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do you guys ever think about how yuri plisetsky, at just age fifteen, has apparently been supporting his family through his figure skating via government grants which means not only does he have to regularly compete, but he always has to do well and to consistently perform, so he’s probably never allowed to have an off performance or it means less money, less support, less opportunities, and when victor nikiforov himself, five time world champion, offers to choreograph a program for him, yuri jumps at the chance because yes, think of how much he could get if he won his very first grand prix series off of victor’s choreography – think of his ailing grandfather whom he loves so much, an absentee mother – figure skating is everything to yuri, it’s the only thing he thinks he has to offer, it’s the thing he relies on the most for emotional and financial support, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. so he throws everything onto the ice, wins the junior championship just as victor said, and now he’s about to make his pro senior debut and he’s gonna get victor to make good on his promise and–

victor just… disappears. flies across the world, completely forgets he ever promised yuri anything, turns around and blatantly uses yuri while making it clear that beyond a week’s worth of coaching him on a program, victor has no intentions of giving yuri anything bc he’s so wrapped up in yuuri 

and yuri feels – abandoned, betrayed, hurt; left behind again like he always is, left waiting like he always is, used as a means to an end; is it any wonder he’s pissed off? but then this beautiful, brilliant boy takes a program he only spent a week learning from its choreographer – he takes that program, refines it, improves it and breaks victor’s world record with it, slaps victor in the face with it by winning over yuuri and telling him, victor nikiforov is dead, victor isn’t everything yuri had thought he would be and it doesn’t matter bc yuri will make himself, define himself, choose things for himself now.

do you ever think about this bc i do and it hurts me but i love this boy so much, he deserves everything

So I found someone that summed up my feelings about the whole thing with Allura’s age really well and why it made me mad to find out she was actually a teen and they said I could share. Not naming who even though they said I could, they seem like a real sweetheart and if anyone were to go after them I’d have to kick some ass.

“I don’t mind her being a teenager if they had made it clear but they made it seem like she and Shiro were at least equal in age and like Coran wasn’t that much older than her. The distance between her and the paladins was so palpable. Every other young female character, even the rock space babe Shay, seemed like young teenagers??? And so many people looked to Allura as a leader and an authority, rare for black girls in general. But like they could have made her have a greater connection to youth and the other paladins??? The worst of it all is that only the black girl is so serious and mature, like she’s lost everything but she’s still “Space Mom”, she’s leading this team but she’s a total teen??? And rarely gets to have childish moments???”

Please note this is me getting mad because they can’t age code a black girl correctly to save their life it has nothing to do with ships so don’t come at me with bullshit like that

its 5 in the morning have a really low quality jpeg of some 20yo giogio

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You're sucked into Lavellan's body pre-Conclave. You can only take one thing with you from Earth...what is it?

This sleeping bag. It’s the only way I’d survive the Hinterlands  

And then have the craftspeople learn how to reverse engineer the zipper and bring in the new zipper revolution of Thedas

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Recipe for losing followers in blink of an eye:

  • Sprinkles little bit of Otayuri content.

Voila you are done.

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Do you believe that a hastily constructed, slapdash sandwich created by a rank amateur can ever measure up to the creation of a true artisan? By this, of course, I mean to ask if you have finally come to understand the inferiority of your pallid, uninspired offerings.

I’m paying you to make my sandwich, not engage me in whatever philosophy 101 bullshit you’ve come up with to convince yourself you’re anything but a corporate shill making mediocre food with sub par ingredients, and pretending you are an artiste.  

However, if you want to tell me more about your love mayo, I’ll listen ;3

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Are there certain characters that are relaxing for you to draw? If not, what do you do to relieve stress?

Well, solas gets an honorary mention not cause he’s my obvious fave but because he has no hair and therefore 50% less work than I need to do in a drawing. And I enjoy simplifying/stylizing his facial features since they’re just kind of weird to me, and I can do it pretty well without references now. 

Any character that doesn’t have a lot of complicated details tends to be more relaxing, because I can focus on the character and not have to pull up a reference every five minutes to make sure i got it right. 

For stress relief I used to rely on a non-thedosian version of elfroot, but not so much anymore for various reasons. My stress management usually involves avoiding all my problems/intrusive thoughts so that usually means playing a game or working on fandom stuff. Reading fanfic, though I haven’t had as much time to do that as much as I would like. (including writing my own -.-) 

