refuse things like taking pictures, or giving people his signature, and he was said to look extremely sorry and apparently kept apologizing everytime it happened
  • he always show the same respect to sunbae groups, no matter if they are a popular or an unpopular group, he’s admiring all of them and keeps talking about how much he liked one of their song or enjoyed things they did in the past, etc
  • he’s like some kind of Jeju ambassador: never letting anymore makes fun of it, even if playing along with other people’s jokes would make it easier for him to fit
  • he has his own insecurities like his weight or his dancing skills (he used to be considered one of the worst dancer) and how he’s the one being scold the most during recording usually, but he never blames anyone joking about his weight, or people scolding him during dance practice, or  during recording. He just keeps working hard to diet, and improve in any area he’s not confident in
  • he makes sure the members don’t loose confidence in themselves, like when seokmin had to show a special talent on a show but reactions weren’t so good, he took his hand even if he was really far away from him to show support
  • he showers members with praises about anything related to their insecurities: like randomly talking about how happy he is that seungcheol is the leader, how much he likes mingyu’s skin color, or how fun joshua is and actually not a boring person at all…
  • when Jeonghan joined the group and was awkward with everyone, Seungkwan was the first one who tried getting close to him, by doing a lot of silly jokes, and it was never said but it looks like it took some time for Minghao to become close to the members, and Seungkwan also seems like one of the first who started looking out for him
  • he loves babies and kids so much and if seungkwan is usually the most professional of the group in any given situation, kids are an exception for him: he just stops talking about what he was supposed to talk about and keeps playing with the kid and talk no-stop about how cute he/she is, or even almost forget about the « no photo of people without their consent » rule, because they are so cute to him
  • he knows every members’ birthday
  • seungkwan always thought during his predebut days that he would be the least popular, and his biggest fear has always been not getting any attention at all, not being noticed
  • he was said to be a soft-heart boy since predebut: he cried more than Chan when his father came, also cried the hardest when samuel’s mother read a letter written for seventeen’s members, was the only one who cried when he read his letter for his mother on parent’s day, cried when doing a video message to his mother on 17project and couldn’t stop crying after seeing her, cried at the boys wish concert, cried when seventeen won their first rookie award, and got extremely emotional on his last day at Sukira with Ryeowook and the rest of the S-line, and on the One Fine Day when the 3 leaders read their letters
  • he also cares a lot about member’s feelings, like he was afraid for seokmin’s feelings when no judge talked about his singing in 17project (while seungkwan was praised), or when vernon said he felt sorry to seventeen about SMTM, he said later in an interview « He was talking about how he was sorry. What’s there to be sorry about~ right? » ©
  • he loves his mom so much and keeps talking about her no matter what; he even almost gave up on being an idol because he didn’t want to leave his mom in jeju
  • he gets anxious really easily, and sometimes he’s tired but since he’s the moodmaker and has pride on this title, he doesn’t want to let other people seeing his tired-side and try to gives energy to people as much as he can no matter what
  • i have so many things to say but i’ll stop there, so just remember that seungkwan is a sweetheart and that he deserves all the love

I’ve had a few people ask me for pointers and tips to begin posting their fanfiction on tumblr, and I know how confusing it can be to work out how to do so once you’ve finished writing. So, I thought I’d post a little guide on what I do once I finish a fic.  

I will most likely post similar guides regarding writing fics and linking to your bio and a masterlist soon as well!! 

» writing  » posting  » linking 

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Hey guys, so I was going through my tag and seeing so much content that should honestly be getting more credit than it does because they’re gorgeous! I think it’s such a shame small studyblrs can’t get exposure and I definitely can say it was because of bigger blogs helping me out that I’m not exactly a “little studyblr blog” anymore!

So for my “little studyblr of the month”, it’s pretty simple:
1. Must be following me (this is for my followers man, I’m featuring them!)
2. Must be under 1.5k followers
3. Reblog this post!
4. I’ll announce it at the beginning of the month (or maybe a bit later since April already has started, but it honestly depends on how many people reblog this)

What you’ll get:
- A follow from me!
- I’ll queue from you
- Mini shoutout of your blog to many people
- That’s about it I’m sorry I can’t think of incentives

Thanks guys, I’ll reblog again before I choose!


