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Yes, So is abusive, no matter how you look at it his character is abusive AND manipulative. And yes, the fact that its staying true to its historical context of him being abusive does not excuse it either. 

What DOES excuse it, is that this is all part of his character development. This is all mistakes he’s doing in order to become a better person. He made the mistake of forcing Haesoo to kiss him once and then once he realized he was doing it again, he immediately stopped himself and said “I won’t force you”, and that alone is a DAMN huge step for such a mentally scarred person. And trust me I hate the way the writers tend to romanticize his abusiveness too - but you have to understand, this is all part of his journey, this is how you damn learn. Because until now all he’s known is being treated like a possession, like trash. But you have to give people the opportunity to become their better self and So has so much potential. It usually happens with fictional characters, shocking I know!!

Also?? This is literally just a drama, and yes it has its flaws but literally anything put out in the media has its flaws however if I stood here pointing out every single one of them, not only I would be unable to enjoy practically nothing but also be bitter literally all the damn time. So, I won’t feel bad for liking So? Because I do recognize his flaws and I do recognize the drama’s flaws, but that doesn’t mean I will spare myself a perfectly intricate plot and amazing characters. 

I don’t need to hear it, I’m already aware of it, just let me enjoy my damn drama.

there was just so much i wanted to add but i couldn’t decide so here just take this lmao. A Lance lockscreen for your phone! I’ll probably end up doing more of these they’re really fun to make lol…

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I feel like Devon would really love the Squid Squad and he’d listen to their music a lot lma o 👀

soooo I was playing around with photoshop trying to get used to the layout and this happened. Gaster child la~ well,

I’m apparantly going to be on my mother’s computer until she gets around to helping me out with my laptop. *sigh* I’d like to get it fixed before I graduate High School in December…

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I've never seen The 100 so I don't read your fics but I've read all of your poetry and the things about your writing that makes it so incredible to read is that you have all these lovely images of stars and suns and like, really big concepts but at the same time use them to describe nomal things and feelings and that just makes them so relatable and basically, your writing makes me feel like I am the most important thing in the world and also just as troubled as the next person and thats amazing

Jesus Christ, this is so beautiful. Thank you so much, thank you beyond words. <3

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What kind of stuff do you post: I used to be really about pastels now it’s kind of shitposts, memes, mystic messenger, and other stuff I like
Do you have any other blogs: I have a kpop sideblog (@hwasaspinkpanties)
Do you get asks regularly: nah
Why do you choose your URL: I’m always changing it, but this one is bc it’s moon princess in the Swedish version of sailor moon
Hogwarts house: hufflepuff
Pokemon team: mystic
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