my sweet babies are just so amazing *sobs*

EXO react to holding their baby for the first time

Xiumin: The baby just stares up at him with wide eyes, so he does aegyo to try and make him laugh, but instead the baby starts crying, so Xiu has to pick him up. “Aegi-yah, don’t cry. You’ll make Apba cry, too.” Once the baby stops, he’ll watch the baby carefully, stroking his chubby little cheek with a finger. “Honey, our mini-baozi is so cute.”

Luhan: Staring at his baby girl in adoration, holding back tears when he finally gets to hold this precious tiny human that he’s waited for so long. “My little princess… You’re going to be just as pretty as your daddy when you grow up. And then I’m going to kill any boys who try anything. Yes, I am! Aw, look at that cute little nose.”

Kris: Holding his daughter very carefully in his ginormous hands, he can’t help but laugh. “Baobei, she’s so tiny, Her little hand can’t even hold onto one of my fingers.” He wouldn’t be able to stop smiling the whole time the baby is securely in his arms.

Suho: He wouldn’t be able to help completely breaking down and sobbing after the ordeal you’ve all just been through, but now finally holding his sweet baby son, he tries to dry his tears. “Yeobo, we made the perfect baby. I’m so proud of you for going through all that.” He won’t let the baby out of his grasp until you demanded to hold him again.

Lay: He’d be so flustered holding his baby girl at first, amazed at the tiny life in his hands. “She’s really ours, isn’t she? And she’s actually here!” He’d just sit there next to you, arm around you, watching her sleep, breath puffing out between lips shaped just like his.

Baekhyun: While he’s holding your son, he makes funny faces at him, laughing and beaming when the baby mimics the funny expressions, gurgling and squinting his eyes. “Hahaha! Jagi, look at his face! He’s a mimic machine! Wait till I show the guys!”

Chen: He’ll hold her while swaying back and forth, smiling sweetly at her, then he snickers. You’d ask what was so funny about your baby. “She was so wrinkly and pink when she was born, I thought she was a pig.” Seeing your disgruntled expression, he’d continue. “Don’t lie - you know as well as I do, she’s already much cuter than she was half an hour ago.”

Chanyeol: When the doctor hands him his baby, he’ll be so smiley and giggly. “His arms are so chubby! And his ears already stick out, just like mine! Babe, look how awesome he is!” He’ll be so full of energy, but you’ll just have to put up with it while you’re recovering from giving birth - he’ll take care of you too… after the baby’s asleep.

DO: From the moment he sets eyes on his baby, he’ll be completely smitten. “Jagi, she’s the most beautiful precious little girl… She looks so much like you.” He’d walk around the room carefully bouncing her and singing her a lullaby in that gorgeous voice until she falls asleep, drooling lightly on his shoulder.

Tao: With his baby in his arms, Tao would be sobbing. Even though you’re drained from just giving birth, you might have to wipe his tears away as he tries to stop crying. “He’s all ours, baobei.” *sniffles* He’d then kiss your forehead, so happy to be part of his little family.

Kai: (ft. Sehun) “Hun-ah, look at her. That’s my little girl. Have you ever seen such a perfect tiny human in your life?” He’d hold her close, spinning around slowly and swaying so your little girl falls to sleep while dancing with her father. Once she’s asleep, he’ll give her an Eskimo kiss - lightly touching noses with her.

Sehun: Except for a light laugh at the way his child looks when he’s crying, Sehun wouldn’t have a moment of brattiness once his son is in his arms - he’d be all smiles, sitting on the bed next to you and talking to the baby. “Apba’s going to take you and your Omma home soon and you’ll get to meet all your uncles, but remember - Apba’s much cooler than any of them.”

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