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Hey, I joined the fandom right after Virgil's name was released, what was it like before that? I'm very curious, as I know what it was like before Moving On but not Accepting Anxiety.

Oh boy kids strap in because I’ve been here in the fandom since April 2017 and have seen some things.

So back in April basically the only two ships that existed were Prinxiety and Logicality with just a little bit of analogical sprinkled in helped along by the Negative Thinking video. I joined almost directly after the Negative Thinking video because I couldn’t hold back any longer and I think that’s about when this blog somehow turned into a Sanders Sides blog but I digress.

The fandom was mostly calm with a good mixture of senseless out of character angst and senseless out of character fluff and was generally pretty nice. However, it did have one fatal flaw. Morgan.

That’s right you guys. I’m not letting you forget about Morgan.

Everyone was convinced, and I mean convinced that Morality’s name was going to be Morgan. I tried to warn then that it wasn’t going to be Morgan but noooooo. People were begging Thomas to make that the name and putting that name into fanfics and let me tell you those fics did not age too well. Which is a shame because a lot of them were pretty good.

Growing Up was the first video I witnessed the fandom react to, and for the first few hours everything was just a nice mess. Everybody was happy about the new name, the Morgan supporters didn’t throw a riot, and the biggest confusion was that we at first didn’t know how to spell it. Everything was sunshine and rainbows for like a day. But then we saw the birth or perhaps just surfacing of an idea that unfortunately I was at least partially wrong with my stance on it.

Patton is hiding his feelings.

Yeah, yeah, I was proved wrong on this with the Moving On videos, but to be fair, so were the rest of you that loved this idea. I thought he never hid his emotions while everyone else seemed to think that he was just constantly in hell and never ever happy. Jeez.

Needless to say there was a whole bunch of both angsty and fluffy fanart and fanfic in this era surrounding this idea during this era of the fandom. Ugh.

Now, there has always been a whole lot of Anxiety angst and fluff in this fandom. People want to see him being loved and cuddled and crying helplessly on the floor and I never thought that fit his characterization at all but hey we’re here to have fun not be accurate so let the people do what they want.

Anyways, after the Changes video, the already fan favorite Anxiety got even more angst about him. The poor baby (gag) had his body changed without consent and nobody listened to him and you know how it goes. People cooing over grown adults and/or part of the mind of a grown adult in this case. Moxiety also took a small spike in popularity after this video and everybody saw it as pure and cute even though I most definitely didn’t but I agree it’s an interesting dynamic so that was a good thing.

After the Cartoon video we called it. It was the fun filler episode before things got deep. In all honesty, the biggest change after this video was that we could all taste the name reveal and everybody was theorizing their heads off.

Angel, Ethan, Atlas, and so many more. Unlike Morgan, nobody could agree on a name for Anxiety. We all got a little more antsy and insane as the days went on. Well, everyone else did. I was patiently waiting and was willing to wait a little longer. If you want to see my legacy look at this thread where I cursed the name reveal to be delayed one more video. At the end I look defeated, but I won. Because the next thing turned out to be a two parter. (and the thread is so long a lot of the gifs in it have frozen so if you want to see what they are you’ll probably have to click on where they originally came in to see how they moved.)

Come Accepting Anxiety Part 1. Hoo boy. Everyone was so sad and upset while I was laughing evilly in the corner. That video was absolutely hilarious but everyone around me was just crumbling to their knees and sobbing in a heap out of confusion and despair. I still don’t understand why though, because like I said that video was hilarious.

I like to refer to the week between Acepting Anxiety Part 1 and Accepting Anxiety Part 2 as the week Prinxiety fell into Hell. Everybody and their dog in this fandom was hating on Roman so hard and I think this is as toxic as the fanders get because people that defended him got shut down sometimes and fanders have generally very polite discussions on these manners and for the most part this was no exception but things got kind of… tense, at times. It scared me a little and I got as far away from it as I could but I think I defended Princey once or twice I dunno. It’s all a blur.

After Accepting Anxiety Part 2 came out things calmed down a bit but obviously the fandom was changed forever. We had all the names, Anxiety’s redemption arc was complete, and we had been introduced to the concept of rooms and that there are “others”, whatever that may mean. Prinxiety began its slow climb out of hell, Moxiety became the top ship in the fandom, and the other ships slowly began to work their way into view.

And I’m guessing you know the rest. Crofters, Virgil becoming more of a representation of the feeling of anxiety rather than when you see your anxiety as an other, and the Morality angst coming to a peak in the middle of the moving on saga. This fandom has been on a journey, man. And we’re only roughly a year old. I mean specifically the Sanders Sides subsection of the Thomas Sanders fandom, not the Thomas Sanders fandom as a whole. The fanders have been here since 2013.

D.O – Nothing Changed

Characters: D.O x You

Type: Angst, Fluff

Word count: 1321

A/N: [7/9] Just two more to go. I think I will start another series, but I’m not quite sure yet. Any ideas or suggestions?

“Nothing has changed, and nothing will.”

One of the most embarrassing things fully grown adults could face was not being able to look after themselves probably. 

I couldn’t cook for my life. 

