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silver-dragon-xv  asked:

OM-freaking-G! That was so fabulous!! I always get so excited to see a new chapter in “Oh You Wondrous Creature,” and this was the best!! So many feels!! I’ll probably have an emotional breakdown when you post the final chapter of this tale because I love it so much. I don’t want it to ever end!

Yup. It’s definitely an unofficial Be Nice to the Tonberry day. No complaints here though. Thank you!!!! You always say such sweet things and reblog stuff to share my madness with the world. You are such an awesome person and I really hope we’ll still be all up in each other’s fandom stuff when the fic is over. Ugh geeze I got the willies thinking about it being over. Boo! Nooo! Oh god my heart isn’t readyyýy. How long is too long for a fic? How many hundred thousand words is too many??? Oh geeze this burst of kindness is making my brain stupid and I’m babbling. Ackkkkkk!!! Please accept all of my thanks and appreciation. ALL OF ITTTT. 💜💜💜

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