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somebody that i used to know (part 2) || old man logan

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This is part II to Somebody That I Used To Know - back by popular demand! The way this is going.. you all are going to eat it up because it’ll probably be more then three parts. 

Previously - You left Charles Xaviers School to restart somewhere new, far away from the man who held the remaining pieces of your heart. It’s now years later.. and he’s shown up on your door with a little girl and Charles Xavier. The question is… why? 

Part II - Logan recants the Westchester Incident and why he’s on the run with Laura to you. The only problem with him being at your house for safe shelter is that he’s completely unaware of the reason why you really left the School - the only one who knows what you keep is the ninety year old telepath with crippling dementia. 

If I didn’t make it clear in the last part, this ficlet takes place AFTER DOFP. I’m not entirely sure what the time gap is between DOFP and Logan.. but we’re just gonna roll with it. 

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@squatch31 surprised me and took me on a picnic and an all day hike at Old Man’s Cave!

We are two tired, muddy, sore, and very happy boys!

I had such a great time climbing and hiking and taking pictures! It was really awesome to get away, no cell service, breathing all the fresh air.

I love you, my sweet boy!!!



So…I really love this….a lot.

  • A Spider-Man birthday issue same month as my birthday. Sweet!
  • Old school X-Men!
  • Xavier in the hover chair from the awesome 90s cartoon!
  • Peter/MJ shipping which means a shitton more than interchangeable love interests he’s constantly trying to hook up with!
  • Annie being cute!
  • This is the party MJ was planning n issue #2! Continuity!
  • Supporting cast!
  • Normal life shit that has nothing to do with dimension vampires, globe trotting corporate espionage or megalomanical plans at to replace the world with clones!
  • Aunt May is dead YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Aunt Anna is dead awwwww man!
  • But real life consequences where you gotta move on from loss and keep going emphasised by virtue of Peter and Mj having their own familes now. So…what Spider-Man is all about so also YAY!
  • Why is Peter talking about being Spider-Man out loud though? And I’m pretty sure he can still be surprised.
  • So ‘Spiderling’ is really

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Today was my last day at work before I quit for college and MY COWORKERS ARE THE SWEETEST THINGS EVER! One coworker gave everyone donuts and me a couple drawings she made, too, and my manager made everyone cupcakes. It also happened to be my manager's last day. There's this sweet old man who brings really nice books in to sell to us (we buy and resell children's clothes and other stuff), and he knew it was my manager's last day, so he brought in cupcakes for her! MY HEART HAS MELTED AAAAGHH

  • Dipper, S2 Ep1: There's something HUGE going on right under our noses. And it's time we stop goofing around and get to the bottom of it.
  • Me: Yeah okay whatever. *munches popcorn*
  • Dipper & Wendy: *fight off nightmare-inducing shapeshifter*
  • Dipper: *gets possessed*
  • Dipper: *destroys underground society*
  • McGucket: *learns he erased memories after committing unbearable acts*
  • Dipper & Mabel: *learn Soos has a deadbeat father who left him at age 4*
  • Northwest Mansion: *bleeding chanting taxidermy animal heads*
  • Stan: *almost ends the world*
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ...jfc.
christ. Power Rangers was GREAT. I was fucking trembling and squirming in my seat when I got to see the Zords in action, man, not to mention my embarrassing scream when they played the original song.

Also, I was just….

I forgot the pink ranger had a JET. 

And I was like, creeping out the children around me cuz I was like, chanting “come on, come on, combine combine, combine….”

And then when they DID.

And I got to see the SWEET NEW MEGAZORD dESIGN. 

I lost my shit.

As did.

The forty year old man in front of me who fist pumped.


A squad of nerds my age in the front row clapped. 



I wanted to die, I was so happy. 

Felt like a child, that’s what Power Rangers did to me.

I really feel like they built up to it really well too? Some people complained it was like Godzilla, like, they want to see the Power Rangers, not the personal lives of the human beings, but I felt like we NEEDED to be introduced to these people in order to care about them and to genuinely want to see them succeed.

And then in the end?

YEAH you desperately wanted to see them morph and then USE THEIR ZORDS and beat Rita and KICK ASS IN MEGAZORD.

So I was very satisfied. 

I loved this movie. 

