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This is a preview of mslead​ and I’s collab for NaLu week 2015: Polaris

Yes, this is a Sky Pirate AU! (Steampunk yoooo)

I’m pretty sure that we won’t be able to follow the actual schedule for NaLu week (*sweats nervously*) But we did follow the prompts from Bonus Day 1 to Bonus Day 2! So watch out for it! :D

(And oh, this is the first three pages of Shine! :D)

Protective Daddy - Harry Styles Imagine

“Are you sure you want to go out today, I mean we could just stay home?”

Harry decided to go out with Darcy and have a lovely daddy-daughter day. Given his status however, this was made difficult.

“Baby?! Darcy?” Harry called out, worried. Paparazzi swarmed the both of them and Darcy being so little got lost in the crowd surrounding them. Harry’s only focus trying to find his 3 year old daughter. “I need to get to my daughter. Please move. Sir, you’re going to need to move.”

“Ow! You knocked me over!” Darcy yelled, her voice cracking. “Daddy please help me!”

He scooped her up in his arms and made his way through the swarm of people. “Mate come on let’s go.” Jeffrey (Azoff) said and helped guide Harry and his little girl to the car. Darcy was their first priority so they made sure she was in the car first and she had her seatbelt on. Once Darcy was in the car and safe, that’s when all hell broke loose.

“Harry don’t you think you oughta take care of your own daughter better?” A pap yelled out. “Harry, look don’t engage. Just get in the car.” Jeffrey looked at Harry and put a hand on his shoulder but Harry was quick to shrug it off. Harry turned around to face the paparazzi. “I understand that this is your guys "job” but honestly there’s a thing called respect for people’s personal space which clearly you all don’t have. My daughter is only 3 years old and you guys are too busy trying to get a photo of me that one of you knocked my daughter over. Then you have the fucking nerve to blame me? Seriously? She’s a child. Get a fucking grip on yourselves. I hope this is the reaction you all wanted, but don’t you ever, EVER harm my daughter in any way whether it’s an accident or not. Maybe you guys need to take a step back and look at yourselves and ask “is this job really worth it?”. Have a nice day.“

Harry got into the car, followed by Jeffrey and the car zoomed off. "Daddy, why did you get angry at them?” Darcy asked while Harry was putting on his seatbelt. “Because they hurt my little girl and nobody hurts my little girl.” Harry pinched both of her cheeks.

Darcy giggled revealing a pair of cute dimples. “I love you daddy.”

“I love you too pumpkin.”

Alexander  pt.2[BTS Jungkook ] (M)

jungkook x reader (y/N)

bts members

Genre : angst/smut/fluff

Mature contents: this is not a fairy tale leave if you don’t like it,

Summary: he gave me fire and i need to find him ;with him i saw stars ,i wasn’t scared i felt safe.. i liked his kisses and i wish we meet again …

part 1 2 3 4 5


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The Signs as Lana Del Rey lyrics - long version & astrological explanation
  • Aries: Maybe I like this roller coaster, maybe it keeps me high, maybe the speed it brings me closer, I could sparkle up your eye // Movement, speed, the thrill of the rush
  • Taurus: He likes to watch me in the glass room, bathroom, Chateau Marmont, slipping on my red dress, putting on my makeup. Glass film, perfume, cognac, lilac fumes: he says it feels like heaven to him // Appealing to the senses, romantic subtleties, the finest things in life
  • Gemini: I drive fast, wind in my hair, I push you to the limits 'cause I just don't care, you ask me where I been? I've been everywhere, now I don't wanna be nowhere but here // Dynamism, challenging personality, charismatic experiences
  • Cancer: In the land of Gods and Monsters, I was an Angel living in the garden of evil, screwed up, scared, doing anything that I needed, shining like a fiery beacon // "The Outsider" trying to fit in, doing their best
  • Leo: The power of youth is on my mind: sunsets, small town, I'm out of time. Will you still love me when I shine from words but not from beauty? // The need to love and be loved intensely & completely
  • Virgo: Lost but now I am found, I can see that once I was blind, I was so confused as a little child, tried to take what I could get, scared that I couldn't find all the answers // The desperate need to know and control everything
  • Libra: I got my red dress on tonight, dancing in the dark in the pale moonlight. Done my hair up real big beauty queen style, high heels off, I'm feeling alive // Just enjoying the moment, princess-style, alluring and dazzling
  • Scorpio: I'm feeling electric tonight: cruising down the coast going 'bout 99. Got my bad baby by my heavenly side, I know if I go, I'll die happy tonight // Feeling powerful, defying the law, the acceptance of death as something natural and the power of love
  • Sagittarius: I know that I'm a mess with my long hair and my sun tan, short dress, bare feet, I don't care what they say about me // "I woke up like this" and being blunt about it
  • Capricorn: He said to "be cool" but I'm already coolest, I said to “get real, don't you know who you're dealing with? Um, do you think you'll buy me lots of diamonds?” // Self-assured attitude, love for luxury
  • Aquarius: We had nothing to lose, nothing to gain, nothing we desired anymore, except to make our lives into a work of art // Love for freedom and art, the need to make a change, create something meaningful
  • Pisces: I was always an unusual girl, my mother told me I had a chameleon soul, no moral compass pointing due north, no fixed personality... Just an inner indecisiveness that was as wide and as wavering as the ocean // Adaptability, ever changing personality, emotional connection with the sea

