my stupid art

This is my little contribution to “In a Heartbeat” short film! <3 

Its not so good sorry, I didn’t have enought time :,D Anyway go watch it if you still haven’t! It’s really cute and I love it! :3


Also I wanna said that I’m going on vocation from tomorrow so no post for a bit (just a few drawings I’ve already done and I’ll post it during the vocation) sorry >///<


couple of sketchy sporty teens

Some wholesome cheerleader Allura and a happy little mascot Lance.

Go - West Creek Creatures - !!!

Train AU | Train AU continued | Train AU Tag )


Sparks for the first time, 

Your eyes as pure as the night sky 

aka I listened to this song on repeat for hours while painting this and got emotional. listen to it and look at this. you will Understand. 

the ‘oh shit’ moment where lance realises he might just be a little bit in love with keith