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just answer these questions and try to have fun! be proud of k-pop!!
picture(s) of me: (sorry i look so sad. me and my mom were messing around w/ Snow the other day and she forced me to take this)

bias (up to 3 only): (oh god) Junyoung, Seungkwan, and Mark Lee

do you watch k-dramas, if so, what is your favorite one: I’m watching a few at the moment, my fav so far is Its Okay, That’s Love

what is your favorite word in korean: idk maybe 하늘 (Sky)
was your blog originally a kpop blog: Yeah i guess

do you get made fun of for liking kpop: Not really..

do your parents accept you liking kpop: My dad thinks it alright, I think he’s just glad I have a hobby. My mom has made some racist comments about it in the past but I told her that what she was saying was hella racist and she stopped.

do you have someone who you talk to that shares your kpop interests: I have two friends who i have turned into trash

describe kpop in one word: Exciting?

do you make kpop gifs, if yes show 2: Unfortunately no. 

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I always wanted to draw @tearzah ‘s ocs for a long while but i never knew how to until i saw that one post (a LONG time ago but i’ve been busy ;u;) about how ash would mess with elliott saying stuff about magical girls (i dont remember well , sorry ;u;)

04. mirror mirror

genre: kim namjoon x reader | intense fluff

word count: 5.4k (it was supposed to be a drabble, what happened)

summary: late nights, deadlines and a strange mirror which had it’s own role in this world to connect two beings living on instant noodles and junk food.

a/n: thank you for all the love for number 3! i loved reading the reblog tags and just thank you for reading the mess that is my writing :’) this idea came to me the other day and i had to blurt it out in paper - this might be riddled with mistakes since i’m just excited to throw it out and will proofread it tonight. *side eyes* constructive criticism is welcome!!

In a fit of anger, Namjoon grabbed the sheets of paper on his desk, scrunched them into a ball, and in one fluid motion, hurled them at the wall. Half panting from the frustration, he collapsed back into his chair with his head tilted back and his over his eyes.

Almost a second later, the door to his studio swung open, filling the dimly lit room with a stream of artificial white light from the corridor.


Namjoon acknowledged Yoongi’s presence with a muffled ‘sorry.’ but didn’t look up. Yoongi’s eyes swept the room and took in the damage. The papers had flooded out of the trashcan to a mountainous heap which was spreading across the floor of the entire room, and the smell of instant noodles lingered in the air.

‘What’s going on?’ Jin popped up beside Yoongi, his hand firmly clutched around a paper bag. His nose wrinkled at the sight of the junk food littering the desk, ‘Namjoon…you’ve been in this studio for a whole week already, why don’t you take a break?’

‘I’m fine,’ Namjoon insisted, still not moving from his position – this would be his new meditative state, he decided – ‘I just want to get at least something going by the end of today.’

Yoongi snorted, ‘He’s not fine, I can hear him yelling and groaning from my studio. He’s still trying to work on that new song.’

Namjoon slid off the chair onto the floor, arms spread out as he looked to his sides at his recent failures.

Jin looked at the grown man before waving his paper bag at him, ‘Anyway – Tae and I found this this morning, we thought you might like this.’

Namjoon eyes darted back to Jin curiously, ‘what is it?’

Jin reached into the paper bag and pulled out a tiny mirror – the type that you sat on a flat surface and it would just stay up by itself. The frame of the mirror was a warm shade of amber with intricate carvings that Namjoon couldn’t make out from his position.

‘Thanks Jin-hyung,’ he said, actually touched.

‘Take it as our form of encouragement. I’ll just put it, uh, here.’ Jin grimaced as he tiptoed around the papers, gently placing the mirror beside his laptop. ‘What better gift is there than to be able to see yourself all the time?’ He joked dryly before stepping back.

Yoongi had picked up a stray sheet near his foot, his eyes skimming the melody. His eyebrows raised as he followed the lines, ‘this isn’t bad.’ He said, waving it at Namjoon.

Namjoon shook his head, and rolled over, crinkling multiple papers under him, ‘Just doesn’t feel right.’

Yoongi raised his eyebrows, pocketing the sheet, ‘Either way, this might be good for one of our next tracks. You’re getting a lot better, hang in there.’ and turned to leave.

Jin managed to shout out as he was pulled out of the room by Yoongi, ‘I’ll leave dinner in the fridge for you!’

‘Hang in there? Seriously? You can’t offer him any better advice than that?’ he whispered.

Yoongi merely shrugged and pulled out the music score again, ‘I know what it’s like to have a block, but if he’s got a certain feel that he’s going after, it’s up to him find it himself. He knows he can always come to us if it’s getting out of hand.’

Through the cracks in the door, Jin caught sight of Namjoon who was actually starting to flap his arms on the ground whilst staring at the ceiling, and shook his head. ‘If you don’t think this is out of hand, then I don’t think I want to know what is.’

Your eyes were starting to go fuzzy. Was it possible for them to feel so dry that they felt as though they were bulging out of your head?

What day was it? What week was it? Oh god, was it even the same year since you’d started working on this coding job? You hoped it was, otherwise all your efforts would be in vain.

Damn this client and their forever changing specs.

Damn this code for not working.

And most of all – Damn me for ‘wanting a challenge.’

This was honestly a side project you could’ve thrown away. But now you were juggling university and work on both sides, and while you had been wildly optimistic at the start of the year, the you today cursed the past person who made all these decisions.


You ignored your phone and fixedly staring at your screen, hoping everything would run smoothly by sheer will and some magic.

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Your ringtone blared up and you stared at your phone for a little while longer before finally sliding that green button across the screen.

