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Thank you to Sarah Shahi for her amazing portrayal of Sameen Shaw. No one else could’ve brought this character to life the way she did. Shaw is such an important and complex character. Not only is she a WOC (Persian) but she’s also bisexual and has a personality disorder (and was never villainized for it). On top of all of that, she’s a hero. I could gush about her all day, she means so much to me. She’ll forever be my favorite tv character of all time and I’m so thankful she exists. She is literally everything I wanted in a female character plus more. And thank you to Jonathan Nolan for creating her. ಥ‿ಥ


3 minutes of the most beautiful sound on earth


this is literally the most beautiful man ive ever laid eyes on he’s so breathtaking everything about him is so pretty every time i see him i forget to breathe i don’t wanna sound like some cheesy fake deep bitch but he’s literally more beautiful than all the stars combined the moon can’t compare to him the sun doesn’t shine as half as much as he does when he smiles his kindness and love is so evident in everything he does he cares so much for others so much i admire him more than words can explain all he wants is for people to be happy he’s so good i wish i could invent my own i love johnny of nct language so i can fully be able to express my love and adoration for him he owns my entire heart i love him so mcuh he’s m

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castiel :')


general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: have you ever looked at nature or the sun and the stars and realize how beautiful they are yeah that’s his best quality he’s literally EVERY BEAUTIFUL THING INCARNATE
worst quality: he thinks he needs to fix everything himself and it gets him into trouble. he has a hard time asking for help and trusting others.
ship them with: deannn
brotp them with: sam
needs to stay away from: sadness 
misc. thoughts: what else is there to say except that i think he’s one of the best and most under-appreciated characters in television history

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Top 5 aces ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º) ok

1. Bokuto. Oh, wow, what a surprise! Who would have thought to find him in first position? He’s my sun, my stars, my favorite character, my most important person and I love him more than words could fully express. 

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2. Iwaizumi. If there’s one (1) perfect person in Haikyuu, this person for sure is Iwa-chan. He’s beautiful, talented, caring, funny, always there to cheer people up, to keep the team united and to work to improve himself to be the better ace possible. He deserves everything and no wonder literally every person who meets him instantly falls in love with him. 

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3. Asahi. My glass ace grew up so much during this three seasons and I’m infinitely proud of him. Starting at his very bottom, almost quitting volleyball for good and then becoming a supportive senpai and an always reliable ace. It’s so heartwarming to watch how quietly confident he is now :’)

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4. Ushijima. A fluffy swan disguised as an evil eagle…I’m so so so happy to have learned more about him and now, even if I still don’t agree with some of the thing he’s done, I feel I can totally see where he’s coming from now. 

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5. Yamamoto. Extraness at its finest, I love him, his ability to piss off Kuroo, and his bromance with Tanaka so much.   

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- Bonus: doing this top 5 I remembered the moment of shock when, back in the days, I realized that Kuroo wasn’t Nekoma’s ace. But this was probably just me willing to give everything and beyond to my favorite cat, even a title that it’s not even his. 

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Ask me my top 5 things!

so I’m just imagining Alistair getting all prepped and ready to go to the peace talks in Orlais, and Teagan’s helping get him ready, teaching him Orlesian trivia and all that, and Teagan warns Alistair that they call him a dog lord, and Alistair being a Fereldan and totally not getting it is all “Dog lord?? wow what high praise!!” So to show them how great of a dog lord he is he shows up in Jader with this entourage of like twenty of the biggest mabari he could find and they get kaddis all over the fancy Orlesian rugs and stuff

 and as thanks for calling him a dog lord he gives every Orlesian noble a mabari puppy. but he doesn’t wait for an appropriate time to give them the puppies, he does it literally in the middle of a banquet because that’s how Fereldans do it, of course. and the Orlesians are so disgusted because this stupid dog lord just put like thirty puppies on a table and they’re eating the duck and getting pudding paw prints all over everything and Alistair’s just like “puppies for everyone!!!” and accidentally starts another war

love that dog lord

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We already know some stuff about Michael and a little bit about the twins, but can we have some more details on the Bodtlings (personalities, what they like/dislike, what they've been doing since Marco left, stuff like that)?

MILES (27) - Very much a level-headed, Lawful Good kinda guy. Soft-spoken but authoritative, has a commanding presence about him. He’s about 6’5” and built like a brick house. Big bara teddy bear. He’s also super concerned and self-sacrificial when it comes to his family, be it his siblings or his own kids, now that he has them (two little girls and wife, Emily; all of them live in Austin). He’s the type of person who goes miles out of his way to make sure everyone is safe and happy. He’s a Texas Ranger and mainly does work involving maintaining the peace in rural areas, catching cattle rustlers, etc.

