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I know that this isn’t all that great and I’ve been really nervous about uploading this to Tumblr, but here it is..!

These are 3 stories I have been developing over the past year, the one in the Middle being the oldest and the one on the bottom being the Newest. This picture is kind of a preview for each!

I plan on working on these throughout High School and College, maybe even making them into official comics one day. One day! c:

I worked really hard on this, so some feedback would be appreciated! :D


Favorite on DeviantArt HERE!

SST: Secret Star Team

Wolven of the Beyond


(Note that the first two links need major work on them, while I have edited/revised the description of the 3rd one.)


Amazing song I’ve been meaning to cover for a long time now <3 

There was something intimate about it. The way his lips curved the words, it meant more to her than simply, ‘I love you.’ Those words were hollow, they were a knot tied at the base of her spine, but these words unwound her, she was nothing but loose flesh and bones now. When she shut her eyes she could see them behind her lids, flaring to life in living color, she could hear the din of it inside her head, she wanted to scrawl them across the pink tissue of her lungs. He reached out for her then in the darkness, “Stay with me.” he said, and she was undone.
—  Things We Wrote In the Dark [a.m.b.]

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Hello! This year, Ramadan will be from June 17 to July 17. Ramadan, as far as I know, is based off the Islamic Calendar, which depends on the moon. This means that some countries may start earlier than others. My family starts with our home country of Morocco, which means we might start earlier or later than Saudi Arabia. I'm not sure what to tag it with; this is my first year on Tumblr! Thank you for considering your Muslim followers!

ok I’ll start tagging the 15th to the 18th where I am juuust to be safe. 

so it’s going to run like this

I never post NSFW stuff so you guys are ok

food and swear words (that’s a thing right) will be tagged #NSFR (not safe for Ramadan, a lot of people use that tag) I don’t swear personally but I know submissions and asks do sometimes bc we get all emotional about fandom ;) so I’ll tag those. 

(if you don’t have xkit, go download the google chrome extension tumblr blacklist and blacklist the phrase NSFR. or you can just not go on tumblr for a month) 

Is there anything else?

the WONDERFUL THINGS invenustum has called me:

  • bro
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& the always wonderful

  • WHY

andraste bless the mirror of transformation

at first i thought i’d just change her jaw shape a bit, but in the end i tweaked a lot of things. nose size, eye & ear position, lip shine etc etc (left is the old look, right is new)

technically this is mostly a trial run bc saar’s playthrough is long done, and if/when i buy jaws of hakkon, i’ll def load a pre-endgame save state, but still.

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repost this, then list the posts you’re the most proud of – one, two, threefour, five, and six. [aand of course berlin premiere x,x] (*psst *plus this important text post)

tag ten blogs you think should be proud of what they do, whether it’s art, writing, edits, great choices of what to reblog, brilliant tags, lovely responses to asks…. spread some positivity!

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I think 3D CAD is my new favorite thing. This is way more fun than it should be, I could literally build almost aNYTHING and may soon go mad with power