my stung

I have a thing for people with beauty in them. Eventually the sound of your paintbrush became replaced by the sound of her clarinet. The scars on your thighs, that I used to trace with my fingers, replaced by the scars on her heart, that I touched with my words. The darkness of your soul, the darkness of her mind.

I found beauty in another person, and it erased parts of you.

Her giggles overpowered the memory of your laugh. Her blonde hair, your dark curls. And in her sapphire eyes, I forgot the shade of yours. Her rain is soft and gentle and warm, a spring shower. Yours, a winter storm that stung my skin.

I have left a barren land of ice and regret.
A land where nothing can bloom.
I walk in fields of wildflowers with sunshine on my face.

Your were the death of me,
perhaps she is my resurrection.

—  whatifgodisacat 
Donald Pierce Imagine

Donald Pierce x reader

Logan (2017)

Warnings: Human experimentation/thoughts of death

The dirt stung in my eyes from the car rearing up to me. I breathed out, gasping hazily for clean air. Coughing, I shielded my eyes from the dust and rocks that hit my face. Trying to get up, I stumbled over my feet. Sending the cars back once I cleared my mind, they tumbled like weeds over the vast area. One of the soldiers that had escaped his car came up behind me. I pulled out my gun-shooting him in the chest. Two more. Using my telepathic powers, I crushed their bones under their own weight. Suddenly, however, I was on the floor again. Coughing up blood from being kicked, I scrambled against a heavy figure who had pinned me down. They tied me by the ankles and cuffed my hands together. Right before they knocked me out using their serum specially made for mutants, I looked through the clouds of dirt and dust. Gazing up at a smile with a golden tooth.

A thick iv pierced my arm. Groggily, I looked around, pulling at my restraints. A tall man with a black bomber jacket hanging over his muscular frame and dark green cargo pants tucked under a black shirt walked into the room. His strong, built posture overwhelmed the room, and I nearly felt as if I wanted to shrink into the uncomfortable fabric of the hospital sheets. As his black boots thudded against the tile floor, he moved toward me, moving his heavy shoulders towards his back. Letting out a sigh.

“Well, darlin’ you’ve caused quite a ruckus.”

“Where am I?”

“You’re at my facility, Transigen.”

“I don’t know-“

“Y/N, right?”


“Well, Y/N, if I were you, I’d soon learn not to ask too many question’s ‘round here.” His thick southern accent hung in the air. Lingering. “In case you were wondering… Your DNA is very important to us. To me.” His little add on to the end of the sentence sent a cold shot through my stomach. Why am I so important to him, to him He then spoke again, pulling me away from my thoughts. “My name is Donald Pierce. But you can call me Don.”

“Am I supposed to greet you as if you aren’t holding me against my will?”

He looked at me with sharp blue eyes. Reaching over me, his strong hand moved the leather cuff away from my wrist. I felt the coldness of his machine fingers around my skin, and I shivered.

“My apologies.” I rubbed my wrists once I was free. Studying him, I saw him shuffle around, and finally look at me one last time before exiting the door. “Stay here. I don’t want anyone to have to restrain you again.”

Once he left, I thought of sneaking out. I knew this place was bad. Searching through the walls, I closed my eyes and tried to focus. People’s thoughts flooded my head, and at one turn, Pierce stood against the wall. Fiddling with his machine hand. I tried to get into his head. Looking up, he searched around him. Feeling my presence. I kept pressing. Disheveling his hair with his flesh fingers, his voice filled my head.

She’s a mutant… She’s just a damn mutant. You should kill her right now. Get it over with. Don’t waste no more time… She’s not worth it, you idiot. Just say she attacked you. Tried to escape. Get it over with, for fucks sake. I pulled away, and the door clicked open. A woman with a name tag of Gabriela walked into the room, holding a clipboard. She was easy to get into.

“You’re planning on getting the children out?” She looked at me with wild, shocked eyes. Speechless. I shrugged my shoulders. “Telepathy… Don’t worry. I’m not going to hurt you.”

“If anyone catches you using your powers… They’ll kill you”

“It’s fine. They can’t do anything too bad to me that’s already been done.” I looked down. “Does Pierce run this place?”

“You met Mr. Pierce?” Her voice became frantic. “He let you out of your restraints??”

“Yeah… I guess.”

“I need to check your vitals. Lay down.” She pushed my shoulder down, and I rested my head against the paper pillow. “Pierce is a dangerous man. Do not let him touch you. He has no heart for your kind.” She wrapped my arm in a blood pressure wrap. Squeezing it slightly, muttering, “Anything he does now will change. He’s only trying to get you to warm up to him. That’s why I must get you guys out.” Her cocoa butter-colored skin was sticky with sweat, and she kept shaking her head.

Fear filled my stomach, and she hung a serum in the place of the blood bag. Hooking the needle up to the plastic hook. In seconds, my vision blurred, and I began slurring my thoughts.

“I promise, I’ll get you out of here.”


Over the next few days, I was sent to training exercises and experimental trials. At the end of the week, my skin was paler, and I was weak. Donald would show up to the experiments and conduct them, personally handling the equipment. Sometimes he would lightly touch my hair for a split second before reaching over me and pulling wires over my head. Connecting them to the metal band he would adjust around my ears. Gabriela would sometimes come to my room to update me with her plan of escape. I would only nod and then go back to sleep. But nothing happened.


One morning, I woke up, and Pierce was standing in the corner. I jumped up, holding myself with my elbows. I had moved rooms, this one was slightly larger, with a bed, a toilet, a bench next to the sink, and fewer wires. Pierce looked me over. I was wearing a thin white tank top with gray sweats. Both stained with sweat and drops of blood mixed in dirt. He then walked over to me, and I shifted my legs over the side of the bed. Standing up. Looking away, I expected him to cuff me, and push me out the door like the other men would do. But instead, he only looked down.

“I heard you’ve been very compliant. Even more so than the others.”

“I don’t want trouble. I’m done with the fighting.” I admitted the truth. Too tired to lie. My bones creaked and feet sore under my weight. Pierce stepped closer to me, and I looked at him with caution. “Why are you here.” I blandly asked.

“I’m not here to hurt you. If that’s what you were wonderin’” he paused, swallowing. “I’m not sure why I’m here besides that.”

The air became suffocatingly silent as I realized he wasn’t here on orders. He was here on a personal obligation. I searched his mind. He snapped his eyes to me, and I realized he knew. And he knew it was me the other week.

“It was you. Pokin’ round in my head.” He smirked. Glancing at the ground before meeting my gaze again. “Find what you were lookin’ for?”

