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Top Five OTPs (In no particular order): Clark and Lois; Smallville. CLOIS! One of my first OTPs and one that stretches over multiple interpretations of itself. I love Clois they’re meant to be and it’s obvious. They’re so different, Clark is a shy boy scout farm boy from Smallville who just wants to fight for Truth, Justice, and the American way as -cough- Superman. Lois is a city girl with a head on her shoulders and spell check always close by. They say opposites attract and these two are the definition of that. They love each other and aren’t afraid to fight for what’s right especially when it’s fighting against a bajillionaire bald guy. I’m not talking about Superman here because obviously that’s part of who Clark is and I’m not talking about Slois cause even though I love that you couldn’t have it without Clois. Whether Lois is in on the secret or is still scoffing everytime she almost puts two and two together on Clark/Superman. I will always love them. Doesn’t matter if it’s Erica and Tom, Christopher and Margot, Dean and Terri, cartoons or yes even Kate and Brandon they will always be a joy together and no matter if it’s an alternate universe or whatever Clois will always be one!