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Louis’ heart races a million miles a minute. He already wishes it was Sunday instead of Friday, wishing he and Harry were alone, Louis showing Harry how to plant flower seeds properly, or Harry showing Louis around his house, or anything other than this cursed school. He’s twenty-six years old, still wears overalls to school, and still fantasizes about the only man he’s let himself feel anything serious for.

“Yeah, a date,” he repeats, and with the way Harry’s eyes light up, Louis already knows he’s in too deep.

He honestly doesn’t mind.

Soft boys by @harrystinyshorts !!

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hola hola (kard) - spring day (bts) - 1+1=0 (suran feat. dean) - love me love me (winner) - don’t wanna cry (seventeen) - gashina (sunmi) - one more chance (super junior) - palette (iu feat. g-dragon) - never (wanna one) - tomorrow, today (jj project)

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oop can u do kara/lena with prompt 3? also u seem cool

odd attempt at angst #2 - thank you so much for the prompt!

The Luthor Family Children’s Hospital goes up in flames.

Kara is just getting out of the shower when she hears the news, hair wet as she towels it off, but she freezes in place as the TV blares innocently back at her. Her stomach goes ice cold and suddenly she can’t breathe—she can’t think, can’t do anything—because Lena is at that hospital.

She calls Alex on her way there, nothing but a flurry of anxiety and worry. She can’t say much beyond a pained, “Alex,” and Alex understands.

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Can I recommend a fic? It's called "Dear Keith" by Redjay27. As far as I searched, I didn't see you guys having this fic in any of the tags, and it's my ultimate fav Klance fic, so...

omg thank you!! it looks really freaking interesting
- Vallie

Dear Keith by Redjay27 (34/34 | 71,995 | Teen and Up)

Keith receives a mysterious note in the mail. There’s nothing written on the envelope but his name. When he reads it he learns of some guy named Lance who is writing to Keith to tell him the story of how he messed everything up.

Lance is distraught after he is left all alone after his big screw up. To ease the pain, he writes a letter to a made up person…or so he thought. Keith was just a name he picked randomly but when mysterious drawings start appearing in his dorm room, depicting scenes that he’s written about, he starts to think Keith might not be just a figment of his imagination.


hmm… i guess this is called ‘we wake up four in the afternoon and explore random cafes to try their pastries and americanos (or so we planned to)🍰☕️’

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SasoSaku Month, day 22: Through a Child’s Eye

“How did you two even get the coat? And the knife? And the Netflix access to Grey’s Anatomy?!”

Thank you for the 1000+ notes on this omg….these kids are a mess but I’m glad so many people love them

Moral of the story please don’t copy everything your parents do!!!!!

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OMG!!! I love your sub!vibe post of Seb. do you happen to have more post/tag or a blog I could go to to read more about it? I went through your sub!vibe tag already. thanks.

a;lskfdj lmao i didn’t expect to get ppl all riled up on board with this BUT I LOVE IT. i just posted a couple blog recs, and i’ll be adding more stuff to my tag, but a few other moments to tide you over! have the reason for this whole mess in the first place, in seb’s own words:

have another view of that ‘i got you’ moment that i was specifically referencing, how chris starts with his ‘i got you’ hands ridiculously well in advance. i still don’t.. get it.. what was chris thinking, what is his thought process here, were seb’s legs not working, did he somehow miss seeing the stage or ??????

have some needy as fuck seb who just wants attention, who just can’t bear to have anthony’s eyes anywhere else but on him, he’s a praise-craving, attention-seeking MONSTER

have some more of this.. unsavoriness. ‘say bye-bye’, i’M CRYING, i’m not uh into the whole don thing, but if you wanted those sweet sub vibes, they’d probably be the first place to look t b h

have blushy seb being ganged up on and laughed at, always a classic

bonus have seb being directed to bend over with his hands behind his back for what i’m sure are very artistic, sense-making reasons

***Repost because I stupidly forgot to add tags to the last one. I requested this art from @thwippersnapple and omg did she deliver *_* but it inspired me to write this little drabble, so here y'all go~ ~Let’s Connect! FFC***

* Personality Breakdown: Vanderwood as seen in my Vanderwood Backstory Fanfiction *