I ran my fingers over the side of his face, finding images of me in his thoughts. Instead of arguing with himself on whether or not to kill me, I now saw hesitation in what he really wanted to do. Taking a sharp breath, he shook me out, and I nearly tripped back onto my bed. But with a step forward, his hand had wrapped around my waist. In response, I flew my fist up to hit him. He grabbed my wrist with his human hand. I felt the metal of his other hand pressing into my lower back. His breathing became heavy, and I gasped for air. His breath hit my face as he spoke. I found myself leaning forward, closer.

“I can’t get you outta my head…” I slightly raised my eyebrow, as now both our bodies were pressed flatly against each other. I still wanted more. As if his touch was dehydrating me. Yet drowning me at the same time. He chuckled under his breath and slid his hand to my cheek. I for a second thought I was going to cry. I found myself fearing what he would do next. Not really knowing what was going on now. I felt like pinching myself, surely this wasn’t happening. Moving his head toward, me, he then shifted his gaze to the ground hesitantly. His face was soft in the dim lighting of the room. A second later, he pressed his lips against mine. His frayed scruff around his mouth brushing against my chin. I let myself melt. He was leaning over me. Pulling me up onto my tippy toes as he kissed me harder. Darkness consumed me as I felt his hands move over me. I lifted my fingers, grazing my palm against the back of his neck. Knotting my fingers through his dirty blonde hair. Coming up for air, my lips were numb, tingling. He kissed the side of my mouth, moving his tongue down my neck. Kissing the bruises of where I’ve fallen. I kept my eyes closed. Now fearful that if I opened my eyes, he would disappear. Lifting me from underneath my arms as if I were a child, he wrapped my legs around his waist and stumbled our twisted limbs against the wall. His machine hand pressed behind my head, and he lifted his lips to mine again. Suffocating me in even more desperate of kisses.

A loud beep broke us apart, and he dropped me, wiping his mouth with the back of his human hand out of habit. Fumbling for his phone, he turned away from me. I stood against the wall, breathing heavily. Shivering from the sudden coldness in the air-I opened my eyes, finding him still there. I searched the ground, thinking of what to do. His thick voice pressed through the air again, and I found myself leaning forward. Drawn to him like energy.

“Yes-yes, sir. I understand. On my way-Yes. Kay.” I slid his phone back into his jacket. Looking back at me, he clenched his jaw, and then rushed out the door. I slid down the wall. Staring at where he once was. Hesitant to move.


Suddenly, he stopped showing up to my appointments. The nurses treated me more coldly, and soon, I was so weak they’d have to carry me to where they needed me, giving up on the training. I heard rumors that they were going to exterminate me due to my non-usefulness.


As the rumors became more and more widespread, tension filled the atmosphere wherever I went. Every day, I began to expected death.

But one night, the click of my door unlocking woke me from my sleep, and I lifted my head. Pierce knelt over my body. Examining my healing wounds and bruises over my skin. Gently scooping me up, he brought me into his arms and held me. I found my tears soaking through his shirt. He nuzzled his face into my neck, and I began to sob.

“Just let me die. I can’t do it anymore.” I felt his muscles stiffen around me. I hesitated before asking, “Why do you care so much…”

“I don’t know. There’s something more to you.” He words seeped through my veins, and I clung to him even more. “I’m gonna get you outta here.” Suddenly, heart spread through my spine, and my body began to burn. I tried to gasp, but I could breathe. I couldn’t move. And then everything went black.


I found myself in the passenger seat of a black vehicle. Breathing heavily, I stumbled out and fell into the dirt. Getting up, I searched my surroundings. A man appeared behind me. I swung my elbow back-meeting it with his face, he groaned, grabbing my waist and holding me. Screaming, I kicked my legs and tried to twist my body, until his voice filled my ears.

“It’s me! You’re okay. You’re okay. Just calm down Darlin…’” I let out a breath and allowed him to turn me around. Donald met my gaze and stroked his hand through my hair. “You’re okay. I got you… You’re safe now.”

I felt the sunshine on my back, and I snaked my arms underneath his jacket around his waist. Resting my head against his chest. 

Listening to his steady heartbeat, he pulled me away from him, and pulled a pair of yellow glasses from the neck of his shirt. Holding them with his machine hand, and pulling them onto his eyes while looking past the car, then looking down at me, stroking my cheek with his thumb. 

“Let’s get goin’ baby.”


Note: Sorry this sucks, It’s my first one with Pierce-so, expect more because yes pls. 

I want to scream ~Stiles Stillinski~

Summary: You have a panic attack, struggle to suppress your banshee powers and have flashes of your family’s death due to a trigger that send you spiralling downwards but Stiles helps you. 

Pairings: StilesxReader

Warnings: The reader is said to be having a panic attack so if this is a trigger for you happily scroll past. 

Note: Not my gifs. Credit goes to the owner. 

You dropped your books on the floor as your hands froze up to your finger tips. Stiles eyes locked with yours a few lockers away from you. Scott standing next to him staring at what had just happened but Stiles knew immediately and it didn’t take Scott long before he registered what was going on. 

“Be careful- you and Scott’s pack. I’m coming for you. The human is first.” Theo’s voice rung in your head, “You know what happened to your family last time you got in my way” 

It stung and Stiles noticed to late what Theo had done.

Then the backslashes to your family’s demise and brutal deaths flashed in your head in between each flash Stiles etched closer with Scott shortly behind him. You were sure Stiles was calling your name, or even Scott but the only thing that filled your head was the brutal screams of your parents and younger sibling. Then your mother’s final scream echoed through your head, slicing at your brain and eardrums like a razor. The one that is only used for destruction. 

The scream stuck in your throat- you bit your lip till you started tasting blood. ‘Stop’ you screamed at yourself, wanting to force the images out of your head. ‘It’s the past, its over, its not happening.’ You clenched your fists not wanting to draw to much attention to yourself in the hallway but noting helped and the nauseated feeling of holding the scream back hit you like a wave. 

Your chest tightened as if someone gripped it with immense force and you wished the whirring and clicking of the dread doctors would seize. With eyes clenched closed you opened your mouth to utter one cry of help. 

“Stiles!” you tried but it became a little more audible than you expected it to be but within moments of you uttering his name. Warm arms hands found your hands. You immediately relaxed the whirring and clicking not seizing. The scream still audible. 

“Stiles I want to scream,” you whispered, eyes still clenched close for fear of seeing the dread doctors. 

“Open your eyes, Y/N” you heard Stiles’ voice. You shook your head but he quickly gripped your head between his hands. “I’ve got you Y/N, open your eyes.” and with those last words your eyes shot open filling with tears instantly. Stiles’ came into vision his hands shaking, Scott stood behind him with your books in his hand. He was tugging on Stiles’ shoulder. 

