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Fighting with Erik Lehnsherr Would Include ...

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·He sulks when you fight

·If you need to find him, he’ll usually be in Charles’ office; talking his ear off about how stupid your fight is

·You can constantly feel his eyes on you when you walk about the mansion

·And when he sees you talking with another person you can hear him huff somewhere in the near distance

·He’s especially jealous of Charles and Hank, he thinks you find their intelligence more attractive

·Every time you reach for something metal, like cutlery, Erik moves it because he gets petty

·If looks could kill, you’d be dead

.If it’s something major, you can guarantee he’ll be shouting

·It doesn’t feel intimidating or scary though, he always looks more sad

·If he’s silent and avoids you, you know you’ll be fighting for a while

·Grumbles and groans as Charles pushes him towards you to explain why he’s upset

·Charles being like a big brother too you and always ends up getting involved/ helping to stop your fights

·If you interrupt Erik whilst he’s talking to you because you disagree with him he has a tendency to throw a hand up and restrict you with metal

·You getting slightly more annoyed with him for using his powers against you

·Erik often breaks down when you’re sorting things out

.Cuddling him when he breaks down

·You always promise each other you won’t have any more silly fights

·You always do

As Always, let me know if you’d like to be tagged for a specific character/s or even a whole fandom !!! 

There’s this discussion right now about getting your lore/art seen and I just want to throw in some advice of my own: Tag the shit out of your work.

If anyone looks at my tags you might notice I add, like, a billion. If it’s somehow relevant to the drawing, I’ll tag it, even if it’s a very small detail. Now, I think tumblr only counts the first 5 tags you use, so make sure you use up those tags wisely. Monster folks get lots of traffic on here, so I tag monster boys/girls/enbies first [and, well, most of my characters are dragon people, so they fit], then flight rising, then humanoid/gijinka, etc. until I use up the five. Then I tag whatever else just in case.

It might feel silly, but trust me, it works. Even if it nets you just one more extra like/reblog, that’s one more person who’s seen and likes your art or writing, and might’ve missed it if you hadn’t tagged. 

Also, double reblog your stuff. It helps get your work seen by people who might’ve missed it due to timezone shenanigans, it’s your blog, and anyone who doesn’t like it can stuff it.

Let’s get something straight.

 I’m getting tired of video game tags being flooded with lets players. I wanted to see more reactions to how great a game is rather than just lets players doing silly commentary. Yeah I know they’re useful and truly have no problem with any of them. I don’t even hate jacksepticeye (grinds my gears that I have to share a birthday with him tho but that’s it) and I get it if I don’t like seeing it why can’t I just blacklist it. I’m on mobile I can’t blacklist it if I could I would but I can’t. I just think it’s sad that people choose to idolize someone than take an interest in Hellblade, you’re all really missing out on a truly beautiful game. I know not everyone can go out a buy a new game when it’s released and that’s a really great thing about walk throughs and lets players. They have the ability of being able to show us new games we can’t afford or don’t have access to. I don’t hate jacksepticeye I never even wanted to start all this drama, I just wanted to share a my opinion on something. I wasn’t even expecting to get notes, I just sorta yelled into the void, and a couple of assholes yelled back. I’m sure the majority of his fandom are wonderful people, and I’m glad they like him and find his videos fun and entertaining. I love seeing all the beautiful artwork and all the love and passion you all put into that fandom I really do. I just wanted to go into the tags of a game and see the same thing but for Hellblade not just jack, I got a little upset that all people could take away from Hellblade (a beautiful indie game about the struggles of mental illness) were just things about jack using a special mic and some character he does. I wanted to know what people thought about the game how it made them feel, if it inspired them like it did me. I hold nothing against the users who disagreed with me or sent me anon hate. You weren’t seeing the big picture of what I wanted to say. I’m sorry you misunderstood what I said, honestly I just made a post and didn’t think it would get notes. 

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what does ja jebie mean?

Ok this is gonna be a long one so be prepared to meet a very complexed yet vulgar polish word. 

First we need to start with the whole grammar thing because “ja jebie” is an activity, but we’ll get to that later.