‘Hello??’ You tried to keep the annoyance out of your voice but ultimately failed.

‘– Guys, she’s still alive! – hey! You’re still alive!’ You could hear your friend reply cheerily, ‘Just checking in on you since we hadn’t heard from you in a while.

You felt a wave of guilt wash over you, you unconsciously reach for the chocolate in your drawer for consolation, ‘Yeah, sorry I’m just –’

Finishing your coding things, yeah we know, we know. Do you need us to bring you food or anything?’

You eyed the peanut butter M&Ms on your desk, ‘Nah, thanks lovely, but I think I’m set.’

‘Chocolate isn’t a meal!’ you heard some voices chorus in the background, ‘We’ll bring you some food tomorrow!’

‘But –’

See you tomorrow!’


You couldn’t help but smile, glad that your friends understood your terrible coding and social habits when you got immersed into your stuff. With a new vigour, you stretched your back muscles, ready to dive back into the code.

‘Fucking piece of shit, why won’t this work??’

Namjoon frowned, trying to concentrate on his next line. But the faint murmur that he could hear was incessant.

‘What do you mean out of memory? How do you kill all these processes oh m-‘

Annoyed, he flung open the door to his studio, with an annoyed can you be quiet please ready to leap off the tip of his tongue, but saw that the lights in the corridor had been turned off. A quick glance showed him that none of the other rooms had their lights on either – it seemed that he was the only one left in this building.

He scowled. He must be hearing things. Maybe an advertisement opened up somewhere in his multiple tabs without him realising. Maybe it was time to call it a day, even though he had literally gotten nowhere since Jin and Yoongi had left.

He sighed. One last attempt, he half pleaded, still trying to pinpoint this feeling in his head and translate it into a melody.

After half an hour, he was still getting nowhere. Everything coming out sounded nice but just felt so wrong. With another frustrated yell, he swiped the papers off his desk.

Again, again, again’, he muttered angrily.

‘Hey, do you think it would be possible for you to just tone it down a little, huh?’

This time, the voice rang loud and clear in English as if the speaker was right next to him. Namjoon jolted up, looking around but seeing no one.

‘I’m going insane,’ he marvelled, ‘I’m actually fucking going insane. I’m just gonna leave this up to Yoongi-hyung.’

‘I don’t understand Korean, but I recognised the word crazy. No you’re not going crazy,’ the voice sighed, ‘if anyone’s going to go crazy, it’ll definitely be me first with this fucking piece of shit not working.’

‘Where the fuck are you?’ he mumbled in laboured English, he got on his knees and looked under his desk, ‘How did you even get in here?’ -  he suddenly paused – ‘oh my god, are you a ghost? This studio is haunted – no, it’s cursed – that must be why I can’t get this right. Please, please, spare me. Go to Yoongi-hyung’s room – it’s right next door – he’s got overflowing talent, a little bad luck might bring him down to mortal levels. Don’t steal from the poor!’

Namjoon could feel the cold sweat start to roll down his back as his eyes darted around nervously. How long had this ghost been here? Maybe they saw everything – including the files on his hard disk that he had been keeping in a New Folder. Oh god, this is embarrassing. He hoped that Hobi at least knew to delete that folder in the event of his death.

Calm down,’ the voice sighed, ‘I’m not a ghost. Are you a ghost? It’s been an hour, and okay, I can live with your sighing, but please stop yelling suddenly like that. I almost knocked my water over my laptop the first time you did it.’

Namjoon sat back in his chair, puzzled. ‘I’m not a ghost, and you’re not a ghost – what are you then?’

‘Human? The same as you, I assume?’

‘Are you from another planet?’

‘Um, no, I wouldn’t think so. Unless you don’t live on Earth.’

He felt himself becoming frantic, because he honestly didn’t think he was dreaming – multiple red pinch marks as proof – ‘How are you so calm? How is this possible?’

‘As if I know,’ the voice snorted, while an odd clattering sound fired up, ‘your voice just appeared in my room okay? And well, I suppose this is kinda not normal and whatever, but I really need to get this project done soon so I don’t have a lot of time to freak out. I’ll freak out later.’

‘Project?’ he asked, half out of curiosity, half to keep you talking so that he could pinpoint where your voice was coming from.

‘Yeah, I’m coding up a little web application for a small company. But it’s really buggy.’

It wasn’t near the door, or in that half of the room.

‘You’re a programmer? That’s pretty cool. So, you work with computers and stuff?’

There was a slight pause.

What do you do then?

Namjoon puffed out his chest a little to the invisible eye, ‘I’m an artist – I’m in a music group.’

That’s pretty cool. So you sing and stuff?’

He frowned once he recognised his words being turned on him, ‘Okay, I get the point, no need to get sassy about it.’ He said. ‘When is the deadline?’ he prompted again, once you fell into silence.

Tomorrow, 3rd of September.’ a faint mumble.

He stopped in his tracks. ‘Hey, I’ve got something due tomorrow too - I’m working on a track for the … group that I’m in. I’m supposed to hand in an instrumental draft to my boss.’

‘That’s an odd coincidence, do you think this is something to do with this whole uh, situation?’

Namjoon’s eyes fell on the mirror that Jin had laid by his desk. It was the only thing new in his studio today – no, in months – well, the only thing new which wasn’t consumable at least.

‘Do you by any chance own a small mirror with a wooden frame?’ He asked slowly, not sure if he should touch it. The mirror was currently swivelled up to point at his ceiling – mainly because he just wasn’t used to looking at his own face every time he looked down – it had honestly freaked him out a little, but this was definitely a lot worse.