“I want to scream Stiles.” you said your lips forming a tight straight line, surprising the inner banshee of yours. You hadn’t even realised your breathing had resulted to short and shallow and quick inhalations and exhalations. 

“Locker room, Stiles. Go, now!” Scott’s voice crashed into your head clearing some of the whirring and clicking of the dread doctors but the scream still persisted and when you saw the slight blood traces on Stile’s hands you knew that your ears were bleeding. 

Stiles had managed to pull you into the locker room, locking it behind you to ensure no one comes in to see you in this state. 

“I think I’m having a panic attack.” you breathed suddenly noticing your breathing had seized for a few seconds. “The screaming it won’t stop. Oh shit Stiles it hurst so much.” you breathed and He wrapped his arm around you resting his chin on your head. You clenched onto him. 

“Listen to my voice. Keep focusing on my voice. Okay? Remember Scott’s always trying to teach Liam to find an anchor? Maybe its just like that with being a banshee. You need to find something to hold on to and to help you. So just keep listening to me. I mean- I know its not the best voice to listen to but. Yeah, I hope it will do. It has to. Scott’s going to find Deaton or Parrish. So I don’t know. So they can make you okay again. So you won’t be hurting this much.” Stiles spoke rambling you feeling a slight shake from his hand that was combing your hair out of your face. 

“Stiles, breathing. Voice is gone. I can’t breath.” you hissed through clenched teeth. He pulled himself away from you. He smiled meekly at you, 

“You did it, Y/N. You controlled it.” he smiled. You forced a tired smile but your hand flew to your chest once again. 

“Hey look at me.” he whispered, you forced your eyes to him. 

“You can breath, just follow my lead. Okay?” he smiled and you nodded as hand got entangled in yours. He took a hefty inhale and you did the same. Then he squinted his eyes holding it in for a few seconds to long and then a rupture of laughter exhaling. You doing the same. Continuing with this a few seconds longer. 

“See you can totally breath normally. Just takes practise for such a dork like you.” he chimed, his hand squeezing yours. You smiled the dull ache still sitting in your head, ears and chest but it being bearable. 

“Thank you, it was Theo and I-” you tried to explain but Stiles shook his head. 

“Theo is going to get it from me and my bat after Scott dealt with him a little.” Stiles stated and you nodded not really wanting to argue with him or much rather not defend Theo. Stiles had slowly helped you up, being careful for another dizzy spell to hit you. 

You walked slowly towards the locker room’s exit. Stiles arm around you your arm around his neck. 

“We need to clean you up,” Stiles stated as he unlocked the door., your headache increasing. You nodded slowly the door swinging open to reveal Scott, Deaton and Parrish. You smiled weakly at them as Deaton immediately surveyed your bloody ears. 

“Screaming?” Deaton questioned as you all moved back into the locker rooms.

“You mean other than the usual?” you questioned as your headache sliced at the back of your eyes. Seaton laughed slightly as Stiles pranced worriedly behind him and Parrish and Scott leaned against the lockers. 

“Mum’s one is gone.” you breathed and Stiles stiffened but continued worriedly walking up and down behind Deaton. 

“Just a piercing headache.” you admitted and he nodded once again. 

“Parrish, I don’t think we need you to suppress any of her screams. She looks to me like she’s forming a migraine and her banshee powers are being suppressed for now through the migraine.” Deaton confirmed. 

Parrish nodded, “Gave us a hell of a scare there, Y/N.” he remarked trying his best to lift the mood but you returned a slight smile. “Call me if anything else changes” Parrish said to Stiles and he nodded nervously. 

“What do we do now?” Stiles questioned Deaton as Scott came to sit next to you. 

“You take her home, get her to sleep most off the migraine away. And keep Theo away from her.” Deaton ordered and Stiles nodded. Scott walked with Deaton as Stiles slung both yours and his backpack onto his back. 

“Stiles- I can carry my own bag.” you defended but he helped you up. 

“Y/N Just shut up, and let me take care of you.” 


i was in the middle of my weekly bath.

those words echoed. stung my little ears. they don’t use electronics, you know, so their loudspeaker system was through each individual cell. you’d be surprised how loud it is, everyone in the hive screaming at once. i could even hear it with the water running. 

i shut my eyes. took a long, appreciative drag of my cigarette, eyeing the carton. four left. i will have to make them last. climbed out. made a bee-line for the pheromone jar. after a thorough slathering, i stalled before the entry tube.


i swallowed the cigarette coolly. exhaled. the ash burned in my gullet like a sizzling ember. i squeezed through the tube into the bowels of the network.

down, down, and down some more…

Addicted (Pt.2/2)

Request: Can you write a Jared Leto Joker imagine where the reader is famous (in a band)  and the reader and her band go to J’s club. J sees her from afar and invites her to come sit with him in the VIP area and the reader invites him to her concert tomorrow. When the reader leaves the club some guy tries to rape the reader and J saves her. The next day J goes to her concert and they start talking.

Warnings: Language, Slight angst, Semi-fluff/smut

A/N: I am so so sorry this is late. Please don’t hate me. 

“You little bitch.” He snarled, hand slapping my left cheek. It stung like a motherfucker. I flipped my head back, glaring at him with all I had. He slipped out of his suit jacket, throwing it across a chair. He then rolled up his sleeves. Oh joy.

“Ouch that one hurt a little.” I mocked, confidence building. You see I am not fearful of any man, woman or thing. Except him…oh yes him. He could make me run and hide with just one look and I have only ever met him once.

The guard gripped onto my hair, yanking my face upwards to his rage filled eyes. “You must think you’re some kind of funny.” He spoke, breath puffing. Disgusting. I just stared at him, smile carving into my face.

“Exceptionally. Especially when it comes to a sick son-of-a-bitch like yourself. What do you think he will do? Promote you?” I laughed spitting in his face. That broke him. He threw me down, my chair impacting with my head. Fuck that one really hurt. I lazily lifted my chin, his face leaning down as his hands pushed up my dress bottom.

“What-t are you doing?” I coughed, eyes rolling back. Dammit my head hurt. He didn’t respond, my legs being forced open. No no no. I then started to panic as I kicked him, his groan sliding past my ears.  I didn’t let up as I wiggled, desperately inching upwards. He grabbed onto my ankle and pulled down his strength out-weighing mine.