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Sure ^^ I just need to find my glasses (which I lost somewhere in my room and now I can’t find them) then I’ll be ready to redraw it in my style.

“She needs to leave some deals for me!”

Helping this older woman (she’s probably in her late 50s/early 60s) put together a bed set from our clearance options. She keeps eying the ever growing pile that another female customer is creating. “Oh, that color’s nice. Oh, I like that pattern,” she says, “Oh she keeps finding all these nice things. She should save some of the bargains for me!”

My coworker is helping this younger woman compile her order, and I overhear bits and pieces of their conversation while I’m still helping my customer. Mention to my coworker when she steps away from her customer, “Hey, that looks like it’ll be a good sale for you.” She replies, “Their family lost their house in a fire. They apparently just got the insurance money to buy an new one and need to replace all their bedding…” I’m like… “Well, that sucks…”

Go back to helping my customer, who now keeps making rude comments about how the younger woman seems to have more than her share and should leave some for the “rest of us” - mainly meaning her because she’s not thrilled with the options we’re finding (mainly because she’s being cheap and doesn’t want to pay for the newer styles she actually likes). “Don’t you think she has enough already? I mean, really…”

I look her square in the eye and inform her, “Their family actually lost their house in a fire. She’s here trying to replace all the bedding for their home.”

Woman’s eyes widen, face drops, puts her hand over her mouth and chokes, “Oh my god… I’m a total bitch. Ohhhhh my god. Here I am going on like a selfish old bag, and she’s just suffered that tragedy. I am an awful person.”

Glad you realized it. Have you learned your lesson?

Yuuri’s face (and sparkly eyes!) as he watches Phichit’s performance is telling. 

Phichit: “I have no past accomplishments to defend. This is my new beginning! It’s a waste if I’m not excited as a child!” 

Compared to Yuuri’s: 

“Finding out how far I can push my limits to win, will motivate me to fight through the Final!” 

Phichit doesn’t feel this crushing need to prove himself, whereas that pressure has burdened Yuuri throughout the series. Phichit strives to reach new limits and break new ground out of a genuine love and wonder for skating, whereas I feel like that’s something that Yuuri has kinda lost these past few episodes? It definitely shows in the difference between their skating styles this episode. Look at how they start their programs:

Was the glare supposed to reflect Eros?? 

Not to say that Yuuri’s dislike of losing is a bad thing; his increasingly fierce sense of determination is something I admire about him. But I hope that by the end of the series, he will have learned to fully reconcile this anxiety with his love/spirit for skating - which is exactly what he hoped to rediscover by skating to Stay Close to Me in Episode 1!! Like Phichit said: “It’s a waste if I’m not excited as a child!” 


Drawing Drawing Drawing x’D

Finally I am grabbing my pencil and tablet again -w- <3
I wanted to try a “cartoonish” style, because it’s ages I don’t draw and I need to re-practise for a while… ahh, I miss drawing and I think I have lost some of the progresses I made during the last months.
Having two passions like cosplay and drawing sometimes is difficult.