Do you by any chance own a small mirror with a wooden frame?

You glanced around your own desk, and saw the little antique piece you had picked up a few days ago at one of the local markets.

It’s magic, it’s magic, the lady had repeated in broken English whilst shoving it into your hand.

You had just shrugged and paid her because you had felt slightly bad for her, and also because the mirror was pretty cute. Maybe you had gotten yourself in for more than you had originally bargained for.

When the voice had started up, you had been justifiably startled – but then at the same time one of your errors had mysteriously disappeared and you acknowledged your small capacity to care about multiple things simultaneously at this moment – so you prioritised. There was no way you were leaving your desk now that you’re on a roll.

The small cough which echoed through the room reminded you of his question.

‘Yeah…I do, actually.’ You pulled at it and tilted it so that it faced you, ‘but it’s kinda weird? I can’t really see my reflection – instead I’m getting a really dark colour.’

That would be my ceiling.’

The view suddenly swivelled to a cabinet full of these weird bear figures, ‘What do you see now?’

‘Aren’t you a bit old to be collecting dolls?’

Hey! These are limited edition!

There was another brief silence whilst the two of you contemplated what was going on.

‘Okay, so pretty much I can hear you and see you through this mirror that I got for five bucks off a street stall.’ Even though you had actively chosen to ignore this, you were still surprised by how calm you were feeling, ‘I feel like I should be a lot more scared than I currently am, but I’m so damn tired.

A barking laugh sharply sounded on the other end, ‘I know that feeling. I am probably adequately scared for both of us.’

‘I can’t believe this,’ you said, the reality of what was happening finally sinking in now that your mind had jumped off the coding lane, ‘this is unreal – this is some form of magic that shouldn’t exist. I just – I just can’t believe this.’

You know what I can’t believe?’ the voice on the other end paused, ‘The fact that I got a fucking cursed mirror.’

You cleared your throat, ‘Hey, I take offense to that,’ you said with a small smile, ‘I can confirm I’m not a serial killer, stalker or some psycho.’

A rich and baritone laugh travelled into your room, and bounced off the four walls, sending warmth down to the tips of your toes.

‘But on the other hand in a very non-creepy way, you do have a nice laugh.’ you felt yourself say boldly before stopping, ‘that sounded creepy anyway so just ignore that I said that.’

He laughed again, ‘I can also confirm that I’m not a psycho, serial killer, or stalker. And thank you, I think? Can I get a name to the voice?’

Was it safe to give out your name to this stranger who you hadn’t met – and probably would never meet – and was even more possibly just a figment of your imagination borne from simple exhaustion? Why not – you decided, you’ll probably wake up tomorrow and realise that it was all just a dream. In which case, you had nothing to be scared about.

‘Y/N.’ you said, finally.

Well, nice to meet you. I’m Namjoon.

You felt your body freeze up and your thought process screech to a halt.

‘Namjoon? And you said you’re in the music industry?’ Your eyes flicked to the poster on your wall. This was definitely a dream. There was just no fucking way.

Uh, have you heard of me?

You coughed, that would be an understatement for sure. ‘I promise I’m not a crazy stalker,’ you repeated, ‘but I’m a big fan of your music.’

There was an awkward chuckle, ‘Is that so?

You were aware of the craziness which had surrounded him and his group since their rise to popularity, and while you didn’t want to freak him out, you were really struggling to calm the colliding thoughts running around in your head.

‘You’re just – I just – Your songs – argh,’ you scowled to yourself, ‘what I mean to say – without sounding like the inarticulate dork that I am right now – is that you’ve seriously helped me through some tough times, and I really appreciate it. And I’ve always wanted to just say thank you for everything.’

There was a really long pause while you waited anxiously. Unable to take the awkwardness anymore, you blurted out, ‘Sorry, I won’t say any more about it. I promise I won’t tell anyone about this either. Not like anyone will believe that I’m talking to Kim Namjoon through a mirror any way.’

‘I’m a big fan of your music.’

He had made a mistake. That was his first thought when he realised that he had recklessly given out his real name to someone who could easily sell this story to the media. He hadn’t been thinking, and that second he heard you say those words – he worried that he had blown it all.

But then hearing you stammer and stutter in frustration in getting your words out, he felt a sense of warmth flood through him. Your words comforted him, and assured him in a way he hadn’t realised he needed. He felt his fluttering heart calm a little as he thought about your words.

…Sorry I won’t say any more – ’

Suddenly realising he had been quiet this whole time, he quickly intervened, ‘No, no, I was just thinking about what you said. We always read a lot of comments on how people feel about our music, but hearing it in person is always different,’ he smiled, ‘thank you for that.’

He could almost hear the blushing that happened on the other side, ‘uh, any time?’

A fragile but comfortable silence was drawn as you both continued to work. The soft clattering of the keyboard on the other side, the rustling of paper and dissembled and jumbled melodies from his.

‘So what is it you like about our music?’ he asked suddenly.

What?’ there was panic in your voice as you tried to verbalise your coinciding thoughts of it’s awesome it’s awesome it’s awesome.Give me a second to put my fan girl thoughts to sense.’

He laughed and complied, feeling a faint melody echo in the back of his mind.

That’s nice, he noted with a wrinkle in his brow. It played softly, loud enough to be heard but too vague to be captured.

I don’t speak Korean.’ You repeated, ‘So the first thing that captures me is the melody and the composition of your pieces. The rappers and singers have such strong and individual colours – something that should logically clash comes together so beautifully. Then when I read your lyrics – even though so much is lost in translation – it’s just so relevant to what we’re struggling with today.’