My backing skills were far more decent and while I would love to live off cake and cookies, it was just too unhealthy. I needed to either marry someone who can cook or learn it myself. And because I am not the most social person out there who has a great interest in dating, the only open option would be learning it somehow.

The internet was not helping much and the receipt books were also problematic. I mean, I nearly burned my whole kitchen because I couldn’t understand the next instruction and forget that I had something on the stove. Sad, I know.

So I desperately hoped that the new cooking class would help me with my incapability. Or help me with getting to know some dishes at least. I didn’t want to be a master chef now, but at least learn some simple things that would be delicious and satiating.

However, the class didn’t just help me with that it made me meet someone who wouldn’t even think of letting me go again. In a different situation that could actually sound cute, adorable or romantic. But in my situation, it wasn’t.

Do Kyungsoo was the name of my partner in class. He was not very tall, but well built with an exceptional fashion taste and handsome face. He wasn’t one who talked a lot though, for a fact, he never really answered any of my advances of getting to know him. It was hard to adapt to him altogether because he was more of a lone wolf. He did everything on his own, while I could just watch his work on the sideline.

But it sure was weird. I thought that only people who didn’t know how to cook would take part in such a class. Do Kyungsoo was far more skilled than the actual teacher. I often gazed at how he did certain things and tried to follow everything he was doing, it sure helped way better than trying to do it alone.

I don’t even know when he started to notice me watching him but one day – right before he was about to cut the vegetables – he held the knife out for me to take. Since then he would rather make me do simple things, while he watched my progress. If I was too slow in doing something he would take over for me. And throughout our interactions, we grew closer, both emotionally and physically. It was weird. At first, he never said anything and only uttered a word for me to understand what he actually wants, but that changed into short sentences and then full conversations.

Whenever we finished a dish, we would share it and get to know each other more while eating. It went on with the normal talks until he offered to walk me home. It evolved in small meetups during the time of no classes, to small cooking dates in either his or my apartment. Sometimes we even took the food we cooked in a class home to eat it there more privately.

We started to date sometime after. It was nice, he was nice. His adorable smile, gentle hugs, soft kisses. I never knew that I needed someone as much as I needed him. I felt like I was living in a dream, or movie where everything was all sunshine and rainbows without any fear of anything.

It was bliss to be with him, around him. That I didn’t really know what his profession didn’t even really bother me. I was to head over heels in love with him to regard something like this with importance. Yet I should have asked at least.

Kyungsoo revealed it to me himself. Not on accident and not because I came behind it. But because he thought that it was the right time for me to know, a time where I would have already such strong feelings I would need a lot more time, a harder time to think about leaving him and then really doing it.

It was the early evening when we arrived from one of our dates to spend the rest of the day together watching movies. But the moment I saw those items on the coffee table in front of the couch in the living room, I froze in horror.

It was a shirt lying there, stained with red – blood – together with two guns and a batch.

I wasn’t dumb, I knew the sign of one of the most dangerous mafia gangs around. Everyone knew who EXO was, first what their sign looks like, where their territory was and how dangerous they really were. The police always advisers to run away first and be safe whenever they sighted a member and then call them for help. EXO was known for being too skilled, unforgiving and ruthless.

The moment I turned towards Kyungsoo, he had an expressionless face on while mine was pale. I couldn’t really believe that someone like Kyungsoo would be involved in the underground scene, especially in EXO. At first, maybe. But not after getting to know him, seeing his warm and gentle side.

“Sit down, Iseul.” He spoke his tone light yet with such a strange force and such a dominance that I found myself following his command without even a second delay. “I know that this is a serious situation, but it’s time for you to know what I am doing for a living.”

“You are in EXO.” I breathed out, not having really progressing how.

He broke out into a smile. “Smart.” He chuckled. “I am not just any member, I am the head of the mafia, I am the boss.”

I wanted to leave, I needed to leave that moment.  I felt suffocated like I couldn’t breathe.

I needed time for myself before I would do anything too rashly. Before I would regret any decision in the future.

I didn’t know what would hurt more; staying together with a mafia boss that kills and threatens people on a daily basis, or leaving the love of my life.

It was just a bit time I wanted to have at the moment to be able to sort out the thoughts floating in my head, just some alone time.

He didn’t allow it. For him, being in the mafia boss changed nothing. I was still his, still loved him. His job was just another fact that wasn’t relevant in the equation. And while that wasn’t a part of the character but one’s lifestyle, it didn’t have any importance, not to him.

He was party right, of course, it wasn’t a part of his character, not the part he showed to me at least. Yet there was somewhere his dark side that was fully the mafia boss of EXO. His strong dominance, the darkness in his eyes when someone angered him, the calm death oozing off him.  This revelation was surely a part of his life and his lifestyle. If I wanted to be a part of his life, that fact would also be a part of my life. I needed to live with that, to accept that he would always stay a mafia boss. And then? What about the future? What about all his enemies and all the dangers? Especially after we create a family? What then?

Before I could even stand up to retreat and walk out of the door, Kyungsoo stood in front of me. His look was calm and composed, his eyes were unwavering though.