“Don’t have anymore jokes do you little slut?” He smirked, my eyes brimming with tears. Okay now I was beginning to worry. I did not want to die like this. My underwear was ripped from me and I was exposed rawly my legs closing again. He punched me in the stomach, my lips curling into a scream. I heard his belt buckle turn loose.

“No please Go-” I screamed, but he cut me short stuffing a tie down my throat. I gagged. He finally dropped his pants, his bulge showing as I cried silently my heart seeming to shut-down. This is it.

“This is for embarrassing me in front of him you whore. You made him threaten me. ME. He has always been loyal to me, and then here you come.” He seethed, teeth clenching. Before he got to move another second, the door was opened. My vision was too blinded but I heard a gun cock. Him.

“Hello Hunter funny seeing you here. Who is she this time?” He sounded normal. Did this usually happen….?  I couldn’t breathe as “Hunter” fell off of me, pulling his pants back up in the process. I instantly closed my legs, my coughing wheezing throughout the room. He then looked at me, his once blue eyes shading over into onyx. He didn’t know it was me.

He twisted his neck back to Hunter while the poor guy wrung his neck collar, the room suddenly feeling all too hot. I tried to warn the bastard. He slowly walked over to me, bending down to take the tie out of my mouth and to slice open my restraints. His eyes pinned all over my face, gouging out the rough parts. His left hand gently reached up to wipe away the last of my tears, jaw clenching together. Without saying anything he stood back up reaching for my hand to bring me as well. Legs almost gave out.

I pulled up my underwear and straightened my dress, the wobble in my hands noticeable. He was already walking back to Hunter before I could look up at him. The heels of his shoes were the only noise as the room held silence, the situation too much. Then out of nowhere he sliced Hunter across the face, the guard slacking back.

“You dare to touch her.” He barked, throwing the knife at a wall. He went to step over Hunter but Hunter scrambled up, nearly knocking him down. This made it a challenge. He switched legs and smiled, silver teeth gleaming. Hunter raised his fists, knocking him a clean one.

“She is a whore and always will be.” Hunter hollered. All he did was howl my skin crawling at the notes. Hunter you stupid fool. The laugh seemed to offset Hunter and make him realize what he was doing.

“Oh Hunter you will feel pain.” He beamed eyes widening with madness. This was the real man everyone feared. This was the real man that made me quiver whenever I heard his name on the news. This was the real name that was going to fuck up Hunter. Hunter tried to shove him and break for it. He should have known better. 

That’s when the shot echoed and a shriek right after that. He had shot through Hunter’s right kneecap, the man recoiling with pain. He walked up to him and tugged him back up, the man crying harder. I felt my chest expand with an emotion that would terrify the entire nation. Happiness.

“I do believe you owe Miss (name) an apology.” He growled, Hunter’s eyes glancing over at me. He gurgled an apology. I laughed. That made the both of them stare.

“Mean it.” I shot. He pushed Hunter down to his knees, the man pleading again as he spat apologies. I walked over to him and tipped his chin back, blood dripping out of his mouth onto my fingers. I don’t know why I was acting this psychotic but it was something about him that made me want to. Made me want to give my entire soul.

“You see Hunter there’s just one problem, I don’t believe you.” I sympathized, his eyes growing wide. I reached my hand out as a cool metal slipped into it. I aimed it straight for his forehead his cries having no effect on my subconscious. What am I?

“Do it baby.” He urged me, my lips curving as blood splattered. Hunter dropped, my hand lowering. He didn’t say anything as we stared at each other, eyes going back to blue. All i remember was his sadistic gleam.

I was sitting with him in the V.I.P area, legs crossed as he drank me in. My show has not started yet and I still had a good 45 minutes before it would. I decided to spend it with him. He stood up to go get another glass of scotch as I shifted, watching.

“Tell me something doll, why did you take the opportunity to shoot Hunter?” He spoke, back still turned. The question caught me off guard as I thought about it, the answer already made present.

“Do you want my honest opinion?” I muttered eyes watching as he turned back around, body leaning against the bar. He raised his brow waiting for my response. I turned my chair all the way towards him now, voice getting serious.


He raised his maroon lips, eyes questioning my response. His left hand motioned for me to come forth as I did, chest heaving. There was that electricity again. I stopped just inches away from his chest as he reached up and stroked my cheek, the lonely act making me tremble.

“What about me.” He growled, eyes showing delight.

“It’s not easy to explain. I have never met you before last week and I already feel fireworks. The way you take your time during every heist or every kill mesmerized me and it may be crazy but just about everything is crazy now-a-days. I seek a life that is full of surprises and pain and when I got the invitation to come to your night-club I almost thought I was dreaming. It is a rush to be by your side and I feel a sort of pull to you. Plus you did tell me too.” I never wavered my eyes from him and neither did he.

He then pulled me close, breathing in everything about me as he closed his eyes. Our lips met and it wasn’t anything I had expected. It was 10x better. Everything was better with him. His tongue invaded in, my whole being evaporated. It was hammered inside of him as he gave his all to me my heart melting . He leaned back, lips making a popping noise as his hooded eyes bored into mine.

“Would you do me the honor of being mine.” He mumbled, his taste still on my tongue.

“I thought I already was.”

Claire? Are you all right, love?”
“Am I all right? My God, Jamie!” Tears stung my eyelids and I blinked hard, sniffing. He raised his good hand slowly, as though it were weighted with chains, and stroked my hair. He drew me toward him, but I pulled away, conscious for the first time what I must look like, face scratched and covered with tree sap, hair stiff with blotches of various unmentionable substances.
“Come here,” he said. “I want to hold ye a moment.”
“But I’m covered with blood and vomit,” I protested, making a vain effort to tidy my hair.
He wheezed, the faint exhalation that was all his broken ribs would permit in the way of laughter. “Mother of God, Sassenach, it’s my blood and my vomit. Come here.”
His arm was comforting around my shoulders. I rested my head on the pillow next to his, and we sat in silence by the fire, drawing strength and peace from one another. His fingers gently touched the small wound under my jaw


(this scene should have been in the show) 

19th Advent Joker Imagine

Originally posted by jokerish-darkish-mindish

Your P.O.V.

Sometimes having a cat could be a pain in the ass. Living in Gotham city in a building’s first floor was another pain in the ass as well. I left the window open and the damn cat was gone! I came home only to realize he was gone. So I had to go outside at night to go and look for Pepper.

It was winter so it was getting really cold. Thank god I had my coat on me. I walked around the streets and decided to check the park, a place I’d imagine cats being. ‘’Pepper! Hello?’’ I called out for the damn cat and ignored the looks I received from other people. It was cold, I was tired and hungry but I had to find him. I’d probably bawl my eyes out if I never found him again!

