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Is Trump misogynistic?

Yes, I do think he’s misogynistic. Maybe not to the extent that the entire Middle East is, but in the sense that a lot of the things that he’s said are incredibly degrading and hurtful towards women. Do I think he would support women being paid less than men? No. And I only feel the need to clarify that because my coworkers genuinely believe that if he had the power, he would want to make it so that women are paid less. I don’t believe that for a second.

But to answer your question; yes, I do think he’s misogynistic based on the things that he has said. However, as a woman, I felt better voting for a man who says misogynistic things than voting for a woman who defended a pedophile rapist and only pretends to care about women when in reality, she doesn’t.

The Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer has been out for less than 12 hours and I get on Tumblr to see endless posts of people complaining about Tony Stark, a post comparing Tony Stark fans to Donald Trump supporters, and anonymous hate mail in my inbox because I’m excited about Tony being in Spider-Man.

Like honestly let us like what we like guys, I’m so tired of this fandom. It’s okay if you don’t like Tony Stark, you don’t have to, but please stop trying to bring down and hate on the people who do. It’s like some people think we’re genuinely fundamentally bad people for liking a specific fictional character, and I don’t get it.

Quick centering exercise

1. List five things you are grateful for right this second. Maybe it’s ‘my good health’ or ‘my warm bed’ or ‘my fun workmates’ or ‘my new jacket’. 

2. List four things you’d like to achieve today. Maybe it’s just ‘take a shower’ or ‘go for a walk’, or maybe it’s ‘follow up a resume’ or ‘talk to my friend about my issue with them’. 

3. List three things that you’re worrying about right now, and in a few words why you’re worrying about each. Be completely honest with yourself. 

4. List two people who genuinely lift you up and make you feel supported, hopeful and happy. 

5. Write this down - “I am a person with all of the colours within me. I’m capable of many different lives, and I get to decide which one I live.” 

6. List two things you do that you’d like to do less in life. Maybe it’s ‘do less late night shifts’, or ‘ stop hanging out with that person who brings me down’ or ‘argue less with my sibling’. 

7. List three things you do that bring you genuine self-esteem. Maybe it’s ‘working out’, ‘playing a computer game’ or ‘finishing a book’ or ‘making a good coffee’.

8. List four things would like to improve upon. Maybe you’d like to be more organised, maybe you’d like to get up at the same time each morning, maybe you’d like to listen more and talk less. 

9. List five things you genuinely love about yourself. Maybe you’d do anything for your mother, maybe you are really good at helping a friend in a crisis, maybe you’re a very loyal employee, maybe you love your handwriting, maybe you like the scar on your leg. 

10. Lastly, write this down - “I am powerful. I am strong. I am full of all things - love, sadness, light, anger, fever. I deserve happiness and only I can create it.” 


While working in a restaurant, a young Pesci apparently told a mobster that he was funny—a compliment that was met with a less-than-enthusiastic response. Pesci relayed the anecdote to Scorsese, who decided to include it in the film. Scorsese didn’t include the scene in the shooting script so that Pesci and Liotta’s interactions would elicit genuinely surprised reactions from the supporting cast.

Donald Trump

I lose followers whenever I mention him but I feel it needs to be said.

Yes coming up to the elections I supported him over Hillary. This was not because I loved who he was, his policies or what he stood for. It was for who he stood against. He stood against Hillary who had the backing of everybody in the media in the white house and the celebrity class.

Policy wise I agreed with Hillary on many issues (well I half agreed with her which is more than I could say for the republicans) however she had gained a reputation for being a draconian unfeeling monster who screwed my favourite candidate in the primaries (yes I’m a sanders supporter. He’s excellent and watching him broken at the inauguration was genuinely saddening) and it was clear to me that she was the less trustworthy candidate.

Do I think Donald will make America great again. No probably not. But he will change things. Maybe for the better maybe not. But the change will open America up it will fix the Democratic Party from the centre right juggernaut to a party worth the paper the ballot is printed on.

