my stupid eyes


[Enter Shiro, stage right]

[Extended pause as they all stare at each other in utter horror]

[Exit Shiro, as if pursued by a Bear]

i can’t decide between quoting lucky i’m in love with my best friend and lucky we’re in love in every way from this song that resonates with this picture, and my feelings, perfectly

seamus and dean you guys


it might have been 50 years ago today, or yesterday, or last week, because im not even sure what day it was but iT WAS 50 YEARS AGO AROUND THIS TIME

arm wrestled dum-e today. does it count as arm wrestling when his whole body is an arm? or is it just wrestling then

steve drew me, and then tony added dum-e to the sketch. nice to see them getting along.

this is just before the table snapped under us. that red stuff is blood from the nosebleed i got, and that white is when dum-e decided that spraying me down with the fire extinguisher would help with the nosebleed

it did not.

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” You must know that such love is impossible.”
“ Impossible loves, I’m very much afraid they can become an addiction. “

jon: never looks longingly at danielle

jon: literally doesn’t tell deborah ANYTHING about himself

jon: ‘accidentally’ calls diana’s kids ugly

jon: disapproves of at least 70% of everything dorothy wants to do

jon: wants badly to go home but can’t because dakota is an asshole

tyrion & davos: he’s totally in love with denise did you see him staring at her chest in my imagination and not showing any kind of interest in her omg

I’ve created a new brush and I love it! I tried something new with it :3

Wanted to change the way I usually draw Natsu’s hair but I’m still not convinced ;-;

Anyway I’ve made this also to thank all of you for the beautiful Birthday’s wishes and gifts ;^; ❤️ They made my day really, all the gifts are beautiful and you are all so kind >\\\