MADDOX (25) - Loud, boisterous, definitely the funny one in the family. Always cracking jokes and coming up with pranks. Whenever things get tense, Maddox is usually the one trying to divert the situation and say something funny. This was something that kept a lot of dinner table head-butting between a sharp-tongued adolescent Marco and Pa from turning out very badly. He and Matt and both of their families still live in Telico and help Ma and Pa run the ranch. He’s got a wife, Deb, and three kids, a daughter and two hellion twin boys.

MATTHEW (25) - Doesn’t say much, but when he does, it’s pure concentrated sass. More action-oriented than his twin. Fiercely protective of his siblings, especially the younger ones. Matt was basically a one-man Marco Protection Squad back in the day. You messed with his baby brother, you ended up with a black eye. He’s transferred that protective instinct to Maura since the incident four years ago, and Maura could not be more exasperated about it. Has a wife, Chelsea, but she can’t have kids. But since the twins and their families all live in Telico still, Maddox’s kids pretty much see Uncle Matt and Aunt Chels as a second set of parents anyway. The two family units are very close-knit.

MARTIN (24) - Very soft-spoken and VERY intelligent. Has a lot of health problems because he was born very prematurely, including a really bad case of asthma and bad eyesight that requires super thick glasses. Always felt like a burden growing up, kept to his books and himself and tried to stay out of everyone’s way. Ma and Pa were pretty harsh on him for being the “weakling” out of his brothers (especially because asthma was thought to be a psychosomatic issue in the 30’s: “It’s all in your head, Martin, stop being dramatic.”), and he got out of Telico as soon as he was able in order to escape to college. He became an accountant, spent a couple months in Mexico City doing work for a big company. That’s where he met his wife (as of six months before ATSIT ch1) Gianina, who was working as a model for the company’s posters at the time. He had an asthma attack and literally fainted into her arms. It was cute. They live in Austin a few blocks over from Miles’ family, and they’ve got a baby on the way.

MICHAEL (21) - Mick. My baby. Moon of my life. My sun and stars. Michael Bodt is everything to me. He’s a smooth-talking, slimy used car salesman type that actively revels in his own sliminess. Marco’s criminal endeavors had their start with Michael, the two of them hustling kids for lunch money and walking around town dressed up like sick orphans (“You see these spots on my baby brother’s face, mister? He’s a leper.”) to embezzle people for “donations.” Michael’s got a more level head on his shoulders than Marco, though, and thinks of everything like a chessboard. Marco’s got his plans, but Michael’s got his game and is always five steps ahead. He’s got a talent for self-preservation, part of the reason he never acted on the fact that he’s very, very pansexual until he was hell and gone from Texas. Officially, his job is a traveling salesman, but what he’s selling depends on which way the wind is blowing that day, and the truth is that he’s a professional con artist. He could steal the shirt off your back and sell it back to you at twice the price before you even knew it was gone. Oh. And I forgot to mention that he’s got a thing for cute mechanics with green eyes and grumpy attitudes.

MAURA (10) - Maura, as Marco said, has a fair bit of similarities to one Ninette Kirschtein. She’s spunky, a free spirit, and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. However, growing up in such a strict household has tempered her, made her more able to hold her tongue and hang back to assess the situation before she charges in with proverbial guns blazing. She’s exceptionally good at playing a part to get what she wants, even at such a young age, a skill she probably picked up from Michael and Marco, both of whom she was extremely close to as a young child. Currently, she’s become more bitter than a ten year old should probably be. Marco “died,” Michael ran off and she has no idea why, and she generally just feels very abandoned. I picture her as very much a Sansa Stark character, silk hiding steel. Her sweet disposition doesn’t mean that she trusts anyone.



“There was a star riding through clouds one night, & I said to the star, ‘Consume me’”
- Virginia Woolf, The Waves

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Can we talk about Papyrus like his character is so much more than "quirky guy" I mean irl it's so HARD to be so positive and he just IS and he chooses to see the good in everyone and everything ... he always puts in an effort and just wants to be loved ... Papyrus is all the me I could be ... also his scarf/boots/gloves are literally my favourite colour so there's that too

papyrus is my fucking sun and stars what did we even do to deserve him

Drag Me Down

Just a heads up! I got a little carried away with Liam’s. Sorry not sorry. (: 


If I didn’t have you there would be nothing left

The shell of a man who could never be his best

“Don’t do this to me.” I grabbed her arm as she went to walk away. “I can’t let you leave me.” She turned to me; tears running down her cheeks.

