my sweet sweet darling angel


Puck Personality @ Sidney Crosby

can i not like you for a while? - larryshares (43k)

louis tomlinson is awful. harry is just as difficult, and they’re both terrible to each other. it makes being in the same acapella group together quite complicated.

fall into your sunlight - shoulderbladesarewings (27.6k)

Louis and Zayn are demons.  Liam’s an angel who’s not allowed to associate with them.  Harry’s sick, and Louis still loves him.

Hush my sweet darling - Bellybean555 (less than 1k)

Harry and Louis’s baby girl turns a week old.  Cue Harry crying because he doesn’t want his baby girl to grow and a fond Louis.

And of course…(because it’s one of my fav fics and I reread it all the time)

Pi Time - aclosetlarryshipper (16.7k)

Harry, 20.

Less than 1 Mile Away, Active 1 minute ago.

I think when it comes down to it, I’m just looking for someone supportive. That’s all I really need in life.  I know this is an app, but we can find people in all the most obscure places. -H.S


Hot, hipster Harry from Tindr is nothing like Louis expected.

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