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So, this blog somehow reached 10,000 followers and I have no idea how or why, but I am grateful for all of you sticking around. I’m doing a little give away of things that I like.

There will be three winners. The first winner gets the first pick and the second gets to choose next and the third gets what’s is left. Here are the options:

The winners will pick one from 1st tier:

  • A) a collection of witchy zines from my distro, Portland Button Works
  • B) A copy of Anthony Alvarado’s book DIY Magic
  • C) a $25 Gift Certificate to where I woul strongly implore you to get something from their incense From India line as they are all incredible. I burn their cinnamon and clove incense separately at my shop. I’ll also thrown in some combined Cinnamon and clove incense from a similar seller.

Then pick from tier two candles:

  • A) 9 different colored 4″ chime candles and a little candle holder i made from clay an painted green an silver
  • B) Pick two sets from these candles I found at a thrift shop: the “space’ candle people seemed to really be into when I posted them, the weird cherub candles, the easter egg candles, or the heart printed candles
  • C) or some new and unused electric tea lights my mom gave me … just cause that post the other day about not using them for “real” magic annoyed me so much. It’s not my magic, but I wanted to make it an option if it if your magic so you can get something cool in the giveaway.

Then pick two from the things I make:

  • A) Mercury Retrograde protection oil (next date is September 17 – October 9)
  • B) A pick of as many of these seed packets from my yard as you would like
  • C) My “self-care” candle with clove and cinnamon and purple for introspection and some red on top to kick-start it

I’ll also throw in

Some witch buttons

random stuff I’ve found in freeboxes, thrift stores, the trash, on the street, or I just have hanging around like minerals, acorns, busted mirrors tiny jars, herbs from my garden, rowan berries, black salt, small bundles of sage for cleansing, etc. You know, build your own DIY witchy stuff.

Now, the tumblr stuff:

  • This giveaway is is no ways associated with tumblr ((including, without limitation, that it isn’t administered, sponsored, or endorsed by Tumblr), and a statement that each person participating is giving information to you and not to Tumblr)
  • the winner must be 18 or older
  • Only residents of the US are eligible

To enter:

  • reblog or like or like and reblog, either works and counts as one entry and will be chosen at random with one of those random number generators
  • you really should have been following me when I hit the 10,000 mark yesterday as this is intended for followers, but tumblr won’t let me exclude for that so, whatever.
  • Seriously, only enter if you actually want the things
  • you must have an open ask box to contact you

To win

  • I’ll pick a winner tomorrow at 10pm Pacific time and I will start contacting the first winner in the morning of Saturday, August 1st.
  • There will be 3 winners. The first will have 24 hours to pick their prize then the 2nd winner will have 24 hours to pick their prize and the same for the 3rd. 
  • you must have your tumblr ask box open to be contacted

Ok, so… reblog and good luck! Thanks so much for following me!

Also, if you type funny thing in the tags it will amuse me and I enjoy being amused.



(I made Episode 2 guys! I hope you like it! :3 )

anonymous asked:

Imma make fanfiction of you x marx: Once upon a time, there was this chill ass guy named Marx. There was also this super rad person that really loved marx (you) They met gazes one fateful day. Marx said "lets do the do".You said yes. U banged. TheEnd


i am going to frame this. this is going up on the bulletin board in my apartment right next to the DO IT FOR HIM setup (featuring marx of course)


My favourites from the photoshooting!

Eeeeeeeeek I’ve been so excited to finally upload these since they were taken! It was a lot of fun taking them,and I really enjoyed this place,it simply is the most enchanting forest I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to do another one with my Bard then <3

Thranduil: me
Cosplay by: robe- Evelyn, everything else- me
Photograph by: S. Kaiser

Ohmyy, thank youu~!! sorry for the screenshot tho - i don’t know why, but for some reason tumblr didn’t let me answer your message?? idk, so i made a screen

I’ll totally make fma art for like forever, i love it too much

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1. always post the rules
2. Answer the 11 questions you were asked
3. Write 11 questions and tag 11 people

1. What is your favorite breed of dog?

Personally, I don’t like dogs very much. But if I had to choose, it would probably be a tie between German Shepard and Husky.

2. How many siblings do you have?

Four. Three brothers and one sister, all younger than me.

3. What’s your earliest memory?

Gosh, I don’t know. Running around one of the first apartments my parents owned? I have a bad memory.

4. Do you dream often?

More often now than before. I used to be totally devoid of dreams but I’ve been able to remember a good chunk of them recently.

5. Can/have you had lucid dreams?


6. What’s the scariest nightmare you remember?

When I was little, I had a nightmare where I was running up and endless tower, and in each corner there was a landing, and each landing had a balloon. Every time I got to a balloon, my head would throb violently and the balloon would grow in size (In my perception) bigger each time, and it only got worse as I went up. The pain got so great I actually woke up.

7. Do you keep a journal?

I do not.

8. What was your first stuffed toy?

I little black dog I called “Puppy”. I knew he was mine because I seared a spot on his belly on a candle, and it was always very rough right there.

9. Who is your dream partner?

Well, to be perfectly honest I have a picture of them in my mind because I had a few actual reoccurring dreams about them. In my ind, they are a petite lady, approximately 5′5″. Very light blond (Practically white) hair. She often wears dresses, very Lolita in her fashion sense.
Personality wise, I don;t remember much from the dreams since it’s been quite some time. Regal, is all I really remember.

If you couldn’t tell, heavily influenced by Weiss.

10. Can you make any crafts, like knitting and ect.?

Nope! I’m useless.

11. Do you try and do something every day to make your life or someone else’s better?

Nope! I’m still useless.

1.What are your top 5 bands? , 2.What is your OTP above all others? , 3.First anime you watched? , 4.Are you addicted to any mobile games at the moment? , 5. If you could dye your hair any color, what would it be? , 6. How would you describe your fashion sense? , 7. Describe your favorite article of clothing. , 8. Other than check you prone, what’s the first thing you do when you make up? , 9. Favorite meme? , 10. Favorite youtube celebrity? , 11. Where should people contact you if they want to be your friend? Asking for a friend, of course.

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One more slightly FlightRising related thing before bed, yeah?  This is a commission for Aethernax on the site, who was lovely and gave me a couple of items in return for it.  This isn’t a FR dragon but she’s still a beautiful character!  I loved drawing her!  

okay so I don’t usually upload my art on my main blog, but I was tagged by skyfurret 

Sorry it’s not very informative. I really didn’t know what to put without it being super duper cluttered. 

I have a feeling the people i want to tag have already done this. So whoever wants to do this do it!