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Fallout oc thingamagig

Stolen from @madddraws, thanks gal

Name: Patrick Saemus Sheehan
Nickname: Paddy
Age: 28
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 215
Specials: S:10 P:8 E:7 C:8 I:10 A:10 L:3
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Brown
Body type: Built but still has some body fat and has developed a bit of a beer belly post war
Status Pre-War: Gunnery Sargeant
Status Currently: Minuteman General
Relationship Status: in a relationship
Spouse(s): Nora(dead)/Piper
Sexuality: straight
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian hes a good ol irish lad
Family: Nora/Shaun (pre-war) piper and synth shaun post war
Languages: English
Allergies: n/a
Scars: scar through left eyebrow and scar on hand near thumb
Physical traits: uh not sure hat to put here, hes short, stocky, hair covering most of his body, huge beard and long hair
Voice: Medium-low range, mostly soft spoken, slight gravel when engaged, and more gravel when shouting
Clothing: Hunters longcoat(fav), minuteman general’s uniform, and drifter outfit are top 3
Fashion Style/Lifestyle: fashion style, pretty basic. Never fancy and always comfortable. Lifestyle, also basic. No need for flash and extra stuff, the basic necessities and some minor decoration is good
Weapon of Choice: Old Reliable is his go to, but when in close range either Deliverer or a combat knife.
Skills: Master skilled sniper and extremely skilled in hand to hand combat. Also good at lockpicking and expert hacker
Weaknesses: family
Poor skills: terrible at being subtle about things. Horrible at decorating and is not easy to work with
Affiliations: Minutemen (primary)/ Railroad (secondary) and of course friends & family
Former Affiliations: BoS (only to help danse and secretly steal tech and knowledge for the minutemen)/Institue (to find shaun and also steal info and tech)/Nuka World Raiders (only to help Davy get Gage)
Enemies: BoS/Institute/All Raiders
Neutral Affiliations: n/a hes either friend or foe no middle ground
Religion: Atheist
Likes: Hunting, writing, proof reading for piper, drinking, and modifying his weapons to test what he likes
Dislikes: cleaning
Hates: raiders, THE RED MENACE, and bloatflys
Friends: Old Longfellow, Cait, Curie, Preston, Hancock, Davy, Maddy, and Codsworth
Acquaintances: Danse, MacCready, Strong, Gage
Former friends: X6-88
Enemies: Shaun, All raiders, and Children of Atom (excluding far harbor)
Pets: Dogmeat and Mishka
Personality: Paddy is a mixed bag. He had a good heart and genuinely wants to help people but he carries around a wrath that could destroy the world all over again. He is extremely sarcastic, but understands theres a time and place for it. He loves to be inappropriate too. He is a loyal friend. He is quiet and looks unapproachable but if you get to know him he is pretty much a teddy bear.
Favorite color: Black
Favorite foods: Salsbury steak, insta mash, and all alcohol
Favorite Sweets: doesnt really have a sweet tooth but when he does he goes for sweet rolls


I was tagged by @4kimlip (i love u💖💖💖) 2 post Sum Selfies so Here They R
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Like this post if you’d read that.

i highkey want to write a western with cowboy smut. but i have no idea about a) horses b) the wild west c) US american history d) literally i have no fucking clue about the entire western genre apart from some good movies so it would be a fuckton of research work and I’m not sure if that would pay off?? 

concept: two protagonists (cowboysss - let’s call them L and N) + the evil villain: The White Mean Sheriff (who I might or might not plan on naming Dronald Tump) who in some way doesn’t obey the law but manipulates it so that he’s getting money and power; the lesbian couple that saves the protagonists lives bc L and N are dumb and dont get shit done without some professional help. One of the lesbians is a Latina and the other one is the Britishest, poshest person to ever walk on earth. Imagine the contrast! Anyway, L and N obviously save the day (after some serious communication problems/ bickering/ argueing/ flirting) and fuck in a tent. And then they’ll all live happily ever after.

Ja or nah?

I’m seriously wondering, what are your standards for a post being marked as “sensitive content”, again, what are your standards, tumblr??
I was stunned to see some of my fanarts being marked that today??? When I came on mobile??? And if you know me, I DON’T DRAW ANYTHING SENSITIVE??? How does this work??? what’s wrong with you???
If you’re intending to make safe mode at least make the stuff that is filtered out relevant for that purpose I’m
And the only way to take care of this is to go through each one of my posts and send request to staff to rethink about labeling stuff as sensitive when I don’t know exactly which one of my posts have been wrongly marked that way;
This feels so wrong…;;; what is the meaning of this

I was sketching some Edit!tale pages

And then I realized I didn’t know how to draw Toriel!

So, I searched Toriel in Google Images to see references that may help me…

Bad idea

I forgot that is a really bad idea to search Toriel on Google Images

Kids! Do. Not. Ever. Search. Toriel. On. Google. Images at least do not scroll down

At least I learned how to draw Toriel kinda…

A cute UT!Toriel :D

Now I have some questions about Edit!tale Toriel’s design, I’ll have to ask Macken or Fallen

HEY @mackenzieakari OR @fallentheartist!!!

Any special things about Edit!tale Toriel’s desing that I should know besides the maroon eyes and the dull blue robe? ^v^