“Harry, let me go. This isn’t working.” She tried to pull her arm from my grasp but I held on. “You’re only making this harder.” I started to cry but quickly tried to wipe my tears. I let go of her arm long enough to grab her hand and I fell to my knees.

“I want you to listen to me. If you still want to go after this, I’ll let you go.” She nodded her head and waited for me to continue. “I want you by my side forever. If I didn’t have you, there would be absolutely nothing left of me. I would just be a walking, talking shell of a man. I am at my best when I am with you and without you, I will never be that man again. You are everything to me. Who will I be if you leave me?” She continued to stare down at me and I felt the tears coming faster. I began to wish I didn’t work as much or I wasn’t in a world famous boyband. “I would give anything to be normal for you. I would give all of this up if it meant I could have you forever. There will never be one thing in this world I will want more than I want you. I’m sorry I’m never here. I’m sorry you have to see all of these rumors about other girls. I’m sorry that I’m not good enough for you.” At that, she joined me on the floor.

“Harry, you are everything I could ever want.” I couldn’t let her continue if she was going to break my heart at the end of her sentence.

“Then why are you leaving me?” She sniffled and I reached forward to wipe the tears from her eyes. “Tell me.”

“I don’t know. I just don’t think we are who we used to be. We’ve grown apart. I don’t want to continue to hold onto something that has no chance of survival.” I stared at her and started crying even harder.

“I’ll try harder. Just please do not leave me. I can be better for you. I can be better for us. I’ll do my best to put things back to normal. Just don’t do this. Please.” I waited for her to answer. I waited for what seemed like hours. When she finally looked down and away from me, I was certain she’d made up her mind. I just knew that she was going to stand up and walk out that door and I had already agreed to let her go. I closed my eyes and mentally prepared myself. I was still holding onto her hand for dear life when she finally spoke.

“Okay.” My eyes sprung open and I waited for her to say something else.

“What?” She started crying again.

“I said okay. I won’t leave. I’ll give us another chance.” I let go of her hand and wrapped my arms around her; placing a kiss to her shoulder. I was still crying but I knew they were tears of happiness.

“I promise you will not regret this. I will make sure I am the best boyfriend in the entire world.” She gave me a small laugh before pulling back.

“Just be the man I fell in love with. He’s the one I want to spend forever with.” I nodded and stood up; pulling her up with me. I wrapped her in a hug again; her arms tightly encircling my waist. I was going to be that man for her. I wasn’t going to come close to losing her again.


All my life, you stood by me

When no one else was ever behind me

I’m getting married today. I repeated the words in my head over and over again as I looked at myself in the full length mirror. Behind me, my groomsman were finishing getting ready. Harry was helping Liam tie his tie. Louis was talking to Greg over in the corner. Ed was strumming his guitar. I could tell he was playing the beginning of Thinking Out Loud. She picked that song to walk down the aisle to and luckily, Ed was stoked to sing it while she walked. I heard Liam yell and Harry laugh. I looked back to them and Liam’s tie looked absolutely terrible. I rolled my eyes but smiled before walking over to tie it for him myself.

“Are you nervous, Nialler?” Liam asked as I was fixing his collar.

“I’m nervous about falling on my face or forgetting my vows but then I think about the woman who will join me at that altar and then I’m not anymore.” He smiled and patted my arm. Right before I finished his tie, a knock made us all freeze.

“Niall, are you ready? It’s time.” It was my Dad. I looked around the room and everyone met my eyes. I nodded and they smiled at me.

“Yeah. We’re ready.”

“I wasn’t asking if they were ready, son. I mean are you ready to marry this woman?” I looked at my dad like he was crazy. “I’m not saying anything bad. I just want to make sure.”

“Dad, I have been ready to marry that woman since the moment she said my name.” He smiled and placed his arm on my shoulder.

“Well then, let’s go, son.” We walked down the hallway and I could feel my palms getting sweatier and sweatier as we got closer to the altar. Once we got up there, everyone took their positions. There were a few minutes of chatter and then when Ed began to strum his guitar, the entire crowd immediately fell silent.

“If you could all rise, please.” Everyone stood up and the opening notes of Ed’s song began to fill the room. Finally, the church doors opened and her bridesmaids began to walk in. When each one of them made it to their spots and the flower girls had done their job, I turned my attention back to the end of the aisle and immediately lost it. She looked absolutely beautiful. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned to look at Greg beside of me. He smiled and handed me a tissue. I hadn’t even noticed I was crying that bad but once I did, I began to cry even harder (if that was even possible). She was breathtaking and in a few short minutes, she was going to be mine forever.