“I’m not letting you leave, Iseul.” His face was stoic, his voice holding an authority that was warning me. “You belonged to me before knowing and you belong to me now. Nothing has changed, and nothing will.”

EXO Mafia Boss One Shot Series Masterlist

T-Shirt Weather [J-Hope]

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1345
Description: In which Hoseok and you love the same bad puns and it somehow leads you somewhere.

Author’s Note: My love for Hobie has been growing so much somebody help me. REALLY SHORT just because I had to write something for him!

The first time you meet Jung Hoseok, he’s in line waiting for pizza, chatting with his friends, when he suddenly looks at you, and bursts into a high-pitched cackle whilst pointing at your chest. His friends look over apologetically, and you shrug off the odd behaviour.

You think, later that night when changing into your pajamas, his laughter may have had something to do with the bold print on your shirt, which read: CROAKA-COLA’S MY FAVORITE DRINK and had an ugly cartoon frog at the side. But you don’t dwell on it, and he’s soon pushed into the back of your mind, nearly forgotten, but not quite yet.

It turns out forgetting him will be a harder task than you’d thought it would be.

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So, I made this edit to do you all a favor and rec this gem of a fic!

Title: Heartlines

Author: Draquete aka @ghivasheluh aka my bae <3

Summary: After ten years trying to find someone respectable and proper to stand by his side, Thorin’s father, Thráin, finally decides with the help with Gerundius Took, that his son needs to wed as soon as possible. Gerundius’ grandsoon, although first in line of the Took family, has always lived as a commoner. The idea of marrying someone their family chose is not ideal, but they know their duties as heirs, and Bilbo will have to go to Erebor to meet his future husband, his family and culture, and learn how to become a Prince so one day he can become King.

Review: Seriously, you guys, this fic is made of sunshine, wild flowers, rainbows and everything nice, the amounts of fluffy on this, I can’t even! The writing is amazing and enticing, the caracterization is super on point, the plot is hella cute and interesting, and the latest chapter left me with a ridiculous smile on my face even hours after reading. If you had a bad day and need something beautiful and cute to cheer you up,THIS FIC IS FOR YOU!

Not convinced yet? So let me tell you that: Dís is a cute badass with capital B! Thorin is the cutest and most awkward asshole ever and doesn’t know how to flirt! Bilbo, my smol son is soft and nice but takes no shit! FRERIN IS FAB AS FUCK! All the dwarves are so lovely, just… They are perfect!!! Thranduil is such a cute father, he and Legolas just made me cry a lot, tears of joy, of course, they are so cute and soft!!! DWORI!!!


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ZOE! You are a beautiful child and I love you and your drawing style is original and I love it too and also your love of Pepsi gives me life and you should also remember to take! Breaks! When! Necessary! It's okay dear, we all love you v v much and wish you the best and also warm hugs and cups of cocoa (or Pepsi?? Warm Pepsi sounds like a monstrosity tho) and a nice cuddly cat and blankets and comfy pillows and sunshine and rainbows, amen. May god seven shine upon you during these trying times.

I just really hate it when this time comes around every month and suddenly I hate everything for no reason whatsoever, and seems nothing will fix it. I just really clueless, mom. But I can’t tell my real mom about it, she will be worry. 

Ah I just have to get sick a lot this month.

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You're too positive, it's toxic can't you see? You can't always be happy all the time. It's not realistic. You need to wake up. Not everything is sunshine and rainbows. This is probably why not many people want to hang with you. They're just being.. fake nice.

I can’t help being positive. My mother is THE Fairy Godmother, and I was raised to always see the best in any situation. Yes, I know sometimes “the best” is still pretty bad. I know there are tough times that I can’t think my way out of. 

And just so you know, being positive all the time doesn’t mean I’m happy all the time. I get sad. I get angry. Being positive just means that I remember there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, even if that tunnel is long and dark and twisty and scary. 

“Not everything is sunshine and rainbows” you think I don’t know that? When I have to sneak around just to be myself, when I can’t even trust my own family? Maybe I can be a little naive, but I’m not stupid. I know what’s happening around me and I want to fix it. I want VKs to come to Auradon. I want magic to be allowed in my homeland. 

And… and… and I know people don’t want to hang out with me. I’ve been rejected enough times to know that. But that’s not going to stop me from enjoying the company of the people who do want to hang out with me. 

spending my morning in my school’s library (technically right outside the library…in one of the hallways with tables and couches and whatever) im working on my social work paper. trying to keep myself calm about basically everything. i think at some point, probably as my 12 o’clock class approaches, i’m going to go outside and enjoy the nice weather. it also doesn’t help that i see my therapist today, which is of course a GOOD THING but on the days i see her i like to plan out what to talk about so i look back on the week and of course the things i focus on aren’t the most positive things because i’m not in therapy to talk about rainbows and sunshine 

good news: this long sleeved crewneck i am wearing is SUPER comfortable. it’s like a warm hug. and i’m repping my brother’s college by wearing it so :) it’s like a warm hug from my bro 

i hope everyone has a good day! and i am including me in this as well because i deserve good days because i am a good person