Another year, another post of me telling you all how much I love you. To my mutuals I want to say you guys are awesome and even if we don’t talk that much (or at all) I probably secretly love you more than you know. You guys are all amazing and it’s a blessing seeing all of your posts everyday, you’re what really makes this whole place fun for me.♡ To all of my followers I want to say thank you and I love all you guys so much, thanks for putting up with me y'all are the true heroes here and I love you. 

mutual appreciation post  ‘”

  hey yall soooo i am so sorry for being absent for the past few days, but recently ( on my 4th!! month!! ) i hit 3k ( ???? ) and honestly i just want to thanK all of you?? so much?? like i don’t know what i’d be doing rn if i wasnt on tumblr lbr ;; so here’s my mutual appreciation ( because i really appreciate yall i know i never say shit anymore but here look ) 

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Things I learned today from reading Lost Eden Scans:

(´;ω ;`)  This isn’t a translation, just a shitty summary and I only did these two because I’m biased and lazy. Enjoy~

*edited after playing since scans weren’t clear *

Mukami Prologue:

Ruki and Yui bump into this ~stranger~ at the supermarket. Said stranger was staring at them earlier which totally isn’t weird or nothing. Apples fall down and Ruki tells the guy to be careful.

???: “I’ll buy this apple… …So it’s all good, yeah?”

The guy just kinda takes the apples and eats them. NOM NOM APPLES. much symbolism. And Ruki just deeply sighs.

Stranger is super casual with Ruki and Yui wonders if he’s an acquaintance.

After Yui and Ruki are done getting what they need, Yuma joins them. And Ruki’s kinda spooked at whatever happened with ~stranger~, so we have Yuma being worried about him. Something’s bothering Ruki. Anyway, the 3 walk home. BUT THEN. Kou joins the party.

Kou: I worked really hard! Please tell me you’re gonna make vongole bianco as a reward!?

The now 4 of them head home. *intercom voice* =They have arrived at the house= Azusa feels down seeing them all come home together because he was the odd guy out. Kou cheers Azusa up and all the brothers say stuff to him. The smile on Azusa’s face comes back and everyone has dinner together. AKA KOU AND YUMA FIGHTING LIKE 5 YEaR OLDS AND PAPA RUKI TELLING THEM “OH LOOK AT THE GOOD CHILDREN. YUI AND AZUSA. ACT MORE LIKE THEM” and yeah there’s a CG of it.

Azusa: But that’s nice… …how everyone came home together.

Kino Prologue:

Dear uncle Richter. OHHH RICHTER. So this Kino guy asks Richter to meet him at this one place. They talk a bit. I guess Kino kinda does a “let me tell you shit, then I’ll kill you” sorta thing here. He stacks all this on Richter.


Somewhere afterwards, we have that scene where Kino’s all HEY YURI. GET RID OF THIS OLD HAG FOR ME. And so Richter gets skewered onto that tower. That tower has a name and I’ll get to that shortly. It was the title of Laito and Shin’s Versus Track 1.

Yui passes her days kinda on edge/uneasy since Ayato inherited Karl’s powers and stuff. One day, she heads out on a date (presumably with Ayato) and EW WHAT IS THAT SMELL? IT’S LIKE CORPSE. She notices this nasty dead smell at 神無 TOWER. Yeah. That’s literally the kanji. But thank it isn’t Kamimu tower lol. It’s Kaminashi Tower. STILL? 無神 ↔ 神無 Anyway, suddenly this ~beautiful young man~ appears and just goes right in for a kiss. “It’s to win you over.“ says the young man. yes nothing turns me on more than the smell of corpse sir

SO yeah. (;-◞౪◟-)  That’s what I learned today and I’m pumped for the game coming out soon!  And this is why I don’t do summaries.

I’m curious, reblog and add/tag if the Captain Underpants books have had a profound impact on your life and how

with this new movie coming out it’s made me reflect and realize Wow, these dumb little books have shaped me more than I’d like to admit

theamazingworldofcharlie  asked:

Opinion on Keith X Lance? Like I know, Shiro X Keith but besides that.

If I’m being completely honest, I do not like Klance. I’m more than fine with ppl shipping it & don’t police shipping because, you know, I’m not an asshole. It’s just a ship. 

I wish I liked Klance. Then I could experience going under a tag without endless callout posts and pedophiliac claims being thrown at other users. Then I could stop getting nasty messages in my inbox and not have to read comments on my YT channel saying I’m a FILTHY Sheith shipper. I could frolic happily, enjoying my popular, unproblematic ship. 

Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is that Klance seems like a cute ship, but after being bullied by like?? that “side” of the fandom?? It’s just… it just makes it really hard to ever possibly enjoy it. Not all Klance shippers are antis, like duh, I know this. If you like Klance, then Klance is a good ship. And Voltron is a good show. It doesn’t deserve to be disgraced by a shitty fandom. 

