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And then, there it was – 319. Bitty stopped in front of it, took a breath, and lifted his hand. He rapped quickly and then took a step back, waiting.

“Just a minute ! God! Jeff, you know I don’t want to go out –” The door opened and Kent leaned against the frame, hair damp and wild, bruised feet bare. He was wearing glasses . He just… stared for a moment. “Eric,” he said then, eyes still wide. “What are you –”

“I know you got my text.” Bitty smiled, glancing to the left. He didn’t want to have this conversation in the hallway. He took a small step forward.

In response, Kent took a step back, leaving space for Bitty to enter. The door shut behind them. “I wanted to see you,” he said. “Obviously. Why did you think I asked your room number?”

“Oh,” said Kent. “Well, I – I don’t know, I didn’t think you’d actually come up here . I guess I didn’t think about it. I mean, I thought we’d go for dinner or something.” He ran a hand through his hair.

From Ch.15 of Hummingbird Heartbeat by @zombizombi
(commissioned by them <3)

(ok so like….drawing & coloring accurate jerseys is so rewarding btw?)

My other Check Please fanart!

NIMIAST·MISERIA·NIMIS·PVLCHRVM·ESSE·HOMINEM: Concerning the life of the notorious Clodius the Beautiful 

Handsome·The Vaccines | Schemers·SKATERS | Antichrist·King No-One | Ballad of a Politician·Regina Spektor | The Perfect Crime #2·The Decemberists | Heretic Pride·The Mountain Goats | The Libertines·Steady Hands | Young Stars·The Struts | Bitter Rivals·Sleigh Bells | Underdog·Invader Girl | Reaper Man·Mother Mother | Nimble Bastard·Incubus | The Fallen·Franz Ferdinand | I Predict a Riot·Kaiser Chiefs | Failing Candle·Woebegone | Bury Our Friends·Sleater-Kinney | Wake Up·Circa Waves | Jacknife and the Death Call·The Shimmer Band | Banking on a Myth·Andrew Bird | Prodigal Son·Rationale | Everything’s Coming Up Roses·Night Terrors of 1927 | Stabbed to Death Outside San Juan·The Moutan Goats
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“For all his complications and for all his failures, Clodius mattered- briefly, but intensely.” - W. Jeffrey Tatum, The Patrician Tribune


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Matt insisted on putting the glow in the dark stars up. :)


Happy Birthday Lance! 

I don’t need pants, I’m a mermaid!