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Clark Kent and Lois Lane, Smallville, Seasons 9 and 10!

“My whole life has been filled with relationships that have ended too soon. And when I went away last fall I… Lois, I felt so lost. But when I came back to the bullpen, you were there waiting for me. You jumped out of your seat, you threw your arms around me and the way that your eyes sparkled and you smiled, I just…, I knew…. I just knew that you were the one that I’ve always needed. And i needed you to know that.”


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Lois Lane | Smallville

“I can be loud. And, at times, I’m a little bossy. So someone might wonder why a person of your godlike caliber would be with a woman who is so imperfect. Well, don’t take this the wrong way, but you come with some baggage of your own. And it’s made me a better person, just like being with me will make you a greater man…And a super hero.