He listened as you slowly lost your hesitation and your words began to take momentum. With every word he heard, he felt the melody in the back of his mind growing louder, and stronger.

Every song feels like a story – there are a lot of things we know of. Things like ‘be strong’, like asking us what our dream is – these are thoughts that we struggle with but push to the back of our minds because they’re just too much for us to deal with and to think of. And because we don’t know how to cope with it – we ignore it. Hearing it forces us to face it, and it’s refreshing. It’s comforting and powerful – it makes us want to take action. It’s a wake-up call that pushes us to try harder and pursue the things we never had the courage to before.’

You coughed a little, realising that you were rambling on, ‘Uh…yeah, sorry I’m not very eloquent with my words. That was just a bit of a blegh.’

‘No, that’s really helpful.’ he replied softly, ‘How has it helped you?’

I’ve been able to step out of my comfort zone a lot more,’ you admitted, ‘I went travelling alone to become comfortable with being alone, I went after opportunities – even though I’m scared shitless of failure – it was nice to be reminded that failing is okay.’

‘This is nice,’ Namjoon remarked after a while, ‘thank you for this. I’ve been trying to come up with a melody for the last month, but nothing seems to feel right.’

Oh?’ You didn’t really know what to say, ‘What have you got so far?

He hummed the verse that had suddenly become apparent to him. It was soft, and inviting, and it was exactly the feel that he had been going after.

After a long pause, you realised that he had finished.

I love it.’ You said quietly, hoping your sincerity shone through your voice, ‘I’m looking forward to how it turns out.

He suddenly heard a crashing sound from the other end, and a lot of swearing.

‘Are you okay?!’ he asked, surprisingly alarmed and realising how attached he had grown to your presence in such a short time.

Yeah,’ your voice came through muffled and embarrassed, ‘I may have just fallen out of my chair and knocked the mirror a bit.’

He caught movement in his mirror – a pair of sparkling eyes and blushing cheeks – and was mesmerised. Light bounded off your mismatched earrings, filling the mirror with brilliant white when it caught the light at certain angles.

‘I can see you,’ he laughed, to which your eyes quickly flicked to the mirror in alarm.

‘Oh my God it’s actually you,you stared at the image in the mirror, hoping to commit it to memory before realising that hey, this is a two way street – ‘oh my god I haven’t brushed my hair in days!!’ you quickly swivelled the mirror upwards as you tried to pat down the mess that was your crow’s nest.

‘I probably shouldn’t have said that out loud,’ you groaned, as he continued to laugh on the other end.

‘You look cute,’ he said flippantly. You swivelled the mirror back and pointed at him threateningly.

‘You can’t say words like that and not know the consequence of your actions,’ you said, waving your finger at him, ‘I am after all, trash, and things like that make it really hard to hide this part of me.’

He grinned again, ‘that’s fine – I welcome trash in my room.’

You gaped at him, ‘who knew that Kim Namjoon was such a big flirt.’ you couldn’t help but stare at him a bit more before ripping your eyes away, ‘I really want to poke your dimples.’

‘What was that?’


The both of you stayed in a combination of small talk and silence for the rest of the night as you worked diligently on your respective pieces. There were moments when one of you would say something, and the other one would be too absorbed to reply for several minutes. But that was fine, there was something comforting about just the presence of someone else who understood.

‘Oh my god, I think I’m done. I can’t believe it’s already morning.’ Namjoon wearily said after several hours, his eyes scanning through the lines and finally feeling satisfied with what he had done.

You hummed happily, ‘My stuff is finally running too – it’s finally at the stage where I’m happy with it.’ The green ticks on your unit tests were making you want to scream to the world in joy, ‘We did well.’

He mm-ed in agreement before ‘Do you, uh, wanna have a listen to it?’

You stopped mid-stretch, suddenly feeling a burst of energy, ‘Really?’ you blurted out excitedly, ‘I would love to! Only if you’re okay with it – does this count as leaking content?’

He chuckled, ‘I think it’s fine, as long as you’re not recording it,’ he joked, even though he irrationally seemed to trust you only after a few hours together – and not even really together – but it had felt like you were both in the same room.

‘Definitely not,’ you shot back, a little bit miffed that the thought came up but understanding his concerns anyway.

The track started playing, it was raw and still rough around the edges, but the soft melody and the full bodied colours shining through the layers of music tugged at you in ways you couldn’t describe. You didn’t even realise you had been holding your breath until the last few notes faded away.

‘That was – I – that was beautiful, I loved it.’ you managed to say, your voice horrifically a little choked.

‘I’m not too sure about the ending just yet,’ he said, ‘but I feel like this was what I had been going after.’

‘It was definitely worth the wait and the hard effort.’ you smiled.

‘I’m sure your coding project thing – I have no idea what it is you actually do by the way – I’m sure that looks great too.’ Namjoon grinned.

There was a moment of content silence after your shy thank you when you heard your front door click open. In alarm, you shot up – you had completely forgotten about your friends coming over in the morning.

‘No no no,’ you muttered, quickly swivelling the mirror up, ‘I think someone’s here, I’ll tell you when it’s safe to say something.’

‘Okay,’ he whispered back.

The door to your room swung open a second later, revealing your friend with a doggy bag containing what you could only assume to be breakfast. She looked around the room, puzzled.

‘I thought I heard a guy’s voice in here?’

You laughed, the sound a little higher pitched than you intended, ‘A guy’s voice? Really?’ you gestured to yourself in your hoodie and your fat pants, ‘Guy?’ you repeated, hoping you weren’t sounding too crazed, ‘really?’