Sansa, the Littlefinger 2.0, but not in the way you think

Heya! Well, I’m totally new in the Jonsa tag *waves akward hi* and well… I’d like to add my two cents to the tinfoil theories that are so fun to read (and to write, I must say).

I’m repeating: It’s totally tinfoil. Completely out of my head… or maybe not? (I know this post can also end in LF’s tag, but I already state that it’s not Baelish friendly). 

Well, here it goes.

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In Defense of my Favorite Show

As Once Upon A Time seemingly is winding down, I seem to be seeing more and more posts about it tagged with “negativity” and questions about why other fans are still happy about it.

It has changed over the years as the focus has moved toward redemption arcs, which is a theme near and dear to my heart. There’s nothing I love more than shades of gray.  Aside from that, I just see epic storytelling, and it hurts my heart when people have nothing but bad things to say about the writers and production staff, because those are the same people who gave us these characters and these settings and this, well, magic.

Do plot threads get dropped? Yes. Absolutely. (Maleficent & Lily, shrunken down Anton, Will Scarlett, most of the Land of Untold Stories people, and the reason why the Sorcerer’s Mansion is in Storybrooke when Merlin was, well, a tree).  Some of this is related to cast availability or production restraints, but I feel a lot of it is due to the writers biting off more than they can chew.  They have created a world with all sorts of possibilities, and then have to make their vision fit into twenty-two, sometimes twenty-three, episodes. My biggest wish is that we could have supersized seasons of about forty episodes, but modern television production doesn’t seem to allow for it, so I forgive a lot.

For the stumbles and short-changes I’ve gotten with the show, I’ve also gotten a steady diet of drama, humor, angst, love, grief, and human issues that I can personally relate to in a fantasy setting. It’s not random that the only other show that ever affecting me to this point was Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and for the exact same reasons.

A while back I watched a YouTube video about why the Star Wars prequels didn’t work. The reviewer asked if the characters could be defined without using physical descriptions. What made them who they are?  What motivates them? Good question, and difficult to do with those films. I don’t have this issue with the characters in Once. Emma (original recipe): Independent, guarded, smart, skeptical. New and improved Emma: Protective, loyal, smart, determined to hold onto what is hers, fiercely loving.  Her changes tie directly into the person she was before her story began. She appeals to me even without knowing she’s beautiful or blonde or partial to red jackets. I understand what motivates her and the complexity of the decisions she makes.  I can say the same things about Regina, Killian, David, Mary Margaret, Gold, even Henry and, to an extent, Belle and Zelena.  I may not love these characters equally (and some I don’t love at all), but they aren’t one dimensional, and they are established so that the actions of each of them affects all of the others.  it’s absorbing and involving and I can (and often do) spend hours discussing all of this with other like-minded individuals (shout out @flslp87 @linda8084 @whimsicallyenchantedrose). After BtVS ended it took me nearly 10 years to find that sort of show again.

I’m going to appreciate it while we have it. I will get annoyed when the focus is off my faves and onto some other characters who had the unfortunate luck to be featured just when my heart was broken by things that happened to Hook or Emma or Regina (sorry, Merida and Dorothy and, sometimes, Ruby). I will be frustrated when I’ve built up my own expectations and been underwhelmed by the payoff (the return of Hook’s heart, first time pancakes happening… sometime when we didn’t see and weren’t specifically notified, every character finding out when major things happened to other characters).  Thankfully we have the option of fanfic and drawings and videos and manips to fill in those gaps.  Honestly, would we be driven to do those things if we weren’t so touched by the story?

And then there is payoff. PAYOFF. I mean I have an OTP who are actively together with no doubts. This is something that I’ve never really had before, and finally can be excited because a show got it RIGHT. A couple getting together doesn’t have to mean an end of interest in their relationship. Give me a thousand Captain Swan kisses, and I’ll still want more. Give me their arguments and their makeups. Show one of them getting mad and the other one understanding it and even being amused by it, because that is how it’s done. That is good writing.

So there it is, in a biggish nutshell. Thank you, Adam and Eddy. Thank you, Jane. Thank you, Andrew. Thank you, Brigitte. Thank you to all of the other writers and the directors and the producers, and THANK YOU to the cast - such gorgeous and talented people.

Now I’ve gone and made myself all weepy.

