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Elsa decides to start taking her showers in the TARDIS after swimming, and Ten is very surprised to see her still in her wet swimsuit and her hair full of chlorine when she reveals herself from the pool complex. She has her towel and parka wrapped around her and she’s carrying her backpack by the straps in front of her.

Ten: (drawing back and staring) Whoa! What happened???

Elsa: Don’t ask, okay? The showers in the women’s locker room totally suck.

Ten: How? Are they dirty?

Elsa: No. It’s bad water pressure and I didn’t want to fight people for a good one. I just want to get back inside the TARDIS and get my shower in the lavatory upstairs. Can I at least do that?

Ten: Of course! Allons-y. (Wraps his arm across the back of her shoulders and walks with her outside the facility) Do you want me to carry your pack for you?

Elsa: Okay. (She hands him her pack and he hoists it up on to his back)

The TARDIS is parked across the street from the building, and Elsa speeds up her walk when she sees it, wanting to get inside as soon as she can. Ten hurries along as well, not wanting to keep her waiting, fumbling in his jacket for the door key. He unlocks it and opens it widely.

Elsa: Can I have my pack, my good sir?

Ten: Of course, milady. (Removes the pack with a wide grin and hands it to her)

Elsa: Thank you.

She places it down on the floor and removes her parka, leaving her towel around her shoulders, and then she picks up her pack again and heads upstairs with it.

Once she reaches the lavatory, she takes out her cap and goggles to rinse them out and climbs into the shower, still in her suit. She rests her cap on the edge of the tub and turns on the tap, running her goggles under the water for a moment. After it gets warm enough, she turns on the shower and stands under it, relaxing and gradually taking off her suit.

Ten comes upstairs while she’s showering and enters the lavatory.

Ten: Baby girl?

Elsa: Yeah? Hi, Doc! (putting shampoo in her hand)

Ten: You all right in here? Do you need anything? I can get you something. You have everything in there?

Elsa: Ummm, yeah, I do. No worries, Doc. (Rubs the shampoo into her hair and scrubs it into her scalp)

Ten: Would you like some company?

Elsa: Uh, sure. I guess.

Ten: Brilliant. I’ll be right in. Let me get ready here.

Elsa ducks under the water and scrubs her scalp hard, getting all the soap out. The curtain opens on the end away from the shower head and Ten’s smiling face peers around it.

Ten: He-ey. Room in here for two?

Elsa: Yup.

Her husband steps in all the way and closes the curtain again.

Ten: Wow. It’s nice and warm in here. I only hope your ice doesn’t melt.

Elsa: I can handle it. This is the temperature I usually have the water at. It hasn’t affected my ice before.

Ten: I’m just looking out for you. You know that. (Looks around the shower) May I use some of your shampoo?

Elsa: (picking up the bottle) Go for it.

Ten: Thank you, milady.

He squirts some into his hand and lathers it hard into his hair, and then he moves under the water to rinse it out. Elsa watches him run his hands through his hair, slowly, fascinated by his beauty and tall, slender form. She reaches up to help him rinse, sweeping stray hairs behind his ears.

He raises his head from under the water and blinks his eyes, smiling widely at her. She strokes his wet hair back out of his eyes and smiles back.
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Series: Part 1 of There’s no remedy for memory

Makoto chooses to go somewhere Haru can’t follow.

Or the art of not knowing what you have until it’s gone.

Elsa gets out of the pool after an hour-long, satisfying workout, and she heads to the locker room to shower. She reaches into her swim bag after drying her hands on her towel, pulling out her phone and unlocking it with the passcode. She sends a quick text to her husband: ‘Just got done with swimming. I’m going to be quick in the shower so you don’t have to wait long,’ and then puts the phone back in her bag, not waiting for his response. She turns on the shower on the end and takes her suit off, shampooing her hair and washing her body. Once she gets out, she immediately puts her street clothes on and flings her bag over her shoulder. Ten is waiting for her in the main room, standing amid a small group of other people, and he looks like he’s scanning the entrance to the pool area.

Elsa: Doc! *speed-walks in his direction*

Ten turns around once she gets close enough, and a big wide smile crosses his face.

Ten: Girlie! There you are! I got your text. Did you see my message? *kisses her fondly* How was practice?

Elsa: Satisfying, as usual. I hurried so you didn’t have to wait too long for me.

Ten: I don’t mind waiting. I’ve told you, Elsa; take all the time you need. There’s no rush into anything here. You want a nice shower. You’re not hurrying through anything for my benefit, all right? Make sure you wash yourself really well and get the soap out of your hair. Did you get the soap out?

Elsa: Yes. I scrubbed my head really well. The showers are nice. Perfect water pressure. I was just thinking about you, that’s all. I didn’t want you hanging around here with nothing to do while I went through a grueling swim workout for an hour.

Ten: ‘Nothing to do?’ What do you mean ‘nothing to do?’ I brought a book to read. It’s fine. I just sat here reading. I had plenty to do. Everything is A-OK. 

Elsa: Okay. I was just making sure.

Ten: I know you were thinking about me, baby girl, and I appreciate that. You’re kind-hearted and caring, always putting others before yourself. It’s who you are. I really, really appreciate it. However, there is still nothing wrong with thinking of yourself at times, too. If you need more time, we can have more time. I brought plenty of things to do. So practice was good?

Elsa: Yeah, it was. I don’t feel complete in my day unless I go swimming. It’s part of me. There’s a meet this weekend and I was wondering if you’d like to come.

Ten: Hell, YEAH! Are you competing?

Elsa: I’m thinking about it. I already told Coach I was interested. It’s all the standard events of a general swim meet. Sprints, distance, the works. I’m thinking of signing up for the 1650 free, the 200 fly, the 200 back, the 400 IM, and maybe the 500 free. It’s all the things I usually do at meets, even though I haven’t done a meet in years.

Ten: You are a STUD, girlie! I don’t know how you do all that! I’m such a coward I’d only do the 25 and 50 stuff. Sounds like they’ve got your whole cuppa tea on that list. Are you gonna sign up? Because I’ll be there if you’re going. There’s no question to that. I will definitely be there.

Elsa: Really?

Ten: Yeah! If you end up competing, I’m in! I’d love to see you swim! You’ve got your personal cheerleader right here, baby girl! Do you need a lap counter for the freestyle stuff? I’ll count for you if you want me to.

Elsa: I want you to…but only if you want to.

Ten: I want to. I so want to! You didn’t even have to ask me, girlie. The answer was going to be and always will be yes! Yes! Yes, I want to go cheer for you in the stands and be your lap counter! If that’s what you want.

Elsa: It is. I’m thinking about doing this meet, so it’s still up in the air for the moment, but it seems that Coach is interested in having me do it.

Ten: You should definitely do it, baby girl! Sign up! You love swimming! If it’s this weekend, you should make a decision now. I’ll be there if you end up going. No way am I going to miss my wife’s swim meet! I’ll cheer for you and count for you. Just tell me when your events are and I’ll be at the end of your lane. You won’t be able to miss me. Hell, YEAH, I wanna go!

Elsa: It starts Friday night. That’s when the 1650 is. Men’s and women’s. I might be going close to the middle of the women’s heats, depending on my entry time. I don’t know how many other people will be there, but I’m guessing quite a few. It’s one of those long, three-day meets. I don’t even know what my last time was for the 1650. It’s like from 2000.