Sina gave your room another look over before forgetting about the issue, ‘Must have been hearing things,’ she grinned, ‘anyway! I brought you pancakes!’

She looked at your unmade bed and your frazzled hair, before her smile melted off ‘were you up the whole night??’

‘Uh,’ you glanced at the clock, and couldn’t help a quick glance at the mirror, ‘yeah, apparently I was. Thank you for this, for – breakfast – and uh, this.’

Sina peered into your face, ‘are you okay?’ she asked slowly, ‘you’re acting a little funny.’

You gave the same high pitched laugh. I hate myself, you groaned inwardly. ‘I’m fine, just lack of sleep.’ you coughed, ‘but I’ve got my stuff done and we should catch up tonight after I meet the client!’

She placed the bag on your desk, ‘sounds like a plan! I’m glad you managed to get everything done!’ a flash of light caught her eye and you almost shot out of your seat when you saw her reaching for the mirror.

‘Hey, is this the mirror you brought last week? It’s really cute!’

‘- Don’t touch it! –‘ just as she turned it to face her. She looked at you in surprise, at your panicked figure and your wide eyes.

‘It’s uh, fragile.’

She picked it up and peered into it, ‘it looks fine to me? Though you should probably give it a bit of a clean from time to time.’

Her reflection. She could see herself.

‘Wait,’ you grabbed the mirror out of her hands, why could you see yourself again? You turned it in your hands, hoping to catch a glimpse of anything, anything at all, ‘I don’t understand.’ you said to yourself, feeling a mixture of disappointment, desperation and sadness.

‘Honey, what’s wrong?’ Sina asked, wrapping an arm around you, comforting you without really knowing why.

‘I – I think I just woke up from a really good dream.’ You could only reply as you smiled a watery smile back at her.

I’ll tell you when it’s safe to say something.’

No sooner had he given you his response, the door to his own studio swung open. Jin stood in the doorway, the smell of eggs and bacon lingering on his body. In a hurry, Namjoon swatted the mirror away from his desk.


‘I’m officially dragging you out of here,’ Jin said, wading through the papers, ‘have you finished?’

‘Yes but – ’

‘No buts! You’ve been cooped up here for ages and the boys miss you. If I see another instant noodle packet on your desk Kim Namjoon, I swear I’m going to torch it and make you cut onions for a week.’

‘Wait hyung, wait – you don’t understand – I just need to – this mirror,’ Namjoon picked up the mirror and waved it at Jin.

‘What about the mirror?’ Jin frowned, ‘Oh God, wait – is that flour on my face??’

‘What? No! This mirror is magic – it’s – ’ Namjoon stopped as Jin’s words sunk in. He turned the mirror to face him but all he could see was his own reflection.

‘Magic?’ Jin shook his head and dragged Namjoon to his feet, the younger boy not putting up a fight as he continued to stare at his reflection, ‘We’re getting you some fresh air now.’

‘But…’ Namjoon murmured, feeling his heart sinking as he failed to see anything other than his own face.

Should you say something? You wondered as you waited patiently in line with the others, album clutched firmly in your hand, What if it was actually a dream? He would think I was absolutely delusional.

You could see the headlines now – ‘Crazy Kpop fangirl insists that she saw Kim Namjoon through the mirror, dragged out by security.’

You shook your head, getting ready to join the line. It was probably a coincidence that the album track sounded exactly like how you had heard it that night – there was probably something in those chocolate snacks which made you hallucinate.

There was nothing left of that night, six months ago – the mirror stayed a mirror, and your life went on as it did. You couldn’t shake the memories – it had felt so real, but it was so impossible at the same time.

When you heard they were finally in your country for a fan-sign and concert, you allowed your friends to drag you into it.

I just need to see them once to put my mind at ease – once I can fully acknowledge that it was just a dream, I can move on.

Your mind was a mess as you smiled at the other members and they signed their pages in your album.

‘What’s your name?’ the rich and disturbingly familiar voice filled your ears as you realised you were finally in front of Namjoon.

‘Uh…’ your voice came out quieter before you tried again, ‘Y/N.’

Was that a flicker in his eyes or were you just imagining it?

He started scribbling on the album you gave him, ‘Did you enjoy the concert?’

‘Yeah, I did.’

It had most definitely been a dream, you answered his ordinary questions with a sinking heart. Even though you had been prepared for this, there had been an extremely irrational part of you which had hoped it had been real.

‘Good, I’m glad.’

You reached out your hand to take the album he was handing back to you. Your mind blanked as he dropped the album at the last second and grabbed your hand, pulling on your index finger until it made contact with his cheek. There was an uproar behind you as even his members paused to stare.

Flustered, you tried to yank your hand back, feeling the heat rise in your cheeks.

‘What are you doing?’ you asked in alarm, feeling daggers shoot into your back from the fans still waiting.

‘I thought you wanted to poke my dimples.’ He smirked.

Your jaw dropped, ‘Holy fuck, it was real,’ you whispered, feeling your eyes start to water, ‘I was so scared I’d been going mad.’

‘Me too, until I saw you here.’ he smiled, pushing your dropped album back to you. He leaned forward, ‘I hadn’t gotten the chance to thank you for helping me finish my track. Since our mirrors don’t seem to work anymore, my number’s in there – let’s go out for coffee tomorrow.’

You let yourself be ushered along the line by security as multiple fans flocked towards you after.

‘What did he say to you?’ they asked curiously, jumping up and down in excitement.

‘Nothing,’ you smiled at their confused response, ‘we were just talking about mirrors.’

