my surrender

So I commissioned my wonderfully talented friend @plastic-pipes to make a piece from the last chapter of my fanfic Surrender and she absolutely knocked it out of the park. 

The compression of tumblr doesn’t do this picture justice so please click it and really look at it because there are so many wonderful little details all over the place. Pipes is absolutely magic and I love this so much.


French with Bing

….It’s a product of genuine interest, researching legit answers and ending up with a joke. Google’s going to snap a fuse someday with this man.

(…….’Le Sportsac’. I was going through some of our bags and I encountered this brand XD Always have wondered how to say it. Oh well. It’s stupid but I hope you all like it!)

Moral of the story: at least whisper if you're voting to murder someone.

This was a bit ago now but we were on a quest to basically steal treasure which we all needed a cut of for different reasons. I made it clear in numerous occasions my allegiance was to nature and compassion above all else. My joining the party was a means to an end.
So when my party attacks a group of goblin types I hang back refusing to attack those who do not threaten me. During the fight I am bribed to join but once I get down to the last target he offers surrender.

My teams advice:
“Kill him.”
“Torture him for information then kill him”
“I want to take his stuff.”

What I do:
“I accept your surrender on the condition you will lead us out of this cave.”
*Audible groans and protests from my party.*
“Anyone who has a problem with that will have to go through me first.” (I am a pretty dope ranger at this point and am the only one unharmed from battle so they can’t risk fighting me anyway though one of them almost does.)

We are led from the cave as promised and my new friend sticks with us to continue leading us for a cut of treasure in the end. In the middle of the night however he jacks everyone’s stuff and skips town- everyone’s but mine that is. My team was livid.

Me: *straps on bow pleased to not have lost my weapons* “I can’t blame him. You did vote to kill him loud enough so he could here.”

In the next town they had to bribe me to fight for them again since they didn’t have weapons. By the end of this campaign I collected majority of the profits and my character built an entire village in the woods.

anonymous asked:

Sns is so overrated, the Kishi had to force us readers that naruto and sasuke have a "strong bond" it was annoying asf. Vegeta and Goku, Gon and Killua, and the best for last Yusuke and Kuwabara still a better friendship than sns lmao. Take it all in, sns tards st of them can disagree and still be friends when sns Sasuke had to be force to naruto's views by force!! I feel sympathy for Sasuke all alone at least Karin loves him for who he was unlike T7 and Naruto hypocrite bitch ass.

Oh God… What did I do to receive this kind of nonsense? Pft.

Look, my friend, I do not care if they’re the best for you, what does that have to do with me? Nothing. You’re talking about your options against mine, but you know? Nothing and nobody is going to change my preference. :P

It is not my fault that Kishimoto created the SNS bond for years.
It is not my fault that the SNS has an acceptable development.
It is not my fault they both kissed.
It is not my fault they both protected each other.
It is not my fault that both are complements.
It is not my fault that they are both soulmates.
It is not my fault that both are characters that are accepted as they are.
It is not my fault that Naruto loves Sasuke.
It is not my fault that Sasuke loves Naruto.
It is not my fault that Naruto prefers Sasuke before everyone else.
It is not my fault that Sasuke prefers Naruto before everyone else.
It is not my fault Sasuke was willing to give his life for Naruto.
It is not my fault that Naruto was willing to give his life for Sasuke.
It is not my fault that Naruto was always thinking about Sasuke.
It is not my fault Sasuke surrendered to Naruto’s appreciation.

I’m afraid I can not finish. But to make you burn more…

Long live SNS. ♡

Everything is in the manga and I can not change any of that. ^^ 

Thanks, but I would have respected it if you had only shared it with less antisonant words. 

Good luck next time.