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@/xqfxsigbzzek (without the slash) is a N S F W blog that reblogged my original art and removed my caption (seen above). The banner clearly says no NSFW blogs!!! I looked at their tumblr and realized they do this to EVERYONE. They take someone’s photo, remove the caption and replace it with a link to some naughty website where they do… naughty things. It goes unnoticed unless you look at your notes because for some reason the fact that they reblogged it didn’t show in my activity tab. Be on the lookout and stay safe, smol ones. Also, report this person, pretty please. And reblog this post! Don’t just like! Please reblog!


*hacker voice* I’m in.

I’m the hip, new mod: Mod Proxi. When addressing me, you can use he/him or they/them pronouns. Either or of those two are fine. 

I’m relatively aggressive, I hecka bite. Hecka. Bite. But for real, I’m a living, breathing shitpost and The Mun saw that in me and gave me the divine blessing of becoming a mod. I use and indulge in a lot of outdated memes. It’s an honour to join the crew, like for real bro.

If you even want to talk to me directly, I’m always on the discord server, filling the scribbles tab with my shitty drawings all the time. 

I’ve been keeping tabs on my friend who got dumped this weekend. I offered to hang out with her Saturday afternoon if she needs it and instructed her to text me whenever she feels like texting him.

I’m hoping she doesn’t take me up on Saturday just because it’s my first day in lord knows how long where I have no obligations….but if she does I will go because she needs it and I offered.

She texted me tonight asking me to remind her why she shouldn’t contact him, so I did. She deserves better than that fucked up coward

my mom watches her shows in the family room of our house where everyone is always hanging out and sometimes theres a (hetero) sex scene in whatever she’s watching and no matter how explicit or non explicit it is no one cares. its not a big deal. i mean its a little weird sometimes to just listen to really bad moaning for a solid minute but its not like she changes the channel or anything its just part of the show.

but me? i flinch when i’m watching two girls on my laptop and someone walks by or enters the room. not sex with two girls just. two girls. thats all. i pause the video and i wait for them to leave, my heart beating really fast. im not even in the closet. if the girls kiss i feel like i have to hide my screen and make sure no one saw i was watching that. 

i hate this more than anything

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