my sweet sweet darling angel


hey guys, i’m opening up a few commission slots this week! ^^)/ 💕 💕 💕 

if you’re interested please email me at with a reference and details of what you would like (including which commission type)! all payments will be upfront and completed through my paypal email which i will provide once i accept your commission!

thank you for your time and consideration! all boosts are very much appreciated! ^^)// 💕

harry is my sweet darling angel, my little pumpkin pie, my sweet cup of milk, my little bowl of cocopops, my strudel, my cinnamon donut, my angel pea, my soft silk strand, my little cushion pillow thing, my baby giraffe child, my tea with milk and two sugars, my little bottle of coconut oil, my son whomst i love with my whole entire heart,


Puck Personality @ Sidney Crosby