my summer princess

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Joe Hisaishi and Hayao Miyazaki make an emotionally compelling, and exquisite team. 


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this video makes me cry so much because i love her so much, she is my angel, my everything, the way she love us is so unique and i’m so proud of her, i can’t wait to start this journey i know that it’s going to be so excited❤️

I will never ever forget this. To this day, one of my favorite experiences at Summer Camp for four year olds;

So last year, one of the little boys wanted to wear a Princess Dress. I helped him put it on, told him he looked stunning and watched him run off towards his friends.

And then the inevitable happened.

Three of the other little boys immediately began to tease him.

“You’re a boy. You can’t be a princess.”

“Princesses are for girls. You’re not a girl.”

“You have to be something else. That’s silly. You can’t be silly like that.”

I was going to step forward to intervene, to spew out some big life lesson and blow these children’s minds with the hope that my words would ring true with them for all of time and they’d finally understand and accept this child for who he was and who he wanted to be.

I never even had to.

One of the little girls in the class stepped between them and grabbed the boys hand. “You can be a princess,” she said. “Because I’m a knight.” And then she grabbed the knights outfit that apparently her friends had scorned her for as well and put it on and danced around. “Now you have to let me save you because I’ve always wanted to be a knight!” 

And the two of them went to go play Princess, and she saved him a total of three times before other children began to play as well, and soon we had a full on fairy tale in my classroom with the star being this little Princess who happened to also be a boy. 

And that is why I love my job.

a very belated birthday gift for a cool dude! 

school has been hell so i havent had time to draw much, but have some colourful hugs

EDIT: since allura was revealed to be a teen, i don’t ship or condone shallura, please don’t read/tag this as such