my stunning otp


star wars rule 63: prequel trilogy

This has been lying around my harddrive for way too long, but I finally got around to colouring it! (just experimenting with a bunch of different things and inspired by SW concept art books :))

…. sometimes I suspect the reason for all these AUs is partly an excuse to draw the Mustafar duel a million times in marginally different ways.


you must survive in order to expose this nightmare…

Berena in 10 Sentences:

Silly to keep meeting up like this, next time you need a caffeine shot and a chat, call me.

I’ll arm wrestle you for it

You’ll be my first port of call

Great speech Fraulein

Now that was you Serena I just lit the touch paper

It would mean you lied to me, repeatedly even now.

I don’t want it to affect us.

You are the most fantastic, fearless doctor in this entire hospital.

I think we should toast our undeniable sexual chemistry and say no more about it.

Love makes fools of us all, makes us do crazy things, things they’d scarce imagine.