Anyway the infinitive here is “JEBAĆ” and it stems from Proto-Indo-European  language as “yebh” meaning “to copulate”. In old slavian it was “jebat” or “jebati” and basically meant “to hit”. Nowadays it’s much more of a vulgar word and thus much more colloquially used. That’s why its meaning varies

1.1 to have sex (as active side)

2.1 to hit sb or smth

2.2 to throw sth

2.3 to disregard sb

2.4 to steal 

3.1 making a noise (like so something exploded and it made a loud sound) - for me it’s usually when a lightning strikes with a loud thunder, you just say “ale jebło”

3.2 to make things up, tell silly things

4.1 to smell (to reek)

5.1 to hit yourself (usually meant by accident)

5.2 to rot (I’m assuming I don’t use it as such)

5.3 to make a mistake - it’s very common, it can be used as “jebnąć się” or “pojebać się” depending on grammar, situation and many other issues :)))

6.1 to fuck

But this is just the infinitive and we’re about to go deeper. In polish language we use declination and inflection and here’s where it’s get more complicated. You may have some idea how to do it if you studied Latin, because a lot of polish grammar comes from Latin. Right now i just need to tell you more about the proper grammar ending to the word. Basically inflection means I have to grammatically contribute the word to the person and it looks a little bit like this:

My tag “ja jebie” is in the 1st person, in present tense and in singular so that’s why it’s ja (me) jebie (fuck)

As you can see there are many, many different uses of JEBAĆ but we’re not even close to where my “ja jebie” tag comes in. Because to me the meaning of it is not even here. We would have to get a second word here to fully understand my understanding of jebać in the phrase “ja jebie”. However as much as I’d like to make it even longer and in depth I doubt it’s very interesting. I also have this feeling that linguist are going to be after me… So let’s just say it’s somewhere between the lines of “tell silly things “ but meant more as a strong vulgar answer to said silly things, if that makes any seance at all.

And don’t get me started on collocations because we’ll be here even longer…

I also intentionally make a grammar mistake in it, because there are things that just deserves that (go check the my tag you’ll get what I mean). And also I’m lazy on the phone :))) But to be grammatically correct it should be written “ja jebię” with “ę” at the end because it’s in first person and I’m stating it.

But I guess the short answer here is “well fuck me” or something between those lines. I hope this answers your question


In the tags tell me what kind of picture you want! For example: silly, cute, happy, hot, etc… You can even say a color/outfit you want him to be wearing and I’ll try my best to find it for you, but no promises lol

(I have so many pictures saved on my phone that I’ll find something for everyone, this is gonna be fun)

I will be 100% honest. I do not like Klance. I tend to shy away from popular ships, especially in fandoms as big and rabid as the Voltron one but what I see in Klance is what I see in every fandom that has two conventionally attractive boys with a fanbase that’s made up mostly of women in their teenage years to late 20s.

I really hate to say it but the fact is, Klance just satisfies the “hot rival yaoi” trope that has existed for years. You can overanalyze the snot out of any scene that has Lance and Keith in it and say there’s romance there, you can do that between any two characters. Now yes, Lance and Keith are more focused on, they seem to be more primary characters (and I do hope Hunk and Pidge get more screentime because they are my favorites) and therefore share more scenes together.

Their dynamic is also important to the show and to the plot. I never wanted to be the one saying “well look at the reasons why you don’t ship this character over that character” but… look at the reasons why you don’t ship this character over that character. Hunk is not conventionally attractive, he’s heavier set, darker, and fits the trope of comedy relief.

I understand why no one ships Pidge, she’s obviously very young (only recently confirmed to be 15) but why does no one focus more on her character? Why do people gravitate towards Lance angst, or Klance angst. Heck, Keith doesn’t get nearly as much individual attention as Lance.

Pidge thinks she’s lost her father and brother yet won’t stop looking for them, had to cut away pieces of her identity to sneak back into the school, and had to leave her mom all at the tender age of 14 and 15.

Shiro suffers from intense PTSD from his time as a Galran prisoner, has had non consensual body modifications done to him, keeps getting pulled back to the very place that hurt him, and may or may not be the catalyst that gets his team severely hurt not that it’s his fault, but damn straight Shiro is the kind of guy who’ll shoulder that.

Keith is an orphan, dropped out of a prestigious school for unknown(?) reasons, has an partially Galran mother, is obviously reeling from the loss of Shiro whom he respected deeply. 

And Hunk? Hunk hasn’t even been given enough screentime to know what’s going on in that dude’s life.

Allura and Coran lost their entire civilization and had to wake up, no time to deal with it! They’ve lost their families! Allura had to kill the only thing she had left of her father!

