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In case you haven’t watched Wizards of Waverly Place (you missed out), but there was a magic necklace that glows only if you’re in love with the person who put it on you. And of course my heart was screaming klance. So here’s Keith being insecure about Lance’s feelings about him but feeling really happy that his bf loves him.


i almost married someone who didn’t love me

For @jsamnfanart​‘s exchange! My match was @asparklethatisblue​ who asked for “Emma/Arabella + stars or flowers” :) I hope you like it. I took the stars idea and ran with it! // (ink and photoshop)

Arabella and Emma are symbolised in Andromeda and Virgo. In Greco-Roman myth, Andromeda (“the chained lady”) is kept against her will by a monster and saved by her hero. Virgo’s constellation is based upon Astraea (“star-maiden”), Ancient Greece’s goddess of innocence and purity. 

that feeling when

you’re minding your own business watching youtube videos and you come across a phrase that sounds very familiar

long story short, [ this video ] talks about the unsolved murder of the robinson family which happened in july of 1968. i had nearly reached the end of it when i was floored by the similarity between a note from the suspected killer and the lyrics of “used to be my girl”.

does alex spend his free time watching videos like this one? is this all a coincidence?

i don’t fucking know but i had to share this with the world.

wither me down

Summary: It’s strange, how Otabek doesn’t mind that his lungs are filled with flowers and each day is more agonizing than the last. After all, loving Yuri Plisetsky is a privilege in and of itself. (belated happy valentine’s day! warning for character death, otayuri, hanahaki au, word count: 6166)

He first meets Yuri when he is twelve, almost thirteen. He is hunched over, heaving from the strenuous exercise that Yakov made them do, and he looks up to try again when he sees him. He must be ten at the oldest, and is without a doubt the best student in that room. Otabek never pays much attention to the other students, but this time he looks at this boy, who manages to complete the exercise he’s been struggling with effortlessly.

And then the boy’s head turned to look at his direction, and he is captivated.

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  • Cal: ....Mare? Why is your head on my chest?
  • Mare: know, just making sure you're still alive
  • Cal: you aren't seriously worried that I'm going to die in my sleep...are you?
  • Mare: *rolls over* Death, demise, die, those are my least favorite words right now.

so anyway why have joji wearing his giant blue flannel when you can have him wearing ian’s stupid letter-man jacket also known as: it’s dangerous to go down the jojian tag alone take this sleeping joji he will protect you from any angry feels

Random HC #33 (Continuation of #4 - #32)


