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A warm up sketch I did to get use to using the tablet again since I haven’t used it since Uni ended, and since I can’t get sun/moon yet I though why not draw some Pokemon related stuff while I wait.
When I get some time I might draw some more later.

anonymous asked:

Why do you hate so many people? you are so anti every white person unless they're your fave. Because your white faves are the best and the rest is bad. If someone is not your fave you immediately hate them and talk dirty about them. I dont understand

i actually tag ‘anti’ for the people who LIKE these people lmfao like im tagging anti johnny depp/jennifer lawrence/jared leto if some of my followers like them and DON’T want to see mean posts about them 

also my faves are NOT THE BEST AT ALL. ive clearly stated several times that i sometimes don’t like rahul kohli, miles teller and even sometimes ewan’s behaviors and idk colin enough to have a word on the matter so far 

also i don’t think the tags ‘oops’, ‘there is is’, ‘louder for the people in the back’, ‘someone finally said it’ are very hateful, its more statements than pure hate towards them 🤔  

Hi everyone, apologies but it seems that I’ll not be able to post a recipe this week due to a heavy work commitment + going away, even though I planned for an easy recipe. I’ll try my best to still post this weekend, but am unsure of what sort of wifi I’ll get in Vietnam.

Meanwhile, thanks everyone for your continued support!

- Onion Chopping Ninja


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10 Songs + 10 Mutuals

I was tagged by @overthemoonjoon Thanks for tagging me, I had fun! 

Instructions: put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs then tag 10 mutuals

I have mostly kpop on my phone and the rest of my music is on Spotify. So here we go~

  1.  L4L by Bobby ft. Dok2 & The Quiett
  2. Wishing On A Star by Wonder Girls
  3. Rush by Rap Monster ft. Krizz Kaliko 
  4. Save Me by BTS
  5. Symphony by Ailee ft. Chancellor
  6. Rose by Gaeko
  7. Honestly by Monsta X
  8. Am I Wrong by BTS
  9. Bad Boy by Big Bang
  10. Big Boy by Big Bang ft. Lee Eun Ju

Ayyyye!! I officially love my shuffle. I can’t believe Big Boy came on! 

I tag @rapmonster @sftae @ffskookie @0eunha @prismgrl @ghostnamjoon @agustd–boy @prismgrl @moneydere @yoongishappiness 

in case you haven't heard!!

the term “chire” is changing to “carekids” now! I’ll no longer be tagging my posts as such because some really nasty stuff has come out about the person who coined the term (look on @/sibsupport’s blog for more info, but warning for mentions of pedophilia, etc.). just a heads up, most major kiddie blogs are making the change!!

New Discovery About Bibae

Apparently he likes to Roleplay as well. I think it cute and awesome that my bondmate loves to roleplay and it makes for interesting stuff, but he wants to rp as himself being ‘stuck to me’ and not have his own account.

Would people be put off if he started getting involved with my account with me? I won’t let him interact with anyone who feels iffy about it. I know not many people understand soulbonds. But he is really nice. He a sweet Bill. Not even from Canon. He is a AU Bill from my interactions with his Dimension from my travels in the Dreamverse.

I will ways tag his stuff Bibaerp btw. You guys might noticed he kinda got involved by accident in one… But… he is really enjoying it. Heh.


Bi…….. *headdesks*


ok so literally no one tags me in this stuff so i did it anyways but it’s my 6 selfies of 2016!!! i think i look damn fine and this year was definitely my biggest improvement but yeah anyways!!

im tagging people anyways @villagegreens who i know will do it, @vifen who is never online and i hesitate but @pinkinmyimagination who i’m not sure even took six selfies this year. no obligation tho