my super crappy cell phone picture


San Diego, CA – June 21, 2015


For the anon who asked about hairstyles you can do with boxbraids:

1) sailor moon pigtails~ separate your braids into two high up pig tails, and then take out a little section for the buns, wrap a hair tie around the high pony tails, wrap the extra braids around the pig tails, and then secure the buns with bobby pins

2) wrapped pony tail~ sorry the picture/example for this is so crappy looking!! I just do a high pony tail, separate a small section from underneath/the back, make a high pony tail with the rest in a hair tie, and then wrap the rest of the braids around the base kinda tight with some bobby pins.

3) french(ish) braids+fishtail braid~ I braid back the front two sections french braid style till they join in the back, and then braid the braids together fishtail braid-style into a long flat braid down the back. I also like doing this to the side, in which case I make a part on the side, start the braids (or just twist/roll them back from the front if I’m in a rush) from there, meet the braids together at whatever side I’m wearing the braid on, and then finish it off with a regular braid and a hair tie at the end.

4) half up odango/panda buns~ not sure what to call this?? the two buns up top are fun+keep the braids out of my face. I separate the top section of hair about an inch above my eyebrows to the back of my crown, split it down the middle, twist them into two buns, and secure them with bobby pins.

5) huge odango/double buns~ separate the braids into two high up pigtails, twist into flat-ish buns, and secure with bobby pins. I don’t have any pictures of my hair in a single bun up top, but it’s basically this with maybe a big hair tie+bobby pins if I’m gonna be running around buuut usually pins are enough if I pin it well enough.

6) side braid~ this is probably my number one go-to. Part the braids to the side, and just braid a chunk of braids starting at the front back into a braid, and secure with a hair tie. Super cute, super easy, aaand keeps your hair outta your face! 

7) head scarf~ this isn’t teeechnically a hair style, but it’s an easy way to cover up your head on those *I’ve got tons of new growth and no time to get my braids redone* days. 

I hope this was helpful!! Sorry they’re all crappy cell phone pictures, if anyone is interested in more in-depth/higher quality instructions, lemme know and I’ll post a tutorial video or something when I get my next set done! ^__^  (I don’t currently have braids in- I’m super impulsive about hair+it’s REALLY hot and humid right meow and I cut half my hair off the other day haha)