The women’s March is stupid. It will not change the outcome of the election. What it will do is throw your credibility out the window and makes sure you can never complain about the right not accepting the results of an election ever again

How I see the signs

ARIES: you literally stress yourself out and make everything a bigger deal
TAURUS: you’re an amazing friend like omg I love you guys
GEMINI: I. Love. Geminis. Y'all are so funny and always know what to say
CANCER: so supportive. You genuinely want everyone to feel good.
LEO: adorable af
VIRGO: how do have so much energy??
LIBRA: why are all of you so hot? It’s so not fair.
SCORPIO: you are assholes. Hilarious assholes, sadistic assholes, beautiful assholes, but assholes none the less.
SAGITTARIUS: like Gemini you guys are so funny but you’re like unintentionally funny which makes it better.
CAPRICORN: moody af. I know everyone knows cancer as the moody ones but capricorns are just as, if not more, moody. They just internalize it.
AQUARIUS: you’re so odd. You find joy in annoying people or something.
PISCES: actual balls of fluff with a grenade inside

I love fluffy pre Kerberos sheith but also playful Garrison role-play sheith. (´•ω•`c) (idk how they got the uniforms lol)

I can imagine Keith having special butterflies in his stomach when Shiro praises him because back at the garrison every authority figure would give him shallow approval for his piloting/fighting skills, but would always shadow it with complaints and disappointment about his “attitude problems”, “wasted potential”, etc. and being a lone wolf, he didn’t really have friends for support either, but Shiro was the only one who actually respected Keith as a person and genuinely believes in him, so Keith respects him back and doesn’t mind following his orders because he trusts him (what if Shiro is Keith’s first and only friend?)

Slightly less innocent version under the cut if you’re mature enough~ (• ε •)

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xander: good job siegbert

siegbert: thanks dad

siegbert, internally: this second of acknowledgement from my father can so easily dissipate if i let my abilities falter for even one moment… i must not fail or i will be unloved. i know i can never live up to the great and noble legacy of my father but i must die trying as any less could only be seen as an insult to his character

xander, internally: am i putting too much pressure on him? are my vocal acknowledgements of his achievements genuine? as someone who was deprived of positive reinforcement it is my lifes goal to provide my son with an uplifting and supportive environment, and to nurture the spark of self-worth that shines within him

I’m still feeling pretty down tbh, cried a bit on my drive home. I just need to really work on internalizing that I’m not who I was and that I deserve love and support. I also really need to understand that people more or less see me for who I am now, and not who I was before.

And that’s really important because I need to start seeing myself for who I’ve become, rather than being unable to see that b/c I’m too focused on trying to redeem myself/self-flagellate.

I just… really don’t know how? My default mode is punishing myself in some kind of way. I genuinely don’t have much of a clue as to what my life would look like without that. It’s what I know, so I stick with it.

…I guess in a way I’m actually asking for help? How does some traumatized, butch trans lesbian really come to terms with her own growth?

Written ship for @channynipa

@channynipa You honestly the sweetest person ever, I’m going cry. Thank you for following me and supporting me! 

So I shipped you with Jimin here, and I’m sticking with it! The expanded information that you’ve given me more or less solidifies it in my opinion. Most of the ship is under the cut, and I hope you like it!

In BTS, I ship you with…


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  •  Okay so this would’ve started with a bit of a slowburn
  • At first, Jimin would’ve probably gone overboard with the flirting, so you probably thought that he wasn’t genuinely interested in a romantic relationship
  • So you just sort of wrote it off and didn’t really think about it much
  • But that was dead wrong, and Jimin just didn’t really know how to speak to you normally (you just make his heart beat too fast)
  • It actually took Jungkook ‘accidentally’ slipping up and revealing that Jimin had the biggest crush on you (nowadays, you’re betting that it was no accident at all)
  • You were genuinely surprised, but when you thought about it, you realized that you’d like to try dating him
  • So you decided to take the initiative and ask Jimin on a date
  • This boy legitimately thought that he had died
  • He wasn’t ready for it, but there you were, asking him on a date; he hadn’t thought that you even liked him.
  • So, he decided to take you on an afternoon picnic, which ended in stargazing, and that was the cheesy start to a wonderful relationship
  • Look, this would be the most compassionate couple, no joke
  • You’re both just so full of love for others
  • You’d honestly have so many friends; other people would love having you two around just because of how willing you are to love and admire other people
  • Legit, every day he’s blown away by how kind you are
  • Like he’ll just sit by himself and think about all the things you do for other people and just be like w o w I am dating an actual angel
  • He always tells you this, too

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tag yourself as an iconic moment of tumblr lgbt history