After probably an hour of walking around I had to go back home with no success. I sighed as I stepped inside. It was actually sad. My eyes stung as I put my shoes and outwear off to hang. Then I walked further inside my apartment, disappointed that Pepper was gone. I loved that cat.

‘’What took you so long?’’ A man asked me, startling the living hell out of me. I grabbed a frying pan and stepped a few steps back, my heart jolting my throat in surprise.My eyes got used to the dim lighting and then I saw him.

Out of all people I could imagine the Gotham villain himself sat on my couch. The Joker was in my apartment! ‘’What the fuck are you doing here?’’ I growled, trying to act tough so he’d leave. But what would the odds be? I’m dead! His red lips curved into a wicked smile and that’s when I saw he was doing something with his hands. I looked down to his lap where I saw a black furball.


‘’Let him go’’ I demanded angrily, feeling protective over my cat. Then I grabbed a knife with my other hand, feeling a need to be armed. I was scared as heck, ready to fight as he just sat there, petting my cat. ‘’Oh chill girl’’ Joker rolled his eyes and sighed, like he was tired of my behaviour. My mind was running in circled as I tried to process what the fuck was going on. Why did this happen to me?

‘’Pepper come here..he’s a bad man’’ I told the car, but of course he ignored me. Pepper flicked his poofy tail and I heard him purring. ‘’See? Even the cat likes me. Lower your weapons Y/N’’ Joker smirked and looked at me. My cheeks flushed and my eyes widened. ‘’How do you know my name?’’ I tried to ask confidently, but fear was obvious in my voice. Joker put the cat on the couch and stood up, walking closer to me. He completely ignored my knife. My body froze and I tried to do something, but nothing popped into my mind.

‘’G-Go away!’’ I yelled at Joker and backed away a little bit. He looked deep into my eyes and he clenched his jaw, looking angry and it really scared me. My body started trembling a little bit and my breathing paced up. Joker grabbed the frying pan and took it out of my hand, almost too easily. His eyes hypnotized me and I just let him take it without fighting back. Before he could take my knife, I pulled my hand back.

‘’No! leave me alone! Go away Joker’’ I tried to sound harsh and angry, but I was at the verge of tears. Suddenly that angry look softened on his face and he gave me a pitying look. ‘’Oh I’m so scared! It’s to he threatened by a girl who actually can hold a knife’’ he mocked me and it made my blood boil. I pointed at him with the knife, making him step back.

All the anger came back on his face and I regretted my decision immediately. ‘’Wow..I..uh I didn’t mean to..I’m sorry’’ I whimpered and the fear came crippling back. Joker looked like he was ready to murder me. Suddenly he grabbed my wrist with lighting speed and squeezed my nerves so hard it made me drop the knife. I squelaed in pain until he let go. I pulled my hand back and kept it close to my face.
‘’Don’t try to do that again kitten or else you might end up in a bad bad position’’ He warned me darkly, putting his hand on my shoulder. Then he pushed me against the wall and towered above me, making me feel small. ‘’You see..You wouldn’t want me to pull out my belt’’ He whispered darkly, sending a shiver down my spine. Although my heart was beating hard, I couldn’t control my breath and I was trembling like I was naked in the Atlantic ocean, I found this interesting. From close he was even hotter, but it didn’t make me less scared!

‘’Why are you here?’’ I whispered, trying to stop shaking but I couldn’t. Joker’s face was so close to mine now. ‘’I saw you looking for that cat of yours..I recognized you baby’’ He purred and made me hold my breath. How the fuck? ‘’I have seen you dancing at my club oh so many times. Do you know how much I have wanted you? Hm?’’ Joker asked me with a deep and raspy voice. It made my knees weak, this time I was unsure whether it was of fear or simply the hotness in his voice.

Why was I attracted by a psychopath?!

Joker’s finger touched my jaw and he forced me to look up to him. ‘’How about we get closer? Does that sound good?’’ Joker grinned and seemed to come even closer. My awkward side tried to step in between, but I tried to hold any odd words back. It ended up with me being quiet. I just nodded to him, making a pleased smile appear on that slick face.

Joker came so close that his face was right next to mine. Then I felt his lips by my ear, his hot breath landing on my skin. ‘’Why so serious? Just relax Y/N’’ He whispered into my ear and then touched my hips with his hands. Jesus Christ. ‘’I just..I don’t want you to kill me out of the blue’’ I admitted a little shyly. Suddenly Joker chuckled.

‘’Oh why would I do that? I’m kinda keen to that cat of yours. Wouldn’t want to mess with it’s owner’’ He joked a little and looked into my eyes again. ‘’He’s a real sweetheart’’ I smiled and tried to relax. So far so good, he didn’t seem like he was here to kill me. Maybe I would get out of this alive?

But the real question is, do I want to get out of this situation with him?

Fools  Part 1

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Warning: Abuse (from father, even if you have the nicest father in the world just pretend you have a terrible one. And for those who are going through actual abuse. I am dearly sorry fro using it in this story. I hope you find a way out of your hell.) Strong language, Sad, love, possibly some smut (in the future)

How to read the story:

(Y/n) = your name.

(btw I would recommend listening to Namjoon and Jungkook’s version of Fools before reading. On my watt pad page ill post the media and I’ll try and do the same for my Tumblr blog? Yeah, anyway this will be a multi part. Love you guys!)

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I Can’t Do This Without You

 Ashton Irwin x Reader

Fandom: 5SOS

Warnings: Angst

POV: First Person/Reader’s

Summary: Ashton’s girlfriend threatens to leave

Author: Sapphire

Originally posted by irwinsource

“I can’t do this anymore Ashton! What don’t you understand about that?”

“Please don’t leave me baby. I can’t do this with out you.”

“I’m home. All the time. Alone!“ I turned away from him, tears stung my eyes.

“I know babe. I’m sorry. But you knew this was going to happen when the band got big.”

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4th Advent Joker Imagine

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Your P.O.V.

My heart felt like it could pierce a hole in my chest and jump out to live it’s own life. That’s how hard it was beating and pumping adrenaline through my veins. My eyes were focused on one thing,the streets  ahead of me. I had run as fast as I could to save my own life. I didn’t even care that I started panting, sounding like a dying horse as I forced myself to keep running. People gave me strange looks, but since we were in Gotham city, no one helped me.
I pushed a cafe table on the pavement, hoping it would slow down the person chasing me. Then I squealed and kept running. Tears stung my eyes and I was scared to death. If I’d stop now, I’d collapse on the ground.


