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more Adventures of Space Boy and his Flower Prince!! @ childhood anon

I honestly considered splitting this into another two parts but I think @jakganim and @binsmoon might actually kill me

  • Bin telling Jinjin and MJ and later Rocky, on video chat, about the very first time he fell in love 
    • He tells them about Eunwoo, all soft and gentle, with eyes that sparkled and told you a million things at once 
    • How Eunwoo’s eyes are always kind and smiling, even when he’s whining at Bin to stop hogging toys 
    • How Eunwoo always picked up flowers from the roadside on their way to school and back and how he carefully pressed them in between pages of his textbook 
    • How Bin always wanted to go exploring and how Eunwoo grabbed his small, foam sword and went along with Bin to protect his adventurer 
    • How Bin still keeps a small star charm on a chain around his neck because once they made a promise on it and even if he never sees Eunwoo again, he’s still holding onto that promise
  • Sanha’s asked Eunwoo about that once, why Eunwoo always keeps that silver star around his neck 
    • Eunwoo telling Sanha that someone special gave it it to him and promised to always be there for him 
    • “And is he? Always there for you?" 
    • "I left before I could find out." 
    • Sanha tilting his head and asking what Eunwoo’s best friend was like 
  • Eunwoo laughs and tells Sanha about the time Bin and he got stuck in the rain walking home from school when Bin was 7.8 and he was 8.6 
    • Eunwoo dragging Bin into shelter under the awning of a convenience store 
    • And for some reason, Bin taking one look at Eunwoo, sopping wet and shrieking at the feeling of cold water running down his back,
    • And then laughing and dragging Eunwoo back out into the rain to play
    • They got into trouble, of course, and suffered cold symptoms together 
    • (Cue baby Binnie and Eunwoo surrounded by big boxes of tissue with Rudolph-red noses, sniffling at each other with wads of snot-covered tissue in their hands) 
    • But Eunwoo remembering the moment he decided to trust Bin and run out from under the awning because screw what they’ve been told to do Eunwoo would do anything Bin asked him to 
  • Bin laughing and telling MJ and Jinjin that he didn’t know what overcame him, he just wanted Eunwoo to laugh instead of worry about the rain
  • He tells them about the time he was 4.6 and Eunwoo was 5.4 and they got into a fight about a dumb toy 
    • How Eunwoo and Bin didn’t speak for a whole day until 
    • Eunwoo slowly walking over to Bin’s house and knocking a quiet, shy ba ba ba ba-ba ba ba on the door only to have Bin open the door, eyes red and fingers scrubbing hard at the tears on his cheeks 
    • Bin’s mum sighing and patting both their heads and getting them chocolate milk 
  • Eunwoo telling Sanha that really, that was the best chocolate milk he’s ever had in his life 
  • He tells Sanha about the time Bin was 8.1 and he was 8.9 and someone made fun of Eunwoo’s Pororo raincoat 
    • How Bin stood up to the person in the rain and yelled at him to apologise 
    • How the bully snickered at Eunwoo for needing friends to stand up for him and tried pushing Eunwoo 
    • Eunwoo tugging his raincoat tighter about him and trying to wipe his wet glasses with a wet hand 
    • Bin snorting and replying that hey, at least he has his best friend while the bully has no-one 
    • And how that, for all his bravado, the moment the bully spat on the ground and left Eunwoo & Bin alone, Bin broke down into tears and worriedly asked if Eunwoo was alright
    • Eunwoo running his hand through Bin’s wet hair and thanking him quietly for standing up for him 
    • Eunwoo feeling guilty as hell and Bin noticing
    • Bin sniffling and peeking up at Eunwoo and prodding Eunwoo’s glasses 
    • Bin: "hey, see all these raindrops? I swear on all the raindrops on your glasses, I’ll protect you as many times." 
    • Eunwoo laughing shakily and telling Bin that "we’ll be smelly old grandpas by then" 
    • Bin, snorting: "hey, if it means we get to stay together until then, then why not?" 
  • Sanha casually wiping away a single manly tear 
  • Bin picking at a napkin as MJ quietly finishes, "you didn’t end up staying together until then, though?" 
  • Bin smiling sadly into his coffee
  • He tells them about the time he was 8.5 and Eunwoo was 9.3 and Eunwoo left, Eunwoo moved across the country to god-knows-where 
    • How Bin and Eunwoo emailed back and forth about their days and how the emails gradually became less and less frequent with the onslaught of homework and dance practice and student council meetings, how not-meeting faded into a not-talking that still leaves a bitter taste on Bin’s tongue 