I am looking for a stupid quote for this pic, so I can put it on a shirt on Society6 or something, would you help me finding one?
Something about the fact they are lost, just like Thorin, on their way to Hobbitton x’D

My fear is that one day you will hold your paint brush against my chalky skin
And paint me with black and blue hues
until I become a creation of your bitterness
When there are chips of dark paint peeling off your canvas
I’m afraid that you will scrap my worn out shield with your dull knife
until I am forced to feel your hands on me again
Once you are left with blank spaces
I’m worried that the dark substances you consume me with will seep into my blood stream
Until I am lost in a haze of deep need for the one who caused this
My fear is that one day I’ll stop counting down the days before I find my escape
And sink in the mad beauty of my captive
—  Stockholm Syndrome

So, after feeling inspired by Siden’s AU in which the Mane 6’s life-styles and personalities are swapped, I decided to take my own stab at the same idea–focusing on Rainbow and Twilight.

Some discussion with my fans, and bam, I sketched this. (Needs color but damn that takes forever).

Rainbow Dash is now “Aurora Glider” or just Dr Glider. A medical researcher (and physical therapist) specializing in pegasus wing anatomy, she is driven to finding ways to restore the ability of flight to those who have lost it due to injury or were born with disability. Her primary patient is Scootaloo.

Her bookworm demeanor can make her a little awkward around strangers, but she is known to be genuinely caring of others, especially her patients, developing an almost big sister like bond with the younger ones.

She is also an ornithologist, at least as a hobby, even though it often overlaps with her career.

Twilight Sparkle is now “Starfall”, a promising young competitor in the MMA (Magical Martial Arts) League. Much is expected of her, as she is the only student of the legendary and enigmatic Master Celestia.

Starfall already has a reputation for using magic in creative ways to augment and supplement her impressive combat-staff skills. A stage name “The Purple Comet” seems to have stuck, after taking out a local champion, Trixie Lulamoon, with a signature move that is now her namesake.

Starfall’s success has made her rather cocky, a trait her master disapproves of thoroughly.

(This is a WIP. Might change details as I see fit.)

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What are you assuming that could be the plot for s4 with that open ending?

Hey anon!

I just posted an ask answer laying out what I hope they do with season 4 but if you don’t feel like clicking over, to summarize:

  • Fuck trying to fix the reactors, that’s a lost cause
  • Pull in their various grounder allies (Roan/Azgeda, Luna/Floukru, Indra and Niylah/Trikru)
  • looming threat of death accelerating bellarke style realizations and actions
  • everyone working together to establish find a place to establish a truly united sky people/grounder society
  • The Blakes learning how to be independent people because for as much as I adore their relationship, it was by no means healthy and they really need to work on that
  • Not in my previous answer, VERY CURIOUS TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS WITH MURPHY AND RAVEN IN THE SAME PLACE AGAIN it opens the door for Murphy to actually verbalize some kind of regret for being such a fuck nugget in season 1 and that would be awesome because I could feel less conflicted about loving him now
  • also not in my previous answer EMORI/RAVEN/CLARKE FRIENDSHIP
  • i know what I’m about okay?
  • I just realized I totally veered off plot predictions and went into a wishlist of things
  • whoops, sorry, I suck at following directions
  • beeeellaaaaaaarke
  • bellarke

Hello! I am currently in dire need of money to help my parents out with bills, so for a short while I am opening back up $3 commissions!  ($3 per character)

I’m willing to do any characters with proper reference, including original characters, gemsonas, your main unit, or characters from any fandom! 

I can do both lined art (first example) or lineless (second example) either is fine!!

You can find more examples of my art >here< if you need more an idea of each style. 

Now for more details! You can message me on here, and if I do not respond the message was lost, in which case you can contact me at my email ( ).The paypal email is, this is my mother’s paypal and any money made will be going straight to helping with bills. If you have any questions please feel free to ask, and if you could pass this around I would greatly appreciate it!