“Stop Y/N!” The man growled angrily. I shook my head no and tried to run faster. My energy was getting lower and I knew I couldn’t go on much longer. Suddenly more men dressed in the same crazy outfits, eyeball masks and big jumpers came out of an alley and pointed at me with their guns. I knew exactly who they were, Joker’s henchmen. I screamed and tried to turn to my right, but it slowed me down and suddenly someone grabbed me harshly from behind. 

“No! Let me go!” I screamed and started kicking wildly. The person held my arms and waist tightly and another one put a piece of tape on my mouth. In the process I bit the person. I had to get myself away. It was night so my chances of getting safe were small, like smaller than a bug.

I wanted to beg for mercy, but my lips were sealed. Tears spilled over and I started crying as they held me at gunpoint in an alley. Damn Gotham and the dangers of living here. I was so scared. The only thing I had done was my job. Joker had been in Arkham Asylum for a few days and it was my first week at there. I was a guard, not very usual for a girl like me, but that’s what I was. He had tried to escape, but I didn’t soften up for him at first. But somehow he managed to make me give him a hair pin and that’s how that motherfucer escaped. Now his henchmen chased me and managed to get me. I was held against a brick wall and I could barely stand because my knees were shaking so wildly. They probably wanted to punish me for being so ‘hard’ for Joker and it fucking terrified me.

Just perfectly it started snowing. It was December and it got cold as well. Being here, against a cold wall made me tremble even more. Suddenly I heard a roaring car coming closer and then I saw the lamborghini. It stopped next to us and then I saw a person I didn’t really want to see. First I got a glimpse of that green hair until I saw a big red smile and those icy blue eyes that fascinated me. “Well who do we have here?” He chirped and shut the car door. He was wearing a purple winter jacket paired with golden boots and black jeans. He had white gloves, a golden watch and a purple cane in his right hand. It was a little different than the blue pants and the straitjacket he wore in Arkham.

“Oh boys did you really need to be so harsh? She looks like she has seen her dead great grandparents” Joker said seriously, but then giggled. Did I look so scared? Suddenly he walked up to me and my heart bolted to my throat. I was terrified of him, the clown prince of crime. He probably had a plan in his head how he would tear me up limb by limb. Yet something about him made me so curious and I wanted to know more and more until there was nothing left to know. He was so mysterious, dangerous yet so different in a strange way.
Joker leaned closer to me and looked deep into my eyes. “Hmm..not so tough without your gun and pepper spray?” He tilted his head and flashed me that metallic grin. I couldn’t answer him so I just looked away from his eyes and tried to breathe normally without panicking. It wasn’t easy with a maniac psychopath in front of you..

“Oh..” He noticed the tape and suddenly ripped it off. The skin of my lips tore off with the tape and I whimpered in pain. “Oops” Joker mumbled while throwing the tape away. My lips were probably bleeding, but that wasn’t my biggest worry right now. “Did you miss me?” Joker asked me with a low and raspy voice. I looked back into his mysterious icy eyes.I wanted to say no, but I couldn’t find myself saying that. I actually did miss him even tho I didn’t want to admit it. That’s why I found it so hard to help him escape in the first place. At Arkham I could actually see this intelligent criminal mastermind.

“Silence means yes” He giggled and then stepped back, looking at his crazy dressed henchmen. My stomach felt uneasy because I was scared to get shot out of the blue. A henchman pressed their gun on my side and I flinched. I didn’t want to get shot now. As Joker looked away and I wasn’t held against the wall, I took a chance. I grabbed the gun and threw it away. Before the man could do anything, I grabbed his hand, pushed it down and jumped on him. He was so surprised that I got a good start. I groaned and kicked his back so he fell on the ground. Then I leaped forward and tried to run away, but something caught my jacket, making me choke and stop running. 

Joker’s cane.

“Ah..Wrong move darling” He purred and wrapped his arms around me. Oh no. “Don’t be so scared doll face, I’m not here to harm you” He started mysteriously. His henchmen were all pointing at me with guns as the one I took down got up. Then I looked at Joker again, finding more comfort in him than those henchmen. “Since it’s nearly Christmas I decided to treat you well for helping me run away” Joker told me. Things didn’t add up. “You’re not the guy to help others” I whispered, daring to speak up. 

“Hmm..well if it helps me at the same time then it’s a yes” He sighed and grabbed my face. His touch made me a little tense, but I didn’t back off either. “What do you say little fighter, you come with me and we start working together hm?” He tried to make a deal. My eyes widened and I felt like this was a weird dream. Me working with the most wanted criminal in all Gotham and the world? “W-What am I supposed to do?” I asked, completely baffled by Joker’s suggestion. “Say yes and trust me. It’ll be fun!” He declared happily. If I’d say no, I’d be pretty much dead. I had no choice.

“Fine” I gave into him and felt strange. The good side of me was scared and wanted to cry, but the wilder part of me felt excited. It was a mix of good and bad. “I told you!” Joker  cheered loudly and looked at his loyal men. I gulped and tried to stay there and not run off again. “Merry Christmas to me..You’re like a gift Y/N. I can’t wait to show you my toys” Joker purred and cupped my face. His touch made me nervous and I couldn’t help it.

“Don’t be so nervous doll, you seemed to be bossy at Arkham” He tried to make me relax. “Well at Arkham the tables were turned” I reminded him. Something flashed in those blue eyes of his. “Now we’re behind the same table” He whispered and it made me feel like a criminal already. I’d either die or give my life to Joker. It was kinda obvious what was going on. “Well lower your guns guys, she’s on our team now” Joker demanded while wrapping his arm around my waist. Then he headed towards the car. 

“And you’re going to be my guest. There’s a room for you at the penthouse” He said while opening the car door for me. I knew I could never go back to my old life now. The open door was like a confirmation. If I took a seat, I’d be sure, but I had a chance to run off. “Good” I smiled and then sat into the car.
Time to be a little crazy.

Cheater//Sammy Wilk Imagine

What is this?!“ I screamed to see my boyfriend of 1 year, Sammy, on top of some naked girl. The hot tears stung in my eyes.

” baby let me explain.“ He said getting off her. ”
Save it Samuel!“ I screamed, "You clearly can’t keep your dick in your pants and this whore is more important then me!”

“No baby please it’s not like that!” He yelled as I walked towards the door grabbing my jacket. “I’ll get my shit tomorrow.”
Y/n please listen to me,“ he got in front of the door, "I love you so much please don’t leave me.”

He was crying and although it hurt to walk away from him I pushed past him, “Bye Sammy.” I left.

I got in my car and started balling my eyes out. I pulled out my phone and called my best friend, Mia, but i knew it was no use because she wasn’t even in state so before she could answer I hung up. I called my other best friend, Hayes, and after two rings he answered.