When Eyes Meet: Part 3

Description: At twenty-three Kit became a mother to her three siblings. Thrown into motherhood, she’s been learning to juggle two teenagers and a boy genius for the past two years, and she hasn’t quite gotten it down. So of course fate decides to through in another ball to juggle.

In a world where everyone is born with Heterochromia; One eye color is yours and the other is your soulmates, and when you meet your eyes become your own. Of course Kit couldn’t get someone normal, instead she gets a known billionaire playboy, with trust issues. Then add in superheroes and tights, because her life wasn’t complicated enough.  

Random Facts, Character Sheet

Prologue, Part 1, Part 2

Kit sat next to her soulmate. She was nervous and couldn’t stop her leg from bouncing. It was one of her more annoying habits. Even Natsume would lay a hand on her knee to make it stop. The combination of her brother being in surgery, finding out her soulmate was Bruce Wayne, and three cups of coffee had her wired.

   He had said it so casually, too. They’d been on their way to the waiting room, when he’d said, “My name is Bruce, by the way.”

   There had only been one Bruce at the party that night, and it had been the man hosting it. Her soul mate was one of the richest and most powerful men in Gotham. Fate was playing a cruel joke, and she was going to register a complaint when her time came.

She’d simply nodded, said, “Of course it is.” And kept walking. They hadn’t said anything else to each other in the hour since.

“Is Seth your only sibling?”

Slowly, her knee stopped bouncing and she turned to the man, “No. He’s one of three. Seth is sixteen. Aki is thirteen. And Natsume is nine. I’m… their guardian.”

His smile was playful, “I know.”

Kit raised an eyebrow, “You do?”

“Jim Gordon is a good friend of mine. I was going to ask him to run a background check, but he already knew you. That was a surprise.”

Kit couldn’t help but smile, “He and my dad were partners back in the day. They walked the same beat. They remained good friends until he died.”

“He told me about that. Said it was a drunk driver.”

Kit could only shrug, “I still have no clue what they were doing out that late. But the guy ran a red light, plowed into them killing them and himself. I’d just gotten in from a girl’s night when I got the call.”

“I’m sorry. I lost my parents when I was eight.”

Kit didn’t know what to say to that. Their murder had been all over the newspapers. Her father had worked a lot of nights in the effort to find their killer. Her mother had talked about the poor boy.

There was another moment of silence before Kit said the only thing she could, “I’m sorry. I don’t know what to say, but I’m sorry that it happened.”

Bruce doesn’t say anything for a moment before asking, “Will you tell me about your siblings?”

Kit takes the change of subject, “Seth is the oldest. He’s excellent at sports, gets good grades, and he’s always been really popular. I should say was.”

“Mad at the world?”

Kit nodded, “Ever since Mom and Dad died, he’s been picking fights, his grades have tanked, and he’s been kicked off every sports team. He’s been suspended three times, one more and he’ll be expelled.”

“So what you’re saying, is that we have our work cut out for us?”

Kit stared at him for a moment, eyebrow raised, “You’re not ready to run for the hills yet?”

He met her gaze head on, “Do I seem like the type of person to run?”

Kit’s mind flashed back to him taking down the thug that had been beating her brother, “Kids and fights are two very different things.”

Bruce inclined his head in submission, “Very true. What about your other siblings?”

Kit’s eyes narrowed, but she continued, “Aki is thirteen going on twenty-one. She’d dramatic, very involved in clubs, but her grades aren’t that great. She wants to be an actress.”

“Big dreams.”

Kit scoffed, “Big headache.”

“What about Natsume?”

Kit smiled, “Nine years old. Boy genius. Fairly withdrawn from kids his own age, and the absolute best kid you’ll ever meet. Ready to run for the hills yet?”

Kit watched as Bruce shifted in his seat, “You seem very certain that I’m going to run.”

“Any sane man would, especially billionaire playboys.”

His lips quirked upwards, “Open the bond.”

“Excuse me?”

“Open the bond. Close your eyes, and focus on that little tugging sensation.” Slowly Kit closed her eyes. The sensation was in her stomach, a metaphysical bond that she had to open. Slowly, she took a deep breath, and then she concentrated. The feelings that came through were ones of certainty and love. It was hard to describe the exact feeling, but it was as though he was wrapping his arms around her, and burying her in warmth.