Small, tiny, miniscule. All words he would use to decribe the life he was holding in his hands. Precious, beautiful, his. Those were just another three words he would use. Being a father, it wasn’t something he’d ever thought he would be, something he’d ever thought he could handle being. What screwed up mess like him could raise a baby? But you’d given him this gift, belief in himself, a world where he wasn’t just an agent, a killer, a piece of shit that only the agency would tolerate or protect. Vanderwood gently rocked the little one in his arms, that now familiar feeling of joy bubbling up in his chest as he looked at this perfect blend of you and him, the slightly less familiar feeling of tears burning his eyes and threatening to fall as he moved to press a kiss to that tiny forehead. His baby. His future. His world.


I hope you enjoyed the drabble~ Remind that you absolutely *must* check out @thwippersnapple and like buy her a ko-fi or something cuz shebdoth deserve it.

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Is it just me or is it cute that Harrison was freaking out that he saw a bear today

“I Loth You”

request: Okay so u know how Shawny boy has PERFECT teeth? Like all in a perfect line and white af? Okay so like to maintain that perfection after braces, u need to wear ur retainers at night like after dinner and until u wake up. Listen what I’m saying is that I’m begging for u to write something about Shawn having a lisp because of his retainers because hOW CUTE WOULD THAT BE OH MY GOSH

a/n: i’m dying rn this request is my favorite one i’ve gotten omg 

You had off of school for a break, and since Shawn was on tour, you decided to tag along for break. He had a day full of promo and a show ahead of him, so you two went to hit the hay earlier than usual. Well, Shawn did, you planned on messing around on your phone for a couple hours. “There’s a bathroom right there,” Shawn nodded to the small bathroom on the bus, and you pulled your toothbrush out of your toiletries bag. You brushed your teeth, and smiled as Shawn did the same. He rummaged around for a moment, and pulled out a retainer. 

Confused, you pointed to it. “I didn’t know you wore that?”

“Um, yeah.” He snapped the retainer into place, and set the container on the side of the sink. “I’ve worn it since I had my braces.” He informed you, but you snickered because it sounded like he said “brathes” due to the retainter impairing his speech. Shawn rolled his eyes and flipped you off, climbing into his bunk. 

“I think your lisp is cute, bub.” You poked his side, and climbed into the bunk after him. They were surprisingly roomy for being a tour bus bunk. “How long do you wear it at night?”

Shawn set his phone in the small pocket on the wall, and turned towards you. “Till I wake up.” He yawned, closing his eyes. “Goodnight, I loth you.” He whispered, cheeks flushing. 

“I loth you, too, baby.” You snickered, turning your brightness down on your phone and texting a few of your friends. 

When you woke up, Shawn wasn’t in the bunk anymore. You wiped the sleep out of your eyes, and got down from the bunk. “Shawn?” You asked, stumbling out to the front of the bus.

He was talking with Geoff, and you smiled at them. “Goodmorning, Geoff.” You looked at Shawn. “Goodmorning Lispy.” You patted him on the arm, and went to make a cup of coffee.

“I swear to God,” Shawn groaned, and Geoff burst out laughing. 

You wrapped your arms around your boyfriend, and looked up at him. “I think it’s cute!” 

“It’s fucking adorable, yeah.” Shawn mumbled, smile breaking through his straight-faced exterior. “C’mon, let’s get breakfast.” You two skipped off of the bus, and you nearly died from tripping down the steps. 

“Shut up, Mendes.” You blushed. 

“Love you,” he smiled, taking your hand.

You smirked, looking up at him. “I loth you, Shawn.” You simled as he rubbed a hand over his face, getting over the fact that you’ll never let him live his adorable lisp behind.

a/n: request here :D

  • <p> <b>An ace person:</b> wow I really relate to this one character and see them as asexual<p/>
  • <p> <b>Exclusionists/aphobes:</b> OMG??!1??1!1?!?! THATS SO CRINGY I'M CRINGING SO HARD AKXICHNAKA<p/>
  • <p> <b>An ace person:</b> I like doing this harmless thing more than having sex!<p/>
  • <p> <b>An ace person:</b> *exists*<p/>
  • <p> <b>Exclusionists/aphobes:</b> GODDDD AJSICINANWN IM CRINGING!!111!!!!!11!<p/></p>