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!?!?!? I mean, all the sad stuff happening in this chapter made me, well… sad, of course, but I just can’t help but focus on????

Yonji’s getting repaired with a hammer and a machine??? And Sanji punches Ichiji and there’s a “clang???”

Sanji’s family… is a bunch of robots??? Literal robots???? 

so I went to my exam tonight dressed and presenting as male because that’s a thing I’m doing now, and I totally forgot that they take role call in front of the whole class… so here I am, trying to pass as much as I possibly can, and the professor calls out “Jessica” and in my teeny tiny little high pitched voice I squeak “here” and I wanted to Die

anyways,,, fuck dysphoria

Jehanparnasse || 1K || Arranged Marriage AU

Since it’s @theblazeofmemory‘s birthday, i’ve asked her what she wanted me to write and she chose this! It comes from a long thread of headcanons that can basically be summed up by:

Montparnasse is known as the King of Thieves and has married Jehan for a political alliance with Jehan’s kingdom. At this point (after a great deal of pining), they’ve both fallen in love. Problem is, war broke out with the neighbouring kingdom and Montparnasse was capture. Jehan managed to rescue him, unbeknown to the enemy.

Montparnasse almost looked peaceful, if you turned a blind eye and ignored the field of bruises that had bloomed on his face. The purplish marks trailed down his neck, and Jehan knew for a fact his chest and legs had not been spared. The enemy had avoided making any “real” damage, but they wouldn’t pass the opportunity to play with their prisoner.

The idea turned Jehan’ stomach, and he sought comfort in Montparnasse’s hair, combing the black curls softly. He was alive. It was all that mattered. Jehan had managed to get him back alive. The Consort laid a kiss on the King’s forehead, choosing an unscathed patch of skin. Babet had said Montparnasse would recover. If the Kingdom would rejoice, Jehan knew the King’s tormentors would welcome the news with much less enthusiasm.

“Your Majesty,” a voice called behind him.

Being the only conscious “Majesty” in the room, Jehan turned over. Claquesous had a satisfied smile on his ever half-hidden face. Good news.

“The commander of the enemy faction is here. They seem under the impression that the King is still in their hands.”

The enemy was here. They had come to make a bargain, no doubt. The King of Thieves’ life against their submission. The ball was in Jehan’s court now. He took another look at Montparnasse, his swollen face kindling something he had rarely felt in his life: contempt.

“Make them wait in an empty room,” Jehan ordered calmly, never taking his eyes off his husband. “I want every member of the Council, every courtier, every minstrel and bard in the throne room, everybody you can find.”

“Shall the servant fetch your official garments?”

Jehan looked down at himself. He wasn’t fit to receive anyone, with just a thin silk robe thrown on a shirt and britches. Perfect.

“No. I will receive them as I am. They’re not worth the regalia.”

Receiving the enemy dressed as he was would be more humiliating to them than the other way around. A royal that doesn’t dress is a royal that doesn’t take you seriously. And Jehan sure would not give them the pleasure.

“I will show them how the King’s Consort slays his enemies.”

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Oh man… Sanji’s dad is a MAJOR asshole

No wonder Sanji was so devoted to Zeff… he was probably the first person in his entire life to treat him with unconditional love 

He didn’t have to be “strong” for Zeff to care about him… Zeff cared about Sanji and gave up everything for him for nothing in return

Zeff is the #1 dad and I want to see him beat Jajji to a pulp

I’m actually really curious about the Vinsmoke family dynamics

Because on one hand, Sanji genuinely rejects the entire (at least, his dad, Yonji, and Reiju) Vinsmoke Family

But on the other, Jajji seems to??? Have at least some form of tender feelings towards Sanji. Here, he speaks with some sort of?? hesitancy, he aims to fight his son because that’s apparently how he believes men should communicate with one another, and he spent years trying to find him

Now I’m not saying that Jajji is a bad person who doesn’t deserve Sanji’s resentment–because he certainly is, and Sanji has all the right in the world to hate him

I’m just very curiously see how they all interact with one another, and I just want to see if there’s any underlying complexity with their relationships

I had an appointment with my neurologist at 10:45 yesterday morning, right? 

Since I am still having three to five migraines a week, my doc is having me go up to 800mg of Topamax a day. That’s A LOT of Topamax, which is a hella strong seizure medication. 
I still get to give myself Imitrex shots on the regular, too. I’m a regular party.
So. That’s what’s up with the migraines, for those who are playing along at home. 

After that appointment, I came home and took a “nap” but woke up at 7:45p.m. Oops. 
The chronic illness struggle.