my sweet mad world

Being the only emo in your group 3

Friend: Aw my eyeshadow is smudging and the colours are mixing

Other friend: My foundation is caking up in this humid air

Another friend (Yes I have this many friends shut up): My eyeliner is bigger on this side

Me:*raccoon eyes buffered with more black eyeshadow, no foundation just pale powder and eyeliner is not even visible through all the black eyeshadow it could be shaped like a potato who knows*

Me: *Sneaky smirky smile* huehue

A Love Letter to Alice

Sadness bleeds from her eyes,
causes her smooth skin to crack,
before she paints petals
with a crimson cure.
Oh sweet Alice, innocence—
is not what we once thought.

The potion leaves a bitter taste upon her tongue.
       Yet, she drinks—
until time thumps by in a white rush,
scrapping blunt teeth over her fragile heart.
Oh sweet Alice, innocence—
is not what we once thought.

The cat rots in the tangled branches of the neighbor’s tree.
Roses cripple down to their roots.
The twins scream behind the trembling,
       locked door of their room.
And Madness sits upon her shoulders, singing lovely tunes:

       “Little Alice fell
       the hole, bumped her head
       And bruised her

Now everything that is not is meant to be.
And off flies her fleeting mind
where it too has become lost in a dream
filled with real things.
Oh sweet Alice.
My sweet Alice.

There is
in this mad-stained world
that I love more