Taking a deep breath, Kit opened her eyes. Turning her head, she saw that his eyes were closed, and he was holding her hand, and his fingers were laced with hers. Slowly, his eyes opened and he met her gaze. With a sigh Kit declared, “You’re insane.”

He smiled, “Alfred would probably agree with you.”

Kit shrugged, her grip tightening on his hand, “At least our lives won’t be boring.” When he let out a deep laugh, she melted a bit inside. Over the next several hours they exchanged little tidbits of information. Neither was particularly interested in sharing anything big. Enough milestones had taken place that night.

Eventually, the surgeon came out and gave the good news. Seth would be fine. The surgery had stopped the internal bleeding, and they’d fixed his collapsed lung. He still had a concussion and a broken leg to deal with. He’d be waking up soon, which left Kit stuck between a hard place and a rock.

She had two younger siblings, at home, fast asleep with a babysitter who had to be to work soon. Then she had a gravely injured, idiot of a brother in the hospital who also needed her.

“Care to share what you’re thinking?”

Kit turned to face Bruce, “I was wondering if you had enough money to clone me so that I could be at home with the younger two and here with the idiot?”

Bruce’s grin scared her a bit, “I can do one better. I can have Alfred go over.”

Kit’s eyes went wide, “No. Nononononono. You are not sending that sweet, old man to my apartment to deal with those terrors.”

The grin never left Bruce’s face, “He dealt with me, he can handle them. What choice do we have?”

“A SWAT team?”

“Katherine,” Kit wondered about the use of her whole name for a minute before he continued, “I don’t have a SWAT team. I have an Alfred, who to be honest, could probably out do the SWAT team.”

Kit slumped in her chair before waving him off to make the call. A little while later, they were allowed into Seth’s room. They were each given a reclining chair, and Kit was out within minutes.

Bruce watched her sleep. She snored lightly, and tended to toss and turn in the chair. He was still wide awake. His schedule was odd, and he was used to staying up late. It came with the territory of protecting Gotham. He stalled for a minute at the realization that he was going to have to have that conversation with her at some point. The poor woman was already tired and stressed out, but in time, he was hoping to ease that burden for her.

The cause of said stress, or at least a third of it, opened his eyes, and Bruce met the boy’s gaze. He was on so many painkillers, he doubted the kid would remember anything for a few days. But Bruce needed to make something very clear. He moved from his chair to the bed, and took a seat on the edge.

He met the boy’s gaze head on, and saw what worried his sister there. His eyes were filled anger and sadness. And beneath that, Bruce saw guilt. Leaning forward he kept his voice low, “You will not do that again. It was a stupid and selfish choice that nearly got you and your sister killed. You will not do it again.”

Anger took over the boy’s gaze, “Not dad.” He slurred.

Bruce raised an eyebrow, “You’re right. I’m not your dad. I’m your sister’s soulmate, and the one who took out your would be killer. That makes me your brother, and your new warden. And if you put Katharine through that again, I will personally make sure you don’t leave the house without some sort of tracker or bodyguard until you’re eighteen.”

Bruce watched the realization bloom on the boy’s face, right as the medicine took him back under. Bruce had no doubt they’d have that conversation again, but he was serious. He’d protect Katherine and her family, because they were his family now too.

Shut Up And Dance With Me

Summary: Carpooling with the Avengers (you and Bucky are a couple though)

Words: 517

Warnings: None

Just a happy one for now! Had fun writing this to my favourite songs, lol. Short but sweet :) Emma Xx

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“Hey, old man, plug in the aux cable. Need some music in here!” chirped Tony, making Steve sigh as he linked up his phone to the car. Diving across Bucky and Sam’s laps, tapping on Tony to pass over the phone, you scrolled through all the songs, admiring what actually modern music was on Steve’s phone. “Dang, Steve! You have some tunes on here!” you laughed, scrolling through until a track captured your eye.

“Are you all ready, ladies and gentleman?” you asked, hovering over the play button.

“Go for it!” chuckled Bucky, barely seeing anything except your butt from where you was leant in the car. Tapping on the play button, the first few words of the song blasted through the speakers, Bucky sighing at how much you loved this song.

I’m friends with the monster that’s under my bed
Get along with the voices inside of my head
You’re trying to save me, stop holding your breath
And you think I’m crazy, yeah, you think I’m crazy

Instantly, Bucky, Sam, Steve and Tony all sank into the rapping, you listening in admiration at how well they knew the lyrics. Waiting for Rihanna to sing along, you bounced up and down in your seat, smiling in pure glee to Bucky.

