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Everytime I look at this I crack up! Here is Mr. Jensen “photobomb” Ackles, together with @deangirlsince07

It went by so quickly, but this came out so much better than I expected and I love it so much. #SPNNJ18 here I come!


I was ready to sleep early, and I notice this from Season 4.
Of course it had to exist a gif for this.
Castiel telling Chuck that he is an “admirer” of his work while he glances at Dean from top! to bottom! .
Ohhhh my sanity….
Since I been and active Destiel Shipper, I swear I can’t see anything if is not with subtext, Destiel has shown me new colors and special filters.
I’m done…


This was a very sentimental moment to me and WHAT he did after the photo will forever be burned into my brain. This man is amazing and cares about my struggle and pain. The second I told him how I wanted him to look at me, he went from smiley to so soft. His face softened into a smile and when his eyes met mine I KNEW he wasn’t acting. He was proud of me and after the photo he held my fucking hand and wouldn’t let go. 

This con did so much for me but the main thing it did was reinforce the fact that I love Misha Collins and I am unbelievably proud to stan him.

Character Idea

The new neighbor was strange, from their name to their looks to the way they acted. It was like something gained a new human form and wasn’t sure how to use it yet. Most people in the neighborhood tried to be accommodating and even some of those neighbors didn’t see anything off, but surely, there was. Their child, on the other hand, was the most normal in that household. 

Ok. Let me break this down super simple because apparently people don’t get it.

Your kink is not my kink. Same shit applies here. I don’t give a flying fuck that she likes to play with dead animals and neither should you. What people should care about & address (without being a dick) is that you don’t force your hobbies/kinks/preferences on people. She claims bullying because Misha said he thought it was weird and didn’t enjoy the op. No, hunty. You’re allowed to like playing with dead animals. He’s allowed to not want to touch.

But, you’re good at playing the victim and so, you cried and screamed and stomped your feet and Creation caved. You cried “bully!” and Misha, the bleeding heart that he is, set aside his discomfort for you. Which, is his choice. But for you to continue online and playing the victim, the ‘lone hero’ going against the odds, as you tell it, is an insult to his gift. 

Friends. Don’t be a dick to this lady. She’s allowed to play with dead animals. But don’t hesitate to call her out on playing a victim either. Just keep it simple. Stop playing a victim. No one is bullying you. 

And now she turned off commenting, continuing her victimization. Guys. She thrives on posting so people get upset and “attack” her. Then she can cry. If it was really about her hobby, she’d get her pictures and keep them for her and her friends. But no. She makes sure to post, in multiple places. Ignore her.

PS: Kyndal, congrats on your win in Baltimore.