  • a genuine sense of unironic hope & joy
  • shippers saying “let my gays marry!” without a shred of self-awareness
  • “i’m the shorter & less attractive hunger games guy & i’m here to say ‘gay is okay’”
  • unironic support for fckh8
  • unfollowing a mutual after witnessing their slow descent into twef-dom
  • when that picture of jennifer lawrence with “gay rights!” written in pink & the fckh8 logo at the bottom became a meme for like exactly 17 days
  • people unironically saying shit like “you’re making me question why i’m an ally”
  • that year or so that we all spent ass-deep in ~heterophobia~
  • those months people spent using “q*eer” as a noun, an adjective, a verb, a preposition, an interjection…
  • the months that gay & lesbian people spent exercising our monosexual privilege
  • people honestly trying to make QUILTBAG a thing
  • the war everyone lost: GSM vs. MOGAI vs. q*eer vs. LGBTQIAP vs. LGBT+
  • ahistoricism
  • the “down with cis” bus
  • “you can get married now! what more do you people want?”
  • calling every lgbt person who doesn’t wanna be a martyr an “assimilationist”
  • the Ace Discourse

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Hi mr and mrs Vegan, I'm having strong fish cravings for two weeks now, I'm so tempted to give up and I feel so guilty. My family is also pushing me to "at least eat some fish"... I think they are concerned cause I'll be 17 in 5 months and still haven't got my period... I really don't know what to do. I also had restricted in the past (and still now and then do) and I'm really worried for my health and fertility:(

Fish will not make you fertile.  I’d love to see anything supporting that insanity.  Talk to your Dr. this is a medical question.  I am talking to an MD who might start taking remote patients for our WSLF group.  Fingers crossed.  Also, talking to ED specialists, too.  Our RD is FANTASTIC.  Why don’t you see if your family will pay for his services to get your meals/blood checked over?  If they are genuinely concerned his fee is much less than a few fish dinners.  He has tons of experience with families and people like you.  You will love him and the stress relief from knowing you are doing everything right will help your hormones the MOST.  Also you can try more soy products (tofu/tempeh/edamame with every meal) and see if Mom & Dad will buy you a non alcoholic hoppy beer.  Hops create periods just from touching them.  Beer has more estrogen like compounds than soymilk, so every time you hear a soy fearing omni, ask them if they drink beer. There is nothing wrong with you. you are right on the cusp for a healthy diet looking back in time when we didn’t eat crap.

Yesterday was 6 months clean and sober and I got to spend it with a friend from home. I’m so blessed to have amazing, supportive, beautiful humans in my life today. I have gained so much in the last 6 months. Despite the times I felt like giving up, I persevered and learned how to cope with difficult situations without the use of any mind altering substance. I am more self aware, more willing to accept responsibility, I desire less control and have learned to let things be as they are, and I’m genuinely happy with the way my life is going. Do I still fuck up? Absolutely, I am human, I am flawed. Above all else I am strong and I am growing every day.

Sourcefed and sourcefed nerd always cheered me up. Anytime I was depressed I knew I could depend on their videos to make me laugh and make the world seem a little less serious. While none of the hosts actually know me, their friendships were so palpable and genuine that I felt like I was included. I felt like I was a part of the joke. I felt like I knew them.
I never worked up the courage to put my questions in the bowl.
I will always be grateful for all the hosts and crew. They are so talented and have impacted me in a way I don’t think they anticipated when they started a comedy news channel. I will support you guys in anyway I can, thank you so much.

Hi everybody, 

Wow, it’s a little bit absurd how nerve-racking it is to post this. I was just diagnosed with HSV, I was told that they could not tell what strain it was from the culture, so I am going back to get blood work done in about a month. I know exactly who I got the virus from, and when. June 6th, my birthday. Truly a gift I will have forever!

It gives a whole new meaning to birthday sex for me.

I gotta say that I’ve been silently stalking the Herpblr community and you all have probably received quite a few questions from me– thank you for your awesome responses!

I honestly do not know what I would be like right now if it were not for the genuine support and kindness that I have found on Tumblr. It has made this discovery less, well, earth shattering..

I’m young. Scared. And feel like I will spend the rest of my life with my cats and logging onto

Which, hey, things could be worse. 

I’m really looking for somebody to befriend who I can talk to more about this, text perhaps.

All I really want to say is, I’m here and thank you.