Laboriously, Robbie tries to peel himself out of the sticky pajama top. It’s harder than he thought. He didn’t know that it can be this exhausting to take off a shirt, just because your body is shaking violently and refuses to work properly…
“…For calling yourself ‘lazy’ all the time, you are quite bad at sitting or lying still for a few minutes, aren’t you?!” chuckles Sportacus softly, when he returns to the other, in his hands a huge bowl. “I just don’t want to appear completely…incompetent…” Robbie crosses his arms, one of them already freed from the shirt, the other still stuck in the cuff, and looks at the hero. Sportacus can’t help a small smile tugging at his lips at this sight. The villain narrows his eyes, thinking about any snapping comment on the other’s reaction, but then he just relaxes his arms again with a small sigh “…I look ridiculous…don’t I?…”
“No,” Sportacus puts the bowl on the bedside table and gently pulls the shirt over Robbie’s head, smiling softly at him “You look cute. You almost always do.” Robbie blushes lightly, but can’t help a smile while he jokes weakly “I’m a VILLAIN, Sportaflop! If you want to make me feel better, telling me that I look CUTE surely won’t help!”
“Sorry,” the hero smirks and bows down to place another quick kiss on his forehead, whispering “…But you simply are…”
Robbie instinctively closes his eyes at the new kiss, to enjoy it as much as possible. He doesn’t know how one can get so attached to something this fast. Yesterday, he still always became flustered, when Sportacus did so much as look at him for too long and winced at every single touch, and now he almost feels real physical pain, if he’s alone for too long, without the other’s warm, protecting body pressing against his own in any way… It’s a 180 degree turnaround, yes, he’s aware of that. But he can’t help it. He…doesn’t WANT to change it back…
When the hero pulls back again, just seconds later, the villain blinks slowly and stares into the bright, warm, gentle, blue eyes of his enemy. No… How could he still try to fool himself after they kissed and after Sportacus is taking such good care of him?! The hero isn’t his nemesis. He never really has been…
“…So…” after some seconds of silent staring, he weakly gestures past the hero, at the bowl “…What are you going to do with this now?…”
Sportacus flashes him a bright smile “Help you get rid of the feeling of being sticky and warm up a little! Just wait one more minute!” with this, he flips over to the closet near the bathroom, where he also took the pillows and blankets from, and grabs a huge towel, several small ones and a washrag. “Wait, what?!…” Robbie knows, his mind isn’t working as quick as usually, due to his bad condition, but once, the hero returns with those items to his bed, he wildly shakes his head “You want to…WASH me?! No! No, no!” He crosses his arms and glares at the other. Sportacus’ smile fades and his expression becomes confused “…But…you’ll feel better afterwards… And you just said…that you trust me… I… I won’t hurt you! You…do know that, right!?…” he eyes his patient worriedly. “That’s not it! I-I mean… Of course, I know that you won’t hurt me! But… I’m not…old and helpless! Neither am I an INFANT or something! I can wash myself! I can feed myself… I can…take care of myself!” he can hear the desperation in his own voice and angrily clenches his hands into fists. “I’m not doubting that you can,” replies Sportacus softly, throws the different cloths on the bed and sits down on its edge again, carefully grabbing one of Robbie’s hand, unfolding it again “…Robbie, I know that you are no kid. And…no old man, who needs care, either… And you have to believe me now that I’m NOT treating you like one. But I’m treating you like a patient, because that is exactly what you are at the moment. You don’t have to show and prove me that you’re strong and independent. I know that. I’ve known you long enough for that, after all,” he smiles gently and lightly cups the villain’s cheek with his other hand “…But right now, you’re my patient and I take care of you and have and WANT to try EVERYTHING that may make you feel the tiniest bit better. And YOU should try to relax in the meantime. But…if you feel uncomfortable with the thought of me cleaning your chest and back from the sweat, just tell me. I accept that. I’m not forcing you to do…or let me do ANYTHING! …Okay?…” his smile is still soft and soothing and his thumb is gently caressing Robbie’s cheek. The other swallows hard, but nods barely noticeably, before smiling wryly “…I’m just you’re patient?… Nothing…more?…”
Sportacus chuckles “Well… If you look at it like THIS… Of course, you are more than that! Although…my old teachers wouldn’t approve of this…” his smile fades a little. Robbie titles his head “Why’s that? Don’t they…uhm…like…the idea of…two men…”
“Hm?” the hero blinks confusedly, but then he understands and blushes “Oh! No, that’s not what I… Well, actually, I don’t really…know about that… But what I actually was talking about is the fact of…getting too emotionally attached to a person you ought to save…because it clouds your view and knowledge of what is right and what not and how to help this person most efficiently… That’s why…I barely managed to graduate…at all…” he lowers his eyes in obvious embarrassment. Robbie senses the hero’s guilty conscience - yeah, you can call it no other way - at once and feels somehow confused, but also angry at these strange teachers of the hero. He rests his free hand on the one of the hero, which is still cupping his cheek and explains firmly “That’s absolute nonsense! You’ve always been a hero with all your heart, Sportacus. And exactly BECAUSE you put your whole heart and emotions in everything you do, the kids love you! And I… Look. If you wouldn’t have shown me all these emotions during the past hours, I’d be dead! I would’ve never managed to trust you, if you’d be such a cold asni as Nine! You care and you…love… And that’s what makes you unique!” he squeezes Sportacus’ hand gently and smiles with a light blush “…That’s what makes you a TRUE hero. That’s why, even if anybody else besides me in this town would know that you’re an elf, it wouldn’t really matter. They don’t just like you because of the hero stuff, your muscles and your impressive physis. I personally don’t care about ANY of that. You know that I mostly find your constant moving…annoying, actually… No, they…we…I love you so much because you CARE. Right since the first day you got here. Because…in my case…you were the first one to ever do so… Maybe that’s…why I was…scared of you at the beginning…” Robbie shrugs weakly and smiles softly now “…Come on now… Prove your elders and teachers wrong…and care for your patient. If you think it’s good for me…if YOU feel comfortable with this, as well…” he invitingly gestures at the bowl, a wry smirk on his lips “…Just…no tickling, please…”