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honestly…i’m super, super excited for Moana, but also already tired of all the “better than frozen” stuff already popping up. 

like… if you can’t articulate why it’s good and can only describe it as “better than frozen” instead of praising it for its own merits, isn’t that kind of doing it a disservice? 

Frozen is amazing. Moana is amazing. Praise them for their merits instead of pulling one down to push the other up. 

Funny story: I promised myself this go ‘round that I was under no circumstances going to analyze the Holby City: Winter Trailer.  At all. I was going to be very mature and watch the Trailer one time like all the normal people in the GA general audience who have watched it the way it was meant to be viewed. Once.  And that was going to to be that.

Apparently the actual, literal translation of I’m not going to analyze the Holby City Winter Trailer this time around is: Imma gonna watch that sucker 75 times, backwards and forwards, in slow motion, frame by frame, screenshot Serena’s scenes, catalogue and label blouses, earrings, hair-line and makeup, cross reference with spoilers and official synopses and a preview video to come up with some ideas.  Forget one theory. I’ve got six. I could blame @nicolaruth27 because she tagged me this morning and asked for some CSI level investigation, but that would be unfair as we all know I would have done this anyway.  In any case I’m shoving it all under a read-more, mostly to save my six, I can’t believe you’re hanging in you precious people followers who don’t watch Holby City and obsess over Serena and Bernie and anyone else in the tag who simply like to watch the pretty gifs and have no use for the rambling prognostications of the obsessed theories.

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A/N: Haha! Offxve!! LOVE IT! Gosh some of you guys are so clever with names! <3 Okay but there’s only one Chocobro who would be this way… READY FOR SOME AWKWARD HILARITY?


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IthinkIdidabadearliertoday!” You blurted as you skidded to a halt at your coworker’s desk.

“Wha—” KC responded slowly and drowsily. She looked about ready to conk out at her desk.

“I went to get coffee in the break room hours ago and I think I ran into the new HR exec and I asked him out for coffee accidentally and he said yes?” You spat out the words in a rapid fire panic. The consequences of your actions had only just sunk in. You wrung your hands and paced back and forth in a couple of short steps.

KC slowly blinked, trying to process all the information suddenly thrown at her. “‘Accidentally’? New HR Exec—you mean Prompto Argentum?”

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