Don’t get me wrong, I identify with Lance heavily and I’m not trying to diminish his pain (well, since he’s a fictional character devoid of any emotion, I’m not trying to diminish anyone who identifies with him’s pain) but I always hate it when I see when fandoms go down this path of glorifying a character or a ship or both over other characters. It gets frustrating.

I’m sorry this shifted from Klance (which I don’t hate, btw, and can ship on a good day) to my quarrels with the whole fandom. I do have more to say on Klance but I direct you to this post that talks about the disservice done to Keith in the role of Klance.

For the record, I am fine with Sheith now that Keith is confirmed 18. I am fine with Klance, Heith, Hance, Kallura, Allurance, and Hallura. I do like Shallura but am antsy about it atm due to the unspecified age, I see her as around 18 or 19 like Keith but I also age her up a couple years just in case. I am not fine with Pidge being shipped unless she has been aged-up appropriately. I’m fine with aging up. I do not ship Pidge and Shiro even with Pidge aged-up because age gaps of more than 10 years make me uncomfortable for personal reasons.

JIM: […] Anyway, in the long run they eventually all wore me down and I told him he could go. I remember one of my main concerns, funnily enough, was that he might not get enough to eat. From the time they first arrived I started getting these silly little postcards and letters from him reciting their menu on any given evening. I suppose that satisfied me in a way. At least he wasn’t starving I thought to myself.
—  blackbird: the life and times of paul mccartney, geoffrey giuliano 
SW fic recommendations

@phoenix-jedi13 said:

If you have the time, do you have any good Star Wars fanfictions you would recommend? Preferably not NSFW or super romantic/shippy? Thanks so much, and sorryforbotheringyou (Btw your blog is one of my favorites, and I love your Little by Little au fic - but I’ve read all of it. That’s the problem. :’D)

First of all: *squee*

Second of all: I’m ace and aro, so I don’t generally care for NSFW or super-shippy either. I’m not romance-repulsed, it’s just… boring, most of the time, I don’t see it as an interesting end-goal for a story.

Third of all: Okay, this might take some time. Let me browse through my AO3 bookmarks, and the stuff I’ve reblogged with the “fiction” tag (which however won’t have all the stuff, because I haven’t retagged my blog lately).

This is entirely in the order I come across them, and it won’t include everything.

  • @radioactivepeasant always has some great AU concepts. There’s not always full stories associated with them, but just the ideas are fun too.
  • Transition is great. It’s a little story set during Steps into Shadow, with Kanan and Sabine talking, before Kanan goes to talk with Ezra.
  • @kaelinaloveslomaris is THE person to go to if you want Luke and Vader father-son fluff. They’ve this large ass (over 70k words, and still going) fic called Allegiance, and it’s good.
  • Not If I Can Help It, where Kallus finds out that the Rebels know frick-all about shooting blasters, and tries to help them
  • Crystals by @entothewormhole (although that link is for the AO3 version of their story) is awesome. Set between seasons 2 and 3, Kanan learning how to deal, and Ezra being a cringe-worthy idiot, as he was in canon. And Chirrut shows up.
  • The Story of Finn is a bit of an outlier. Full disclosure: I haven’t watched TFA, I’m not planning on watching it before TLJ comes out, and I’m not sure even then; but this story is wonderful anyways. It’s about some First Order people, and how Finn’s story changes everything for them, for the better.
  • @vintage-smokestack also writes some good stuff, and I think they’re taking prompts at the moment too. My favourite of their AUs would have to be Vader Flips (where Padme appears to him before torturing Leia, saying that she’s their daughter, and he takes it about as well as expected) and the Doggoverse (Anakin gets reincarnated as a giant floofy dog at the end of RotJ).
  • Okay, this one isn’t even vaguely Star Wars related, but Mr. and Mrs. Baggins is one of the greatest aro-ace fics I’ve come across. Two hobbits, both of whom think romance is silly and sex is either unnecessary or disgusting, decide that they should get married. Only problem is that their families hate each other. It’s adorable and also hilarious.
  • Game Night in Cell Block A is a collection of three stories with Sabine and Rau, all missing scenes that could have happened offscreen. It’s good.
  • (Aaand that’s as far back as my “fiction” tag goes; I know there’s more, it just isn’t tagged to easily find yet. Going off of AO3 bookmarks entirely now.)
  • who cares about your lonely heart is something I like (Obianidala with asexual Obi-wan) but might not be to your taste; still linking it here though
  • Two and a Half Men (with a baby) by @jerseydevious, in which Darth Vader, Firmus Piett, and Obi-wan Kenobi are stuck in a shuttle together, along with toddler Luke Skywalker. Hasn’t been updated in a bit, but it’s still active.
  • the Double Agent Vader series by @fialleril. Basically, Anakin realizes he dun goofed a few years after RotS, and is working to help the Rebellion while staying at Sidious’ side. The biggest draw to this ‘verse, at least for me, is that he and Leia end up having a very good relationship, almost like father and daughter, and they’re really precious together, although neither of them know they’re actually blood relatives.
  • @prepare4trouble has written stuff other than Little by Little; in fact, that’s how I first met them, talking about their story on AO3. You can find their page here. I haven’t read all of it, but it might be worth a shot.