((‘So what does being a coder actually mean?’

‘Just tapping on your keyboard apparently.’

‘No, seriously! I want to know!’

‘Okay hold on, I think I have something here…’

‘…What the fuck is this, another language?’

‘Yeah, it’s called C# - ’

‘Don’t lie to me, this looks nothing like music. This makes absolutely no sense at all.’

‘Excuse me! What do sort of thing do you think your beloved Pokemon G-mmf’

‘Kim Namjoon.’


‘Did you just kiss me to shut me up?’


‘…Again please.’));

Astro as things said in my group chat

Sanha: Gonna watch finding dory now brbbbb

Eunwoo: I’m ganna try and be aesthetics so I’m ganna pray it works out

Mj: Omg my mom and I are texting each other in strictly memes and gifs

Rocky: Also I spilled coffee on my shirt I’m a mess

Jinwoo: i didnt loose my extra virgin olive oiliness

Moonbin: can I clap ur dog

music tag

I’m doing two tags in one! For the first one I was tagged by @dreamingreality91 thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️

rules: put spotify/pandora/soundcloud in shuffle and write the first 10 to pop

1. A Little Braver – New Empire
2. Back – Infinite
3. Picture In My Head – Kim Woo Bin
4. Lotto – EXO
5. Boombayah – BLACKPINK
6. Beautiful – Baekhyun (that’s me crying in the background)
7. Chained Up – VIXX
8. Ah Yeah – EXID
9. Still 24K – 24K
10. Bad – Infinite (I knew my shuffle wouldn’t disappoint me kajskdk)

for the second one I was tagged by @parkjiminer | @yoonmintzelo | @hobibliophile and I’m so sorry if someone else tagged me and I forgot :(

rules: write you url in song titles (pick every band once!), then tag ten people.

Toy – Block B
All In – Monsta X
Error – VIXX
X (I don’t think there’s a song in the world that starts with x omg)
How’s This – Hyuna
Young, Wild & Free – B.A.P
View – SHINee
Good Boy – GD x Taeyang

tagging: @kseoulsunshine @mnanvg @jungkookjpeg @winterkook @taeberryjuice @chokemejimin @syubiseok @miilktae @funniestinexo @i-am-your-angel-i-am-your-dope @agustd–boy @yohosh @fvckmyg @pjiminnie @yoonminnings

         Okay, so basically I’ve grown tired of an unnecessary alias (one taken up because I wanted to keep my indie separate from here and et cetera) and this blog is a bit of a mess when it comes to how many extra urls I have saved on it and tags that used to not have tags getting ones and me not fixing the old tag put in and such, among other things (even explaining it sounds like a mess omg), so I thought maybe it was time for me to move over and get myself organized. It all kind of fell into place to do so, so I think it’s the right thing! Anyway, if you’d like to keep following me, my 1x1 blog is linked above. If you prefer something that has fandom posts and a lot more quotes and inspirational photo type things, I have a blog for that, too, that I can give you on the other blog. And yeah, it’s been a nice time here, and I’m hoping people will follow me over there, but don’t feel obligated. So that’s it! Oh and P.S. you all can all me my real name now: Kylee. Cool? Cool. See you there! P.P.S. I’ll queue this in case it’s going missed and in the readmore below I’ve tagged my partners so hopefully they get the notification. Eep okay bye.

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i almost called this ‘au where will is a hot mess’ but tbh will is a hot mess in every universe

also bonus:

tbh will w/ smudged makeup is cat’s #1 argument against the existence of a loving god

82 Truths

Tagged by @inx-jinam (youre literally such a bean thank u for tagging me we should talk omg)

RULES: Once you’ve been tagged, you’re supposed to write a post with 82 truths about yourself and then tag 25 people.

LAST TEXT SENT: “yeah, pokemon go is a mess at this point” i hardly text people lmaooo
LIST 3 FAVORITE COLORS: pink, green and ,,,idk purple is nice
WHAT WERE YOU DOING LAST NIGHT AT MIDNIGHT: honestly i think i was either showering or finishing up my already ridiculous amount of homework ahH
NAME SOMETHING YOU CAN’T WAIT FOR: lmao prolly just to graduate so i can get that sugar daddy i need so i dont have to handle any real responsibilities
LAST TIME YOU SAW YOUR MOTHER: idk like an hour ago i think

WHAT’S GETTING ON YOUR NERVES RN: i mean ,,,nothing i can think of rlly

FAVORITE TV SHOWS: i dont want much tv tbh
FIRST BEST FRIEND: ahh her name is rashena and i think i had her on instagram at one point like heck i should probs try and find her again omg
LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW: vixx’s fantasy ayyy
3 FEARS: the dark, the dark, the dARK (tbh i think thats all i rlly got but its p bad)
4 TURN ON’s: i sat here thinking about this for too long man i dont think i have any like aside from just being nice yo
4 TURN OFF’s: prolly just being mean (even tho lets be honest im a petty hoe sometimes its bad i should stop being a hypocrite)

