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"We're in an exam study group and I just send you my nudes by accident oops" Minjoon

Pairing: MinJoon (Jimin x Namjoon)
Prompt: “We’re in an exam study group and I just send you my nudes by accident oops” AU
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,447
A/N: *whispers* Minjoon is so precious ^~^ thank you anon for requesting and sorry I took forever with this (I hope you still get to read this)!! (P.S. Jimin’s doing the swearing on my behalf bc I swear that I don’t really swear at all irl – pun unintended) Enjoy!

Jimin’s phone vibrates once in his lap. He ignores it, working on the math problem he has in front of it. It vibrates again, then a series of vibrations start. Jimin curses under his breath, dropping his pen down to pick up his phone instead. 

There’s a flood of kakaotalk messages from Taehyung. 

[4:32PM TaeTae]
im bored


talk to me :( 

[4:33PM TaeTae] 
i hate math

save me


why you ignoring me


Jimin looks up and shoots a glare at Taehyung who’s sitting diagonally across from him at the table. Taehyung’s face lights up with a triumphant smile. 

[4:35PM Jimin]
I’m trying to do my math problems, stop trying to distract me

Jabbing the home button, Jimin picks up his pen and goes back to staring at the same question that he’s been stuck on for nearly 20 minutes. There’s a reason Jimin’s here, stuck in study group past 4pm on a Friday afternoon rather than practicing his dance moves in the studio. 

Whoever deigned it necessary for a music student like him to take math in university should rethink their lives. How the hell is math even remotely needed in his degree? Something about holistic education and well-roundedness or some shitty excuse is what the deans will say but that’s honestly a ton of bullshit. Bullshit that has people like Jimin suffering because his midterms came back with an ugly 30/100 on the top and a “see me” post-it note tagged on the side. Taehyung had the nerve to laugh at him when he barely scraped a 33/100 on his. 

So here they are, stuck in a study group that’s supposed to coach them into passing finals. Jimin’s only here because the fear of having to retake the module and suffer another semester of math is real. 

His phone starts vibrating again. Jimin tsks under his breath, trying his best to ignore it, which is nearly impossible when his phone is basically wiggling its way dangerously close to his crotch. Stupid Taehyung and his non-existent attention span. Resigned, Jimin sighs and picks up his phone again. 

[4:37PM TaeTae]
im still bored 

dont be mean chim

stop ignoring em

chimmmm lets go for tonkatsu later

i feel like treating myself after this torture

[4:38PM TaeTae]
yah i know you can feel your phone 

if you keep ignoring me im gonna tell namjoon hyung you have the biggest crush on him 

i swear 

Jimin sucks in a breath. Dammit why did he ever let it out to Taehyung about Namjoon? He should have known that Taehyung would use it to blackmail him someday. 

Not that intoxicated Jimin had cared a week ago when he, in Taehyung’s words, “wailed for a solid hour about Namjoon hyung’s beautiful gaze and lips and body and everything”. And no, Jimin is still adamant that he couldn’t have been as pathetic as what Taehyung makes him out to be. It’s just a tiny crush okay, Jimin can appreciate good aesthetics and that’s not his fault.

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This is kind of long, but idk seems better than spamming you with multiple posts. This ended up a lot longer than I planned but ugh.
I’m sorry

I’ve seen a teenager literally just spit on the floor, and he look embarrassed when I made eye contact but still I had to clean that shit up and if you know you shouldn’t be spitting on the floor, THEN DON’T SPIT. Or at the least be like the other nasty people that feel the need to spit all the time that at least do that shit outside, and do it in a place people arn’t going to be walking through it!

I’ve also seen people walking barefoot through the store (We bring pallets out for stocking. That’s wood splinters and possible other shit, and sometimes products can spill like cat litter or chemicals, PLUS there’s whatever junk people bring in on their shoes and can be feces or whatever else, and people SPIT ON THE FLOOR), or at one point footprints walking around the store starting from some place in the middle of it and just; did they spill something? Did they take off their shoes and their feet were just that bad? Were they taking the electric carts and just decided to walk around later on? Why were their feet so bad? It had to be gone over several times with the scrubber because it wouldn’t come off easily.
Happened awhile ago for the foot prints but it still bothers me, and it’s happened multiple times.

People also like to eat while walking around or they give their kids food. Half the time it’s stuff that this kid can barely hold because their age and they drop it or their attention fails and they spill things all over. So many times I have to follow a path around the store for chips or popcorn or chicken bits everywhere. A lot of time for the chicken you can buy, people will drop multiple ones of them, and not pay for any, or get it and walk around and then dump the empty container in a garbage can.
It’s always the messiest shit that the parents give their kids too.

People will sometimes bring their entire shopping cart in to the bathroom with them, though usually it’s after they paid for their stuff, but seriously don’t take the carts in the bathroom the doorway is weird and it can get stuck and there’s barely room in there and other people will have issues. Nobody is going to take your stuff.

There’s a frequent problem with people taking things out of packaging to get a better look at an item. Sometimes things could possibly be put back in, but usually it’s stuff that can’t be sold anymore because of how the packaging was, broken seals, or because how badly the packaging or sometimes the item was damaged.

