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do you have any where one of them is younger around maybe 16 17 and the other is in their 20's? thanks, babe!!

YES! This is a category I really like! :D

Younger Harry

You’ll Breathe Me In (You Won’t Release) (17/25)

Talk like a top take it like a bottom (16/21)

All you can eat. (17/25, vampire Louis)

sweet like cinnamon (17/20)

But I’ll Still Take You Home (17/22)

baby thinking of you keeps me up all night (19/29)

Your heart can love again (21/31)

i’ll fuck you like the devil (17/?)

Darcy’s Dad (?, log in)

Clean Up Your Mess, And Baby, I’ll Clean Mine (18/28)

The Sweet Escape (15/25)

stirringofbirds between my arms (16/23)

Younger Louis

Sizing Up Your Storm Clouds (19/27)

Just What The Doctor Ordered (16/26)

Feel The Heat Upon My Skin (17/27, a/b/o)

electing strange perfections (19/25)

Bring Me In From Out The Cold (18/32)

The more memories we make, the more painful it gets. Everything reminds me of what it used to be, what it could be now. It’s all temporary; I’ll never have it all to myself again. I don’t know how many people have felt my fire, your spark. It’s all a big question game; the feelings are balled up in my throat. Sweet 16 to reckless 18; 2 years I’ve gotten to watch you grow. When I’m with you, I’m taken away from reality. I don’t feel alone; the hole in my heart you created last summer is filled. All the things that internally cripple me temporarily disappear and I’m left in a blissful daze. People wonder why I go back. Look in my eyes. The answers are right in front of you.

Yesterday we wandered off into the woods of Lake Anza. My stepdad always told me to take mental pictures of the moments I never want to forget. Blink, capture, remember. You were looking into my eyes with love; I’d never felt such a strong connection with you. It buzzed from us like an electric current full of desire. Deception is tricky, but I can still feel your hands, feel your breath. I was the only thing on your mind. It was just us. The scene was perfect; sun-baked woods with a waterfall trickling down the middle. I can still feel you. The kisses held passion and love. 

We were in bed, just laying there, listening to the heartbeats. I’ve never held something so intimate with someone. I will always hold this memory close to my heart. When I’m with you I’m so much more. I can hear the “Come here” rolling off your tongue as I tucked in to your chest. I never want to forget.

The thing about these moments that flood my eyes is the uncertainty of it all. Do you feel this indeniable spark with just me? Do you consider changing your lifestyle to be happy with me? Have I impacted your life in any way? You spin me out of control, take me to a different dimension with the howl of your fingers. It makes me sick. Makes me delirious.

I wish that being wanted for more than a few hours was enough.

—  my heart is a lake. june 24
Was it worth it? Part 1

A/N: I’ve really enjoyed writing this and there’s a hell of a lot more where this came from.  Let me know if there’s anything that needs working on.  

Warnings: Language, mention of porn, 

The Jeep was loaded with the necessary precautions, sharpened machetes, bullets with devil’s traps carved into them, my favorite gun stuck in the waistband of my jeans.  I turned towards a dilapidated warehouse off in the distance.  The constant thud of my heart increasing in frequency as the building drew nearer.  I looked over at Adeline, she looked just as nervous, but much prettier.  

Her hair was tied up in a very slick braided bun and her eye liner was near perfect, god what a bitch. Don’t get me wrong I love my sister but I can’t help the tiny twinge of jealousy I feel towards her.  She got the good genes, tall, blonde, can tan even in the winter, and she always makes the men drool after her.  Of course she was never interested in the men that ogled her, no she had her eyes on prettier curvier objects.

“Okay you got the plan down?” she looked towards me blue eyes sparkling and let out a slow breath, trying to calm herself down.  

“Yeah I’m bait, why am I always bait again?” I shot her a disgruntled look.  The last four hunts had involved me luring the monster out and Addy waiting with a weapon.

“Because you’re quicker and smaller, so harder to catch,” she retorted back at me, I think it was just because she was afraid she’d actually get caught.  

Ever since our mother died the only real adrenaline rush I get is from running for my life.  Seeing your mom ripped away to nothing by an invisible beast makes everything else in the world seem dull.  Just like every hunt the memory resurfaced.

It was five years ago, I had just finished up my sweet 16 party and Addy and I were trying to make the house look presentable for our last living parent.  As the last piece of tape let go of the banner my mom’s scream rang through the house.  Addy’s body herded me to the hall.  Our mother came running down the stairs.

“Run!  Adeline get Becki out of here! It’s here, please go.” My mom shouted through tears.  As she made it to the bottom of the stairs she fell forward.  It was as if a bowling ball had struck her in the back.  Blood began pouring from freshly opened wounds on her back.  Another hellish scream ripped through the room.   She tried to lift herself up off the floor but her legs no longer moved. She turned to us opening and closing her mouth but no sound came out.  Another mark appeared across her face and her eye became dislodged from its socket.  The face that had tucked me in at night was no longer something I recognized.  Her body fell with a defining thud, as we watched the light literally left her eyes.  It looked as though the light had been torn away from her body.  Addy and I had stood frozen for what felt like hours. A red puddle surrounding our feet. That was the day we gave up everything. That was the day the monsters under the bed became real.  

I was pulled back to the present by Addy telling me where to park, “If you park too close they’ll hear us coming so maybe behind those bushes over there,” she indicated to a patch of overgrown weeds.

I closed the car door as quietly as possible and grabbed my most prized weapons.  My gun was fully loaded and the safety off.  In my right hand a menacing machete, the sharpened tip catching light. My reflection in the car door gave me a fun house view of myself.  My dirty blonde hair was tied back in a loose pony.  Dull blue eyes looked back, maybe if I tried mascara once I wouldn’t look like such a nun.