Eventually, after all the guys had finished rapping, you burst in again with your singing, louder than the three of them together.

Now, I ain’t much of a poet but I know somebody once told me
to seize the moment and don’t squander it
‘Cause you never know when it all could be over tomorrow

Rolling down the window, you joined in with the guys rapping, blowing them out of the water in volume and surprising Bucky as to how well you recite the lyrics. He knew you loved the song, but this was just crazy. “What?” you asked, as he sat there admiring you.

“Just watching you like that, having a good time and all that,” he replied, softly, pulling his cute, snarky smile. “Dang, keep talking like that and I’ll have to send you back to the army to toughen up!” you laughed, pecking him on the lips before turning to look out the window. The song faded out as you waited for the next song to play.

“Actually, can I choose?” chirped Bucky, looking over to you who was amazed. Bucky had the weirdest music taste and you had no clue what he would choose.

Oh don’t you dare look back
Just keep your eyes on me
I said you’re holding back
She said shut up and dance with me

“Oh my god!” you laughed, realizing exactly what Bucky’s idea was. “Don’t you like it?” he laughed, smirking over to you as he turned to Sam to wind him up. Waving Sam’s arms around, he choreographed him into a routine and before you knew it, you were joining in. Soon enough, Tony was roped into it and Steve was trying his hardest with one hand on the wheel. It really was one crazy party in one car.

Just the way you liked it.

One thing I keep thinking as I rewatch Clone Wars and then look at the Last Jedi trailer is how Luke wasn’t even equipped to try ad rebuild the Jedi Order.

The Clones Wars shows us all the flaws the Order have in much greater depth than the prequels, and also how the war eroded trust in the order. we see how the Jedi are disconnected in Clone Wars and also in the prequel movies, and you start to see how people could easily be turned on them.

Luke doesn’t know any of that. There is no one alive to tell him. Like, even if Kanan Jarrus miraculously survives s4 of Rebels and meets Luke later or whatever with some random explanation of where he’s been…he was just a padawan at the time. He doesn’t know the flaws that brought down the order. The people who knew best, Obi-Wan, Vader/Anakin, and Yoda, are all dead (I mean maybe Ashoka would know but I put eve less money on her surviving than Kanan) and only Yoda even really hinted at them. Obi-Wan was on a tight schedule and more concerned with getting Luke onboard and Vader was more concerned with ““you’re my kid, join me as a Sith” and then they both died before they could tell him more. Ghost Obi-Wa helped a little but unless those three were constantly around trying to warn Luke about things the poor guy went in blind.

So Luke’s just barely getting started and doesn’t know what to watch out for and is probably also overwhelmed as hell and Snoke just slips in and corrupts Ben in front of everyone and poor Luke and everyone else don’t even know what to watch for.

I mean, would things have worked better if Luke and Anakin’s ghost talked for five minutes?

Luke: So, how’d the Emperor get you on the Dark Side anyway?

Anakin: Oh, he totally pretended to be my friend. A smart Sith Lord is great at the “sweet old man” act, at flying under the radar. Dooku kind of did that too, made people think he was a visionary. The hide in plain sight trick.

Luke: And none of the Jedi noticed?

Anakin: Well pretty much all the Jedi didn’t really trust me since I came into the order late and they saw me as way too emotional even when I had reason to be. Now that I think about it Obi-Wan might have noticed as it got really bad but the Emperor made sure he was on an away mission when it was time to finally turn me….

Luke: Whoa.

Anakin: Yeah. He even used me being jealous of Obi-Wan getting the mission. The Jedi were used only to kids raised in the temple for thousands of years. They had no clue what to do with me most of the time. Kind of sucked. Also meant some planets saw the Jedi as child stealers because some of them were idiots about getting the kids while they were young and didn’t use roper channels…

Luke: *facepalms*

Yoda: History of the Jedi, not all awesome it is. Sometimes real idiots we were.

Obi-Wan: Looking back I wish I’d smacked Qui Gon for the “not here to free slaves” thing…and my teenage self for thinking I had any idea how to raise a nine year old…

Anakin: Good rule for the new order: grieving teenage Jedi should not be made to raise emotional nine year olds with traumatic backstories.

Luke: …Okay. That can be rule one.