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not trying to be mean or anything but your muse feels like a Gary Stu and i can't put my finger on why 🤔 like he's too nice. some sort of Disney princess bullshit.

I appreciate your feedback, friend! However, I feel inclined to disagree. Jeremiah is overly nice, yes. Sweet enough to give you a cavity if you interact with him for too long, I’d wager. But take into consideration his faith. He lives by his Rede, he is dedicated to his lifestyle. There are reasons that he’s as kind as he is.

I also touched on that in the bio page concerning his beliefs. Jeremiah doesn’t want to radiate toxic vibes. He’s very much aware that negativity spreads faster than positivity and to harm another person, directly or indirectly, is against his faith. He’s a pacifist in every sense of the word and only becomes harsh if someone is persistently harassing him, his coven, or if he feels trapped in an interaction with someone that breaks all the rules he lives by.

And you leave my Disney Prince alone. He’ll sing songs to the animals and continue to be friends with every last heckin’ thing in his forest. I think it’s EXTREMELY important to show that men can be every bit the princess as women are. Except they’re not princesses for it. They’re princes and having that sort of personality doesn’t make them invalid as men. Toxic masculinity is gross nasty and I will spit in its face at every turn so help me Goddesses I will set fire to societal expectations and dance on the ashes.

Should more in-depth threads ever get going on here, more of Jeremiah and how he works will be made clear. I can only get so much of who he is and his personality across in a bio, the rest has to shine through in interactions with other people. Looking at a character by themselves can make them seem flat. But it’s how they work with others and in their environments that show who they really are. What habits they have, how their way of speaking changes depending on who they’re talking to, so on and so forth.

Jeremiah is nice, yes, a very sweet man. But there’s far more to him than his kindness and it just needs to be tapped into. He is complex. Though both he and I need the right kind of nudge to tap into that and let his full personality come to light.

He is a pacifist. But he is fierce. He is passionate. Determined and unbending. Jeremiah has a very, very strong spirit that hasn’t been shown the light of day just yet. But it will come, in time.

And I don’t think most of the traits that qualify a character as a Gary Stu are here in Jeremiah. I don’t force people to love him right off the bat. Nobody is falling head over heels in love with him at every turn. There’s no super OP powers. Certainly no cliche tragic backstory. No familial relations to canon characters. He may have befriended some of the Legendary Pokemon that wandered into his forest, but he certainly didn’t catch them, nor would he ever call on them for help. Should he ever be injured, there’d be no miraculous recovery. Jeremiah is very much human with human flaws and human strengths. He reacts the way his character should react to any given situation.

He’s just a hippie that doesn’t like to leave his forest and loves his coven to no end.

…however, I’d be far more inclined to agree if you called Giovanni a Gary Stu. That asshat is the very definition of a Gary Stu lmfao. Go pick on my canon child, this child of mine isn’t quite open to being picked apart just yet.

  • Person: You know I was sort of a fan of Tom back in the day, but not anymore. He has just sort of fizzled out of my radar. I've sort of moved on with my lif-
  • Internet: *releases set photos from Thor 3*
  • Person: Thomas 👏 William 💯 Hiddleston 🙏 my sweet space Disney prince of a child👌👌👌 a talent too pure for this world👏🙌 look 👀 at 👀 my 👀 baby 👀 in 👀 that 👀 suit 👌🏻😱💯 you better conquer this that mane🙌🙌

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