    • How Bin used to cry himself to sleep sometimes remembering Eunwoo’s gentle hands and bright smile and the way his hands framed Bin’s face softly that very last day before he kissed him 
    • He tells them about how the ache faded over time, how he’s slowly forgotten the ice-clear sound of Eunwoo’s voice and the way Eunwoo’s eyes sparkled with intelligence and mischief 
    • He tells them about how Space Boy gradually stopped turning to his right, exciting story on the tip of his tongue, when he remembered that his Flower Prince wasn’t there to listen anymore 
  • Jinjin’s eyes shining bright with tears and MJ reaching across the table to rub Bin’s arm 
    • Bin laughing shakily and telling them that the reason why he’s planning to do criminal psychology is Eunwoo, because Eunwoo wanted to protect the people he loves from getting hurt and damn if Bin isn’t going to try his best to do the same 
    • Bin’s voice fading almost to a whisper as he tells them of the face he glimpsed outside the window, of long eyelashes and bright eyes and soft lips 
    • MJ whipping around to look outside, almost as if Bin’s Flower Prince would still be there, hands in pockets, waiting for his Space Boy the same way Bin’s been waiting for him all this while 
  • When Bin is 20.3 and walking back alone from class: 
    • Bin walking by someone in a starry hoodie and jeans, with dark lashes and soft eyes 
    • Bin whirling around because he can swear it’s him, he looks exactly the way Bin imagined him growing up to be 
    • But the moment he turns around, the man is swallowed up by the crowd and Bin is pushed along, pushed along with the flow of people until he arrives at his dorm with a knot of ache and longing in his heart 
  • When Bin is 20.4 and Taeyang is 21.4:
    • Taeyang sprawled out on a library table, with his books scattered around and his cheek smooshed onto an open book 
    • Taeyang drooling slightly and Bin snorting and reaching over to take a picture 
    • And it’s almost contagious, this sleepiness, because Bin finds himself dozing off less than ten minutes later 
    • And it’s out of the corner of his eye so he’s not sure, not entirely, 
    • But he thinks he catches a glimpse of long eyelashes and kind, intelligent eyes and long fingers reaching for an encyclopaedia, right before he slips into sleep 
    • Bin finds himself smiling when he wakes up, silver star charm warm against his heart 
  • When Bin is 20.5 and Taeyang is 21.5 and Jinjin is 22.3: 
    • Taeyang panicking because he knows they have to film their cover of I Need U today and he needs a white shirt but he spilled coffee down the front of his only one this morning
    • Bin stretching and rolling his shoulders and going through Jungkook’s part one last time 
    • Jinjin bouncing up and down in time to the music blasting through his ear buds, body flowing smoothly to Hobi’s part 
    • The rest of the dance cover group scattered around the room, stretching and fixing their hair and make up in the mirrors 
    • MJ rushing everyone out of the dance room and down to the nearby park fountain and calling for everyone to take their positions before getting behind the camera 
    • A crowd gathering and watching these 7 fine young men dance 
    • And it’s halfway through the second filming that Bin catches sight of him, out of the corner of his eye 
    • He’s standing in the crowd, silver chain around his neck and in a simple white shirt and jeans, lashes longer than Bin’s life span and eyes sparkling 
    • And Bin nearly toppling over from where he’s doing a body wave, but Hoshi’s hand flies out and steadies him 
    • MJ making a mental note to edit this out from the final cover
    • Bin, thinking in that moment that I Need U has never been so long before
    • And when Jinjin claps and calls for a break before the third filming Bin flies out of formation and into the crowd to look for him
    • He can’t find him, there are too many people in white shirts, there are too many people in general 
    • Bin slipping in and out of groups of people because he knows that face, he’s seen it so many times in his dreams and he’s been catching short, almost unreal glimpses of it over the past few months after he’s moved to university 
    • Bin whirling around, eyes panicked and flicking through different faces to find the one he wants, the one he needs, 
    • And he’s there
    • He’s there, standing and grinning at Bin like he can’t believe his eyes 
    • And when Bin makes eye contact with him it’s like everything snaps into place 
    • Bin skidding to a stop in front of him, breathless and eyes shining 
    • "Eunwoo?" 
