my style changed

been growing out my hair for 3+ years but this is it, i made an appointment at a nicer hair salon for this afternoon and i am going back to the Bisexual Bob

pray for me. and also my stylist


Hanji and Levi semi realism

Q:  Why does Levi not really exist?

A:  Because he would has too many pretenders. 😂

And if he exists I would have married him. 😍

But if as well as Levi existed Hanji too I think I would give up my love for him and do everything to make these two idiots together. 😎 💪 💋

kitamoriaki  asked:

I found your thorki comic on deviant a couple of years back and fell in love with it!! Then I come to find out that the same person who did the comic is who solidified my terumob obsession? Cue internal screaming!!!

IT SEEMS MY ART STYLE CHANGED A LOT SINCE THEN!! You didn’t even recognize me at first!!?? *screams with you*