Hopefully that’ll give you some good stuff to read; and once I’ve gone though my blog and added the tags I’m now using, I’ll add some more to this.

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I disagree, Ass. Cuddling is very punk rock, because in such a hostile place, a display of "I trust you enough to let my guard down, to let you get this close." takes guts. (Especially when he tells everyone giving him odd looks for openly showing his affection to fuck off.) The strength needed to be vulnerable is a rare thing nowadays, even more so than Pre-War times.

Thank you!

Thank you all - your comments and tags have had me floating in a little cocoon of happy all day. I haven’t responded to everyone because I was legitimately getting weepy but please know I read them and I am, despite the copious amounts of squealing and caps stupidly introverted and silly about reaching out to people.

Thank you for reading my stuff even when it’s crazy long, thank you for the little hearts and the wonderful comments and tags that make me giggle, thank you for sharing stuff you like and learn with me, for the absolute surge in poor sweet pupper love lately because it has BEEN CONTAGIOUS, and you know, thanks for being around <3 fandom’s way more fun when there’s people to share it with.

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Guyyysssss guess who’s about to become more than just a boyfriend in a matter of a couple hours once I get this fic finished!!! Idk if I feel like changing his tag or not, so even tho it’ll say boyfriend Saeyoung will officially be my husband ;D I’ll tag those who let me know and anyone else who wants to read this mess that is Saeyoung proposing haha

(I’m gonna skip the wedding fic mainly bc I don’t have any ideas for it so fast forward haha unless you guys wanna see a wedding then maybe I’ll write one haha)

>woke up, noticed 100+ notes and counting
>check in excitement to see which splices are getting blown up
>all notes are coming from the steven/shrek fusion
>mfw so many wonderful people are enjoying what I do even when it’s a lil silly

It’s times like these that I remember why I took my stuff to tumblr. The tags, the comments, the continued interest. Even when I take my breaks, everyone is still happy to give my corner of the world a quick glance. There are the regulars- which I could not be more thankful for. New and old, they always manage to make this worth it.

I’m still working on those quick requests, gonna churn out a pixel art thing soon, and finally dust off thr ask box requests. Thank you to everyone for being around. It makes this hobby so much more worth it.

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Ok ok but what are your headcanons on the lolilo people's new years resolutions I must know

oooooh ok ok um 

  • Freddie tells everyone that she’s going to take up jogging. What she actually resolves, in her head, is to think more about other people’s feelings. It’s not that she’s selfish, but in trying to hide her relationship with Kit she hurt him and she hurt Peter/Balthazar by jumping on their case in PUNISHMENT when she realised that she wasn’t the one in the firing line. She has a strong instinct to take care of herself (I think her parents worked a lot, and were away on a lot of conferences, which is why she’s always had to be really independent eg. signing the lease) which has worked up to a point but she’s not alone anymore so she doesn’t have to be that way in 2016. 
  • Ben wants to do things that scare him. Travelling’s already first on the list, but while they’re away he wants to push himself. He used the camera to protect him from that fear in 2015, and he thinks he let the fear of the unknown get in the way of so much so now rather than run away from it he’s going to try and run towards it and see how that goes for him. He still absolutely refuses to ‘find himself’ whilst he’s travelling the world though, because he still thinks that’s bullshit.
  • Balthazar wants to get his music out there. Vegan Fred already mentioned doing a couple of gigs at Boyet’s but he wants to actively make that a regular thing and maybe set up his own youtube channel for it now lolilo is over (purely music videos though, not vlogs). He learned in 2015 not to just wait around for what he wants, he needs to actually vocalise it. By the end of 2016 he wants to maybe have a set of songs written towards his first EP. 
  • Peter wants to integrate himself more into university life when they go back. He loved being student leader, and he loved Faustus, so he wants to see what else he can pursue. In particular, he wants to try out for the student radio, and jokes that he’ll just play Balthazar’s music every hour. (He totally does get into the radio team and ends up having his own evening show that people absolutely love, and he has his friends on sometimes to play silly games on air)