“Alright the vamps should be sleeping now, but they’ll be getting up soon so let’s move quick,” Addy whispered and we began to close the distance between us and the warehouse.  

My heart beat erratically against my rib cage.  I breathed as slowly as possible to try and lower the effect of adrenaline.  Addy knelt by the main door and gave it a thrust.

A creak echoed into the darkness and we froze.  Dust motes drifted through the light of our flashlights, we stepped inside.  Shoulder to shoulder we moved deeper into the darkness, a narrow beam of light guiding us.  Each step was slow and meticulous, they’d be getting ready for their night hunt soon.

We rounded a corner and came to an immediate halt.  Six vampires sprawled around making a quick route to the victims impossible.  Two ten year olds were tied up in a corner, the grey skin and the missing rise and fall of their chest told me we were too late. Fuck, we were too late.  I motioned to Addy to take the left route and I’ll take the right.  

I placed my foot almost directly in front of the vamp’s fangs and brought my machete down where its skull met its neck.  No sound came out and a very dark liquid began to ooze.  One down five more.  The next two were huddled together in a lover’s embrace.  How pathetic, these things can’t love.  I raised my machete above my head and brought it down on their entwined legs.  

Their eyes sprang open and they made to leap at me but having each lost a leg it was almost comical.  I killed first the male and then the female with two quick swings.  Addy had dispatched her three just as easily as I did mine.  I investigated the kids but my original assumption was accurate, there was no bringing them back.  

Addy and I relaxed our stances, we had only counted six vamps the night before so the hunt was officially over.  I salted and burned the kids’ bodies and Addy gathered all the vamp bits.

“Did you really have to slice these two up so bad?” She held out a severed leg to me.

“I thought I’d have a bit of fun,” I looked at her sheepishly.  After a quick call to the police department about a fire in the boonies, we trudged back to the car.  

“Hey it’s only 9:45 let’s go out, maybe get laid?”  Adeline gave me a suggestive eyebrow wiggle and winked at me.  She was all for a relaxing drink after a hunt, and occasionally I was too but tonight I wasn’t feeling it.  

             “Nah, you go ahead I’ll just stay at the hotel, maybe go to the hot tub before it closes, but please dear god let me know if you bring a chick home.  It was horrifying walking in on you last time.”

             She snorted at the memory and pulled the car into the hotel’s parking lot. We loathed the way normal hunters lived, always staying in crap motels and eating disgusting food.  When our mom died she left us with a large sum of life insurance money and made it clear in her will not to use it on burial services. She had been so nonchalant about it and said, “Just burn me and put the money to good use.”  I consider 3 star hotels with room service good use, since neither of us went off to college.  

             “Hey you awake over there?”  Adeline’s manicured fingernails waved in front of my face, bringing me back to the present.

             “What? Oh yeah I’m just tired, sorry Addy, go get drunk don’t worry about me,” I gave her an enthusiastic smile and shooed her towards the car.  

I really hope she doesn’t bring someone home, but at least this place has a decent lobby so I could crash down there if she does. I flicked through the channels in hopes of getting my mind off mom but it just wasn’t going to cut it.  I gave out a cry of sheer boredom and moved over to my laptop; maybe another case would help.  Sometimes it could be difficult to find a decent case that was a supernatural thing, not just some wackadoo going around murdering people.  When we first started out that’s usually what we fished up, but over the years we’d been able to zero in on real cases.  

             I googled recent animal attacks and was not disappointed.  I scrolled past the solved cases and narrowed down three that looked suspicious enough.  One was on the other side of the country. The other two were closer and harder to decide between.  The first was in Boulder, CO and had a multitude of animal attacks involving the heart missing.  The other was in Carlsbad, CA and it was an obvious vampire attack, throat ripped out and bodies missing almost all blood.  Sometimes I wonder how normal people don’t figure this stuff out, it’s not like the monsters are trying very hard at hiding themselves.  

             My phone gave a little chirp and Addy’s name popped up, “Hey, met a red head, don’t wait up” she was always quick to the point, I relaxed a little, knowing I wouldn’t be woken up anytime soon.  I pulled on a tank top and snuggled under the covers.  For some reason I love having the room set to arctic blast, it makes the blankets so much more inviting.  It was only 11:00 and I wasn’t incredibly tired, well shit what the hell am I supposed to do??  I got on my favorite porn site; yeah this might take my mind off things.

R.I.P Speaker Knockerz

So, I just found out that one of my favorite rappers and producers "Speaker Knockerz" was found dead in the garage in his home two days ago. Supposedly from a heart attack. He was only 19 years old. Like i want to cry sooo bad. My DREAM was to have him come a perform “Lonely” and “Dap You Up” at my sweet 16. Then I was gonna take him to my favorite breakfast restaurant the next morning and we were gonna get real close and I would always go see him perform and I would go visit him in south all the time in SC since I lived in NC. But you see that can’t happen because he….he died. Its such a tragedy that the young people of my generation are dying and its the ones who have made something of themselves and have a better future . Just like Snupe ( R.I.P Lil Snupe) . I wish like I could go back in time and like stop whatever caused us to loose him. But I can’t and I know that he’s in a better place looking down on his fans and teaching God how to Flex and Finesse ( lmfao). I know that . I kinda just wish God would’ve us a little bit more time for the world to see what a wonderful artist Speaker Knockerz was and to imagine how much futher he would’ve of made it ( from where he was at in the industry now)  Man that would’ve been CRAZY. But as his fan I will still support his music. 

Gone But Never Forgotten 

Derek “Speaker Knockerz” McAllister


Rest In Paradise Love 🙌🙏💋


this pic is from my friend’s sweet 16 and it cracks me up every time cause i’m just standing there apart from everyone else looking down like a loner lmao