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Cute things I noticed from Spider-Man Homecoming

*spoilers below*

- I love how proud Tony is of Peter, in general. Though he initially seems like a hands off parent, he doesn’t give Peter the full reign of his suit, makes Happy look after him, and obviously checks in with his progress. However, he’s willing to put his foot down- though it was a hard lesson for Peter, it was one he needed. He gives Peter space and supervision and great advice and GOD I just love their dynamic so much.

- Captain America the War Criminal.

- Peter gets beaten up by a guy in/from Brooklyn. Again. (gold black humor at its best)

- Somewhat related to the above; Peter’s heartbreaking, uplifting scene in the rubble. All of it. It didn’t have to be in Brooklyn, but it was. Tony is in the forefront of this film and I love him for it, but Steve’s shadow is still there. Captain America is a kid from Brooklyn the same way Peter Parker is a kid from Queens. All I could think about during that scene was “holy shit, Peter is a super soldier” (because in a way, he is, and it’s never as apparent in the film as it is in this moment) and “Erskine would be proud”.

- He’s still a kid, but the movie did a great job at showing us that kids are never just kids. Peter is a hero because of who he is, and the way he cares for his fellow man. He’s Iron Man’s successor in a way; Spiderman: Homecoming is to modern day of Marvel viewers what Iron Man was to the MCU almost 10 years ago; the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. It reminded me of a line from one of my favorite Smallville episodes. 

[Dr. Fate to Clark Kent: You will lead your generation, the way Hawkman once led ours. It will be a different age than ours, Clark. A silver age of heroism.]

 Hopefully this eventually leads to a Young Avengers adaptation, but I’m excited about all the thematic stuff going on.

- the way the movie just builds up to the Homecoming scene. I see this as the true birth of Spider-Man; when it becomes clear to us and to himself that Peter is Spider-Man without the suit, the same way Tony is Iron Man without the suit, the same way Steve is Captain America without the shield and without the serum. They’re heroes because they see injustice in the world and try to correct it, because they choose to take responsibility, because they stand up, because always try to do the right thing even though it’s never easy and it’s usually a load on their personal lives. 

- Though Harley Keener makes no appearance in this film (a shame), the plane at the end was specifically said to have retro reflector panels. The same retro reflector panels Harley told tony he should install in a suit. They didn’t have to say retro reflective panels AT ALL, but they did. I don’t know if he installed it in a suit, but seeing as Tony installed them in a frigging PLANE and probably uses them to cloak the Quinjets too…I like to think that Harley got an ACTUAL Stark Internship and is either on a Stark scholarship in MIT or working for him already. He and Peter should actually be around the same age, so I hope they make use of Harley eventually. The dynamic would be so interesting.


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