The beginning of the ceremony went by like a blur. I was crying like a baby by the time she finished her vows. Then the preacher told me it was my turn.

“Y/N.” She smiled at me and I almost lost it again. “Never in my life did I think I would find someone that I loved this much. I never imagined there would be a girl that would literally steal my heart the way you have. When I look at you, I know there really isn’t a single person out there more made for me than you are. You are my best friend. You are my soulmate. You are the sun, the moon, the stars. You are my entire universe. You are the true definition of beauty. Your heart, your mind, your soul, everything about you is perfect. When I felt like I was standing alone, you were always there. You were always right beside me during all the good times and every single bit of the bad. I don’t know what I did to deserve you. I bet we’re all wondering about that.” Everyone in the room laughed. “But whatever it was, I will make sure I spend everyday for the rest of my life trying to be the man you deserve.” She was crying and in that moment, I just wanted to kiss her. I leaned forward but the preacher stopped me.

“Not yet, Mr. Horan.”

“Sorry, sir. I just can’t help myself.” Y/N laughed and the urge to kiss her intensified. I turned to look at the preacher. “Could you finish up? I’m struggling.” Everyone laughed again and the preacher nodded his head.

“By the powered vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Niall, you can finally kiss your bride.”


I got a river for a soul

And baby you’re a boat

Baby you’re my only reason

Nights like these are my favorite part of being home from tour. I love just staying home and lazing around the house with the one person I love more than anyone in this world.

She was currently at the opposite end of the couch and I kept stealing glances her way. She always had her lips in a pout when we watched TV and it absolutely drove me mad. I smiled and starting creeping my hand toward her foot but right before I reached the target, she shot a glare in my direction and I immediately put my hands up to show I was backing down. I sent her a wink and she rolled her eyes.

“Can we do something else? I don’t like this show.”

“You always do this during my absolute favorite show!”

“I’m sorry! I just don’t like it.” She looked over at me and I scrunched up my nose.

“Fine. What do you suggest we do?”

“Let’s watch a scary movie!” She groaned and I jumped up from the couch to go into our room to get one. I picked Insidious.

“You know I’m terrified of that one! Why would you do that?”

“So you’ll cuddle me.” She just looked at me and then shook her head. I noticed that she was smiling.

“You are absolutely ridiculous. All you had to do was ask.” She laughed and I pressed play. “Wait, you don’t have to turn that on, Lou. We can cuddle.” I shook my head.

“There’s nothing like scary movie cuddles. I don’t want just any cuddles, I want those cuddles.” She sighed and crossed her arms. I sat down beside her and noticed she kept looking over at me from the corner of her eye.

Twenty minutes in, and she had her arms wrapped around my waist. It was the weirdest position ever, but she was only concerned with hiding her eyes every two seconds. It wasn’t really the cuddles I was looking for, that’s for sure.

We watched it for about thirty more minutes before I decided she’d had enough. “Babe? How about we turn this off?” She sighed and pressed her face into my chest.

“Yes, please.” I laughed but turned it off. When I went back to the couch, I pushed her down by her shoulders so that she was laying completely down and laid on top of her; my head resting on her chest. Her hands immediately found their way to my hair and I sighed. Now this is the kind of cuddles I wanted. I started flipping through channels when she suddenly pulled on my hair and gasped. “Babe! Go back!” I flipped back one channel and our music video for ‘Drag Me Down’ was playing.

“You’re such a fangirl.” She tugged on my hair again.

“Hush.” When it got to ‘I’ve got a river for a soul and baby you’re a boat, baby you’re my only reason’ I lifted my head and looked at her face. She looked back at me and smiled. She ran a finger over my bottom lip and I kissed her gently.

“That part was about you, you know.”

“What part?”

“When we were writing, I wanted to make part of that song just for you and that was the part I came up with. ‘I’ve got a river for a soul, baby you’re a boat. Baby you’re my only reason.’ I just thought it was fitting. I mean the whole song is for you and for Sophia but that one part I put in there just for you. I made sure Liam knew it, too.” She laughed and bit her lip.

“You sure know how to make a girl swoon, Louis Tomlinson.”


“Mhmm. You’ve absolutely made me melt. I might just keep you around.”

“Might?” She was smiling and I couldn’t help but smile, too. Her eyes kept going from my eyes to my lips and back again. Finally, she leaned in and kissed me. God, I love this woman.