    • Eunwoo, smiling harder than he has in the past twelve years because he really can’t believe it, this is the boy he left behind 
      • The small, pudgy boy with voice like a cat 
      • The one who tried fighting a bully when he made fun of Eunwoo’s raincoat 
      • The one who stuck all of Eunwoo’s glow-in-the-dark stickers on his wall and made Eunwoo cry when he had to take them down 
      • The one who pressed a small, silver star into the palm of Eunwoo’s hand the day before Eunwoo had to leave and told him that if he ever needed someone to talk to he could whisper it to the star and Bin would hear it, in his heart 
      • The one Eunwoo kissed, like it was the most natural thing in the world to do, the day he left and never saw Bin again 
      • Eunwoo: "it’s you." 
    • Tears slipping from Bin’s eyes because he’s forgotten, he’s completely forgotten how Eunwoo’s voice rings like a clear bell across frozen lakes and how Eunwoo’s gaze is as soft as moonlight
    • Bin not noticing that he’s crying until he feels Eunwoo wrapping his arms around him and pressing his lips against Bin’s forehead and telling him that it’s alright and not to cry because really he doesn’t want this first memory of meeting Bin again to be the same as his very first one
    • Bin looking up and wanting to tell Eunwoo that no, it won’t, it’ll be different and it’ll be better because Eunwoo, with his adoring eyes and amused smile, is finally by his side again 
    • But he sees Eunwoo’s smile nearly cracking his face into half and he sees Eunwoo’s eyes brimming with tears and he sees Eunwoo’s small star charm resting against his heart 
    • And he laughs, he finally laughs and wipes his tears because if he never knew that he’s always been in love with Eunwoo all these years, he sure as hell knows it now 
  • When Bin is 20.6 and Eunwoo is 21.4: 
    • Bin sitting on his bed, back against his headboard and Jungkook poster and arm around a sleepy Eunwoo 
    • Eunwoo in Bin’s hoodie, tucked into the warmth of Bin’s arm and looking at the dulled glow-in-the-dark stars lining Bin’s half of the room 
    • Bin pressing soft kisses into Eunwoo’s hair as Eunwoo describes Sanha and how he met the small boy wailing by himself in the playground and how he essentially adopted him as a younger brother 
    • Bin showing Eunwoo photos of his best friends Rocko and Jinjin, and Eunwoo chuckling when Bin tells him how he met them 
    • Eunwoo tilting his head up and tracing Bin’s jaw with his hand because look at him, look at his baby Binnie, the small round-faced boy who burst into tears upon seeing Eunwoo 
      • It’s Binnie with sharper features, a voice of gold and dance-honed reflexes now, but he’s still the same Binnie that slept for 16 hours straight and woke up complaining that he needed a nap 
      • It’s the same Binnie that ate two bowls of rice each meal and tried to bargain with his mum for one more 
      • It’s the Binnie that clings to Eunwoo when he wakes up, nose pressed into the crook of Eunwoo’s neck and arms wound around Eunwoo’s middle
      • It’s the same Binnie that steals food from Eunwoo’s plate and feels guilty two seconds later and tries to pile double the amount he stole back into Eunwoo’s plate 
    • He’s grown up so much, so fast, Eunwoo thinks, but Bin’s eyes are still the same, his eyes are still full of the stars that they had when Eunwoo fell in love with his Space Boy 
    • Bin catching Eunwoo’s hand with his own and kissing Eunwoo’s palm because wow he may have put Eunwoo at the back of his mind for ten years growing up but he’s never stopped loving his Flower Prince 
      • And he knows MJ’s warned him to be careful, that Eunwoo mightn’t be the same boy he grew up imagining and he knows that MJ’s right and he shouldn’t romanticise Eunwoo 
      • But Eunwoo’s more than what he’s imagined
      • His voice no longer echoes of dulled wind chimes but is real and smooth as glass 
      • He still laughs at every single one of Binnie’s bad jokes even when Jinjin and MJ groan 
      • His eyes are sparkling and kind and amused and still able to tell Bin a thousand things with a look 
      • He still walks around the room with fluffy socks on and he still slips and slides in them 
      • His laugh rumbles deep from his chest and bubbles up like champagne 
      • His fingers intertwined with Bin’s are still fitting as perfectly as they did all those years back when Eunwoo held him close then let him go
    • And when Bin kisses Eunwoo right there and then, it’s sweet and soft and long and Bin feels every missing minute poured into that one moment 
  • Because it’s no longer a goodbye kiss; it’s the beginning of Space Boy and his Flower Prince, off to face the world.

