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@klanceisviolet tagged me to post lockscreen, homescreen, last song I listened to and last selfie I took :D Here you go ✨

What the what

So, yeah, apparently I, like, have 100 followers now? Which is? ??? Why do people like my stuff???

But really, thank you all for your support! I know I haven’t posted any new, khem, “art”, recently, but that’s mostly because I was back at my mom’s place for holidays and I couldn’t draw. I’ll try to get back to it asap, I promise.

it was,,,, ok
I really liked the character design for the skeletons ya
though I’m surprised sans undertale wasn’t in it
but story-wise it was kind,,,, eh
I just liked the colors and some of the music was nice
but when the characters spoke Spanish randomly it seemed kinda forced
and thankfully that god awful frozen short didn’t play at my theatre

18K+ followers!


That came around so quick I’m pretty sure I got whiplash what the hell! 

i know i say this every time but HOLY FUCKBALLS that’s a lot of people omg

This is definitely a high point after an otherwise very stressful week (me being ill - again - and my brother going into hospital, etc etc.). Thank you so much for your delightfully sweet and encouraging messages! I’ll definitely be relying on those to keep me motivated through any ongoing stress and the challenge of inktober - which I am determined to complete this year!

I always worry that I can never adequately express my gratitude in these kinds of posts but I really really do appreciate every like, reblog and message I get. I can’t thank you enough for your ongoing support and can only hope that I live up to expectations! <3