SEXUAL ORIENTATION: lol i just like people so ig pansexual ??
MY SENIOR QUOTE IN MY YEARBOOK:  we dont get senior quotes unless we’re in drama i think?? either way i aint a senior so
FIRST THING I NOTICE IN A NEW PERSON: physical feature wise noses (noses r so important and actually so cute what kinda mess am i) and more personality wise id say the first thing id notice is if they laugh at any of my dumb as heck jokes
EYE COLOR: blue??green?? idk
HAIR COLOR: naturally blond but dyed, like, a darkish red its 10/10
FAVORITE CLOTHING ITEM: literally any of my sweaters they make me hate myself less
WHAT COLOR UNDERWEAR I’M WEARING RIGHT NOW: i think theyre kinda teal?? 
ULTIMATE BIAS: my bean seungkwan hes so important
ULTIMATE BIAS GROUP: ahh at this point id say its svt, but i mean rookies have me this year ive been putting a lot of time into imfact and inx aHH
HOW MUCH TIME I SPENT ON DESIGNING MY BLOG PAGE: honestly i probably spent hours looking for what i wanted but after that literally just like 2 minutes
THE REASON I JOINED TUMBLR: i wanted to be like the cool kids
LAST BOOK I READ: fricken founding brothers im mad at gov
WHEN DID I LAST HOLD HANDS?: at least within the last month or so
HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE ME TO GET READY IN THE MORNING?: it used to take like an hour but now its honestly like 10 minutes (god bless having short hair)
WHERE AM I RIGHT NOW?: in my livingroom tbh
DO I LIKE MUSIC LOUD OR AT A REASONABLE LEVEL?: im home alone a lot so usually its so loud to where i actually give myself headaches but its worth it
3 THINGS I LOVE: my phone, dogs and cats
SOMETHING I REALLY, REALLY WANT: like a smol bag of chips ngl
 school, thermsday and not being able to stay up until like 6 am then sleeping the day away
so many things
3 HABITS I HAVE: i cant think of anything rn omg but im sure thers something there 
SOMETHING I’M TALENTED AT: taking book summaries and turning it into a completely new summary
THE BLOG I GIVE THE MOST NOTES TO: (not counting inx update blogs which is essentially all i reblog/like things from at this point) i think it would either be @sanhasmol  @inx-jinam or @inx-af (yo emma is a bean i have post notifs on t b h)
THE LAST PERSON THAT RE-BLOGGED SOMETHING FROM ME: (its an update blog so i aint gonna bother than and go to the person before them) @helloimacalumgirl

MY FAVORITE FOOD: mm prolly chips
MY FAVORITE DESSERT: honestly like any ice cream
WHAT I DID YESTERDAY: literally nothing
NUMBER OF KIDS I WANT: idk man im 16 im 2young4this
SOMETHING THAT’S CONSTANTLY ON MY MIND: i have such a short train of thoughts so i dont think theres anything im dumb

CAN I DRIVE: lol no my anxiety with driving is through the roof
SOMEWHERE I WOULD LIKE TO VISIT FOR A WEEK: somewhere where sharks like to chill sharks are rlly cool
LAST SHOW I BINGE-WATCHED: man i think it was Make It Right: The Series
 literally so many im a baby
WHAT WORDS MAKE ME FEEL THE BEST ABOUT MYSELF: any type of praise i aint picky just shower me with compliments and praise to inflate my ego even further
A WISH THAT I’VE WISHED FOR REPEATEDLY ON 11:11: i miss 11:11 like every day
WHO I WOULD SWITCH LIVES WITH FOR A DAY: jlsdjf anyone so that i can confirm life isn’t just something i made up in my own brain
MY FAVORITE ICE CREAM: Cookie dough for sure

ALLERGIES: i dont have any i dont think
MY CHILDHOOD CAREER CHOICE: i think ive always wanted to live a life without the responisiblities that come with adulthood
TEA OR COFFEE?: tea tbh
MOVIE OR BOOK?: either
A SENSE I WOULD BE WILLING TO LOSE: ahh probably like ,,,my sense of emBARASSMENT G O O D B Y E. but rlly idk taste is something im willing to give up
QUOTE I LIVE BY: the only quote i can even remember is the spanish quote we had to memorize in like 1st grade i think it was sometimes rlly dumb idk how to spell most of it or i would, but basically what im getting at is i cant even remember a quote so i dont live by any
TYPE OF ACCESSORY I WEAR THE MOST: does my glasses count bc like thats all i wear outside of ,,,clothes
LAST AWKWARD SITUATION I FOUND MYSELF IN: ahh i cant remember any tbh
A SONG THAT’S MADE ME CRY: im a bitch baby but i cant think of a song that has made me cry
FIRST SONG I EVER SUNG AT KARAOKE: i havent done karaoke tbh

aight so ill tag some cool kids if they wanna do it// @soft-junyong @staninx @satan-ized  and @jisoosbabygrl

rules: Tag 15 people youd like to get to know better.
tagged by: @savante thank you!!
name: Brooke
Nicknames: Crab Dad and my little cousins all call me Cookie
zodiac sign: Leo
gender: Genderfluid
sexual orientation: Gayromantic/demisexual
favorite color: I love colors omg. Green. Black. And purple are my favorites tho
current time: 10:11Pm
average hours of sleep: Anywhere from 7-9
last thing you googled: does Tumblr count?
current number of followers: 302 lovely people. I love you all
dream job: a marine biologist
height: 5′6
what do you post: oh gosh I’m a Mess. Home stuck. Steven universe. Some video games like overwatch and fallout. I meme and shitpost a Lot omg. Cute animals and anything I think is cool
why did you choose this username: it’s a mixture of me and my brothers name and even tho I hate him I love the way ‘jbcannons’ sounds
And now for the people I tag
@disgruntledbyeverything @cutiepiemime @sunny-system @heirofthewind @disorderedtrashhider @roarmew @lalslaksks @empty-faygo-bottle and I guess anyone else who wants to!

anonymous asked:

I need help i cant stop reading Alex and Scott fics. I have read all of them so i keep rereading them while having wreak havoc on replay - tana (i ask a lot of anon questions so im gonna go by tana now)

I’m crying omg I really…don’t know how to help 4 like the first time ever. Maybe go through my Scott tag and my Alex tag? There’s a lot of …. mess there, and tons of headcanons eeeee

tagged by the lovely @cosmosblur 💖💖💞

rules: tag 9 people you want to know better

Relationship Status: Single as fuuuck 😭 i’m crushing on this guy tho..,,

Favourite Colour: Black, blue, gray, and green

Wake up Time: around 8am???