“Yo.” He answered.

It took everything in me not to let out a loud cry so I stayed silent holding my breath trying to calm down, but it was no use because I’m no time at all I was crying
as hard as I was only a minute before.

“Y/n please calm down.” He said panicky, “deep breaths. Breath.”

I did what he said before I came back to the phone.

“Okay, what’s wrong-”

“Sammy.” I blurted the tears started coming again at the mention of his name.
I heard him groan and it was obvious I was on speaker when I heard Nate say, “What did Sammy do to her?”
And then here Tez come in with, “I’ll kill him if he hit her.”
Swazz also said, “I’ll beat his ass.”
“Okay just stay there I’ll pick you up in a second, are you in front of your apartment?” He asked.

“Yeah but I’m going to park outside the mini mart down the street okay?” I said calming down a bit.

“Okay I’m on my way.” He hung up and before you knew it he got out of his car and walked over to mine and I was too crawling out.

“Y/n.” He breathed out seeing my emotionally messed up state.
I didn’t say anything and just wrapped my arms around his neck and sobbed into his shoulder.

“Will you please just get me out of here.” I whined into his ear.
He just grabbed my hand and led me to his car and sat me down in the passenger seat.
I felt so emotionally unstable I grabbed his hand and the moment he tried to take it back to adjust the review mirror I kind of just let out a high pitched noise and held it tighter, “Hayes.”

He wasn’t mad and he placed his hand on my thigh, “what happened babe?”

My breath got caught in my throat and I guess Hayes noticed because he tightened his grip, “he cheated on me.”

Hayes’ eyes looked angry, “You know what I’m going to go fucking beat that son of a bitch up!” He turned around and I clamped my arms around his wrist as his hangs gripped the steering wheel so hard his knuckles were white.
“Please don’t HAYES I’m mentally exhausted and I just want to lay down. Please don’t do this.”

His eyes softened and he turned back around.

“Thank you.” I whispered and he turned to look at me.
“Of course y/n.”

Today, I fucked up... by dressing up as Bukkake

A little over a year ago my friend turned 18 which is the age where you can legally drink where I’m from and he decided to have an “offensive-themed” party. I decided that there’s not much more offensive than semen so I decided to dress up as bukkake. Basically I just squirted shampoo all over my face which not only stung my eyes but it tasted awful. I was commited though as I reapplied it several times throughout the night. There was also a large fire which by the end of the night had way too much wood on it so it was pretty intense. It was a fairly cold night so I ended up spending the last hour or so around the fire. One of two things happened then. Either the fire was slowly cooking the shampoo on my face or the shampoo had given me chemical burns bu basically the end result was my face was burned pretty bad. TL;DR: I accidentally cooked my face with fake cum.

Check out more TIFUs: Internet`s best fuck ups are here.

This morning i got moisturizer in my eyes and it stung like hell, and instead of immediately going to wash my eyes out i stood there and giggled “haha moisturEYEzer” no one else was even home i literally stopped all activity and prolonged my own suffering FOR A PUN

untitled (by asher)

my name is bitter on your lips.
i know because i can see the way
your eyes flash, your lips curl.
i am not sweet licorice anymore.

but that is strange, because i was
never sweet. you just bit into my
center. i am the darkness in the
light. do not look into my eyes
and dare tell me what is wrong
or what is right.

you however, oh, you were always
sweet. bitter as the shell but soft
on the inside. you, oh, you were
the light inside the darkness.

i enjoyed swirling your blood on
my tongue, coating my sense of
taste in nothing else but you, sweet.
but i bit my tongue and you stung.

oh, how you stung.
and i finally knew
what it was like
to love someone
like me, as someone
such as you.

because darkness can only exist with the absence of light.
and i never needed you to complete me.

Joker Imagine - Project 6277 PART 2

Your P.O.V.

An awful headache made me groan in pain. My eyes stung and even tho my room wasn’t so bright, it was awful. The natural light coming from the window was enough to make me feel worse. So I sat up and felt my head spinning. What the fuck happened?

I was still in my working clothes and I felt my lipstick all over my face. So  I stood up and tried to ignore the hangover. As I walked to the window and pulled the white curtains in front of them, I remembered something. I was in Joker’s private room. My heart skipped a beat and I nearly threw up. I felt so sick from the alcohol, especially now that I had been sober for months. Joker and I drank a little too much and I was making out with him.

“How the hell” I whispered under my breath and felt a little scared. I could somehow remember him saying ‘we’ll meet later’.  How could I be so stupid and drink that much? Why the fuck did he take me to that luxurious room? I was kind of annoyed that I had started kissing him. Joker wasn’t just a man. He was dangerous, insane and a criminal. Oh and my boss! Tears stung my eyes that were hurt from the lights. I had a plan. I’d take medicines and a nice bath.

So I walked out of my small bedroom and walked to the kitchen. I had a small apartment in Gotham. It had a small bedroom, a bathroom, a living room, a kitchen, a toilet and a balcony.The walls were white in every room, but the bathroom had tiles. Also the floor was mostly dark brown. Once again the only difference was in the bathroom that had a red tile floor. My bedroom had three white walls, but one of them was greyish blue. I groaned in pain as I grabbed my box of painkillers. They were 800mg strong. I grabbed one white pill and then filled my glass with cold water. Then I put the disgusting tasting pill in my mouth and took it down with water.

What a hangover. How the fuck could Daniel even survive this all the time? I hated him, but dealing with these hangovers was impressive. He deserved the pain tho.

I took off my clothes and then left them on the floor. I would clean the apartment later. Soon I was naked and I put my red underwear in the laundry. I yawned tiredly and then let warm water fill the bathtub. The apartment was nice and the bathtub made it even better. I loved taking baths. As the tub started to fill, I grabbed a purple bath bomb. It smelled like blueberries and besides I deserved to relax. My heart was still beating kinda hard and I was a little tense. What if Joker knew where I lived? How did I even get home? I couldn’t remember anything at all. When did I come home?

                                                         After a nice warm bath I felt way better. I was draped in my white towels as I sat in front of my mirror with my makeup bag on my lap. I didn’t use much makeup, but I wanted to do my eyebrows, fix my dark circles and then add a little mascara and eyeliner. My laptop was on the nightstand and I was listening to music. It was a grey day outside which wasn’t surprising at all since this was Gotham city. Right now a song called 'Pumped Up Kicks’ was playing and I hummed along as I finished my eyeliner. All I had to do was put on a layer or two of mascara. I groaned as I noticed that the bottle was nearly empty.

