my sweet subaru


Voltage Men in Love Triangles 

my friend went japan so i asked her to help me get more of voltage bromide. yea, add on to my collection, burning a bigger hole in my wallet. i feel like i wanna collect all? 😂😂😂😂😂 need a bigger album to store all my bromides


I’m so nervous right now (/。\)

Wow. I never thought that making gifs was so easy. I mean, not the “draw 100 pics” part, but since I don’t have PS I thought it was impossible for me to do one xD 

Well, I really hope you like it :3 I want to make more in the future but it might take a while since I don’t like to do things quickly (?) so every frame is pretty detailed (argh!!)…
This was really a long work… and actually I should add another frame but I’m too tired to do it and it works quite fine without it anyway so yeah >.>

This is dedicated to chiapeto! (´∇ノ`*)ノ since I never gave you a birthday gift D°:

I have to add my signature like that because it’s pretty easy to repost it without crediting the artist, sorry if it’s ugly! (i like rainbows ahaha)