Cats or Dogs: DOGS FOR LIFE

Coke or Pepsi: coke

Call or Text: Text omg I hate calls

Lipstick or Chapstick: chapstick

Last song I listened to: Retrograde by James Blake. Tales from the borderlands really messed me up.

Pets: I’ve never had a pet in my entire life 😭

Day or Night: Night

City or Country: City

I tag @gayrafeadler @mr-fetters-fingernail @rayesgamingtrash @hushitisme and YOU!

the-galaxy-edge  asked:

I read all your tags and I love you and your blog never stop reblogging Miles if y'ALL DON'T FOLLOW SARAH YOU SHOULD BCS SHE 📢 IS 📢AMAZING 📢

OMG ABBY I LOVE YOU TOO 💖💖💖 and if anyone isnt following abby you should go follow her for some great Mattlex™ content
Also i cant believe you actually read that entire mess that was my tags last night but im glad someone appreciates them 😂

INxPs and tears
  • INTP:*sees Hamilton for the 12189238712648712642 time* *is a crying emotional weeping screaming (this IS an accurate description) mess on the bathroom floor* *proceeds to send distressed audios to INFP*
  • INFP:omg, my poor babyyy. Again?!?!? Why????
  • INTP:yes. I know, I know. I'm a masochist. Why do I do this to myself?
  • INFP:oh gurl why? I mean, I know why, I do that all the time. But still
  • INTP:I don't know. It's better than crying for nothing.
  • INTP:I would probably have had to cry those tears sometime, and what better time than the present???
  • INFP:my job is to knock some sense into you. But yeah
  • INFP:the other day I cried 3 hours straight until 4 and slept 3 hours more and woke up with literal bags under my eyes
  • INTP:I feel you

sacrifice-the-children  asked:

Omg I've ended up re-reading fratboy because I love it so much and part 5 left me in a mess, you're a blessing

You’re a blessing to me babe I promise you that! I’m sorry for your wrecked emotions, but I can’t lie and say that I’m not happy you’re emotional about my writing because WHAT?! HOW COULD I NOT WANT THAT?! That’s such a compliment that you’ve re-read the series and please trust me that I take that to heart.  I’m doing an inhuman squealing noise right now and i wish i could give you a big squeeze in person! I’m so happy you’re reading xxx

galickgvn  asked:

omg your tags on the purple lamborghini post 😩👌👌 so true

he looks like he went to some rival gang like “hey i need yall to help me find… uhh… charlie quinn the guy owes me money” and then spent the whole time trying to look casual and composed while inside hes just on a constant loop of ‘the place is a mess no ones fed the hyenas and i cant find my socks wheres harley’

tag tag tag
rules: write your url in song titles (pick every band or artists once) + tag 10 others. got tagged by @hangulstudies sorry I took so long doing this oops
My music taste is a literal mess so YAY
Save me - BTS
Eoeo - Uniq
Oh well oh well - Mayday Parade
Unknown Soldier - Breaking Benjamin
Love you to death - Taeyang
Sex - The 1975
El Dorado - Exo
Eureka - Zico ft Zion T
Know your name - Jay Park
Everywhere you go - Lawson
Radioactive - imagine Dragons
Six feet under the stars - All time low

This was long omg

10 song tag game

I was tagged by the ever-wonderful @starknjarvis :D

Rules: Put your ipod on shuffle. Write down each song and your favourite line from that song. Tag 10 followers.

My music is a jumbled mess but here we go

1. Build Me Up Buttercup- The Foundations “I need you (I need you) more than anyone darling, you know that I have from the start” (I freaking love this song yessss)
2. Unwell - Matchbox 20 “But I’m not crazy, I’m just a little unwell. I know right now you can’t tell, but stay a while and maybe then you’ll see a different side of me” (I haven’t listened to this in foreverrrrr omg)
3. Hot - Avril Lavigne “Hold me, love me, don’t ever go” (I forgot this song even existed)
4. I Won’t Say I’m In Love - Hercules Soundtrack “That’s ancient history, been there, done that” (lol)
5. The Point of No Return - Phantom of the Opera “What warm unspoken secrets will we learn beyond the point of no return” (what will we learn, hmm?)
6. Suffocated - Orianthi “Still searching for a back door out of here” (it’s a cool line!)
7. Sami - Darren Criss “I’ve heard music, I’ve heard noise. I wish that she could hear her voice the way that I do when I go to sleep at night” (dramatic singing time)
8. Everything - Lifehouse “You calm the storm and you give me rest” (this song makes me cry)
9. Why Worry - Set it Off “Day by day by day we’re falling down but life goes on” (this song is so energizing)
10. Blame it on the Rain - He is We “If I had but just one kiss this whole room would be glowing. We’d be glowing” (oh the pining)

 I tag anyone that wants to play! 

problematic-bellarke  asked:


OMG HIIIII!!!!!! <3 <3 

You were such a nice pen pal *hug* Thank you for making my week x404003 better. I am afraid you are stuck now with me, we are friends now, i’m sorry i don’t make the rules  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also I’m a Hufflepuff / Thunderbird hbu??