Hate || Conor Maynard Imagine

I had posted a photo of me and my Boyfriend of almost two years, Conor, kissing on Instagram. Conor had quite the following, from his music to his antics with his friends, Conor had fans. His fans didn’t like me, hated me even. They would post hate on all of my posts, tweets, photos, everything. All I ever seemed to get was hate. I, of course, tried not to let it get to me, But as I’m sat there reading through the hate on the cute photo I h ad posted not long ago. One comment, in particular, stood out to me, ‘Conor’s only with you because you’re easy’.

Conor made sure to tell me that he loved me every single chance he got, but days like today I couldn’t help but think that maybe he didn’t actually love me as much as I loved him.

I feel tears fall down my cheeks, one after another. I keep reading the mean comments late into the night. I hear the door to mine and Conor’s flat opening, but I don’t move.

“Babe?” Conor yells into the dark flat. I try to quieten the sobs that are racking my body by pressing my hand to my mouth. Conor walks into our bedroom and his eyes lock on me immediately.

“Oh my god, What’s wrong beautiful?” He asks making his way over to me, embracing me in a tight grip.

“H-hate from the fans,” I mumble out, hoping he doesn’t hear me, but his arms around me tighten and his body tenses.

“What?” He says.

“Don’t worry,” I say trying to escape from his arms.

“No, How haven’t I noticed?” He asks more to himself than me, he buries his face into my neck.

“Please don’t blame yourself,” I whisper.

“I’m going to lose my shit,” He says pulling his phone out of his pocket.

“Please don’t,” I say.

“I’ll be nice,” He says smiling at me, “They have no right to say anything about the person I love.”

My phone buzzes on our bed, I pick it up and see that Conor has tagged me in a post.

’@Y/N is my favorite. Hating on her isn’t cool so kindly fuck off.’ With the picture of us kissing underneath it.

I look up at Conor, “I love you.”

“I would do anything for you baby,” Conor pulls me into him for a kiss.

MORE Spam in the AO3 Sheith tag

(4/19/17)  [Edit: See 4/20/17 update.]

There are currently seven works in the “Keith/Shiro (Voltron)” tag that are spam, only there to harass Sheith shippers.  They are:

  • Can You See Me Coming?
  • Drinking In Heaven
  • Touch Me Like I’m More Than I Am
  • You’re Still You.
  • You’re Still You.
  • The Burns On My Tongue
  • It’s Meaningless Without You

These were posted under the orphan_account, but the troll was previously using the screen names CryIfIWantTo, RealSaltShady, OopsIDidItAgain123, and theshrekening455.

Please ignore these stories.

Don’t click on them out of curiosity, don’t comment to tell them to fuck off, don’t give the troll the attention they want.  I have reported all seven stories, and AO3 says that extra reports just make abuse management take longer.

(If reblogging, please check my post for any further updates.)

4K Follower Celebration

Originally posted by diyroomdecorip

Recently, I posted the master list for a writing challenge that was, in my opinion, pretty damn successful. I’ve had several requests to do another round, so, without further ado, round 2 of  the Album Fanfic Challenge has been given the green light.

Have you ever been listening to an album and the lyrics just spoke to you, inspired a work of fanfiction in some sort of way? That’s been happening to me a lot lately, so I thought why not make a challenge out of it.

Here are the rules:

  • You do not have to be following me [mrs-squirrel-chester or @mamapeterson] but I ain’t gonna lie, it’d be kinda awesome if you were.
  • Can be any pairing or ship, reader-insert, OC; or even no pairing. Write what you want to write.
  • Pick a fandom, any fandom.
  • Can be fluff, angst, smut; whatever. Or maybe just a headcanon kind of thing.Aesthetics are more than welcome!
  • No word limit. You want to write a poem or drabble? Maybe something longer, like 15,000 words. Your fic can also be a part of another challenge. Even if it’s part of a WIP. Go for it.
  • Pick an album that has inspired you. It can be old or new, any style, any artist, anything that you want.
  • Include the song title / album information anywhere in your summary or author’s note. Let’s give credit to these amazing musical inspirations.  
  • Post your fic by May 31, 2017. Time zones don’t matter. As long as it is May 31 where you are when you post, the it counts.
  • Your fic can either be a story based on the song, or just have it somehow highlight the song, BUT make your fic relevant to the song you choose, please! (Basically, please do more for this challenge than having a song from your album playing in the background.)
  • If you also post on AO3, please share with the mrs_squirrel_chester_Album_Fanfiction_Challenge.
  • TAG ME IN YOUR WORK! If I haven’t liked or reblogged within a week, let me know!

ANY QUESTIONS? Make sure to check out the FAQ page.

What do you say? Signal boost?

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