Hi Binu’s finally done with ripping my heart to shreds and kissing it back together

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If ur doing requests and all do you mind doing one of what the boys were like in middle school?? You don't know how much I need this because it would be funny af to picture these boys as cringy middle school kids

i actually love making childhood headcanons like - these are the best kinds to do in my opinion?? mm these were really fun! i hope you enjoy.


  • The real definition of a true bad boy, learn from him.
  • His attitude was hard as a rock. This boy can hurt some feelings and won’t feel bad.
  • Had super nice hair, flaunted his hair a lot at the ladies.
  • Didn’t have many friends, maybe one or two, but he couldn’t bring himself to get close to others.
  • Would actually say he’d fight someone, but would either forget or actually not wanna fight because he’s scared or just can’t.
  • Was very mean to Amber, but he did stand up to people that picked on her because he’s her sibling. Only he can tease her.
  • Read a lot of books, started his crime novel age during middle school.
  • Thought that ‘TV-Y7’ was for cool kids only and always watched shows with that rating.
  • Actually liked dark chocolate. Probably the only kid in the room that asked for it.
  • If I were you, I’d use my brain and try not to start anything stupid.” Extra salty to mean kids.
  • Thinks kids that can blow bubble gum are so cool?? and he can’t do it goddamn.
  • That one kid that looked like he couldn’t do anything but was actually the smartest in class.
  • Thought that playing with a yo-yo was badass, but he could never do it.
  • Started his little transformation of a bad guy gone good, thanks to his father.
  • Wasn’t afraid to stand up to others, unless they’re actually very tall, he’d think about it.
  • Such a punk, he had a little collection of (what he’d call) ‘cool guy’ bracelets in his room.
  • Very slick, actually, he could make a pretty good criminal - though he’s not into that kind of stuff.
  • Told himself to act better before he entered highschool so he can pass and make his dad proud. It took a while.


  • Such a nice kid?? He looked very mean but he was actually very sweet.
  • That one kid that would either wear long sleeves and shorts, or vice versa. All the time.
  • Loved hoodies! He always had this red hoodie, it was almost like a trade mark for him.
  • Pretty smart. The only kid that actually listened in class and passed a lot of his assignments, an A/B student.
  • Was so desperate to look aggressive he had drawn a mustache on his face once. He just looks so young.
  • “Honestly, I really don’t know why you’re talking to me since I barely heard the first half of your sentence.” Brutally honest to his friends.
  • Always chewed on his pencil and wrote on everything he owned so students knew it was his. Full name, in bold, everything.
  • Had a lot of lego’s, he always seemed to be pretty good at building stuff but he’d be mad if he broke it.
  • Read the ‘for dummies’ books for fun and actually learned a lot from him. Not sure if that’s a good thing.
  • Liked insects, especially ladybugs or worms. He chased kids with them to have a spot for himself to play in at recess.
  • Always had great shoes, always had them clean and never let the other kids to touch them.
  • Though he was pretty kind-hearted, he wasn’t bullied. He was one of the tallest kids in class.
  • Tried to do magic tricks to impress the ladies, but barely any of them worked.
  • Had to wear orthodontic headgear at some point. Probably for a few months and he HATED it. he still looked cute, in a way
  • Really liked to skateboard. He fell a lot but he was really good at it.
  • Was very scared of his mom at this age, he’d shudder just talking about her.


