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I just saw the Shameless finale last night and let me just say that Ian’s speech that helped him get his job back as an EMT had me in tears, that was very applause-worthy, like that was so beautiful and Cameron delivered that scene perfectly.

Also when he was looking for another job, my heart was literally breaking for him, especially the part when he goes back to that strip club, and how he was probably thinking back when he hit rock bottom in s4, starving himself and doing whatever he could to get drugs like that was so touching. Kudos to Cameron, like he knows exactly how to deliver heart-breaking scenes merely through his facial expressions.

people are laughing about aria’s form of torture being that she just got a haircut while spencer was made to think she murdered someone, and while I agree Spencer’s torture was more horrific, I think Aria’s form of torture was more about being played with like a doll and being forced to change her appearance to look like how she was years ago when she was young and vulnerable and didn’t know who she was and felt completely out of place and powerless against alison and her dad, and that alongside with not being able to escape her room (remember aria has really bad claustrophobia) and the game with the switches and all that psychological torture…I don’t think we should be laughing at all

Do you guys realise how nasty you sound every time you call Danielle a “nobody”?

She’s been the most low key “girlfriend”, one who actually has a career of her own outside of Louis -no matter how much you hate that- and you keep insulting her for basically everything

Calling her “a nobody” every time you mention her isn’t going to make her go away so either change your fucking tone or never mention her again.


Sooo @softlikelou tagged me to post my lock- and home screen! Thank you for the tag ☺ As the softest Harrie that lockscreen picture isn’t really a surprise and since I’m in love with Lexa/Alycia… Well. I tag @lit–anon @loveloveolivia @rogueaway @pezzabam @pezzabomb @downanddirtymix @perrieemix and anyone else that wants to do this! 💕