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I might be crying because of how beautiful this is??? @wrexie did this WONDERFUL commission of my self insert and my favorite flame husband because I am getting so freaking excited about my upcoming Grillby/Reader fic and I just needed this in my life. I love my tiny skeleton but MAN there’s something about Grillby that warms my heart :D 

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Who are your favourite characters in SVTFOE? :D


1. Toffee.This fave is a given. He’s a lizard, he’s tall, in a suit, and has a fantastic voice. I freakin’ want to know everything about him and yet we can all only make theories until something canon comes out. Love ya regardless, Toffee.

2.  Omnitraxus Prime. HE’S SUPER MY TYPE? He’s got a cool/cute skull face, he’s HUGE, has beautiful colorful galaxies in him, and has a wonderfully deep voice. I can’t wait to see more of him and the high magic commission.

3. Ludo. He’s hilarious and very cute??? I’m so happy and amazed at his character development. At first he was the typical tiny villain who was laughable and cowardly. Now he’s a legitimate threat, all while still being a pawn of sorts.

4. Glossaryck. Yet again, another hilarious character. Who knows what Glossaryck’s plan is or what he KNOWS is gonna happen, bottom line is this this weird genie spell-book man is fascinating. Also I love the voice for him.

5.  Yvgeny Bulgoyaboff AKA (Buff Frog). HE’S GREAT, I thought he was a good enough henchman for Ludo in S1, BUT NOW HE’S A DAD AND IT’S THE CUTEST THING. I’m a sucker for monster dads. Yvgeny’s fantastic.

6. Moon & River. I actually really love Star’s parents! Moon is a regal queen mother who worries about Star’s well-being and magic training, and anytime King River makes an episode appearance I love his out of control wild man excitement.

7. Lekmet, Rhombulus, Hekapoo. I’m putting these three together cause this list is already getting long, but I really like their designs, and I REALLY WOULD LOVE an episode of the entire High Commission hanging out?
Also Lekmet is a personal fave cause he’s a tired old goat man and Rhombulus takes care of him which is the cutest thing. gay

8. Tom. Look at this Jack Spicer motherfucker he’s cool I like him, and I honestly want to know more about how him and Star became exes? I’d love to see more Tom and Marco hanging out as well.

But yeah those are my favorites~

I’m Mahdi right now

I can’t stop smiling…

do u ever like sit back and look at your characters and your written milieu and realize that, subconsciously, you really REALLY fucking love one genre/style and like. model so much of your RP and characters and writing after that genre/style without thinking about it to the point that’s embarrassing. because holy shit i love crime movies/shows/books too much

Writing problems

Finalizing creature designs when there’s sooooooo many different amazing things you can do and you can only use a handful of them


I met Colt Cabana, super cool dude! Girlfriend told me to smile and he said “I am!!” and she gave him some gum to which he called her a saint and said “One for now, one for my match!!”

Edit: He didn’t save the other piece of gum for his match later that night, which was a sad moment. But he put on a fantastic show and really got the whole crowd into it! So awesome to see him live.

Porpoise and dolphin skulls, from when bonemonger and sittaeuropaea took specios and I to Paisley museum