  • The sweetest small baby child anyone would come across, how can he exist in such a world.
  • Had such a deep voice, a lot of kids thought he was older than he actually was.
  • “Excuse me but I really think I should go…this doesn’t seem like a place for me, unless you want me to stay.” Considered others feelings often.
  • Never liked to show his knees. No one knew why but he always hated showing them or his elbows.
  • Very classy child, he was usually called 'the boy that dressed really good with that accent’.
  • A lot of kids pet his hair, he didn’t really like it. At all. But he was too nice to tell them that-
  • Always made sure his outfit had corresponding colors since he couldn’t stand his outfit not matching.
  • Really liked insects, especially butterflies or ladybugs. He usually had some magnifying glass to look at them.
  • Didn’t have bad grades, but not the best ones. He was pretty forgetful of the lessons but he tried his best.
  • Such fluffy hair, it’s hair trying not to touch it like WOW - his hair was just on point back in the day.
  • Would kill anyone with kindness. He was pushed around, somewhat, but he managed it quite well.
  • It’s not a surprise Lys was very well-mannered, some girls probably had these crushes on him.
  • Was the king of hopscotch and jump rope, this boy had some great reflex.
  • Had this little crush for a while, he’d leave some daisy or flower on her desk…but he never confessed to her.
  • Loved going on field trips, especially where the animals were.
  • Very well educated on animals and how to take care of them, he’s corrected a teacher once or twice. and oh boy the teacher didn’t like that


  • Always wore some fandom merchandise, but mainly Star Wars was his favorite.
  • Okay but he had a HUGE Star Wars phase, he was so stuck on it.
  • Kids tried to pick on him but really?? He just doesn’t care.
  • Had braces. Got braces just before he hit puberty, he didn’t really care, he actually liked them.
  • “I’m gonna be honest…I really, really, really like you but I really, really, really want you to leave me alone.” Repeated himself a lot.
  • It took a lot to make him mad, it still does. But just bother Alexy in any way he doesn’t like and he’s the first one attacking tbh
  • Almost always placed in some movie reference in his sentences. Goddamn he didn’t have a good relationship with his teachers at all.
  • Never tried to hide his emotions from others. He’d just straight up blurt how he felt if asked.
  • Had some dark circles under his eyes because he pulled a very long night raids.
  • Never really cared about what he looked like. He rarely felt insecure. Of course, unless he had a crush-
  • Went by the quote 'C’s get degrees’ and almost got kicked out of school until his mom knocked some sense into him.
  • Terrified of bugs, he would honestly yell if Alexy brought one near him, every time.
  • Very afraid of getting a crush because that would mean he’d have to think of that person all the damn time-
  • Friends with a lot of people, actually. He was a pretty extroverted kid.
  • Hated gym class since he’d have to run and those little legs weren’t gonna take him anywhere.
  • Let’s be real, Armin probably had vine and made a lot of cringey videos that were actually funny back in the day. Pixelated glasses were his trademark.
  • Actually very scary when he’s mad?? Like please don’t make him mad. But his voice does squeak when he yells.
  • Long sleeves and shorts were his trademark. He always loved feeling warm on top and cool at the bottom.