Once someone had taken some expensive pillows and switched the bags they were in with cheaper pillows (We know this because somehow someone noticed the barcodes on the tags didn’t match the cases or something. I didn’t get all the details). It had happened about two days before I ended up finding those same pillows stuffed in the auto center garbage. I have no idea what the point of it was or if they had even stuffed them in there right after they had walked out with them or if it had been the same day I found them because the other maintenance people tended to skip over that particular garbage can fairly often.
Even if they decided later they didn’t want them, the store is pretty much waaaaay out around the edges of town so driving out there specifically to stuff these 3 pillows in the garbage where they can be found and probably traced back easily that way is just confusing. I was just pissy about having to pull these pillows out of a garbage with car stuff all over it so we could pull it throw claims and figure out if it was tossed for being defective or stolen but dumped, or something else.

At one point as I was leaving work a shoplifter was leaving too and the thing went off. The door person tried to stop him and the kid stopped, but the dad got seriously pissy about it and violently yelling at the door person about being stopped. I stayed because I was afraid he was going to get physical,  but he stormed out instead. The kid stayed. He was confused because he didn’t see his dad buy or take anything, but a co-worker had seen him put things in his jacket. While waiting for a manager the dad came back in his car and was screaming at his kid to come out, though the kid wouldn’t. Eventually the dad took off flying out of the parking lot without his kid. I had left around that point, but heard from one of the co-workers that he had came back to grab his kid and dragged him out. Apparently nobody higher up was going to do anything at the time but would be watching for him in the future, but really worried for the kid and had his license plate number and everything.

And then from my other job
People who say their phone numbers in a weird way that makes it harder for me to process what they said.

I get some people who just race through their information and then mad when I ask them several times to repeat it or to slow down.

Others will continually interrupt me or ignore what I’m asking them for to just make their orders, when I literally cannot get in to that menu until I have their phone numbers and their address in the system if it’s for a delivery.
When I answer the phone, I say “Hi this is —- Pizza, is this for delivery or pickup?” and instead of answering they’ll start with their order, or they’ll answer it but then ignore me asking for their phone number/info to go on. I ask a question to confirm something they want and they cut me off part way through what I was asking.

This one dude once just continued to list off what he wanted as I repeated told him I need him to wait because I needed to ask someone else a question about the system or an item, or I wasn’t done putting in another part of the order.

Another thing I do is after I tell them how much something costs, is ask if it’ll be cash or charge. I’m not sure about the other people but how I was trained and it’s a small local business with like 8 people including the owners, so I’m like 90% they still do the same thing.
Thing is there is a number of people that will give me their card when I get to their house. I don’t have a card reader, it’s not my fault you don’t have cash. No I can’t just give you the food and have you pay later. Either go try to find something or call the store and give them your card so they can put it in the system, and then sign the receipt that we do have (and yes still will accept it even if it’s not a credit receipt).

On the card receipt note, I once almost had to pay $30 because I was short in my wallet somehow. It turns out one of the people working on the food had mixed up the credit receipts for some houses that happened to have the same amount for their orders. The Card person didn’t have the receipt, and confused as we both were they just signed the regular one. The person who was supposed to pay cash but their husband put in the order, signed the credit receipt that was actually supposed to have gone to the first person. When we were going through my delivery list I was the one that noticed one was a card but the other one actually was supposed to be cash and that’s where that missing $30 was from.
Of course the customer hadn’t called back about it, and the person I was closing for some reason continued to be confused over the issue for nearly another hour after I was supposed to have left even though it shouldn’t have been hard to understand what happened and I told them multiple times to call one of the owners about the issue and call the customer about it too but they didn’t for the longest time, then FINALLY found out they could just void the order since they apparently didn’t want to bother the person with me going back to get the cash, even though they were frequent customers, nice enough people, and the person did call them about the issue but for some reason didn’t say any of the things I told them they should about it and me going back for the payment. I’m not so much frustrated with the customers because mistakes happen and not their fault, but mad about the 2 people because I could have lost what’s a decent chunk of money considering the job, and then for having to deal with the issue that should have been easy enough to resolve once it was figured out what happened but being ignored for how to deal with it.

There is also a guy at the delivery job that keeps doing minor harassment for the women working there and trying to order them around and act like he’s the boss of us (Even to one of the store owners. To me he tried to boss me around and when I snapped back he said “Do you always talk to your bosses like this” [“First off, not my boss, and second yeah I do stand up to people that are acting like you are or I report them”] “Well I am your boss when it’s just us”. Of course my actual bosses said yeah, no he’s not.). None of us put up with it and will yell back or tell him to shut up, and the owners even tell us that it’s fine to do so and know about it. I think he’s related to them though since most the people working there are family. It’s not anything huge either for what he does, but it is enough to be annoying. The rest of us do tend to make fun of/complain about him a lot when he’s not around for what he does, or makes comments about how unhelpful he is for the most part.
So stuck with him, but luckily enough we don’t have to put up with it and can tell him to F- Off (or as long as people arn’t at the register), or the owners will yell at him if he does anything while they’re around or we tell them about something he did.