I’ve got fire for a heart

I’m not scared of the dark

“Can everyone please shut up? I’m on the phone.” My mum was on the other end of the phone. I could tell she was freaking out but I couldn’t hear anything she said. “Mum, calm down. What are you saying?” I still couldn’t hear everything but I caught the words ‘Y/N’ and ‘accident’. “EVERYONE SHUT THE FUCK UP.” This time everyone looked at me but they were quiet. The meetings were always extremely loud but this one just seemed to be a little louder than usual. “Okay, mum. Say it again.”

“It’s Y/N. There’s been a terrible accident, Liam. I don’t know if she’s going to make it.” My eyes immediately began to water and I ran a hand over my face.

“Which hospital? Is she okay?”

“Just get here quickly, son.” She told me the hospital and I immediately found Niall to take me to the hospital since I caught a ride with him in the first place. He didn’t waste a second asking stupid questions when I told him we needed to get to the hospital with Y/N. Louis and Harry noticed our rush and asked to come along, as well. It took us about twenty minutes to get to the hospital but it felt like forever. I ran through the hallways, every dark thought imaginable running through my head. What would I do if I lost her? What if I don’t get to say goodbye? What if I have to learn to live in a world where she doesn’t exist? Can I live in a world where she doesn’t? I finally got to the waiting room and my eyes quickly found my Mum.

“Where is she?”

“She’s in 323.” I went to turn away but she grabbed my arm.

“Be prepared, son.” I ran down the hallway and found her room. I paused outside of the door; preparing myself as mum said to do. When I opened the door, I almost hit the floor. There were tubes sticking out from pretty much everywhere. Blood was matted in her hair and there were scratches covering her beautiful face. I slowly sank into the chair beside her bed and tears found their way down my cheeks.

“What happened to you?” My shaking hand found hers and I prayed to feel her squeeze back but nothing happened. I kissed her knuckles and with every kiss, I prayed that my beautiful girl would open her eyes or squeeze my hand. I had just finished my last prayer when the door opened up and Louis stepped in. He immediately began crying

“I’m sorry, mate. I am so sorry.” I didn’t say anything. Louis and I just sat in silence and listened to the beeping of her monitor. After a few minutes, Louis spoke. “Your mum told me what happened.”

“Tell me.” I turned around to face him and I could tell he didn’t want to.

“Liam, I-”

“Just tell me, Louis. Please.” He sighed and I could tell he was going to give in.

“Remember how she kept telling you there was something wrong with the front end but no one had any time to have it looked at?” I nodded my head and he kept looking at me

“She was right?” I said through a sob. He looked down and nodded, tears leaving his eyes to fall on the floor. I couldn’t believe it. I was too busy with meetings and tour and rehearsing to have my girlfriend’s car checked out and now she’s lying here and I have no idea if she’s ever going to wake up.

“Mr. Payne?” I was brought from my thoughts by a doctor standing where Louis had been just moments before. I didn’t even hear him come in. I nodded at the doctor and he tried to give me a small smile. “She has a large amount of internal bleeding and a mild concussion. One of her lungs have collapsed. That’s what the tubes are for. Right now, she can’t fully breathe on her own but we’re hoping that will improve. She can a little bit but not completely. It’s a waiting game, Mr. Payne.”

“Is she going to make it?” He sighed and closed the folder he was looking at.

“Ask me that question in a week. Right now, she is alive.”

“Can she hear me?”

“Many people say they can. It never hurts to try.” I sat down beside her after the doctor left and took her hand in mine.

“If you can hear me, I just want you to know that I love you and that I am so sorry I never took the time to have your car looked at. This is all my fault and I am so so sorry. I will never be able to forgive myself for this. I don’t know what I’ll do if I lose you. I’ll go absolutely mad.” I stopped talking for a minute and just watched her chest rise and then fall but I knew that wasn’t all her. That was the machine. I sighed and began crying again. “You’re the fire in my heart. I hope you know that. I’m not afraid of anything; from death to the dark. The only thing I am absolutely terrified of is losing you. I can’t lose you.” I rested my head on her hand and let myself cry. “Please squeeze my hand. Please let me know you can hear me.” I waited and waited and nothing happened. I continued to cry but I never let go of her hand. I just stared at it. Try again, Liam. “Baby, if you can hear me, please try your hardest to squeeze my hand.” I waited. I stared at her hand. Just when I was about to give up, her fragile fingers wrapped themselves around my hand. Hope was not lost.

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