my sugar is raw


energy balls º ♡ º 

:: walnuts + dates + oats + raw cacao powder + sunflower seeds + chia seeds + maple syrup + coconut oil + cinnamon + himalayan salt :: 

one of these lil balls fills me up with so much nourishing goodness & immediately my cravings for chocolate or sugar simply fade away… they are raw vegan :) just blend it altogether & roll them into balls! in joy! ~*~

I always thought that
The darkness in my soul

Was better off on paper
Than trapped inside.

—  David Jones “love and space dust”
Raw Tastes

This is a little batarou gift for @spunlikesugar because she is so awesome. You are the best, sweetness. Nothing but love, raw fish and surly affectionate dudes for you, bb!


Badd had to gently but firmly keep a hold on Garou’s hand as he all but jumped back at the assault of the restaurant staff when they stepped into the sushi restaurant. Badd gave a little bow, and they were led to a booth by one of the kind-faced waitresses. It wasn’t the traditional place to be seated, but Badd knew that Garou liked to be able to see outside. Outside, rain was falling, giving the city a black and white quality save for the red glow of the restaurant awning.

Badd slid into one side and was surprised when he looked up to find Garou sitting next to him rather than across. “I’ve never done this before. I want to be close where I can see how it’s done.”

“Still can’t believe you’ve never had sushi,” Badd said, trying to clear his throat to scare off the slight blush spreading across his cheeks. Garou didn’t help the matter by very pointedly rubbing his thigh against his.

“It never came up,” Garou said, shrugging, as Badd ordered them warm sake for the table.

“S'alright. I like being your first.” Badd grinned and slipped his hand into his under the table. Holding Garou’s hand wasn’t like holding anyone else’s hand. He never just settled against him and went still. No, Garou’s fingers were always moving, stroking his knuckles or opening his fingers so he could close them around Badd’s fist. At first, Badd had thought he just didn’t know what to do, but after a while he realized that Garou just liked how it felt, exploring and studying and indulging himself like that. It definitely helped that Badd loved his hands just as much.

It was a comfortable silence until the sake arrived, and then Badd poured for them both. “So, when did ya have sake for the first time?”

“Bang’s dojo.”

“Shut up!” Badd laughed. “How the hell did that happen?”

Garou smirked as he reached forward and picked up the small cup. He clinked it against Badd’s before taking a slight, savoring sip. His lashes fluttered a bit as the alcohol traveled down his throat, and Badd found himself swallowing too, though not just because of the drink. “That old fool keeps an entire stocked kitchen at that place. Don’t ask me why. But, yeah, when I first started staying with him, I found his liquor cabinet. And I’d just nab a little here and there when he was out. But, see, anything I drank I filled back up with water.” Garou started snickering. “I remember Bang callin’ the place he got that sake from…shit, he was mad. He thought he got cheated.”

Badd put down his cup to shake his head and laugh. “Damn, you’ve always been trouble, huh?”

“Yeah, but you like trouble.” Badd could see Garou’s eyes flit behind him to make sure that no one was paying too much attention before he leaned over and kissed Badd softly, quickly. Somehow, the sake tasted sweeter from his mouth, and Badd reached over to tip his chin close again for another moment of contact.

A minute or so later, the waitress returned with a full tray loaded with a variety of sushi. Badd had wanted Garou to be able to try whatever tickled his fancy, so he had ordered a generous helping of sashimi, nigiri and maki rolls. Badd reached over and poured a shallow pool of soy sauce into Garou’s dipping bowl as well as his own. “Is that enough?” Garou asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah. Don’t want to waste it. It’s rude.”

“Metal Bat cares about being rude?”

“Yeah, jackass, sometimes I do.” His voice held no heat to it, though, even as he gave him a little jab with his elbow. “So you’ll wanna use your chopsticks for the sashimi, yeah? But the nigiri and the maki you can just use your fingers, if ya want.”

Badd wasn’t surprised when Garou went straight for the pieces of plain raw fish, devouring two slices of salmon and one of tuna in quick succession. The Human Monster’s affinity for raw meats had been established basically from day one, when Badd had had to practically hide strips of beef for dinner because Garou would grab them off the plate while he was chopping vegetables.

Badd picked up a piece of whitefish nigiri, dipping it fish-side down in his soy sauce before eating it whole. He glanced over when he realized that Garou was staring at him, and he made a point to just very, very briefly lick the tip of his finger. It felt like vengeance for earlier, because now Garou was the one going a bit red.

After a while, Badd noticed that Garou had avoided the maki. “‘Ey. Try one of the rolls. They’re good. They’ve got, like, avocado and crab and stuff. You’ll like it.”

Garou narrowed his eyes at the rolls distrustfully. “No.”

“Aw, c'mon.”