Okay, I know this really isn’t relevant to anything, but I am an absolute sucker for scientifically-enhanced fantasy. Now you get cool magic and superpowers, but with science it’s so much fancier and it helps build the story.

Like, someone who got zapped by a mystery machine and controls lighting or some kind of electricity now. That’s a pretty cool superpower you got there. Now, picture the story of a human who was zapped by a machine that altered his chemical makeup so that his endocrine system was made to be super conductive. His body is now a complete circuit that loops in on itself until he voluntarily breaks the current and the building electricity he’s been accumulating lashes out at the nearest target. Now you have a guy who, if he doesn’t let off some charge now and then, keeps shocking people and is mildly terrified of touching doorknobs, or when his other hormones start raging, he builds up static and his hair starts floating and he’s such a dork when he gets flustered and sweaty around his date because they’re really cute but now his hair’s standing three inches taller and crackling a bit.

Just… science.

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Hiya! I was just wondering if you have any advice on getting people to see your art? Because I understand people wouldn't appreciate things like "hi, could you please have a look at my art" etc... That would really help!!

Hmm. This is just from experience , so take it with a grain of salt ! (And being silly at the end. )

Quality work (maybe). Or at least consistent in some aspect of your art.
Be active!
Tag your posts!!!
Being on other social media accounts help.
Sometimes an afternoon or evening reblog helps too. Sometimes people don’t always see your posts. Just make sure you don’t do it more than one other time , or it will start getting annoying!
Vertical pictures catch the eye better than horizontal formats. ( What we notice anyway!) —————– More specific stuff that seems to be a trend in gaining a good following :

Pictures with girls (nothing against it, but it seems to draw in lots of followers )
A lot of people like rough sketches
Fan art
Animals. Especially foxes for some reason. :p

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Rhys in a beautiful, black backless evening gown and jewelry and sleek beautiful heels, hair and makeup done all lovely, hanging on Jack's arm on a gala, waiting for it to end so Jack can push the hem up around his waist and fuck him silly. idk man just an image i can't get out of my head

GOD YES PLEASE as soon as they get in the car to get home they started getting handsy (or because they’re such teenagers, they can’t even wait to get home and get to it in the back of the car)

I am now officially an owner of a bag of Doritos and I feel incredibly awful about it – but, a lot of this junk food that I was coerced into buying today is certainly not for me! My brother happened to tag along at the grocery store tonight, and somehow made a wonderful case so he could get all the junk food that he wants. This is certainly a one time thing. I even feel a little bit dirty for having these things in my apartment! So silly, but it’s true. I need some tips on making these organic snacks I bought the other day more appealing than Doritos and Hot Pockets. Any suggestions?

Route Review - Akito Kakiuchi Main Route

Above the cut may contain minor spoilers. Major spoilers are below the cut.

  • Tease is the perfect word to describe Akito. He’s cheeky, playful, and he has an arrogant streak. But that belies the professional exterior he uses at work, where he’s the “perfect gentleman,” or so he claims (MC is skeptical).
  • It isn’t that the elements themselves are unique so much as the execution of them is. Despite needing to stick to the fake marriage trope, Voltage manages to make this route feel fun, new, and interesting.
  • This is a must play if only on the basis that the route itself is just incredibly enjoyable. Despite impressions to the contrary, Akito is a harmless dork that tries to act a lot more impressive than he is. But that’s okay–it makes him adorable.

“You haven’t changed a bit.”

There is something reassuring and also marginally infuriating about that line coming from a childhood friend, especially when you want to think you have grown and matured. It isn’t easy in the first place to be reunited with your first love, particularly when you’ve been estranged from each other for about ten years.

Yet while the person saying this to her may wear the face of her childhood friend, there is little about him that she finds familiar. He’s not the sweet boy she remembers fondly. Instead he’s unexpectedly flirtatious and cocky.

Rating: 9/10

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