my stupid onion


Went to The Hogtown Vegan in Toronto! 
My boyfriend got the Philly Cheesesteak with sauteed garlic collard greens. I got the Unchicken Caesar wrap with ‘fries supremacy’ which was nacho cheeze, fakin bits, sunflower sour cream and green onions.
Then we went back to Apiecalypse Now to get Twisty vanilla chocolate soft serve ice cream and a vegan Simpsons Donut!

i think y’all need a reminder that this is just a tv show. it’s ok if someone isn’t a fan of your fave, and it’s ok if someone else in the house doesn’t get along with your fave.  it’s not going to kill you. if it affects you that much you shouldn’t be blogging the show in general, much less be in the tag.