“For me?” Badd bit his lip as he picked up one of the rolls with his chopsticks and held it towards Garou’s face, his other hand slightly beneath his chin. For a second, the former Hero Hunter stared at him balefully but then something softened in his expression, nose twitching at the combination of scents as they came to him. He opened his mouth and took the offered sampling. His eyes closed briefly, and Badd had been around him long enough to know he was hooked. “What did I tell ya?”

They ate sushi until they were stuffed. Badd ordered them each a small mochi ball for dessert, but when they arrived, Garou ate his quickly while grabbing Badd’s. “Oi,” Badd said, leveling his gaze, but only for a moment as Garou raised it towards Badd’s lips.

“You made this look fun,” he said, simply, a coy, playful grin playing at his face.

Badd opened his mouth and accepted the sweet, not breaking eye contact with Garou. Just slightly, he scraped the pad of his thumb with his incisor, lips dragging over the tips of Garou’s fingers. The lust that suddenly permeated the air was thick enough that Badd felt warm, though not in an unpleasant way.

“I can’t wait to get you home,” Garou whispered so only Badd could hear. The booth suddenly felt very, very small, much more intimate than before.

“Yeah, likewise.” Badd cleared his throat. “Hey, uh…so…I brought ya here tonight for a reason. And it’s probably dumb but like…” Why did this feel so awkward? It didn’t help that Garou stared at him like he had gone from being the most attractive thing in the room to the most confusing. “It’s been six months since…our fight.”

Garou didn’t blink.

“So…happy anniversary, I guess?”

He waited for the Human Monster to start laughing or to scoff or to just roll his eyes, but he didn’t. His brows furrowed instead, and he said simply, “You remembered that?”

“Well, yeah.”

Badd hadn’t been ready for Garou to react the way he did. This wasn’t some coy little move, avoiding the gaze of anyone around. No. Garou cupped his face and pulled him into an eager, full kiss that was all love and adoration, fingers rubbing his jaw, thumbing his ear. Badd rubbed his arms, the angle making it difficult for him to do much more than just ride out the wonderful moment. Maybe it was sentimentality coloring the scene, but Badd was pretty damn sure it was the best kiss of his life.

“Now,” Garou said when he pulled back, his eyes smouldering, “I really can’t wait to get you home.”

Rich Bitch Money Drawing Shower Scrub

This is my personal favorite out of all the scrubs I make. It’s also the most requested! As you most likely gathered from the title this scrub is made to attract a little wealth into your life!

This scrub smells heavenly and is made with various salts, sugars, and herbs. I can’t give away my whole ingredients list but, there are three types of hand ground salt including Himalayan Pink Salt. My favorite of the sugars used is the Demerara Raw Sugar. My favorite herbs used are a blend of clove, bergamont and black tea which are all very powerful money attactors (not to mention the sugar as well!). It’s also an excellent exfoliant. It’s been charged in the waxing moon and is ready to go!

Judge My Drink: Ristretto Edition

Judge my drink please! Quad tall whole milk latte 

You dont really have friends. You just have people who call you up because you always buy the first round.

Judge my drink: Gr Blonde, Double, Lt Whole Milk, 1 Raw Sugar, 1 Equal.

You don’t like the combination of sweeteners so much as the attention that the combination brings. And you ride that odd wave of saccharine superiority all day. “Well Joe got that promotion I wanted but I bet that pleb uses regular sugar in his coffee”

Judge my drink: Venti vanilla bean frappacino with 3 pumps caramel, 3 shots affogato, and caramel drizzle

I bet you sip of this shit cup while talking to your coworkers about your latest herbal cleanse and weight loss patches. 

Judge my drink: decaf latte with soy and peppermint syrup

You’re really just here because the barista is cute and you’re hoping the weird choice of flavor will make you memorable. 

Judge my drink please? Tall starbucks double shot made with long shots, extra ice, no classic, ½ a pump of white mocha, and an inch of nonfat.

You never waste an opportunity to tell people you used to work at Starbucks but you always leave out the fact that you only lasted a couple weeks because no one could tolerate how you never wasted an opportunity to tell them that you almost got a job at the indie coffee shop across town.

Really funny because about two months ago my grocery list consisted of little-to-none calorie foods and substitutes, low calorie breads, artificial sweeteners, etc.

I just picked up groceries with my mom of all natural, raw, wholesome, full-fat, full-sugar, beautiful foods. Pictures to come.

Changes, big changes are coming.

I’m like the opposite of a body builder, I’m a body destroyer lmao. I kill myself slowly with toxic fast food and 0 exercise I haven’t gotten off of the couch in 5 months instead of supplements I eat raw salt, grease and sugar. my body is failing I think it’s great scientists can study the deadly fungus festering in my intestines and use it to poison convicts on death row