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running with all of my brothers
i always wonder how far we could go
if we could break through the ceiling above us
there’d be no point of us looking below


“I have to work harder than anyone else to make it! I’ll never catch up otherwise…! I want to be like you…! Like you. The strongest hero.”

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Happy super belated Birthday Zimah-san (°◡°♡)

Seriously, could one of you please explain to me what purpose r+l=j even serves in the narrative if Jon a) needs Dany to be the fire to his ice; b) Dany will get the Iron Throne; and c) they fall in love and get married or some shit???

The way I see it, if we don’t work under any of these assumptions ie a1) Jon “is” ice and fire on his own just fine; b1) Jon will end up on one throne or the other; c1) Jackassys isn’t the grand love story of this series (read “in Jon’s life”), three major plot points only become possible in the first place:

1) Jon is the metaphorical embodiment of ice (Stark) and Fire (Targ). Probably the prince that was promised and his is the Song of Ice and Fire (War of the Others vs Dragons). Since people love to talk about the grammar: High Valyrian makes no distinction to gender, it does however differentiate between plural and singular. The Show mixed it, but I personally don’t think Azor Ahai and tptwp are the same person. The first is a legendary figure for the followers of R’hllor, the later is a targ-specific thing. I’m on the Rhaegar = Azor Ahai, Lyanna = Nissa Nissa, Jon = lightbringer = ptwp team. Though I could be wrong about this, but no matter how the solutions to all these prophecies look like (if we even get some) Jon being fire and ice on his own gives him the most credentials for being some sort of legendary figure. To make it clear: Him being a targ is more or less a requirement for this.

2) He has a claim to the Iron Throne (somewhat) and will probably end up as king - either over all of Westeros or the North, though I am more and more starting to believe in the first option (thanks @thewesterwoman). This also makes him a potential rival for Dany, paving the way for some sort of targ!bowl in the end. Again, r+l=j has to be a thing for this to be possible.

3) His secret parentage frees him to pursue a romantic relationship with one of his “sisters” as described in the original outline. Again, this can only happen under the condition of Jon not being Ned’s bastard, but the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna.  

But if we work under the jackassys-supporting assumptions …

1) His targ-father becomes completely meaningless. He could have just been Ned Stark’s bastard son to fulfill the “Ice” part of the equation. He literally doesn’t have to be a secret targ. It wouldn’t matter at all. 

2) Dany already “has a claim” (somewhat), so she could easily end up on the IT herself with Jon as her consort. Again Jon’s targ!blood becomes completely useless. Being a stark would have been enough to unite the North and the South, probably even better.

3) The only purpose of Jon being a targ would be for him to … keep the good old incest tradition going with another targ. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t ship it because it’s “problematic” - I honestly couldn’t care less about that - but grrm himself stated that this practice lead to the downfall of the targs so it wouldn’t make any sense for the series to “celebrate” it. Again, Jon not being related to Dany would make a lot more sense, her learning from her ancestors mistakes and pursuing a relationship with her metaphorical counter piece, not with the last living relative she has.

What I’m saying is that jackassys would make a lot more sense if Jon simply was Ned’s bastard son. Him being the son of a stark and a targ simply robs this ship of a lot of narrative significance. This ship being canon, or more importantly endgame, would rob r+l=j of a lot of narrative significance. It could serve a purpose as a temporary “romance” before Jon finds out about it, but for the ultimate conclusion of the series? It would have no, or at least no “positive” impact. I do not understand why grrm would write in the biggest twist of the entire series only for it to have no real importance. He could have literally left it out, working only on Jon being “worthy” despite his bastard status, as he is still doing in the books.

Unless someone can explain to me what purpose r+l=j would even have, other than keeping the targ-line full of targ-blood, which grrm doesn’t seem to be too keen on, if jackassys was the quintessential piece of the series, I’m going to assume that it will at best be a temporary thing (the whole accidental incest thingy) and that … you know it , Jonsa is endgame.


            “  ITS   CRAZY!    WE’VE   MISSED   OUR   RISK   SUPPLY
                       WINDOW    AND    WE’RE    LOW    ON     RATIONS.   SO