my sweet and saucy

To Clarify

My loyalty is to my friends. The dear, saucy, sweet, brave, laugh-out-loud funny friends I have made in this fandom. They know who they are. They know they check in with me. They know I check in with them. They know they are the official bringers of laughs. They know that I couldn’t weather fandom or personal shit storms without them.

They know how much it BURNS me that @jamesandclairefraser had to delete her twitter because she was being tormented and harassed by an 85-year-old man and his “fans” for no other reason than that she believes in love. 

If Sam’s feelings are hurt, so be it. He has had chance after chance after chance after chance to denounce the actions of a professional troll, and has chosen not to time and time and time and time again.

He has had the opportunity to say “No. This isn’t right. My fans mean something to me. My fans don’t deserve this treatment. Women don’t deserve this treatment.”

He has had the opportunity to publicly say he is not friends with a certain someone any longer, due to the heinous way this person acts toward women online.

He has not. Again, he has not.

So to my girls, to Jess, to all those tender souls who keep getting told they’re not good enough, they don’t mean anything, they don’t even merit an apology or basic respect, told their contributions aren’t worthwhile, that they should just leave the fandom, leave these online spaces because hey, misogyny and fame and blue check marks rule the roost, well.

They know that I Will Not Stay Silent in the face of women being belittled, abused and bullied online or elsewhere. Enough is enough.

We all deserve better.