Shine on!

roxrezi is my 1 true homestuck rarepair bc 1) @sometipsygnostalgic put the idea in my head and 2) it’s good

like… i love vriska/terezi but terezi deserves to be w someone less volatile n damaged than vriska… roxy has a beautiful understanding of pain trauma and loss like both vriska and terezi do but UNLIKE vriska – who turned her suffering into dogged motivation and cruelty – roxy turned her suffering into kindness and empathy and determination. terezi would rip on her for being such a softy but terezi needs someone capable of that kind of genuine love and support. just my lil onion

hey I’m Brogan I’m an agender trans person in florida. I have wanted this surgery my whole life and I would love to have that opportunity. i have a less than great living situation, I work full time at a subway and barely have enough money to eat or pay bills or buy my meds bc my mental health is rocky at best. I have no support from my family on this matter and I don’t expect that from them. I don’t really expect anything from anyone else either but its worth a shot and even a share is genuinely appreciated. I just want to feel less trapped by my physical form so I can go about simple daily tasks without thinking about my chest at all times. I want some space to breathe. the link is and every cent is helpful. I hope everyone is having a really great day! happy late nb day

Ugh- about those trans gif sets.

So, i shouldn’t have to make this post but I’m annoyed and I wanna get this out of my head so I can get back to work:

A lot of people are complaining about my trans/nonbinary gif sets. Which fascinates me as they were done as a way to promote the smaller youtubers that I watch/am subscribed to and I have always supported and wanted to support people who have less subs than mine but deserve so much more. What I think frustrates me the most is that people don’t get that Gigi and Julie do not need a promotion on my platform. They both have subscriber counts that are far beyond what I have. They are both awesome girls in their own right, but I’d rather support and promote youtubers that do not have many subscribers. I really fail to see why this is a complicated or complex topic. Genuinely I don’t understand the obsession with wanting to promote people who don’t need promotion. I’m all about increasing trans visibility on this platform. I do not need to promote people who are already hella visible on yt-i’d much much rather promote people who are most-likely struggling and need the support. It baffles me that people don’t think trans creators exist and part of why I made those gif sets was the show that there are..plenty that do.

What’s also sorta annoying me is that I have a few people complaining about how white these lists are… I overlooked a bunch of youtubers because I wanted to highlight people of color instead. That’s just me being totally blunt. When it comes to my trans guy post, most of the black trans men that I used to follow have deleted all of their videos-some of them haven’t uploaded videos for more than 2 years. A lot of trans people leave youtube. I’ve left youtube several times in the past. That’s the nature of the beast and I think that trans people of color have far more at stake and because of that probably leave youtube more often. Two of the trans women I wanted to promote on my black trans woman list have left youtube-one of them has detransitioned-the other took all of their videos down. This is how shit goes…

Whenever someone has extended the list or added people to it, I’ve reblogged it. If you have people to add to the list, please do.

But ultimately what I wanted to say was… if you don’t like MY list, make your own. It’s reallly easy. Download a program called gifcam and it’s pretty self explainatory from there. Make your own list of your favorite trans youtubers and I’ll reblog it. Tag me. This isn’t about my ego or really anything other than supporting other trans creators that people act like aren’t even around. It’s frustrating having these conversations with people and they act like we don’t exist. I’m trying to use my small platform to help. Stop attacking me because I didn’t name your fave. Some of the people on the list are people that have supported my work in the past as well. I dont have much to give, but this was my way of giving back.

I’m just tired of people complaining and feeling attacked. I didn’t do anything to you by sharing some of the youtubers that I’ve watched over the years. I really didn’t. Please stop contacting me with complaints and just add to the list or make a post and tag me in it so I can reblog.

every person who has been significant in my life i can truthfully say that i love and tho it manifests itself differently for each of the people it applies to, never once has it been in that ridiculous, excessive, overhyped, grandiose, nicholas sparks kind of way… it’s been exclusively platonic at times and sometimes it’s mostly romantic and sometimes it’s a different beast entirely. it’s not always conflicted and complicated either. it can be as straightforward as “this person means a lot to me and has been a source of important support and so i love them”. none of those things are any less valid than the other & no one has the right to dissect my experiences, which i own entirely, and say that i don’t know shit because i use the word “love” in a way that conflicts with their weird gatekeeper complex. because it’s really not that deep. like you’re entitled to your own perspective but regardless, i promise, it genuinely is not THAT deep