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Stony Prompt #44

Anonymous said: “The team is at some kind of event/press stuff where each avenger has their own station to talk with the fans. After some time the team looks at Tony’s station. They see that he’s trying really hard not to cry, while someone talks to him. He’s shaking a bit, biting his lip and sniffing. the team moves towards him ready to kill that person, but when they get there they realize that said person was telling tony how much he means to them and how he inspires them and Tony’s just really moved.”

I’m so sorry I’ve been so slow with writing lately! But here is your Fill - I hope you enjoy it!<3 Tony needs so much love, all the love.

Steve isn’t thrilled.

He doesn’t like press conferences that much but knows they are necessary – yet what happens right here is even worse. Instead of sitting at a table together, like the team they are, each member of the team has their own, separate station right now.

Technically, it’s not a press conference. Natasha explained it to him; it’s a “meet and greet”, as she called it. They’re meeting fans here, not reporters.

But it doesn’t really put Steve’s mind at ease. While their fans are generally less mean and harsh with their words and don’t ask as many hurtful questions as these vultures from the gossip magazines do, they do get pushy at times.

Steve glances over to Natasha, who’s swarmed mostly by male fans. He looks over just in time to see her give them a smile that promises pain before she says something and they all leave quickly. The Captain smiles to himself; Natasha has this handled. He observes for a while longer, watches her talk to a bunch of young girls before his eyes stray away, to Clint and then to Thor. They have fun answering questions.

Clint is busy making faces at the younger fans, even hands his bow around so the girls and boys can hold it once. Meanwhile Thor grins broadly and poses for everyone who asks for a picture.

It’s really busy. Steve gets distracted momentarily by talking to some newly arrived fans, signs autographs and smiles for pictures, answering questions. Suddenly, he is hit by a well-aimed ball of paper and looks around, confused; only to meet Natasha’s glance. She seems tense, all of a sudden and Steve immediately tenses up, too.

He follows her eyes when she nods over to her left – where their last team member sits.

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“You better start buying those drinks.” Jay told the other after he took the shot – the cue ball going straight into the pocket.  He was good at pool, there was no denying that. But so far, it was such a close game. Being the cocky little shit that he was, he acted like the game was pretty much set for him to win. And loser buys the next round. “Just a beer for me, okay?” he chuckled lightly as he positioned himself, calculating the angles before he took the shot. The white ball headed straight towards the red one, hitting it dead on –but not too hard. The white cue ball hit the red, making it roll towards the pocket, but it ended up hitting the side of the table instead. 

so yeah um — just thought i should say i’m going to be IGNORING the characterization of eobard in legends of tomorrow bc … we l l it was very wrong
i’ll still acknowledge everything that went down just,,, no t ,, the way that they wrote him ,,,,, if that makes any sense


Q: Tell yourself words of encouragement.