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Diabolik Lovers: Cuddles

Words: 718

Anime: Diabolik Lovers

Character(s): Sakamaki Brothers

Disclaimer: Gifs are not mine!!

Shu- The King of Laziness would want as little movement as possible when he had you in his arms. The two of you would often face each other, your noses and lips nearly touching, his hand in your hair. He would leave you enough room to move your arms which you took great advantage of. Your hand would find its way upward to trace the outline of his face. He would watch you with a small smile as you did so, or if he was particularly tired, he would hum as he relaxed into your touch. Sometimes though, you would share hushed words whether they be loving or dirty is up to the both of you.

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Diabolik Lovers: Kisses

Words: 480.

Anime: Diabolik Lovers.

Character(s): Sakamaki brothers.

Shu- His kisses would be lazy and slow. His hand would often cup the back of your head whilst the other would rest behind his head, if he were lying down. If you were both standing or sitting, the position would basically be the same but his other arm would wrap around your back and hold you close against him. His lips are usually soft and he always pulls back long enough to make you crave more. He often pulls you on top of him so he can feel you as close to him as possible and plus, that means he won’t have to move a lot to feel you close to him.

Reiji- His kisses are short but forceful. He wants to get his point across quickly because he’s often very busy. He would lift your chin to face him and press his lips firmly against yours before pushing up his glasses and going back to whatever he was previously doing. His lips often leave yours swollen and bruised but you can’t wait for the next time.

Ayato- His kisses usually start with him sucking your blood. There is usually one hand on your shoulder and the other wound around her waist. His hand would then slip to where he just bit you and up to cup your cheek before he would kiss you. His lips would pull at yours as though in a battle and if he were somehow losing the battle, he would press you against something and kiss you harder, his hands tightening their hold.

Laito- His kisses would leave you completely breathless. His hands would be on your hips and his lips would descend on yours slowly. He would tease you with short, light kisses before passionately kissing you, his tongue forcing its way into your mouth. He would play with your own tongue for a while before going back to the light kisses. He would alternate between the two, causing you to become dizzy with his kisses. If you let him, your kisses would usually end in the both of you in bed and without clothes.

Kanato- His kisses were short. He doesn’t kiss you often but when he does it’s usually to get you to shut up or to perhaps frighten you. You would often be stunned if Kanato kissed you which would make him laugh and start asking Teddy what they should do with you. In other words, there is no passion behind Kanato’s kisses.

Subaru- His kisses start off hesitant. He is afraid he’ll hurt you in some way so you usually initiate the kisses. After the initial fear and hesitancy he would stroke your hair from your face and kiss you more deeply, his hands winding through your hair. His kisses were originally sloppy and inexperienced but the longer he kissed you, the deeper he kissed you.

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