Just as the song ended, I was done with my makeup. It didn’t look bad, but it wasn’t super amazing either. Just casual, just like me. I sighed and put the makeup back into the bag. Then I put the bag on my nightstand with the mirror. I got up and put the white towel at the edge of my bed to dry, with the other one wrapped around my hair. Then I opened my drawer and decided to get dressed. I put on a black bra and black undies. They weren’t the same set, but as long as the colour matched, no one would ever care. It was autumn so I didn’t want to freeze outside. I grabbed black jeans and a white button up shirt with black pumpkin print on it. I matched it with orange socks and a dash of my favourite perfume.

My hair was still a little wet as I took the towel off. I was just about to go and blow dry it, but the doorbell rang. I sighed and thoughtlessly walked to the door. Without even looking at the peek hole, I opened up to see a complete stranger. At first I couldn’t see anything wrong with him since he was looking to his side, but then he turned his head to look at me. My eyes widened as I saw that the other half of his face was covered in burn marks. I had no idea who he was so I tried to act like I didn’t see it.

“Hi” I broke the silence and was ready to lock the door if he’d try anything. Our eyes met and I saw that his were brown.The man was wearing a business suit and he had dark brown hair. “Hello. May I come inside?” He asked me with no emotion in his voice. “I’m sorry. I’m kind of in the middle of something. Who are you?” I questioned him nervously and tried to keep my chill. He didn’t seem pleased with my answer. “Just call me Harvey Dent” He smiled a little. I just nodded and kept the door nearly shut. “I was just curious. Are you the girl seen with Joker last night?” He suddenly asked me. I felt a blush on my cheeks and I grew a little nervous. “N-No. You’re asking the wrong person” I muttered and tried to sound as reliable as possible. Harvey tilted his head a little bit and examined my face closely.

“Oh I’m sorry. There must be a misunderstanding. Bye” He mumbled mysteriously and walked off. I made sure he entered the elevator in the red and white hall until I shut the door. The second my door locked, I let out a long breath. Jesus. My knees were a little weak and I felt small. It had only been a couple hours and apparently people had talked about me and Joker already. What the fuck is wrong with Gotham?

I groaned and then got angry. Why the hell did I get myself drunk? This was my fault. Also Joker’s but he didn’t force me to drink. “Fuck” I hissed under my breath and stared at my blue flannel that was on the floor. I had work tonight and I had to go to the club in just a four hours. I had slept until 2 p.m. and I would have to be there at 7 p.m. or else I couldn’t get everything ready for a new night of fun for strangers. We had to clean, make sure the DJ had all his tracks, get everything dangerous like broken glass out of the way and get updated on the day’s special drinks.

Joker could be there tonight. He owned the club and he was damn proud of it. Mostly he was on duty doing some criminal shit, but he often came there. I rarely saw him, but that’s probably since he was in his VIP area. I couldn’t help but to get nervous. What did he want from me? Just as I was about to overthink, my phone buzzed twice, letting me know I had received a message. I sighed and grabbed it from the floor. It was from my co-worker, a dancer called Tiffany. She was gorgeous. She had brown long hair and piercing green eyes. She was honestly smoking hot, but a little bitchy. She thought she could treat me differently because I wasn’t a dancer, but a bartender.

“Omg did you sleep with our boss? People are talking about it Y/N. Wtf” She had texted me. I stared at her message for a good minute until I waned to smash the screen. I replied with simply a no. Then I shut the phone and ran my hand through my wet hair. How did this happen again? Why me? I’m the most average casual person in entire Gotham. Joker could’ve got company from his dancers instead. They would have loved to rub their bodies onto him and get all hot and steamy. They’re  horny at work, but it’s probably normal. The girls were a little strange, but it was okay. After all most of them were good people who got really hyped by music and money.

My eyes looked across the living room. I had a black couch and a white coffee table. Then I had a couple plants that were dying because I always forgot to water them. In the corner I had a tv that I barely used since I was always out or working. Now I felt like locking myself in my home for weeks. I had made out with my fucking boss and now a creepy man had asked me about it behind my door. Why would he care anyway? I had never seen him and neither had he seen me. It was none of his bloody business.

My stomach rumbled and I realized that I was a little hungry. So I walked to the kitchen and opened my fridge. It was quite empty for a change. Then I looked into my cabinet and saw some ramen noodles. I grabbed my favourite and then ripped the package open, pouring the noodles into a bowl. I put water into a kettle and then let it boil. As I waited for it to boil, I noticed a letter on my kitchen island. It was small, but big enough for preparing food or eating around it with a few people. I had a table on the balcony too that I took inside when it got colder.

Curiosity took over me and I grabbed the letter. My heart almost skipped a beat as I saw three letters scribbles on it. 'Mr. J’ was written on the white letter in cursive letters. My knees went weak, but I forced myself to unfold the letter and look at the message..

Hello dollface,

I thought I'l leave you this so you would know what to do at work tonight.

Instead of going to check things and making sure everything’s neat, come to my office. One of my henchmen will show you the way. I have a surprise for you. I’m sure you’ll like it just as much as I do.

                - Mr. J

My eyes were open wide now. I stared at the letter in shock and I had to re read it to be sure I could believe me eyes. What on earth did the clown prince of crime himself want from a normal woman like me?


Tears stung my eyes as I clicked my phone off and laid it face down. I didn’t want to read the next message. I didn’t want to accept the fact that you were no longer in love with me. I turned my ringer off whenever I heard the sound of my phone buzzing from your constant calling. I couldn’t stand to even accept the fact you were leaving, so why the hell would you want to call me? What, to hear the words I wanted to say? To try to sit and make you stay when you were clearly unhappy? I’m sorry, but I’m done trying. Even though this is all hurting me more than it is hurting you.
—  An excerpt from a book I’ll never write. (#42)

Chimeria’s Dream Address has been released!!

  • after a year haha oops ;;
  • do pick up all the items to the left of the town tree! feel free to dress up, as there are outfits to the right of the town tree! (there are also some items on the beach beside the cafe)
  • please visit all 3 characters and their houses! you should chat with them as well. c: it will give you a slightly better insight to my town~
  • the Southern Forest is forbidden, but you can through it anyway. you just might have some trouble getting through heh. 
  • Chimeria’s beaches are not quite done yet, but there are some things on it that you might want to see.
  • there will be another update in a few months.

you may interpret the story of my town however you want to, because i will not explain it. ʅ( ˇ ᴗ ˇ )ʃ
most importantly, please enjoy and have fun!

*please tag your screenshots of my town with #chimeria 
questions? comments? please send me an ask! i would love to hear any feedback.