StayDay 17*His P.O.V**Flashback* My phone was ringing for the 9th time from the sink counter as the hot water from the shower ran down my back. “fuck” i groaned, stopping the water and grabbing it. The caller ID read ‘Liam’. “Yo, what’s up man?” “It’s (Y/N)! Something happened, the ambulance came and got her, hurry, get to the hospital!” His voice was filled with panic and I could tell he was crying. Before I could ask any questions the line went dead and I stood there, frozen. My hands started to shake and i ran to the bedroom. I threw on an old band shirt and a pair of jeans. They were probably dirty but i didn’t have the time to care. I ran down the stairs and grabbed my keys. I ran right past my shoes and got in the my old car. I turned the key but the car wouldn’t start. I’ve needed a new car for years now, but instead of getting myself one I bought one for (Y/N) and just haven’t had the time to go out and get another one. “Fuck, fuck, no! Fuck!” i started screaming, beating the dash, turning the key harshly. “Fuck!” I pulled out my phone and dialed Zayns number. He answered rather quickly, “Hey, i’m leaving for the hospital now, Liam already called the other boys, is everything okay? What’s going on?” “I don’t fucking know! My car won’t start! Come get me please!” *End Flashback* By the time Zayn had gotten there I was hysterical, crying, screaming, punching my car. But now I was sitting in the waiting room with Zayn Liam Louis and Niall. They wouldn’t let in the hosptial at first because I wasn’t wearing shoes, but zayn gave me his then went out and bought himself a new pair so he could get in. I was still crying and the doctors wouldn’t tell me anything. “It’s alright, mate” Niall cooed, handing me another coffee. I held it tight in my hands, almost crushing the cardboard cup. If nothing was wrong, then why won’t they tell me anything? *Your P.O.V* I laid in the hospital bed, clutching my stomach, crying as the doctor explained to me what had happened. “When you first came in we thought you were having a miscarriage, and it turns out that you were, but, you’re still pregnant” I shook my head, clearly not understanding. “Well.. You must have been pregnant with twins Ms. (Y/L/N), and yesterday you lost one.” I started breathing faster and tears came down like waterfalls. “I’m sorry to have to be the one to inform you of this. Even though you were lucky enough not to lose the second baby, it’s at high-risk, which means you need to be careful. You lost the first one do to stress, so whatever stresses you have in your life i suggest you put them away before you lose this one too” he explained, pointing at my stomach. “I-I need H-harry” i sobbed. The doctor called in a nurse and instructed her to go to the waiting room and find a Harry Styles. She came back in record time with Harry and the other boys. Harry told them to wait outside and he came in by himself. “Are you okay? Babe, i’m so sorry i wasnt here sooner” His eyes filled with tears and he held my hand tight. The doctor cleared his throat and introduced himself. After telling Harry everything he told me he left us alone. The rest of the boys came in silently, sitting around the bed. Louis was the first to speak up, “What happened?” I couldnt answer, i just started  crying again. Harry kissed my forehead and explained to them everything while Zayn held my other hand. “They’re keeping her here one more night and then sending her home tomorrow” Harry sighed. Liam kept a straight face, staring at the floor. I looked over at him and whispered his name. When he looked up I knew he wanted to say something. “Guys..” Liam finally said, breaking the silence. They all looked at him before he continued, “if she goes home with you, Harry, this is gona happen again. What’s going on between the two of you, and you and Zayn, and her and Zayn.. It’s just not safe. She can’t go home with you..” he looked over at me. “I think it’s best if she went to live with her sister until the baby is born..” Everything fell silent again. Niall and Louis stared at Liam while Harry and Zayn stared at me. “(Y/N)” Zayn whispered, “Liam has a point.. It would be best to go live with (Y/S/N) until the baby is born..” Harry shook his head, “no. No i can take care of her, we’ll just need to work on not fighting, and Zayn, you and I can work things out, everything will be fine” Harry said, trying to convince himself more than anyone else. “No, Harry. Seriously, she needs to get-” “Shut up, Niall!” Harry cut him off. “Harry.” they all looked at me, “Harry, they’re right.. I need to go stay with (Y/S/N) until the baby is born, and then I can come back” “(Y/N), please.. please don’t go. I can’t lose you again” “Harry…” “No, please! I love you! I’m sorry for the way I’ve been acting and I cant let you walk away, not again, I can’t go another day without you.. (Y/N) please! Stay…”