  • Someone protect him because middle school was the worst phase of his life.
  • Looked like 'old Ken’. Big bowl cut hair, big glasses, cute freckles.
  • Gosh he was bullied a lot and it consisted a lot with teasing about his glasses or freckles,, someone save him-
  • Always talked to Candy, we know this, he vented a lot with Candy.
  • “I..I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean to - I hope you can forgive me, please.” Apologized a lot.
  • If Candy was mean, then he wouldn’t talk to her. What’s the point? She won’t listen, so, there isn’t a point.
  • Really loved sweaters, especially oversized sweaters. They made him feel safe in a way.
  • Such cute little rosy red cheeks just?? He was super cute in middle school.
  • Really liked doodling. Usually happy things, but if he was in a bad mood, he’d doodle out his day…which isn’t really something to look at.
  • Had a thing for origami, he usually made swans or boats. It was considered as girly but it was just a calm activity for him.
  • Really liked Boomerang and National Geographic. Those were like his two favorite channels.
  • Very smart kid, actually. He got one of the best grades in class, he loved seeing all those B’s and A’s.
  • Always had something sweet in his lunch. Cookies, honey-buns, candy, his mom made the best lunches.
  • Near-sighted. As soon as those glasses are gone, so his his eyesight.
  • Really loved insects. Okay, this boy could venture in his backyard looking for some cool bugs.
  • Didn’t have braces. The dentist scared him once about getting them and he slacked down on his candy consumption ever since.
  • To be honest, he rarely had any friends. Most of them were either busy or drifted away, which just made his case worse.
  • He may have followed Candy to Sweet Amoris, but his best memory was leaving middle school.

I found this childhood best friends AU languishing in a USB pen; it’s short and completelyuseless, but it’s cute so enjoy!

“This is charming, Jamie: I truly missed it” Q spat out, angrily binning the sorry remains of the beautiful gun he had issued the agent with “I remember it so clearly now, the way you used to destroy even the fucking tent when we went out camping and we had to sleep on the bare ground with a tons of little and nasty bugs”

James rolled his eyes and propped his hip against the edge of the other’s messy desk, easily ignoring the chaos he had grown used to “Stop calling me that in the middle of bloody MI6, I’ve got a reputation to keep up Gabe”

“Shut up! My fucking name is supposed to be classified, you pest!” Q’s cheeks blushed red with embarrassment and irritation at his oldest – and only, to be completely honest – friend “And that sodding nickname is absolute shit”

“MI6 definitely didn’t improve your language: your cussing is worse than mine and I was a sailor” James smirked as he ruffled Q’s already hopelessly messy curls and prompting another stream of truly impressively creative swearwords that somehow sounded more obscene when said with that posh voice his best friend could pull on a whim “You’ll never land a nice and rich guy if you keep behaving like a little rascal”

Q huffed and leaned over the desk to pinch James’ right cheek and pulled upwards, forcing his too serious face into a ridiculously grotesque grin “We both know you’re the only rich man in my life” he winked and jokingly kissed the other’s uncomfortably stretched mouth, giggling like mad when James tasted white chocolate in the peck.

“Why do you keep eating that awful stuff? I taught you to take better care of your tasting buds” he reproached before gripping Q from the back of his neck and properly kissed him, despite the sickeningly sweet taste of white chocolate mixed with overly-sweetened Earl Grey hiding the seductive natural tang of Q’s mouth: the little bugger had probably ingested all that sugar as soon as he had spotted him making his way down to Q-Branch after debriefing with M “You’re infuriating, Gabriel”

Q grinned “That’s the reason why you love me, James”

“Nah, the reason is that you suck co.. WHY DID YOU FUCKING BITE ME?!”

“You were going to say something stupid” Q batted his eyelashes and grinned, licking at the faint edges of the bite-mark he had left on James’ cheek to soothe the simmering pain, playfully pecking it when he was done “You can retry, if you want” he encouraged.

James sighed fondly “I’ve always loved you and I couldn’t exactly make a list about all of your wondrous qualities without leaving something out – your blowjobs are definitely on it, though”

“My man is an insensitive brute!” Q wailed rather dramatically, flopping on his desktop and dislodging the criminally high towers of paperwork flooding it “Moneypants! Shoot him again and do it right this time!”

Eve sauntered over to the pair, playfully rolling her eyes at their ridiculous antics “You’re both drama queens” she stated, taking a seat on the uncomfortable stool Q kept as only available seat in front of his desk to cut any impromptu meetings short and to the point “It still amazes me the fact you endured each other since childhood and still find in yourselves the strength to snog the living daylights out of one another: I’d kill you without a thought if I had to spend more than a week with the two of you”

“I’m sorry, dear: we don’t do threesomes” Q joked, smashing his cheek against the papers to better look at her.

