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I see that you use "prince of hell" warlock in a lot of your tags, what does that mean?

oh my god this is kind of embarrassing because my feelings about this are so intense. like i’m not even sure i can fully articulate what it’s genuinely about but i will try. also book spoilers.

Warlocks always have a demon for a father and Magnus’s father in particular was revealed to be Asmodeus, one of the seven princes of hell and a fallen angel. It’s the reason he’s so powerful and since Asmodeus erased someone’s entire life as if it were nothing, it’s likely why Magnus has a particular talent for memory spells. We also see Magnus activate a witchlight at one point, which normally only responds to Shadowhunter (angel) blood.

And yet it was used more for relationship drama than anything, even though Magnus going through the centuries believing that he has the purest form of demon blood is a huge deal for his character. He’s clearly ashamed of it. Plus, what does having something so similar to angel blood mean for him? We’re told time and again that he’s powerful, that he has all this rich heartbreaking history, but we only get glimpses of it at best. What happened after he killed his human father after nearly being drowned? I mean, he was six or something and literally the first time he used his magic was to burn a man alive. How did he end up in Spain all the way from Indonesia? Did someone bring him to the Spiral Labyrinth? Magnus says Silent Brothers took him in, but that only appears in deleted pages of CoA; in CoB he simply calls them “churchmen.” How did he discover Asmodeus was his father? What was their conversation the first time he summoned him? What is even Magnus’s birth name before he took this one? A name, by the way, that unlike other warlocks speaks not of mourning or solitude (Loss, Fell, Fade, Gray) but of pure destruction, which says everything about what Magnus thinks of himself and his origins.

In short, the entire concept of him being the son of a Prince of Hell represents everything I wanted and nothing I ever got. That tag is purely about my extreme thirst for Magnus being Magnus. Not the guy who’s one half of a ship, not a glittery warlock with a great fashion sense, but Magnus Fucking Bane, the man who understands exactly who he is and what he’s capable of, who loves with all of his heart and would prefer to tell stupid stories about how he was totes BFFs with Julius Caesar but who will not hesitate to fuck your shit up if you mess with his people and when he’s done, his eyeliner will not have a single smudge. It is for Magnus lounging at his nightclub like a king. It is for Magnus carving his history and tainted birthright into his own name, but still clinging to the belief that he’s human and a good man.

What’s great about the Diana/Etta interaction in the WW trailer isn’t just that Di doesn’t know what a secretary is, it’s that she doesn’t know what a handshake is.


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She squints at the word “secretary” with confusion, then she looks down at Etta’s hand

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and ignores it. She doesn’t know why Etta’s holding her hand out and I love this little detail that I might have missed had they not included it. Why the hell would Diana know what a handshake is? She’s been on an island full of warrior women since birth; she knows who everyone is, so why would she or anyone else on that island ever have to greet another person by checking to see if they’ve got a weapon up their sleeve or in their hand? Handshakes as a mode of greeting would never have been used on Paradise Island the way it’s been used historically, especially when Diana was born after they cut away from mankind, and that’s cool that the movie shows us that.

Swedish Women’s Weekly can reveal that the royal family’s youngest member was actually in place! Although he was a little bit in the background. Royal Court Communications Margareta Thorgren explains that the little prince (Alexander) was right next to Sofia.


All I’m saying is they could have lifted him up so the Swedish people could see him, or even have let Silvia hold him so he was in the front. But, whatever.