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This is a preview of mslead​ and I’s collab for NaLu week 2015: Polaris

Yes, this is a Sky Pirate AU! (Steampunk yoooo)

I’m pretty sure that we won’t be able to follow the actual schedule for NaLu week (*sweats nervously*) But we did follow the prompts from Bonus Day 1 to Bonus Day 2! So watch out for it! :D

(And oh, this is the first three pages of Shine! :D)

Yuuri’s face (and sparkly eyes!) as he watches Phichit’s performance is telling. 

Phichit: “I have no past accomplishments to defend. This is my new beginning! It’s a waste if I’m not excited as a child!” 

Compared to Yuuri’s: 

“Finding out how far I can push my limits to win, will motivate me to fight through the Final!” 

Phichit doesn’t feel this crushing need to prove himself, whereas that pressure has burdened Yuuri throughout the series. Phichit strives to reach new limits and break new ground out of a genuine love and wonder for skating, whereas I feel like that’s something that Yuuri has kinda lost these past few episodes? It definitely shows in the difference between their skating styles this episode. Look at how they start their programs:

Was the glare supposed to reflect Eros?? 

Not to say that Yuuri’s dislike of losing is a bad thing; his increasingly fierce sense of determination is something I admire about him. But I hope that by the end of the series, he will have learned to fully reconcile this anxiety with his love/spirit for skating - which is exactly what he hoped to rediscover by skating to Stay Close to Me in Episode 1!! Like Phichit said: “It’s a waste if I’m not excited as a child!” 

Day Two Hundred Fifty One.

Story books promised me a
Knight in shining armor.
A strong man in a cape
Ready to swoop in and
Save the day.
And so,
For many years I waited.
Quietly carrying sugar cubes in the palms of my hands to entice his valiant
Stumbling over train tracks, impatiently awaiting the moment he’d rush to my side,
Readily preparing for the split second my heart would recognize its better half.
Until I was roused by the sound of a ticking clock.
Sitting around was never my style.
I strapped a bright red cape over my gown and became my own hero.
Making my way through life’s twisting pathways,
Enjoying the adventure.
But every once in a while,
I still scan the streets for a kind-souled gentleman who got lost on his misguided quest to find the girl who doesn’t need any saving.  


Drawing Drawing Drawing x’D

Finally I am grabbing my pencil and tablet again -w- <3
I wanted to try a “cartoonish” style, because it’s ages I don’t draw and I need to re-practise for a while… ahh, I miss drawing and I think I have lost some of the progresses I made during the last months.
Having two passions like cosplay and drawing sometimes is difficult.

I am looking for a stupid quote for this pic, so I can put it on a shirt on Society6 or something, would you help me finding one?
Something about the fact they are lost, just like Thorin, on their way to Hobbitton x’D

Your hair is a waterfall. 
The softest, most silent cascade.
Yet when I run my fingers through it, it is still powerful enough to erode away the remnants of whoever lingered on my fingertips before you.
Hypnotic green whirlpools that I find myself trapped in, 
in a very cliche “deer in headlights” style.
Your eyes could wreck a thousand ships.
I was just so fortunate to be lost at sea when passing by them. 
I’ve never found myself more comfortable sinking to the bottom of one’s pupils, surrounded by you; the ocean itself. 
These raindrops gently kissing my window pane remind me of the gentle sound of your voice every time you utter an “I love you”
Running so softly down the glass interior I call my ribcage, leaving trails across my heart and lungs. 
You are water;
gentle, engulfing, and necessary to my survival. 
I’ve never been so comfortable drowning in something.

Water (2/22/15)



Hello! I am currently in dire need of money to help my parents out with bills, so for a short while I am opening back up $3 commissions!  ($3 per character)

I’m willing to do any characters with proper reference, including original characters, gemsonas, your main unit, or characters from any fandom! 

I can do both lined art (first example) or lineless (second example) either is fine!!

You can find more examples of my art >here< if you need more an idea of each style. 

Now for more details! You can message me on here, and if I do not respond the message was lost, in which case you can contact me at my email ( ).The paypal email is, this is my mother’s paypal and any money made will be going straight to helping with bills. If you have any questions please feel free to ask, and if you could pass this around I would greatly appreciate it!