“Well, there was that time..”


Eve shuddered “I really don’t think I could hear whatever story you wanted to tell James without ending up scarred for life” She plucked an overturned frame from the mess on Q’s table and aww’d: a blond teenager was sternly looking at the photographer with an arm protectively slung over a child’s thin shoulders that sported the ugliest glasses ever and a mop of knotted hair that must have been a nightmare to sort “You were so cute!”

James immediately ripped the frame from her fingers to inspect the picture and blanched “Why do you keep this at work?”

“You look like a berk in it” Q stated as if it had been the most wonderful thing about James’ personality and smiled blissfully, in that gleeful way that had always made the older man melt into a puddle of gooey loveliness.

“Well, you look like some possessed child straight out of an horror movie” Eve commented, interrupting the two lovers disgustingly making heart-eyes at each other.

James nodded his agreement, subtly shifting away from Q’s reach “Yeah, he was so ugly I couldn’t help thinking he wouldn’t survive childhood if I didn’t protect him”

“See if you’re getting any tonight, bastard”

Eve jumped away from the stool “I’ll leave you two to it” he said, completely ignored by the two man who had started squabbling about sex and something about how they had agreed that withholding it as a punishment was off the table – they were impossible, but how she loved them.

They are so down-to-earth. They are such a lovely family. Sweden is quite down to earth really. Princess Madeleine is absolutely lovely and is just, I hate to say a regular girl, but she’s a regular girl, who is wonderful and a little bit more poised than most of us. But she’s great. A really cool girl.
—  Swedish Canadian actress Malin Akerman, who attended the World Childhood Foundation’s ThankYou Gala on Monday, spoke to Hola! Magazine about Princess Madeleine and the Swedish Royal Family. She also said of the World Childhood Foundation: “It’s just such a wonderful organization that I’ve heard of over the years and so of course this was a perfect match to come and support the Queen and her beautiful organization.”
A Friend like Marinette

A little nod to Adrien “Just a Friend” Agreste for my sweet friend @sweet-childhood-dreams on her birthday! Happy Birthday, Lisa!

                                                                                                        Read it on A03

Don’t get him wrong, Adrien didn’t mind at all. Quite the contrary. He was inexplicably happy to spend another quiet evening with his friend. Marinette was fun, she was kind and honest, and brave and incredibly beautiful and in a way, he was a little disappointed that Luka couldn’t make it to this date again. Being the awesome person she was, Marinette deserved the best boyfriend around and this guy fitted the bill to a tee. They would be a really cute couple, he thought, if they would finally go on that date. But as of now, life was always interfering and for the tenth time in a row Adrien was asked to stand in for the boy who invited Marinette on a date but couldn’t make it at the last minute.

“Please, please, please,” Luka begged him again just twenty minutes ago. “Marinette was really looking forward to dinner at this particular restaurant. I booked the table already but my best friend’s cat suddenly fell very ill so we have to get him to a vet ASAP.

“Can’t your friend go alone?” Adrien asked.

In response, Luka only gasped. “That’s my best friend, Adrien, and I can’t let my best friend deal with this alone. Wouldn’t you do anything for your best friends?”

“Of course I would,” Adrien agreed. “But-”

“Please, Adrien, I beg you,” Luka interrupted, glancing at the clock. “I would really hate to disappoint Marinette. Please, go instead of me. She is your friend too. It’ll be like a friendly hangout in a restaurant. Just one more time. Please, Adrien?”

“Alright,” Adrien finally agreed. The kitty’s health was important and he could perfectly understand Luka’s unwillingness to leave his best friend alone at such a horrible time. Plus, Marinette was a really good friend of his and he couldn’t bear the thought of her being stood up or canceled on. Especially if she really looked forward to this evening. She won’t mind the switch, Adrien thought. She reacted pretty well the last nine times he stood in for Luka so it should be fine this time too.

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When my mum moved out of home, she got herself a Rough Collie she named Jessica Mary Winch (Winch was her maiden name). Recently I have been pining for a Rough Collie, but I don’t know if I could handle a big dog or such a full-coated dog.