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“That day he didn’t want you to remember him as the king. In what time you had left he wanted to be your father.”

Welcome to my SU AU(actually I don’t know if anybody did this yet)

Meet Bilbo. Guess what his gem is.

Here we have Bilbo defending Thorins gem. Thorin got poofed by Azog.

My poor baby’s gem got cracked when he got chased by Smaug.

Personal headcanons:

-all the people in Middle Earth have gems. They still have their own names and being called by your gem is rude(at least concerning hobbits) and considered classicist

-hobbits usually cover their gems. that is why you don’t see bilbos gem(it’s also very convenient for him since they’re LOOKING FOR THAT FRIGGIN GEM IN HIS CHEST!!!)

-bilbos summoned weapon is sting(surprise!), thorins is his shield(his gem is on his forearm)

-after the first run-in with azog everyone is worried that thorins gem got damaged. but bilbo got there in time :D cue thorins regeneration on the carrock

-orcs, goblins and the other creatures of morgoth are artificial and corrupted gem. Corruption can manifest differently in this verse (they can still be intelligent and stuff, hence azog and shit)

-Bilbos gem/the Arkenstone(there, I said it) only starts corrupting the people in his vicinity AFTER it got cracked. That’s why Thorin fell so fast ( jep, goldmadness is corruption here). Also why the shire isn’t full of corrupted gems.

BILBO DIES ENDING: Bilbo get’s shattered. Yes, sorry, just ignore this part if you want. He gets shattered by Azog when he distracts him to save Thorin. With the Arkenstone shattered Thorin and co.’s corruption disappears.

EVERYBODY LIVES ENDING: Bilbo only get’s poofed. Thorin shatters Azog and pulls a Rose Quartz/Rapunzel on Bilbo’s gem. BOOM. CORRUPTING GEM CORRUPTS NO LONGER; EVERYONE GETS DE-CORRUPTED AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER, GOOD NIGHT, THE END. also imagine the awesome fusions. BAGGINSHiELD FUSION!!! OH GOD!!

Add-on Undertale Theory

Original theory here - Previous question about said theory here

Thanks! :) Well I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and I’m starting to think that perhaps Sans is a failed experiment by Dr. Gaster. I think Dr. Gaster and Dr. Alphys were both interested in human souls and what their powers would mean for monsters, but while Dr. Alphys was more interested in how she could manufacture human souls in order to get everyone out of the Underground, I think that Dr. Gaster was more interested in the time traveling aspect of human souls. Papyrus also makes a joke earlier on about “humans being descended from skeletons”, which to me seems important because he and Sans seem different than the other monsters. But while I don’t know how involved Papyrus was, I think Sans is a failed experiment to create a human soul, because while I still stand by all of the similarities between Sans, Flowey and Frisk, there is one major difference: determination.

I’ve gotten responses where Sans can’t have a human soul because in the Pacifist Run, Flowey absorbs all the souls in the Underground and it shows that he still only has six human souls. I’ve also seen it said that he can’t have a human soul with the save feature and all that because then your fight with him in the Genocide Run would be never ending (he’d just keep restarting, and you’d never get past him). But there’s one distinct difference between your fight with Flowey/Asriel in the Pacifist Run and your fight with Sans in the Genocide Run:

Sans has given up.

Alphys states that human souls persist after death because ofdetermination, and at every save point in the game, you are given/have it. I believe that determination is also what gives the human souls the power to help you in the Pacifist Run fight against Flowey. Flowey states in the Genocide Run that he’s been waiting to see you, that even though this life has bored him, he still has some determination to keep living, to keep loading his save file. But Sans…

He’s stopped trying to load his save file. He’s stopped trying to get to the surface. He doesn’t step in to stop you in the Genocide Run until the very end. But…

He knows that everything will just stop. That’s why he fights you in the Genocide Run. Because he has lost so much already, and there will be absolutely no hope if you succeed. Everything will just end, there will be no reset. And, ultimately, I think that’s what scares him. That everything will be erased with no guarantee of a reset.

Because if you think of the other big boss fight in the Genocide Run, it’s Undyne the Undying. And why is she difficult?

She has determination. So essentially, she and Sans (the two biggest fights in the run) are two halves of a whole. Undyne has determination, but not the power (save files, awareness of time, heightened powers) of a human soul. She dies a monster’s death by turning into dust. And Sans has all of the other elements of a human soul, but not the determination to use them. He dies a human’s death, with blood (and off-screen). And while I think that Undyne is simply a monster that happened to gain determination for a short amount of time, I think that Sans is made of different stuff. They say in the game that monsters are made of magic and humans of water (and blood, etc.), so if Sans really was just a monster with extra abilities, he’d still die a monster’s death. But he bleeds, and we don’t see his dust. That’s really why I think he’s more human than monster.